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THE PAPERBOY”Nick, Donny’s here again. Pay the boy, now,” ShirleyCummings said. Nick Cummings, 27, was a tall, strongly ruggedbusinessman. His wife was going away for the weekend to visither mother.The newspaper boy, Donny, came up the walkway with a bundleof papers in his hand.”Hi, Mr. Cummings!” The boy said cheerily. Nick leaned outof the door and stared dreamily at the young man. Donny woretight 501 Levi’s and no shirt. Nick watched as the boy bent overto pick up a coin he’d dropped.Nick’s heart fluttered nervously as he saw the boy’s assoutlined in the blue denim. Nick could also see the outline ofthe boy’s briefs through the worn material. Nick read theletters J-O-C-K-E-Y around the rear of the waistband of theexposed briefs/The man put his hands underneath his trousers, through hispocket, he jacked himself gently for a few seconds as he watchedthe boy. Donny had light brown hair that was of medium length;thus he didn’t seem as avant-garde as most boys of his punkgeneration. Donny was slender, just over five-feet four, andjust eighteen years old. His eyes caught Mr. Cummings.Nick was rubbing his aching crotch before the boy’s veryeyes. He dug into his pocket and scooped up some change andhanded it to the boy. Mr. Cummings was dark haired withsmoldering masculinity.”Here’s the change for this week. Oh…Oh, Donny, my wifeisn’t going to be here this weekend. Why don’t you come aroundand mow the grass tomorrow? I’ll pay you five dollars and I’llfix a snack.” “Gee, Mr. Cummings, that would be super. I need the money. You see I’m hoping to go to New York this summer with my olderbrother and I need some new clothes.””Good, come tomorrow,” Nick said. His wife approached him.”I’ve taken care of him, honey.”They closed the door. “Nick, what are you looking at?”Shirley asked. There was nobody to see but the departingpaperboy on his bike. Under his breath Nick said, “what a luckybike seat!”He read the paper and his wife finished packing. Nickthought the next day would never roll around. He was glad to seeShirley off at the train station.The boy knocked on the door at the appointed hour. Nickopened the door. He was wearing nothing but a jock strap; infact, Nick Cummings’s bristling muscles were showed off to goodadvantage; there wasn’t an ounce of superfluous fat on hisentire body.”Come in and have a coke, Donny,” Nick said. ” I’ve beenworking out with my barbells.””Gee,” the impressionable boy said. “You work out, too?” “Uh huh.””So do I, Mr. Cummings! I thought you were in pretty goodcondition. “I thought you were too, Donny. Would you like to go for adip in the pool before you cut the grass?””Sure, Mr. Cummings, I’d really like that!”Nick led Donny out to the pool area. He watched carefullyas the boy stripped to his tight white cotton Jockey briefs. They were all of two sizes to small for the boy. The combedcotton stretched tight over the boy’s perfect ass. When Donnyturned to face Nick, he displayed a tightly packed crotch. Nick felt his own prick begin to rise in his jock andstretch out the pouch. Quickly, he dove into the pool andsurfaced just in time to see Donny adjust his young cock andballs in his briefs and dive in. They horse played for 15 minutes and then climbed out of thepool and laid on lounge chairs beside of each other. Donny’s briefs were almost transparent from being soaked. Nick could clearly see the outline of the boy’s balls and cock. In fact, the briefs were so tight he could even make out the headof the boy’s rod. As his eyes raised to meet the boy’s eyes, hesaw that Donny was looking directly at Nick’s jock pouch. As theboy’s eyes strained to take in the huge male pouch, Nick’s cockgave an involuntary jump.”I wear a jock a lot, Donny. I like the way my prick andballs feel while wearing one. Feels almost like a hand holdingme.””I wear one in gym class. The rest of the time I wear myjockeys,” Donny said.”It looks like those you are wearing now are a little tight for you, Donny.””These are my oldest pair. But they feel real good…Tight, Mr. Cummings, I like ’em this