The Young Babysitters

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The Young BabysittersThe Young BabysittersA year after our first 4 couple orgy, (See 4 Couple Fun) all four wives had their babies. Since the eight of us had become open in our group relationship, it was common to see one or all of the new moms breastfeeding when we got together every week.Generally at our now every other week gathering on a Friday night, we each hired a babysitter to take care of the babies. Our babysitter was fifteen year old Alex, short for Alexandria. She was a cute girl with shoulder length brown hair and brown eyes. She was just starting to develop her womanly figure with a narrow waist and slightly wider hips. I’ll be generous and say at the time she may have been wearing a b-cup, but they fit her well and she wore tops that help accentuate what she had. We had a standing date with her to babysit every other Friday. When the group met at our house, Alex would sit our son at her house for obvious reasons. It was the end of summer that year and we wanted to have a bar-b-que and pool party at Nick and Suzette’s house. We also wanted to do something nice for the four teen babysitters, so we invited them to join us for the party, agreeing that we would all keep our clothes on and control ourselves.The day of the part arrived and we picked up Alex on our way. She was excited to meet everyone and to see the other babies and babysitters. After everyone arrived, we all met each other’s babysitters. They were all around the same age, 14-16, all cute and similarly built. None of the girls knew each since they went to different schools in different parts of town. The wives told the babysitters to go ahead and enjoy the pool as this a party for them to say thanks for all of the babysitting they had been doing. The four girls ran upstairs to change and in ten minutes were jumping into the pool. As they ran past us four horny men, we all gazed upon them and then smiled at each other, knowing what the others were thinking. Suzette saw us, waved her finger ‘no’ and whispered ‘jail bait.’ Nick snapped his fingers in disgust and smiled as Suzette slapped him on the shoulder. It wasn’t long after that the girls in the pool were giggling and pointing at us guys. Suzette quietly told us that we are all showing our interest in the girls a little too much and nodded down towards our crotches. The girls continued to giggle as they formed a circle in the middle of the pool and talked, looked our way, giggled some more and talked some more. About that time, Nick picked up Suzette and tossed her into the pool and told her to play with k**s her own size. Actually, two of the girls were already taller than Suzette and the other two were pretty close to the same height. When she came up out of the water, she called Nick a few choice names and then swam over to the giggling girls and began talking with them. We noticed that the more Suzette talked to them, the more they kept looking in our direction and the more they giggled. This caused the four of us guys to start wondering what she was telling them. We decided it was time for another beer, so two of us guys went inside to fetch. Nick was busy tending the grill where he had a variety of ribs and steaks simmering. They smelled delicious as always, since he was a great grill master. Babs had brought over a big bowl of her homemade potato salad, Wade and Margie brought corn on the cob and Bill and Linda brought beer and soda. We had plenty of food and drinks for all 12 of us. When the steaks and ribs were ready, we all fixed plates and sat around the patio eating. The four babysitters began to giggle again and their faces turned red. I looked over at Suzette who sat there with a very innocent but mischievous look on her face. We found out what was up with the girls when of them asked Nick if it was true that he was hung like horse. Nick almost started to choke on a piece of meat. Suzette and the wives burst out laughing and the other three of us guys just sat there shocked at what we heard. When Nick stopped coughing and managed to compose himself, he asked Suzette what she had told the girls in the pool. Suzette played the ‘what, innocent little me?’ but Nick wasn’t buying. The girl that spoke up said it wasn’t Suzette’s fault. She had been horseback riding a lot and had seen male horses and when she saw Nick’s bulge it reminded her of one of the horses. Again the wives bust out laughing. That’s when Suzette told him that in the pool, the girls asked her if he was hung like a horse and she told them yes. Then one of the other girls asked Suzette that if Nick was that big, how did it fit inside her. Once again the wives were practically rolling on the ground in laughter. Nick started to say