Teresa and Tony

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The weeks had turned to months as Teresa gave up all expectation of ever hearing from her flashy ex-boyfriend Tony again.

Their relationship had been a whirlwind of lust and passion from their chance meeting in a city centre hotel bar. Tony had spotted the pretty, fresh faced brunette across the crowded bar and ordered her a drink by way of a mischievous introduction.

For her part, the care-free and largely inexperienced young Catholic woman had allowed herself to be taken in by this chancer’s charms. Tony was some 5 or 6 years older than her and had a charming arrogance that left her with a sense of both disdain (in her more rational moments) and undeniable feelings of arousal whenever she was in his presence. As well as being handsome and charming, it transpired that Tony was a successful business man, an athlete, drove fast expensive cars and he was damned good in bed.

Sex with Tony had been almost immediate from their first date and the pair spent the next few months fucking wherever and whenever the opportunity arose. Teresa had never orgasmed with a guy before, unsurprising as her only two previous boyfriends were the same age as her with hardly any more experience. Teresa was not a virgin when Tony first pushed his awesome cock inside her lovely body, but she was about to be taken on a journey of sexual discovery by her vastly more experienced new boyfriend to places she had never been to before.

But the excitement of hard, rampant sex with her new lover was soon tainted as Teresa got to know Tony better and observed his flirtatious ways with other women, realising that his commitment to her was never going to go beyond a purely sexual one. As a beautiful young Catholic woman, as much as he turned her on beyond her wildest dreams, she knew that soon she needed to get out of this relationship and find a safer long term one within her comfort zone.

Tony’s departure to hotter climes was sudden and at short notice. He told her over a glass of wine that he was going canlı bahis şirketleri to play football professionally for the summer and wasn’t sure when or even if he would return. They made love that night in a hotel bed in a room above the bar where they had first met. Their sex was, as usual, amazing with Tony taking and pleasuring Teresa in every way he knew she loved.

After a hotel breakfast next morning they kissed and parted in separate directions, out onto the busy street. Teresa felt utterly exhausted and sexually satisfied from their last night of passion, but strangely relieved that she was now free of this physically demanding relationship.

The weeks passed by and one night at a social gathering, Teresa was introduced to Brendan whom she immediately fell for.

He was handsome, loving and funny. Sufficiently great in bed that she knew he was the man for her. Loyal, honest and from her own local Catholic community, Brendan could offer Teresa the safety and love she had longed for from Tony. As weeks turned to months Teresa was now certain that Tony was never coming back and threw herself into the new relationship.

Then one afternoon as she sat alone at home… the telephone rang. Teresa picked it up immediately and to her shock heard his voice for the first time in months…

“Theresa? Hi it’s Tony, how are you babe?”

During the days preceding her rendezvous with Tony, Teresa felt increasingly nervous but also increasingly determined that this would be the final time she would ever meet this arrogant man who assumed he could just turn up after many months and walk back into her life. She would tell him about her new love, thank him for the experience of their relationship and then make her exit from his life forever.

It was all very clear in her mind that evening as she walked once more into the crowded bar of the hotel where they had first met. She had not intended to look sexy for Tony that night, but as soon as he spotted her across canlı kaçak iddaa the noisy, bustling room, in her short leather skirt and white cotton blouse through which he could immediately make out her lovely breasts inside a pretty, white bra, her dark curls pinned up so that her slender neck was fully visible, he knew he had to have her once more.

Beckoning her to a corner that was as private as they were going to find in this place, Tony slowly and purposely began his seduction, working artfully away at her resolve, topping up her wine glass until Teresa’s cool self-confidence was clearly whittled away… he turned the conversation to sex. Quizzing her about her new boyfriend, was this lovely Brendan able to satisfy her like he used to? Does he make her orgasm? Can he be a little rough like she once enjoyed with Tony? As the wine hit home inside of Teresa’s brain, she was suddenly less sure of her own intentions. What was she doing here? Why did this man still turn her on?

As if to rescue her from her confusion and torment, Tony leaned across the table and began to kiss her.

An hour later, upstairs on the big hotel bed, Tony lay once more next to Teresa. Both naked, she was still aware of the intoxicating effects of the wine in her head and exhausted from the brutal fucking her ex had just given her gorgeous hole. She stared into space as Tony slowly stroked her hair from her face …reaching over her to gently kiss her soft tender lips.

Spooning her for a while, his cock began to stir from its momentary sleep to seek new pastures within her tender body…………. she felt it push against her ass and knew he was already eager for more.

She gasped as she felt Tony pushing against her tight ring, it hurt a little but there seemed to be sufficient lubrication from their earlier fucking to assist his gradual penetration deep into her body from behind.

“Oh fuck Theresa” he growled into her ear “you’re so tight there baby”

As he moved himself into a canlı kaçak bahis new position, the weight of his body pressed her onto her front, face down and she gripped the pillow and closed her eyes tightly. He began to move inside of her, slowly sliding in and out of her muscular tunnel, she was utterly stretched around his thick, hard cock yet his slow fucking movements were becoming easier to take.

Tony now moved himself into a crouched position so that he could get the best angle to reach maximum depth inside of Teresa’s anal hole, as he changed his posture his cock remained constantly embedded in her ass. One of his hands gripped her right wrist and pulled it behind her back with a strong movement that betrayed more than a hint of the sexual dominance which she had once loved all those months before. His other hand moved further down behind her and under his own cock, finding her sodden pussy lips and clitoris. She was oozing a mix of her own sex juice and his semen. He began to rub and finger fuck her into a new frenzy of arousal.

“Oh yes, come on you dirty little bitch” he rasped.

Tony’s words of explicit encouragement excited and spurred her on and as he fucked her deeper she began to moan and whimper as he picked up pace and began to grind more roughly into her naked body, changing his angle, tilting and lifting her abdomen using just his cock. Tony had always enjoyed the total control he could demonstrate over her responsive body. Once again Teresa was reminded of why she had fallen for this macho control freak, she was aroused beyond words by his strength and control.

The combination of Tony’s power and Teresa’s submission were once more in perfect harmony. As he growled …she groaned, as he grunted… she moaned and as he heaved and shafted her with increasingly brutal thrusts… Teresa began to cry out, pleading for him to fuck her harder.

No man had ever taken her and had her as Tony now took her and had her in this moment of raw, dirty anal stretching sex. It was joyously degrading and devastatingly brutal.

Teresa was consumed once more with a deeply submissive love for this man she had tried so hard to hate. It was a feeling so deep and consuming that she now knew she might never get over him.