way.””But,” Nick Cummings said,”if you wear them too tight theycan cause damage to your cock and balls and cut the circulation abit.”Donny stood up facing Nick. He ran his fingers under theleg holes and said,”I don’t think they’re that tight!”Nick sat up facing the boy, “here, let me see.” Nick ran the fingers of both hands under and around the legholes. He let his fingers slip slightly inside to caress Donny’sballs. He ran his opened palm over the bulge made by thehardening k**-cock. Donny’s cock reacted to the caress and began to tent out hiswet briefs.”These fit you real nice, Donny. But, it looks likethey’re not going to fit in a few minutes. You’re getting a hardon,” Nick said.”Gee, Mr. Cummings. I just can’t help it. “Nick said, “I know, k**, I’m getting hard in my jock too. See? It feels mighty good to get hard inside of my jock.”Yea, I know. I like to feel my hard-on through the cottonthe way you are doing now. Sometimes, I just can’t quit tillI’ve messed them.”Maybe we’d better go inside and dry off.”Donny followed Nick into the house and on into the bedroom. Nick grabbed two towels and began drying the boy’s back. WhenDonny turned to face Nick, he displayed a full hard on in hisbriefs. His rock hard prick bulged through the wet cotton. Nick’s cock was sticking up in his jock. The material of thebriefs and jockstrap rubbed together causing both males to feel asurge of excitement.Nick sat down on the bed and without a word pulled Donny’scrotch to his face. He nibbled at the outline of the strainingcock. “Oh! Mr. Cummings, that’s wonderful! Go for it,please!!!!!” Nick, slowly skinned the boy’s briefs downto reveal his hard six inch cock. The boy oozed a single drop ofrich pre cum juice from his piss slit which Cummings lapped upwith his tongue. Donny’s eyes rolled back as he felt the firsttaste of the man’s lips on his young prick head. It immediatelytrusted forward, fully erect into six inches of stiff prick,ready and randy. Donny’s mouth watered as he experienced a strange sensation. Heput his hands on the man’s head. Nick bobbed up and down on thefertile canlı kaçak iddaa tool; he nibbled at the boy’s pubic bush. He took in allhe could of the rampant rod.Donny’s shoulders shivered and a chill ran up his back. When Nick’s left hand reached around and a finger punctured thesanctity of his buttocks, the boy shivered again.”Oh! No, Mr. Cummings…I don’t care if you blow me but noguy’s gonna fuck me, I swear! I’m not no fag!”The man took his fingers away. He loved the feeling of allthis boy-flesh in his mouth. It was warm and juicy and succulentto his ravenous taste buds.The boy’s brown locks flung over his forehead; he reared hishead back and let the man’s tongue experience the full flavor ofhis hot cock. His teen cock was engorged in the man’s waterycavern. He felt the dorsal vein getting a licking; it was madand wonderful and delicious to be sucked by the jock strappedman. He had never had his root in anybody’s mouth before.The boy’s legs spread further apart. He wanted to have this experience deep, indelibly in his mind forever. After thismoment, he would know that getting blown was the inevitable fruitof being a young boy of eighteen.The man was nursing on his tool, collecting all thoserampant oils of boyhood to manhood that were so eager to spout! The boy needed to shoot his load of boycum. Up until then the boy thought that jerking off was hisgreatest thrill. Now, with this athletic young husband’s mouthclamped securely on his hard wanton flesh, he would never againsettle just for getting simply frigged!”Do it, man! Do it!”He cried to the man. “It’s great, Mr.Cummings! I love, mister!”There was no question but that the boy was telling thetruth. His balls yearned for the man’s mouth. Almost as if byextra sensory messages the man laid back on the bed and pulledDonny upon his chest and took the young boy’s balls into hismouth.The boy rocked back and forth as the man swallowed his dickonce more.”Do it, Mr. Cummings! Make me come…All the way, sir” therandy youth moaned. He was in the mood for rockets to blast inhis brain; the hunting