that was enough of that kind of talk when Suzette blurted out that it was very difficult at first but she got used to it. Then she added that it helped prepare her for c***dbirth and the four young girls began giggling again. Suzette then turned to Nick and said the girls have a request and I told them it was okay with me. Nick got a very worried look on his face waiting to find out what the request was. Suzette looked at the girls and they were looking at her, each waiting for the other to ask. Finally Suzette told him that they wanted to see your huge cock and well, she didn’t see any harm in it. After all, the girls promised not to tell a soul. Nick hissed that he could get arrested for this and the four girls all started begging him and promising not to tell anyone. Nick asked Suzette if that is what she wanted him to do and she said it was up to him but she didn’t see any harm in it. With that, Nick dropped his swim trunks, revealing a half erect cock. The girls’ eyes opened wide as they stared at him. As they stared, Nick’s cock began to grow the rest of the way to a full erection. It reminded me of a some b**st in a sci fi movie slowly standing up getting ready to attack. After a minute of embarrassment, Nick started to pull his swim trunks back up when one of the girls asked if they could touch it. Before he could answer, Suzette told them to go ahead and motioned them over to her now very red faced and excited hubby. First one girl stretched out a lone finger and barely touched Nick’s cock. It jumped at the touch and girls jumped in return. Slowly they got braver and one by one they reached out and touched his massive organ. Pre-cum started to leak out the tip and this fascinated the girls. One of them stuck her finger out to feel it and then began rubbing it around on the head of his cock. I could tell by the look on Nick’s face that he was loving every minute of it and was trying his best not to cum. Suzette joined the girls and showed how to wrap their hands around the shaft and stroke it back and forth. They thought that was really great and obviously so did Nick. As she instructed the young teens, she explained what the pre-cum was and invited them to taste it. One by one the girls took a turn licking some of Nick’s ooze off of his ever twitching cock. One of the girls asked Suzette about a blowjob and it a girl really blows on the cock. After some chuckling among the wives, she explained bahis siteleri canlı that it should really be called a suckjob. She leaned forward, placed her lips around his cock and began sucking back and forth on it. The young nubiles intently watched until Suzette pulled off and asked if one of them wanted to try. The one that asked Nick about hung like a horse immediately volunteered and did her best to stretch her lips around Nick’s girth. The young girl’s mouth was so small that she couldn’t even take in Nick’s flared helmeted head. Noticing the girl’s difficulty, Babs suddenly volunteered my cock to them as it was big, but not nearly as big as Nick’s. Now it was my turn to choke on my beer as I heard my wife offer my manhood to these young teenaged girls. Babs took the beer from my hand and told me to stand up. As I reluctantly stood up, I noticed four sets of innocent eyes staring at my crotch causing me to start getting erect. Before I had a chance to do anything, Babs yanked my swim trunks down and out sprang my erect cock. Babs then knelt down and gave my cock a few quick sucks before she motioned the girls over to me. This time, they all wanted to go first and to ease the turmoil, Linda suggested that Bill and Wade join in the fun and offer their cocks to the girls as well. The four girls were smiling from ear to ear and nodding their heads yes. Wade and Bill both stood and dropped their trunks and the girls each picked the cock they wanted to suck on. Our babysitter, Alex said she had the biggest mouth of all so she stayed with Nick and managed to get the head of his cock into her mouth. When I felt the set of young lips surround my cock and begin to slide along its length, I thought I was going to cum on the spot. She sucked on my for a few seconds before pulling off and asking Babs if she was doing it right. This time I beat Babs and told her that she was doing it perfectly, so she moved back on and began working her mouth on me. About minute into the blowjob lesson, one of the girls stopped long enough to ask if that was all there was to it was something supposed to happen. She had been sucking on Bill’s cock, so Linda told her that the sucking continues until the man has an orgasm and cums. The girls asked what happens then. Linda told her and an experienced woman keeps sucking and swallows the cum, but many don’t and just watch as the man shoots his load