The quarantine elder house

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The quarantine elder houseI’ve volunteered and now im stuck in quarantine , with a group of elder to keep safe and wellespecially Mister Henry and his cousin Joseph, both retired rich elder black guys it went normal during the first few days and after 2 days of getting to know themthey wanted to say thanks to me for being such a ”good boy”I was quite not sure but he insisted , saying he could give me an allowance if i choose to take care of them during the crysisi refused saying it was fine i was here to helpHenry and his cousin both retired massage ther****t proposed a ”relaxing massage” for me to enjoy if i didnt want moneyi didnt accepted, but he was insisting every evening before i left to sleep in the volunteered quarterafter several days he proposed again , we were having beers and watching the news on the outbreakhis cousin insisted getting , saying i deserve a good massagei accepted ”only a short one ”i was in my white tight boxer on the table , i knew it was…..wrong but i felt the oil hit my back and i relaxed the 2 older pairs of hands starting to massage , spreading the oil on my backi was liking it they are ther****t after all i told myselfi felt floating , my skin massage and my muscle untangle”feels good?””yes you are good”i felt henry hands closer and closer to my boxer , my back arching on its on”henry dont stain his boxer, here …..”i was boxer removed suddenly and like it was nothing”hey …..mmmmm fuck”my bare ass oiled up him touchinng my cheels so carefully getting me all oily both guys rubbing my back and legs , moving toward my naked ass starting to be part of the massage ”pathway””im not sure about this…””shhhhh relax you have a really nice ass ””ahhhhh my god shit oh shitttt ”Joseph spread my cheek and i felt his tongue lapping at my lil hole , sending my electric shock throught my whole bodyhenry big hand massaging my back and shoulder keeping me pin down my ass licked , rimm making me shiver of pleasure”ahhhhh ahhh shit my god im not sure ahhhh my god ”my tiny ass felt the finger in and diving down and out licked again on my lil nuts his finger opening my oily pink ass”look at this, you are so pretty Alex ”my eyes looking at Henry pants moved down his huge 9 inch full of big veins cock was showed to me”omg ahhhh mmmmmmmfffffff”’2 fingers in made me moan loud my oily ass just taking itthe bbc infront of me not missing to opportunitymy mouth filled at once, little pump if his hips started as he massage me moving his bbc in my mouth leaving me to deal with it, mouth open getting stretch open”goooo boy, you are so sexy let us thank you for being a nice boy”i felt Joseph bbc on my tiny hole getting pressure over it with more lubeuntil i lost thew battle , my lil pink hole ceasing to squeeze not to be fuck, the bbc winning , the big cock head just popping in and outmoaning on Henry hot bbci was taken, oiled up and hole worked open by them nice 8-9inch bbc”good boy, letus bbc please you sexy boy, we love that nice body of yours””im gona give you a great allowance and you be our boy”i wasnt in any position to argue them hot bbc winning over my little bodyfalling under their ”control” each thust moving me on the ther cockpacked up until i was feeling Joseph belly hit my ass”im all in you boy, massaging this cute pink hole good is it”i moan my lil ass full, my mouth slowly fuck helping me move back on joseph his bellu hitting me to confirm his bbc was all inthe quarantine will last 2 week i coudnt stop thinking…..2 week here with them i was dizzy full of cock in my holes working in rhythm they switch helping me legs up facing em laying on the table Henry now trying my ass Joseph on the tableside turning my head to his pleasurei was moaning under the fucking, i loved it, i coudnt stop em, but i really didnt want to now he was all in , hitting my back so good, so right his fat mushroom head hitting that spot ”good boy that is a good boy””oh i agree, you feel good boy we can tell”my lil cock up and hard swinging aroundpounded ass and mouth to a mindless statelooking up at the 2 older black guy just casually fucking me toa blissfull pleasureeyes flipped , mouth wet , just holes to fuck deep by 2 nices strong blck cockthey cum in turn in my tiny asshenry was first, dumping in me laughting and grunting this was goodthem full of cum joseph pumped it down , making me giggle and sound stupid , full of cum taking it easy , gaping open i felt him deposit it all in me ,henty in my mouth cleaning his bbc ”fuck this was the best i had in years””yeah me too””here iam no lyer we like you and you deserve your allowance”i