The Awakening

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The AwakeningSometimes you are just going through one of the more mundane parts of your life and suddenly something happens that awakens a part of you that you never knew was there…..It was back in the mid-nineties. I was a 30-something working mom back then, married (though I can’t say happily). I was doing well with my career having risen to the level of mid-management with a nationwide telephone corporation. In mid-summer of whatever year it was, about eighty men and women from around the country were tasked with attending a 3 day training course in Phoenix. It was more of a big corporation boondoggle than anything else. From my office it was me, one other woman, and six guys. I will tell you up front that it did not turn into a fuck-fest, so if that is what you are hoping for you can stop reading now.The hotel was top notch—big companies always book the best. The weather was of course nice but hot. That didn’t matter too much as we were all pretty well trapped in the hotel during the day. At the end of our second day everyone from my office decided to go out for dinner, and then come back to the hotel for drinks and music as a live band was playing in the hotel bar that night.Stay with me sweety, I’m getting there.After illegal bahis eating we found our way back to the hotel and commandeered a table in the bar. It would still awhile until the band started. The guys were pretty much ganged up together while we two women (her name was Linda) sat modestly together. We were both in the mood for some fun, but were also aware that we would have to work with these guys again the next day. By the time the band did start there had already been a couple of rounds consumed. I was feeling the alcohol working to loosen my inhibitions. I had worked with Linda and a couple of the guys off and on, but did not know them very well prior to that night as they were from different department. The other four dudes were from my home turf—comfortably my friends, but not “overly” friendly.The night wore on to the last dance and I had consumed a couple more rounds, to the point where I would say I was slightly over the edge. Linda and I were hitting it off pretty well, exchanging small talk and gossip the way we women do. The guys of course were way out there by now. As the last tune began Linda stood up and asked if I would dance with her. I was in the mood and assumed the only way we could youwin safely dance was with each other, the guys being our business associates and all. So off we went.OH MY GOD! Was I ever caught off-guard. Linda was all over me like syrup over hot pancakes. Not in an overt/obvious way mind you, but I could feel the heat if you know what I mean. It was a fast dance, but she would swing in close, touching me briefly, making eye contact, and the message contained in her gaze was unmistakable. At first I was confused by it all, the feel of her brushing against me, the smell of her perfume, the wispy softness of her long hair as she swung it around in a seductive manner. But eventually I became aware that I was responding to her. That feeling down below just could not be dismissed. I was feeling so erotic, so naughty, so disoriented. What a revelation.When the music ended the lights came up and we all said our good nights, it would be an early day tomorrow for all of us. I was scared to death that Linda was going to come on to me, but you know, she never did. Perhaps she could sense my apprehension, perhaps she was happy to have just planted the seed and would wait to see if it sprouted. I don’t know.I got youwin güvenilir mi to my room and immediately threw myself on the bed, covered my face with a pillow and reveled in the intensity of what I was feeling. My fingers stole some wetness from down below and used it to lube my clit, and the clit did the rest-in short order. Later, after I had done my mirror work and was ready for sleep I just had to have a second go-round. It took longer this time, but my recollection of the emotions I had felt were still just as strong.Linda and I sat apart the next day, and did not speak until after class at which time she apologized profusely, blaming it on the alcohol in a rather weak dodge of the truth. I told her it was okay, not daring to tell her how I really felt about it! I allowed as how I had never suspected that about her. She said it was not something she would ever want to become common knowledge around the office. I assured her that her secret was safe with me. That winter Linda got a promotion and moved to another state, us having never done anything about that night. I recall (and I am somewhat ashamed of this) that for several months afterwards I would fantasize about her whenever I was fucking my husband.So it was that I had become bi-curious. A deep awakening of a part of me I never knew existed for the first 30 years of my life. Somehow time and circumstance has not yet afforded me the opportunity to explore this innermost desire, but someday……