on the woman’s face or tits. The girls said she had never seen a man cum before and would really like to. Then she asked if it would be okay for Bill to cum on her tits and Linda told her yes, but that the tits needed to be naked. It only took a couple seconds for all four teens to take their bikini tops off, revealing their firm perky tits with puffy nipples. It was truly a sight to behold. Once topless, the girls returned to their sucking. Instinctively I reached down and began to fondle the girl’s tits. Her young nipples instantly hardened and became erect with my touch. I asked her if she liked being touched and nodded her head yes as she continued to suck on my cock. Watching her young lips sliding along my shaft and feeling her virgin nipples between my fingers, it wasn’t long before I felt the movement of my seed from deep in my balls. I told the girl that I was about to cum and she pulled off. Babs told her to stroke it and watch. The moment her fingers grasped around me, I convulsed and fired my first rope of cum all over her chin and tits. With each stroke I fired again and again until my balls were drained. Not long after, each of the other three guys came on the babysitter in front of them. Each girl got their tits fondled before having them splashed with cum. They quickly got to their feet and gathered in a circle to compare their cum covered tits. They giggled and chatted life very excited girls do. I asked Babs if I could put my trunks back on and she told me to leave them off as they girls already saw what I had. I shrugged my shoulders, sat down and finished off my beer. A few minutes later, one of the girls asked Suzette if she had something they could use to clean the ‘gooey stuff’ off their tits. Suzette said she had just the thing to clean them off and then motioned to the other wives and they all moved over, picked a girl and began licking our cum off of the chests and tits of the sexy young things. At first the girls went ‘oooey’ and ‘gross’ until Linda challenged them to taste it for themselves. They were reluctant so Linda wiped some off with her finger and held it up to the girl’s mouth, but she leaned back and scrunched up her face. Alex had observed that this was the girl that I had cum over so she looked at the finger full of cum, looked at me and smiled and then moved up and took all of Linda’s finger into her mouth. She let a loud ‘mmmmm’ emanate from her throat as she thoroughly cleaned off Linda’s finger. When she was done, she told the other girls that it tasted really good and asked if she could finish cleaning off the girl’s chest and Linda moved out of the way. The girl watched as Alex began to lick her chest. When Alex moved to the girl’s tits, she took her time licking around the nipple. The girl closed her eyes and softly moaned. Her eyes popped open when Alex suddenly took a nipple into her mouth and sucked on it. She looked down at Alex and told her that felt really good and then once again closed her eyes and softly moaned some more. After making sure the tit and nipple were cleaned up, Alex moved over to the other tit, licking it clean and sucking on that nipple. The other two girls just stood and stare at Alex as she licked my cum off of her new friend and suck on her nipples. One of the girls whispered to the other that she didn’t know that Alex was a lesbian. Alex heard her and said she wasn’t, but the cum tasted good and she just wanted to see what it was like to suck on a tit. They asked her how she liked it and she told them it felt pretty good. The recipient of the sucking murmured that it felt great. After watching Alex clean off the one girl, the others got brave enough to try it and began licking each other’s chests and tits, taking plenty of time to suck on each other’s nipples. Watching them got all four of us guys erect again and that did not go unnoticed by the wives and the girls. Once the girls had finished cleaning each other, one of them asked if men can cum more than once and if so, could they suck our cocks again. Suzette, Babs and Linda instantly told them to go for it. The girls quickly huddled to decide who would suck who. Alex approached me and told me she has always been fascinated by the bugle in my pants and has fantasized about it. She smiled up at me, knelt down, wrapped her small hands around my cock and began sucking me. I watched her young lips sliding back and forth on my cock. Reaching down, I fondled her growing tits and twirled her nipple between my finger and thumb. Alex was moaning with her eyes closed as she continued sucking. I vaguely heard one of the other girls comment that it wasn’t fair that they were topless and the ladies weren’t. Margie said that’s easily remedied canlı bahis and the wives took their bikini tops