watch his phone brought tekirdağ escort to me, i deposit the paypal money to my emailboth cuddling me telling me they will be good to me and wont tell anyone about me loving cocki was confused but knew it was done, i had been fuckthe next day i learn how i craved cock , my ass itching all morning before we got alonei served cofee as they watch the newsi sat with themand i expected to be …..ask or help down to suck or elsebut they didnt, sipping talking about the outbreaki coudnt resist , i started to stare at them cotch looking for ”an invitation””you need help? ”i felt his hand on the back of my head i smiled wide ”cute . here dont be shy , you want this cock”i pull on his pant and i engulfed his cock, i felt it became alive, bigger by the second it was marvelous, i was loving how it grew big and all hard in my mouth , making wet noise now the bbc so big all because of me”here me too, get me hard baby”anothercock at rest , in my mouth getting alive, growing big and hard in my warm hungry wet mouth”you love sucking our bbc, you are really cute”my ass on the side sucking my pijama down Henry rubbing his bbc over my now gaping open hole, the training yesterday leaving me slightly open , the mark of a boy pussy i took his cock moaning on joseph with my 2 daddies, getting throught the outbreak my suggar hole packed and train by these nice big black cock”dam you are a good boy, i love that white ass , its small and taking me all in there”smilling, happy to please, all the attention mine and my lil hole stretch open , that craving for them cock just amplyfing each time they switch i felt ….empty and better with warm dick in mei was fuck into a cock lover , i bounce on them bbc on my own smilling and happy another cock served to my mouthalways full, always wet holes open for them to dump seeds and making me fall more into it after each deposit in my girly white assi was crawling to the shower like a pet ass dripping cum on all 4 walking doggy my 2 big black daddy slapping my ass calling me a good slut boyi smile and giggle like a dog to the showerrepeating i was full of daddy cum and love their bbci was between em rubbed in soap fingered and ”clean” 4 hands making my body their playground”you want to be our boy forever? ”i nod not knowing what u just agreed to hold by josephmike lock me in a chastity cage with both their name and phone number on iti panicked watching him lock it and flush the key in the toiletJoseph gropping my cage clitty his bbc getting hard in my back hiding me as i watch Henry flush the toilett”wait i dont want to wear this forever””shhhhhhh””what you need is this ass made into a vagina”i was speechlesshe poke my hole open my body flinching my lil cage making clack clack noise making the pleasure of his bbc in me focuss , no more getting hard , the cage hurting turning my head into a jello mash moaning legs too weak a crash on the floor and i was pull sit on henrty , joseph fucking my mouth my lil cage flapping up and downunder the water i squeal i shook i look at joseph panicked and i cum , i squirt in my cage, all this ass fucking starting to make me look like i was a pussy, cuming getting fucki sound like a stupid fag as i cum henry pumping his seeds in me laughting this was too cute i was help out lost and looking at my cage, the came of my daddy clear as dayi felt like a pet with my home address to return to if …..something happensi was back in the bed naked 2 black older guy hard bbc walking around the roomsmilling at me , lost and confused slut caged uphenry had the fun of his life slapping my hands offforcing me to look at him slide the pink panty on me, with a built in cock plug, 5inch black the printed ”i love bbc” panty covering my lil cage so smooth i look away shy and felling great in the smooth sating pink panty my wet cunt plugged by the smaller cock toy real nicei was cuddling and touch called their sissy boy , again henry presenting his phonei deposit the money, knowing its better than just being a sissy…..a guilt relief of some sortthe outbreal lasted 3 full weeks and it flattens over 2 month but now undercontrol i was back in my apartcelebrating with my 2 daddies and 4 other of their successfull frienddress as maid and serving bbc smilling at new nice daddy with strong hard cock to fuck mei really had a pussy, a vagina like daddy first told mei went around rthe room bouncing on bbc help to suck on every guy in circle switching position, making me bounce up and down , in a circle of bbc here for the sissy i was in sissy heavenmy little panty put on the side so many time it ripped open escort tekirdağ feeling it leaving me open even better for bbc i spent the night