horn of sensual lust clouded histhinking. There were wild dreams flowing through his head.Nick licked and whittled at the knob, circling it with allhis strength, hoping his tongue was as pleasing to the boy ashis cock was to him.There was nothing to do but suck the hot jism out of theboy, then figure a way to fuck him later. Nick Cummings was notused to people refusing him anything; if he wanted cunt his wifewould have to give it to him. If he wanted to get between thisboy’s ass cheeks, he’d damn well do it and no arguments!Suddenly Donny bucked hard.”Oh! Oh! Ohhhhhh!” Sighed the boy as his passion reached aninsane peak and he began to squirt his hot, rich jizz in riversof cum cream and there was only one reservoir to catch it; Nick’seager hot mouth!The man felt the boy’s power shoot out the semen that he hadlonged for. This was pure naked, raw lust that knew no moralbounds. The boy’s prick quivered as the jets of his juiceerupted into the man’s wet mouth.Nick took all of the cream that he could get. And when hehad about wrenched every last pearly drop, he let go of the boy. Donny was temporarily exhausted.As Donny was recovering, Nick shoved his pre cum drenchedjockstrap against the boy’s spent cock.”Donny, you have the tightest looking buns I’ve ever seen. You could make a good fifty dollars a week more on your route ifyou knew what to do with that juicy hot asshole of yours.””No Sir! I told you that I can’t do something like that! I’m not a fag!””Words…Just words!” Nick said. “I don’t want morality! Iwant to fuck you, feel that ass on my face!””Fifty bucks a week?…No, Mr. Cummings, I won’t do that!” “Sure you can, boy! Sell your cheeks to me, son, and I’llmake you real happy.””can we go for a swim now, Mr. Cummings?” Donny askedthe man.”Sure, Donny, let’s go!”As Donny climbed out off of Nick Cummings’s bed, hecouldn’t help staring at Cummings’s stretched and pre cum soakedjock pouch. “Gee, Mr. Cummings, I sure would like to seeyour prick…All hard like that!” The boy said.”Okay, k**. Let’s go out to the pool and I’ll let you lookat it as much as you want.”Nick followed Donny out to the pool. He watched Donny’scute bubble-butt bounce ever so slightly in front of him. Hewould have to figure a way to get that boy’s ass. He wanted itmore than anything else on earth. Donny dove in and Nickfollowed, both emerging on the opposite side of the pool. Nick pulled himself out of the water and sat on the edge. Donnywas treading water directly in front of him.Nick saw Donny’s eyes were directed to his bulging wet,white jockstrap pouch. Nick looked down at his swollen cockaching for release from the tight nylon encasement. The boy wasreally interested in his cock and he decided to give the boy ashow. He stood and walked to the diving board. At it’s end, hetook a diving pose and jutted his hips forward so the boy couldsee the straining outline of his prick and large balls. He doveinto the water and surfaced right in front of Donny. “Ok, k**…You want to see my cock? I’m going to show it toyou. Once again he climbed from the pool and climbed to thediving board. He dropped his hands to his crotch and begansqueezing his dick through the material. Donny’s eyes never leftNick’s crotch. Nick squeezed his cock over and over then beganinching it down over his fully swollen ramrod prick. The cock was about 8 1/2 inches long and thick. Real thick.Nick began a slow jacking motion never taking his eyes from theboy. As he clasped and pulled his rock hard cock, a pool ofwetness formed at the very end of his dick head. The lateafternoon sun made the drop of pre cum juice glisten. Then Nickdove into the water and surfaced again in front of the boy.Donny felt Nick’s big solid rod rub up and over his balls,cock and belly as the man surfaced. He was led to the shallowend of the pool by Nick. Once they were at crotch level with thewater, Donny could see Nick’s full hard on up close. “Wouldn’t you like to jack it a little for me…Even maybewant to put your mouth over this, Donny?””Can I jack it off canlı kaçak bahis all the way? Let me watch the cum shootout up real