off. All of them were still nursing babies and milk filled tits. I found out later that each babysitter had watched their respective mom nurse their babies, so they had seen their tits before, but nothing like all four bared at once. Alex kept her rhythm sucking me but managed to reach a hand over to feel Babs tits. Even though she had just nursed our son an hour earlier, she soon began to leak her sweet milk. I leaned over and licked the milk off of her tits. Alex was sucking my cock and feeling Babs tits while I was fondling Alex’s tits and licking and sucking on Babs. After all, I didn’t want her milk to go to waste. The scene was so surreal that I found myself building. I stood back up and told Alex that I was getting close to cumming. Expecting her to pull off and have me com all over her tits again, I was surprised when she started sucking with more vigor. Realizing that she was going to let me cum in her mouth, I could hold off no longer and began shooting rope after rope into her mouth. By the third spurt Alex started to choke and had to pull off. The rest of my load hit her square in the face and dribbled down her chin. When she regained her breath, she looked up at Babs and me and told that was great and that she hoped that someday she could take my entire load without choking. I pulled her to her feet and Babs started licking the cum off oh Alex’s nose, lips and chin. Alex thanked her by kissing Babs milk filled jugs and told her how sweet her milk tasted. The euphoria of what was happening was interrupted when one of the babies woke up and started crying. They had been placed on a blanket just inside the door so they could be easily monitored. Marge said it sounded like her daughter so she went in to check. By the time she got inside, the first baby had woken the others and all four were crying. Several of the girls said they would take care of them and the wives told them that they would handle them as this was a thank you party for the girls for all of their babysitting. Two of the girls returned to sucking cock and Alex began licking the other girl clean. None of the other girls attempted to swallow and that made Alex feel good that she was the only one willing to attempt such a grown up thing. Eventually the other two guys shot their loads all over their respective babysitters and then the girls traded off cleaning each other off. By time they were done, the wives came back out without the babies. They had changed them and put some soft music on and patted them back to sleep. We all sat and talked for a bit. The four of us guys were still naked and all four wives and four babysitters were still topless. Alex asked if men suck on women’s pussies like they were doing on our cocks. She said she’s heard of it but wasn’t sure how it was done. Linda asked her if she wanted Bill and her to demonstrate, but Alex said she would prefer if I demonstrated on her. Everyone looked at me and then at Alex. Babs said it was okay with her and instructed her to take her bottoms off. Alex said that if she did that everyone else should also and that way everyone would be naked like the men have been. A couple of the girls were hesitant, but Alex encouraged them to go ahead, so they did. I have to say that it was quite the site. Even though I had just been sucked off for the second time, I quickly grew hard again looking at the four young naked bodies. Alex had about an inch wide strip of hair neatly trimmed above her small pussy lips. One other girl had a little strip as well and the other two were clean shaven. Babs instructed Alex to sit on the side of the pool towards the deep end. I got in the pool and moved up to her. Without being told, Alex spread her legs in front of me, giving me a clear view at her virgin pussy. As Babs told her to lean back on her arms and close her eyes, I moved in closer and kissed her pussy lips. The touch of my lips on hers made her jump. It also made my cock jump. I gently kissed my way around her pussy, covering her inner thighs and mound. Next I gently licked her inner thighs and outer lips. I could feel her body react to my touches. Her juices were flowing and she smelled like sweet innocence. My cock throbbed with the anticipation of being the first tongue to ever penetrate the virgin pussy in front of me. Alex flinched again as I gently pushed my tongue between her lips. As her lips parted, her aroma wafted out. I paused for a few moments and just took in the intoxicating aroma. I knew she had to taste so much better than she smelled, so I worked my tongue deeper inside of the my teenage babysitter. It explored every place insider her that it could reach. I began licking the roof of her puffy and obviously found her G spot as her body started to react. I was right in that she