Tales from St.Vincents;Sharon and the Mobile Phone

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Tales from St.Vincents;Sharon and the Mobile PhoneFor Sharon somethings never changed,her schooldays were long in the past.At school she was punished for anything it seemed,usually she would receive the cane for not doing her work,or talking.At thirty-nine she found herself in the same position as she had when attending St.Vincents as a schoolgirl,she was again sitting outside Reverand Mother Gertrude’s private study waiting to receive what had now become known amongst the numerous women who attended for punishment as the Discipline.Sharon was a woman who enjoyed her nights out,she could be loud and indeed had lost friends because she was prone to gossip behind their backs.Sharon was not above telling the nuns at St.Vincents about the behaviour of other women,getting them into trouble.Sharon fished in her hand bag for her mobile phone,somewhere nearby she heard a nun telling off a woman.She checked her messages on her phone and sent a few texts;one to her sister which read;”Hi.girl,Sitting outside the nuns room,will tell you what happened,S”.Sharon heard the Reverand Mother moving towards her door so she quickly put her phone into her bag and pretended that she was up to nothing.The door opened.”Come inside,woman”,Reverand Mother said.Sharon stood up and followed the old nun into her room.Reverand Mother sat behind her table and glared at Sharon.”Now,Sharon this is the third time this month that you have had to come before me.Some women will never learn,” Reverand Mother said.”I have heard that you were kissing and covorting in public and someone has made buca escort it known to me that you were drunk and involved in a fight with another girl,is this true”?Sharon was in shock,it seemed that someone else was also a snitch for the Reverand Mother,who could it be?Sharon was about to deny it but she thought best.”Yes,Reverand Mother,I am sorry,”Sharon said suddenly aware that a third time in front of Reverand Mother meant a bare bottom punishment.”Just as well you did not deny it Sharon,I have the name of the other woman involved”,the old nun looked down at some written notes in front of her through her roundy spectles;” ah,yes here it is the other woman is Caroline,she has an appointment with me this afternoon,”Reverand Mother said with a smile,taking off her spectles.”Now,Sharon you know what a third visit involves?”Reverand Mother said barely able to contain the excitement in her voice.”Yes,Reverand Mother”,Sharon said quietly,and bowed her head.”Come now Sharon, you would not come here if you did not desire and deserve to be punished,like so many other women”,Reverand Mother reminded.”I think I will use a leather paddle on you,Sharon,and you can think about how common and course your behaviour is while I am beating you,bare your bottom and bend over the table,”Reverand Mother said,clearly excited.Sharon placed her hand bag on a chair and approached the table,she unbuttoned her jeans and left them slide down her legs Reverand Mother smiled her satisfaction and stood up and walked over to another table where she opened a drawer a took out a leather paddle.Reverand escort buca Mother turned with the paddle in her hands just in time to see Sharon pull down her white knickers and bend over the table.”Take your jeans off completely,woman”,Reverand Mother ordered.Sharon obeyed.Reverand Mother approached Sharon and placed the paddle on the woman’s bottom.Sharon felt a shiver as the cold leather came in contact with her bottom.Sharon thought how much this was going to hurt,she bit her bottom lip and stared straight ahead,attempting to show some defiance.Reverand Mother raised up the paddle and brought it down with one hard slap onto Sharon’s bottom.Sharon felt instant warmth spread across her bottom,she cried out softly.Again the paddle came down,Reverand Mother was enjoying the view of Sharon’s bottom quivering after the slap.Again and again the paddle was brought down,Sharon began to cry out a bit louder.Reverand Mother stopped and used her hand to rub Sharon’s bottom before recommencing the Discipline.Sharon closed her eyes and cried out at each slap.Who told the Reverand Mother about the fight,she thought;she could have denied it but the Reverand Mother knew all the facts.The sound of the paddle being applied across Sharon’s bare bottom was filling the room.Suddenly the sound of the slapping was taken over by the team music from’Sex in the City’.Sharon quickly straightened up,Reverand Mother had ceased the paddling and was looking very angrily in the direction of Sharon’s handbag.Sharon’s ring tone filled the room.”How dare you be so insolent,Sharon,turn buca escort bayan that racket off at once,you naughty girl”,Reverand Mother said.Sharon rushed to her hand bag,fished inside and pulled the mobile phone out.She glanced at Reverand Mother who was standing by her table stroking the blade of the paddle.Sharon looked at who was ringing,it was her friend Denise.Sharon thought it wise not answer,she just switched the phone off and replaced it in her bag.She looked at the Reverand Mother,”Sorry,Reverand Mother,”Sharon said as she quickly retook her position over the table.”You,naughty woman,you know that these things are forbidden in St.Vincents,”Reverand Mother said placing the paddle back on Sharon’s bottom and recommencing the paddling,this time with more force.Stroke after stroke rained down on Sharon’s bottom.Her bum was really sore now.After quite a few more slaps with the paddle,Reverand Mother sat down and ordered Sharon to bend over her knee.Sharon bent over the old nun’s knee and the Reverand Mother spanked Sharon with her hand for what seemed to Sharon an age.Eventually the Reverand Mother told Sharon she could get dressed but as well as being punished Sharon would have to do penance by standing in the corridor outside Reverand Mother’s study,facing the wall until the Reverand Mother told her she could leave.Sharon quickly dressed and outside the Reverand Mother’s room she stood facing the wall for two hours.The worst thing about doing this kind of penance was that any nun who passed was allowed to issue a slap to the naughty woman.Sharon received many slaps.She regretted her fighting;she wished she knew who had supplied the Reverand Mother with information about what had happen;but most of all she sorely regretted not switching off her moble phone.