close?” Donny asked.Nick led the boy to the steps of the pool. He sat on thetop one with Donny facing him from a lower step. He reached forDonny’s hand and placed it around his man meat. The boy reachedup with his other hand and began feeling Nick Cummings’s bigballs. “You got a big cock. Mister. Real big! I hopemine gets as big as your is. Are you going to jack off all overme ?””If that’s what you want k**. In fact, why don’t you justkeep strokin’ my cock like you’re doing. But, I want you to takeit in your mouth when I cum.””I ain’t ever done that before, Mr. Cummings. You promiseyou won’t tell anybody if I do it?”Cummings laughed and assured the boy that his cock suckingsecret was safe with him.Nick Cummings thought to himself that once the k** suckedhim off, he could use that information to make the k** letCummings fuck his ass.Donny couldn’t resist placing his mouth over Nick’s cockjust like the man had done for him. Donny felt his own cockswollen rock hard again. He knew enough to keep his teeth outof the way and he sucked Nick like an experienced cock sucker. Faster and faster, up and down on Nick’s cock. Nick moaned ashis climax approached. He clung to the edges of the pool as hefelt the spurting delight of hot fuck, male jism squirt into thelust-crazed mouth of the young paperboy. It was hot and thickand abundant. Some of it trickled from the corners of Donny’smouth.For the first time in Donny’s life he felt and tasted a manshooting a load of fresh hot cum into his cock sucking mouth. The taste of the man and the feel of the prick swellingand squirting combined to convince Donny that he would be a cocksucker forever. Blast after blast of hot sticky jizz filledDonny’s mouth. He tried to gulp it all down but, he knew he aslosing some. Finally the cream fountain stopped it’s firing and Donnycontinued to suck until all but the very life was sucked fromNick Cummings’s cock. After they broke their hold on each other,Nick began to horseplay with the boy in the pool. The boy got onthe man’s shoulders; then Donny’s dick stiffened in back of theman’s neck. Nick turned around and swallowed the dick! He was going to suck the boy off in the pool. He led the boy tothe corner of the shallow end of the pool. He took the boy’s uptrusted six inches into his mouth again.It tasted funny mixed with the chlorinated water. Tastedeven better, sort of salty and medicinal! He siphoned the organuntil it had swelled and expanded, thickened and reddened. Hetook the boy-meat and sucked it with all the v******e of a vacuumcleaner. He suctioned the boy’s randy tool until it was achingwith the need to shoot off again.Engaged in the eternal quest of apollo/greek love, Nick knewthe boy could easily afford to give him some more of his semen. After all, boys of that age were always horny, everyone knewthat, and they could easily squirt out many loads of fuckcum every day.His wad was about to shoot. The boy’s arms gripped theedges of the pool behind him. His fingers snarled and tightenedas the man’s mouth enclosed his flesh and made it into a rock-hard edifice of muscle, sinew and nerve…All exploding inviolent horniness!Donny’s cock shot hard into Nick’s mouth. Wad followed bywad of hot teenage jizm filled his mouth. Unlike Donny, Nickdidn’t miss a drop of the white boy nectar.Donny released his grip of the pool edge and slumped intothe corner of the pool. The water was waist high. Nickreleased Donny’s drained organ.”Please, Donny, please….Think about what I said. Sell meyour ass, baby. I really need to fuck you. I really need it,Donny.”As Donny walked home, he had so many emotions runningthrough his head. He actually had sucked off Nick Cummings’scock. He had wanted too. Nick Cummings wanted to fuck him. He began to wonder whatit might feel like. He hoped his family had nothing planned forthe evening because he wanted time alone. Time to think. Timeto decide how he felt about himself and the things that had takenplace in the afternoon at Mr. Cummings’s home. After dinner with his parents and older brother, Donny wentto his room. Nothing had been planned because his mother