tasted far better than her sweet aroma and eagerly enjoyed every drop of moisture she was producing. It didn’t take Alex long before she exploded with an orgasm. Her pussy contracted around my tongue as if it were trying to trap it inside. Her juices flooded onto my tongue and I drank them in as fast as I could, but some of it dribble down my chin. When Alex recovered from her orgasm, I moved from licking inside her pussy to working my tongue around her clit. She squirmed at my touch. Then I placed my lips over her clit and began sucking and gently nibbling on her sensitive tiny knob. Her body instantly convulsed and bucked and I held onto her sexy ass as I continued to pleasure my young nubile virgin. This orgasm was more intense than the first one. I moved from her clit back to her pussy so I could drink in her inner nectar. After about a minute or two I heard Alex, still panting, say ‘oh wow! That was the most incredible thing she had ever experienced.’ When I looked up from her pussy, she had a glow about her face which was covered in sweat. The other three girls had gathered around and watched. They started asking Alex what it felt like and all she could say was great and fantastic, which made the other girls want a turn. I said was best if the guy they babysat for would do them the honors. Nick, Wade and Bill were all nodding in agreement.The men lined the girls up along the edge of the pool with Nick standing the deepest water since he was the tallest. Before the guys moved in between their legs, we all got a fantastic view of the three young pussies being exposed to three lecherous men. Having watched suck on the wives’ pussies, I knew that we all had a slightly different style or method, but they all ended up with same result. I sat on the opposite side of the pool and watched the feasting taking place. Alex sat up next to me and put one hand on my cock and was rubbing her pussy with the other. I looked over at Babs and she winked at me, letting me know that she approved of Alex’s attention. As the three men were licking and sucking on the young pussies, we heard a chorus of moans from the girls. The smallest girl came first with the other two quickly following her. Each time one of the girls had bahis siteleri an orgasm, Alex would squeeze her hand a little tighter around my cock. Most of the time she just held it, but every so often she would stroke it. She was so engrossed in watching the other girls that I’m not sure she even realized what she was doing. The guys followed my lead and brought each girl to two orgasms. Like Alex, they were panting, trying to catch their breath and sweating from the intensity of their experience. Nick lifted his babysitter into the pool to help her cool off. The other followed suit, but I was so enjoying having Alex’s hand wrapped around my cock that I just sat there and watched. The other girls swam over to talk with Alex about their orgasms and all of them were staring at my cock in Alex’s hand. Their excited chatter was almost too fast for me to follow but I was enjoying being the center of their visual focus. The girls convinced Alex to join them in the pool, so went back and sat next to Babs. She asked if I was enjoying myself and I told her very much. She asked me how I enjoyed tasting that young pussy and I told her she was intoxicating. Babs told me that watching me with Alex has made her very horny and she wanted to have me inside her. I asked if she meant here and now and she said why not, they girls have seen almost everything already. I asked if she really wanted the girls to see us have sex and she looked at me, smiled and told me that would be such a turn on. I asked her how she wanted it and she said she wanted to sit on me and face the pool so the girls could see. With that, Babs got up, turned her back to me and proceeded to sit on my cock. One of the girls saw what happened and her eyes almost popped out of her head. She quickly told the others and pointed to us. They moved over to the edge of the pool and stared as Babs began to ride up and down on my cock. They giggled, whispered and pointed. Being sucked earlier was great but there’s nothing like a great pussy to bury one’s cock into and Babs still had the best pussy I knew. I leaned to the side just enough to see the four young girls staring at my Babs’ pussy swallowing my cock and she bounced up and down. I held onto Babs’ hips to help her ride me. I knew she needed to have her own orgasm, so I shifter her a little further away from me which made my cock rub against her g spot more. Babs really was turned on because as soon as I shifted her position, I felt the telltale signs of her body reacting to the stimulation. The closer she got, the faster I bounced her on me and the faster I bounced her