getting help over hot strong blck daddyi was the party fuck doll and i enjoyed it so much i accepted to have more daddies in my sissy life”you could come to my big house when the wife is out i have a spa and i love fucking in it”i suck him with sweat eyes nodding him knowing this would really happeni endup receiving a very good tip , walking to the bed every older black guy kissing me good night putting bills in my pantyi walk full of cash rubbing agaisnt my drooling cym cagealone counting my money smilling , feeling this was so much better that my older selfthe very next morninghe texted me with a pictures of his spa and promise me to buy a bikini if i could cum later tonighti was eager, impatient , i wanted night to be now all day preparing, shaving getting girlish , until i saw the cuttiess little skimpy pink swimsuit he sent me after going to the shop”im picking you up in 20”it felt like an hour, i waited in panty plugged and looking uo for his cari smile his pickup stopping i got in and her was already hard his bbc out waiting for me”hi daddy”i got in door close he driveaway”hi baby, here yes you know what to do mmmmmmm thats it suck daddy pretty ”i love it too much, i love big hard black cock in my mouth, i suck moaning, happy alone going to the spahe stop and i was in his garage he close the mechanic big doori was help out and right on his warm hood of his pickuphe undress me calling me his little girland dress me in the swimsuit as i thank him my little cage bulging in the bottom bikini panty feeling tight and pretty in pink i was walk to the bar he had and i was ask what i like to drink he served me a gin tonic and we went in the spa , i started calling me cindy and i smiled feeling girlydrinking my gin tonic saying yes i like my skimpy bikini”make you all pretty , like a cute little cock sucker””thank you daddy”i sip at my gin tonichim getting up sitting on the side i knew what he wantedi came to him he took my drink and holding my head made my drank it all ”good girl, here suck daddy if you want more of it”he had the gin bottle and the tonic closegetting suck he serve me another rubbing my head calling me a goof girli drank another one, all of it mixed with his bbc cock taste my head tilt him looking at me drink it all calling me a little cock suckeri became drunk after the 4th drink, i was smilling making wet noise sucking , moaning like a slut sucking giggling for another drinkhe had me weak and drunk , ass sit down on him as he relax in the spa making my bounce moaning in his arm kissed and fuck in his nice spa i love it , i was drunk and having way too much fun”you such a good girl”i was proud and wanting him to be happybut all he was doing was putting me on a showsoon 2 older black neighbor appear and smile at my daddynow closing the curtain he left open on purposehelp doggy i the middle, meeting the 2 neighbor huge hard bbcsmilling at them moaning telling my daddy they werent sure he would do itall 3 passing me over drinking beer and getting servedi was again used and meeting stranger who had real big nice cock tooi like em , i moan feeling new hard cock in mei loved the sensation of new guy getting in me, the sound they make, discovering me wet fuck pussy always making me feel giryi bounced around in the spa, sucking and drunk little white worei got my first load and the 2 other smile waiting for their turn in a line , my ass up on the spa side i was taking loads , moaning filled and giggling cock pumping it down , i cum too like a fag between their loads , i made one explode watching me make cute noise cuming like a sissyi slept in his wife babydoll that night inside his car trunk , he close it after giving me a pillow”dont make any noise”he said putting tape on my mouthi was left in the dark sleeping his family back at some point and to my surprisehe came later i was asleep , it was dark i was help doggy ass up and he fuck me , saying he needed to be quick, the wife in the showeri was pumped hard and deep , i moan but the tape muffled it all my ass soon feeling him bigger and he expoded happy and done he close the trunk tapping twice on my ass”see you in the morning, be quiet you are a good girl daddy loves you”i slept for real, in the trunk safe and silent his family woke me up once she left with the k**s i could ear her kissing her husband good byehe close the garage door and i was looking at him trunk open smilling untaped”you had a good night?”’i smile getting on my kneessucking his half hard bbc in his tekirdağ escort bayan sweat pants”you are hungry lil girl”he took me out of the trunk and carried me to the showerhe had me under the warm watersucking for an hourwe