and dadwere going to a friend’s birthday party.Lying across his bed, Donny thought of taking a shower.Though he felt clean from the pool, a shower seemed to make himfeel better.After showering he donned a fresh pair of briefs and laidacross his bed. He wondered if his older brother Todd had everdone anything like that. Todd was only 15 months older but,Donny looked up to him like an adult. A knock at his bedroom door startled Donny. The door opened before Donny could say “come in.” It wasTodd. He carried some record albums with him.”These are the albums you loaned to Jim Ryder. He asked meto bring them back to you. He taped them and said “thanks”. “Todd, can I talk to you for a few minutes?””Sure, Donny. You can talk to me about anything.”Donny paused then said,”this is confidential. I never wantmom or dad to find out about this, Todd.””Hey! I’m your brother. I’d never repeat anything you evertold me, Donny.””Okay, well…Eerrr…Have you ever messed around with aguy?”Todd sat down on the edge of Donny’s bed. He looked at thebrief-clad boy. Todd was wearing just his cutoffs. Both boyswere tan and muscular.”You mean like jacking off together and stuff like that?” “Yea. Stuff like that,” Donny mumbled.”Why are you asking me this?””Well….I just wanted to know,” Donny replied.After a long pause, Todd looked into his younger brother’seyes and said,”yes, a few times.”Donny noticed how Todd was looking into his eyes. It wasthe same look that Mr. Cummings had in his eyes. He felt astirring in his briefs. He glanced down at his crotch to see hiscock begin tenting out the white cotton. Todd’s eyes dropped to his brother’s crotch. Seeing his k**brother becoming aroused made Todd’s prick react also. Donny began telling Todd all of the details of his encounterwith Mr. Cummings. He even told Todd how much he had enjoyedsucking the cum out of Mr. Cummings’s prick.By bahis siteleri canlı the time Donny had finished his story, both brothers werefully aroused. Todd had squirmed around on the edge of the bedto make his cock more comfortable under his cut offs. Donny’shard teen prick was pushing the waistband of the tight, white,cotton jockeys far out from his waist.Once again, Todd looked in Donny’s eyes and asked, “Wouldyou like to do it with each other, little brother?””Do you want to?” Donny asked. Todd reached over and began to rub his palm over Donny’schest. He worked his fingers down the smooth belly and to thebulging briefs. Slowly he feathered his fingers over theoutline of the throbbing, imprisoned cock. Donny began to moan.Tighter and tighter Todd squeezed Donny’s cock and ballsthrough the cotton. Donny reached over and grabbed his olderbrother’s rock hard cock though the blue jean cutoffs.”Wow! It feels like little brother has grown a big cock . Anice big cock. Donny, want me to take mine out and let you suckit like you did to that man’s cock today?”Donny smiled as Todd stood and unbuttoned his shorts lettingthem drop to the floor. His bikini briefs were stretched to thebursting point. Donny reached up and ran his fingers over thetight nylon encased cock. The moment his fingers wrapped aroundhis brother’s dick, Todd sucked in air as if he’d experienced anelectrical shock. Donny jacked his sibbling’s dick through thematerial until a wet spot formed over the cock head. Then hepulled the white bikini over Todd’s seven and a half inch cock. Precum juice was oozing from the piss slit. As if by habit,Donny opened his mouth and brought it to the tiny hole at the endof his brother’s rod. Doing just as Mr. Cummings had instructedhim to do earlier, Donny tongue-fucked the small opening, lappingup the fuck lube. Todd began wreathing back and forth as Donny sucked moreand more of his hard rod into his mouth. Up and down, up anddown, Donny sucked.Todd saw that Donny’s briefs were soaked from pre cumdrippings. He reached over and pulled them over the prick. Hehad seen Donny’s prick many times when it was soft but had neverseen it hard and wet and anxious to blast a load of jizz. Itlooked very red. Todd began to jack it a little and then hepushed Donny further