Well Used…

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Well Used…Here I am hung over a work out bench, Charlie pounding my butt from the back and Bruce holding me by my ears as he tried to ram his penis down my throat. I had my hands on each side of Bruce’ mid section trying to hold him back, Charlie had hold of my hips trying to pull me back into his vicious thrusts.Bruce came first filling my oral cavity with his spunk, Charlie moaned and grind his crotch deep into my behind and I could feel his savage spurts of his seed filling my bung hole. Gagging and coughing as Bruce shot continuous loads of his seed into my mouth and throat, Charlie moaned and hunch each spurt of his substance deep into my anal cavity.Bruce pulled from my face and Daniel presented his enormous tool to my lips and muttered ‘…suck me good bitch, your ass ain’t through yet…’ I grimaced in terror as to what he meant, yet reluctantly I slowly parted my lips as Daniel pushed his huge mammoth size cock head into my mouth.Bruce’ spunk still hung from my güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri lips and dripped from my mouth as Daniel probed my mouth with his gigantic tool. I gagged and gasped for breath as Charlie slowly pulled his flaccid tool from my sperm lubed bung hole. Daniel made me suck him for about a minute before he pulled his tool from my aching jaws and maneuvered around to my butt.I started to get up off the table when Bruce and Charlie snatched my wrist from under me causing my face to strike the top of the work out bench. Both of them mashed my head down as Daniel rubbed his humongous head around my tender outer anal sphincter muscle ring.I whimpered and groaned as I felt the relentless pressure from Daniels member as he pressed stronger against my poorly resisting muscle ring. With a powerful thrust, Daniel buried half his twelve inches deep into my anal cavity. Air and the numerous loads of Bruce and Charlie’s mixed spunk güvenilir bahis şirketleri squirted out around the tight fitting of Daniel’s penis.I cried out in agony as Daniel pulled his tool back and started to slide more of his twelve inches back into my ruptured anus. Back and forth Daniel worked his tool till I could feel his thighs press against my buttocks, I was trying to grip anything I could as he tortured my bung hole.Charlie gripped my head and held me so he could insert his sex organ into my aching mouth and ordered me to ‘…suck on this dick, bitch, it’ll take your mind off getting your ass pussy bust open…’ Daniel grunted and said ‘…don’t scare the pussy, it’ll heal so we can use it again…’ They all laughed.Daniel slowly and agonizingly worked his huge tool in and out of my bung so slowly that I could feel every vein on his penile shaft. Each time Daniel would pull his penis back till only the head was lodged in my rectum and then canlı bahis şirketleri slide the entire length of his twelve inches back to the hilt.I thought that my agony would never end, then Daniel snorted ‘…shit I’m gonna bust a good nut in this bitches pussy. Here it comes, here it comes…’ It felt as if some one had thumped me in my bowels as Daniel enormous tool erupted deep in my bowels.Obscene slurping sounds were made as his huge load was more than my anal canal could contain. Bruce and Charlie had shot two or three loads each into my butt and now Daniel was adding to their mixture. My thighs quaked and trembled from the agony of being bent over for such an extended period of time, my jaws ached around Charlie’s semi hard penis as he ground my face into his crotch.Daniel hunched his enormous tool into my bottom with each twitch and spurt of his tool and seed till he had emptied his load deep into my bowels. As Daniel pulled his long penis from my bung hole he said ‘…this bitch should make history…we put enough baby batter in this ass to make any whore pregnant…’Come running down my thighs and my bung making sloppy farting sounds as air rushed in and out and Charlie continued to grind my face into his crotch as the three of the laughed at what Daniel had said.