emptied the water tank both in trans, under hot water, together and happyhe fuck me on his bed, i was pounded like a good girl as he cheated on his wifeprefering to fuck me i thought, happy ass up looking back at him holding my ass , fucking in mei was moaning loud and didnt ear hisneighborthey enter the room and i was sit on daddy laying on the bed”you get suck and go””yeah yeah we got it np she is yours you decide”i suck em feeling daddy owning meeach strong chubby guy humping holding my head down on the cockthe only cock in me , the one allowed as i suck his neighbor empty swallowing 2 big morning loads”thanks , they said as i swallowed”daddy cum soon after telling me he had to prepare for work”you leave now im done”i was surprise as he gather my stuff and throw me outi walk only 2 street before the white van to my left stop i saw his neighbior get out quicki was too slow he litterally hook me with a rope around my neck pulling me inside the vanhe close the door i fell on my face on the mattressi look infront someone i really never met driving”fuck yeah show me i dont believe you”i was undress my pink panty ass up , plugged and in cage showed to the driver”holly fuck bro this one is golden shit””gimme the rope”he did and i was pull in panty ass in he air, slap by the neighbor who fuck me last night and i sucked this morningon my knees , my cage clacking as i walk pull to the seat infronta 10 inch bbc waiting for mei was scared by it, i look at him take me down and i was sucking his monstrous bbcthe neighbor slapping my ass calling me a wore mouth fuck down as he drives me to a remote areai was pull out crawling to a hangar a big ware housei was scarred and pull slap if i wasnt crawling fast enought until i tried to stopand i was pull crying not to do thisi saw the 3 little sissy piggy crawl and make muffling sound there arm tied so they walk on their elbow little pink thing a tail plug in each lil piggy latex suit up looking in disstress piggy little mask on making ….weird pet like sound a mouth with big lips in each piggy face , i was changed in the same pink and gag mouth big pink piggy lipse crying becoming a little piggythe night was starting and all us 4 little pig were running in the field”the last to be caught is getting 10k and is release until the new game last week””little piggy gona get good to win”the gun fire started and i saw the filed i started running afraid looking back , strong muscle big black guy getting naked a rope in handsi never felt so scaredi saw on snatch behind his sound a little squeal as i look back a strong man on top pounding the little pig down in the grass i was too slow i was 3rd and saw the 2 piggy in front distance meboth were there for the last 2 games and were so fast and betteri cryied like a little piggy crawling fast on my elbo in the pig costume, ass up in the pink suit my plug tail moving looking back a smilling hard guy closing the gap quick i was roped and stop my neck leashed and my plug pull in a swift move the big hard 9 inch cock , up in a big cocking diving in memaking me do piggy sound, losing the game pounded in the field , like a looser little sissy pigletand he laught at me , pounding the shit out of me cunt , slapping my ass calling me a good pig he flood my cuntand i was pull dripping cum around my tail plug dragged back to the hangar with the other little looser pigwe were feed the big fat chubby security guard of the place every morning and nightour lipse gg mouth used by him repeating to us he is here to help us practice and be the winning pig next weekendin the field i lost the 2 first round and the little pig watch me get rope and fuck by him calling me a bad little pigi thought at first it would be me next week then the otheri lost track of timei participate each weekends and i loose to younger better piggletsome regular eve starting to think i love living here rope and fuck by the same guy from last weekend”hi my little pig, i bet you missed this cock”and then someone with a biug hearth sw me ,he was the first , from the first weekend , now months laters he bought me i live in a big place , i am still a pigglet and i crawl around getting fuck by this rich guy dailybut i have my own little room and he feed me good food with the other litle petthe asian kitten my best friend so far as we like walking together in the field the dog a black little brat who always act stupid and get to live in the cabin outsidedaddy receive very very rick powerfull man each weekcoming at the resort for a relaxing timelast week i was walk by a rich guy to the hill not far and i look at the sun go down , on top ofthe hill , little piggy moaning , happy again