back on the bed until they lay in the 69position. “Little brother likes sucking so much, maybe I should trysome of this, ” Todd said taking Donny’s teen prick into hismouth.The speed of their mouth-fucking increased in tempo. Donnyloved the feel of his cock being sucked by his older brother. Heknew he couldn’t wait to cum. The cock in his mouth was spittingprecum. They rolled around so that Donny was straddling Todd’sshoulders and Todd was lying on his back. Donny screamed outthat he couldn’t wait anymore and began to explode blast afterblast of white, hot, creamy, teen jism into Todd’s mouth. Shotafter shot filled Todd’s throat as he swallowed gulp after gulpof the rich, thick boy cum.Donny jerked as spasms flooded through his body. Sweatpoured from his forehead onto Todd’s face. As the last dropletsof jism were being sucked out of his cock, he fell onto the bedbeside of his brother.Looking into Todd’s face, Donny said,” there’s somethingelse I want to tell you. Mr. Cummings wants to fuck my butt. I’m a little scared of that.””Well, Donny, maybe you need your big brother to break youin. Think you can take this hard cock?””I don’t know, but I think I’d rather try it with you beforeMr. Cummings sticks that big thing of his in me,” Donny admitted.Todd’s cock was still pointed at little brother’s mouth. Hesmiled at the boy and said, “Tell you what we’re gonna do. JimRyder has about a five inch cock. Not big around at all whenit’s hard, either. I’ll give him a call and invite him over. We’ll work out a scheme to get him to fuck you first. Then,after he’s opened you up, I’ll take over. But, right now, Yougot to take care of this card cock of mine, little brother.””Yeah, let me suck you till the jizz comes,” Donny said.”No, I tell you what I’d like to do. I want you to put on apaid of clean briefs and come back to your bed.”Donny got up and ran to his dresser. He pulled out a pairof snow white cotton briefs and started to pull them up his legs. He walked back over to Todd, picked up his worn shorts and wipedoff his dick. Then, he pulled the fresh briefs up his legs. Helaid down on the bed again and awaited Todd’s instructions.”Jim pushed his brother back on the bed and climbed on top ofhis and stretched out. As he planted a kiss on Donny’s lips heslid his hard, pre-cum dripping cock into the fly-slit of Donny’sJockeys. “This may seem like a strange way of getting off butJim and I do this all the time together.” Todd began humpingagainst Donny.Donny loved the feeling of his older brother rubbing hiscock agaist his inside of his shorts. He loved the feeling ofTodd’s warm body hunching into his. He had never felt thisaffection and closeness with Todd.”Damn! Donny! I love fucking you in your shorts. I’vewanted to do this for so long with you but was afraid toapparoach you. Kiss me, little brother.”Donny opened his mouth to welcome Todd’s tongue.Todd moaned and buried his tongue deep into his brother’smouth as he felt his cock inside the tight white cotton of hisbrother’s briefs. He could feel his k** brother’s hard cockfucking against his own within the confines of the single pair offresh white Jockey brand shorts. “I’m gonna cum now, Donny,” Todd whispered into hisbrother’s ear.””Yea… Me too, all over again. Todd…””yea?””I love you, brother,” Donny said.Todd’s body began to spasm. His butt jutted forward pushinghis cock all the way up to the waistband of Donny’s briefs andgushed his first squirt of cum. Donny cried out and hunched up, pressing his own cuming cockagainst Todd’s. Both boy’s bodies slammed against each other’s as theircreamy, white, hot, sticky cum blended together saoking Donny’sbriefs.When their breathing subsided to a natural rhythm, both boysheld each other in their arms. Then, Todd stood up and lookeddown at his k** brother. He reached down and pulled the cumsoaked briefs off of the k**’s legs. He picked up his ownclothes in his other hand and walked to Donny’s bedroom door. Heheld his clothes in one hand and Donny’s cum-drenched briefs inhis other hand. He turned to face Donny and said tenderly,”Ilove you too, little brother.”