the more she built to her climax. I whispered in her ear that the girls were staring at her pussy and my cock and that was enough to push her over the edge. She let out a loud guttural moan as her whole body shook and her pussy grabbed ahold of my cock and held onto it for dear life. I tried to keep her riding me as best I could and it seemed to help keep her on the climactic high longer than normal. I peeked around Babs again to look at the girls and when Alex saw me looking, she took her hands and cupped her tits and then smiled at me. Having cum twice already, I lasted nearly 10 minutes before unleashing my fountain of love up inside my wife’s pussy. By the time I came, Babs had three orgasms and her tits were leaking milk all over her. I held myself inside her as long as I could until I was too limp and fell out. When the girls saw my cum leaking out of Babs’ gaping pussy, their eyes got wide again. Suzette told the girls that it was time to clean us up and then she moved in and started licking my cock first and then she cleaned out Babs’ pussy. Two of the girls seemed grossed out, but Alex and the other girl were intently watching and you could tell they were taking mental notes. When Suzette had successfully cleaned us both up, Alex asked if they could watch her take Nick’s huge cock as they had asked earlier how she possibly fit it inside her. Suzette smiled and told Nick to get ready. His tiny wife quickly sucked him to a full erection and then she swung around and positioned herself above his massive pole. She acted like it was too big and played with trying to get just the head inside of her. The girls were intently watching and they all gasped when Suzette just let herself all the way down on him in one movement. Nick easily held onto Suzette’s hips and worked her up and down on his cock. I watched as her tits bounced and began to leak milk just like Bab’s had done. I snuck over and leaned down so that I could take one of Suzette’s leaking tits into my mouth. Wade, who had been fairly quiet all day, moved over to suck on her other tit. I know the girls were enthralled with the site before them of tiny Suzette riding Nick’s massive cock with two men sucking on her tits at the same time. Suzette is a wild lady when having sex. She gyrates, moans and talks dirty and she certainly put on a show for the girls. Wade and I backed away after a bit and watched the four young girls as they watched the smallest wife with the largest husband. They were so intent on watching that I think a bomb could have gone off and they wouldn’t have noticed as Suzette had one orgasm after another. Once again the atmosphere of sex was interrupted with one and then four small voices crying from inside the house. Babs, Linda and Marge headed in to tend the wee ones. Just as the ladies came back out holding all of the babies, Nick filled Suzette with his cum, causing her to have a really loud orgasm which started the babies crying again. Babs put Jake, our son, to her tit to nurse him, Linda and Marge did the same with their babies. Since Suzette was somewhat occupied, Marge put her little girl on her other tit in order to calm down and quiet the infants. When Suzette pulled off of Nick’s cock, Alex asked if she could clean them both off and Suzette told her to go ahead. The eager teen jumped out of the pool and licked Nick’s huge cock clean. Then she turned her attention to Suzette’s pussy telling her that she’s never done anything like this before but was curious and wanted to try it at least once. One of the other girls blurted out that Alex was a lesbo and Alex said she wasn’t, rather she was curious and wanted to experiment. She then turned and began licking Suzette’s pussy and sucking out as much of Nick’s cum as possible. Suzette told her she was doing a great job and that it felt really great. Then the girl who asked the first question about sex nearly two hours ago asked if they could have a cock in their pussies. I was starting to say no when Nick told her no, at least not at this time. He explained about it being wrong and how much trouble they could all get into if anyone found out. Then Alex asked if this is what we did when we got together every other week and Nick said sometimes yes, sometimes, no. Alex then bargained that they would keep quiet if they were allowed to watch when the gathering met at the home they were babysitting at. We all agreed to that and it seemed to appease the teens, at least for now. The rest of evening was spent swimming, talking and watching the four young naked teens frolic in the pool. Every time Alex caught me watching her, she would jiggle her tits, lick her lips and smile. On the way taking Alex home, she thanked both of us for a wonderful party and for all of her new education.