Su (Myanmar/Burma) – 19 Years Old

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Su (Myanmar/Burma) – 19 Years OldHere’s another one.Her name is Su. I’ll make a gallery for her too.Before I got into Psychology I was an Engineering student.Su was in one of my Engineering classes.When I first saw her I thought I had no chance with her.But I wanted to fuck the living shit out of her ass.The class me and her shared was a long one, and there were always breaks in between.During these breaks Su was alone because her English was so terrible.I approached her and we became friends. We kept on taking these little breaks together.I thought I had enough comfort with her to get her to spend time outside class with me. So I suggested we study at the library. She said yes. We started studying there and she would always wear these cute mini-skirts to our study sessions. In the library there were private rooms we could study in with the doors closed. So I took advantage of that and I was always stroking her naked legs under her mini-skirt. She loved it when I did it. I would be explaining the laws of thermodynamics whilst stroking a finger up and down her light brown thighs. I swear I heard little moans on her end when I did this. As time went on, she liked this more and more and kept on smiling at me. During one of our canlı bahis şirketleri sessions, I did a bold move and placed one of her legs on top of one of mine because we sit side by side. I thought she’d flip out on this manoeuvre and stop me. But she just let me do it. I let her leg sit on mine for a while. And I liked the feeling of her thigh warmth on top of my hairy legs (I was wearing shorts). I felt the tip of my cock tingling wanting to pull her legs apart and fuck her unprotected right there because the door was literally locked and no one would disturb us. But I knew it’s the patient knife that gets the kill. So instead I started light stroking the small of her back. Her clothes were so thin because it was the summer, and slowly caressing her small Asian body felt better than fucking some random girl I’ve ever met in the past. These were our study sessions in the library.I felt it was time to take things to another level. So I suggested to her we should study in my house because we can talk loudly there (I just wanted a secluded place to fuck her ass). She said yes. When she came over I did everything I said in the previous paragraph. But this time I took our books over to my bed and we studied canlı poker oyna there. After some time there was so much sexual tension. I felt like I was going to ruin it so I said she should sleep in my bed because she looks tired. I have no idea why I said that. But she said okay. She was genuinely tired. So I cleared the bed and she took on the covers and started sleeping. I was sitting on the chair behind my desk watching her sleep thinking ‘How can I fuck this girl?” After some time I decided I should start giving her a light massage. I moved over to the bed and sat beside her sleeping body. I started massaging her legs under the covers, her smooth light brown Burmese legs were so fucking exhilarating. I moved to her small wrists, forearms and shoulders. I flipped her body upside down so her stomach was on the bed and her ass was in the air. I massaged (groped, hehe) her cute little brown ass and started to take her stockings off under her dark blue mini-skirt. She stopped me. But I said it’s okay and I kept going. She felt really uncomfortable and I felt extremely guilty so I stopped and I lied down next to her and hugged her. She was one of the most warmest girls I’ve ever felt on my chest, it was like bahis siteleri her little body was made for me.After sleeping for a bit I escorted her home on her bus ride home. We got to her house and right before she entered her house I kissed her. She told me something that made me very happy.‘I have never kissed anyone before.’I couldn’t stop kissing her and caressing her hips and ass. It was so right. She went inside and I caught the bus home with a proud erection.The next day she came over again. The same thing happened, the study, the massage, the talking and hugging. But this time she let me take everything off, her clothes were completely gone. I went down on her and I made her orgasm 2 times with my mouth. She kept moaning saying ‘Ah, too hot, what is happening?” I was so turned on. Something about broken English from International girls gives me a hard on. I wanted it to be my turn to orgasm. I wanted to feel my cock throbbing inside her virgin pussy. I wanted her to feel what it was like to have a cock inside of her fragile little cunt. I undressed and I had my cock on her clit. I moved my hips back and was about to push forward to get the head of my cock inside her pussy. Then came the back words.“I want to stay virgin.”I asked why. She said she can’t get married without her virginity. I really respected this girl because she was so nice to me. So I stopped.We stayed friends and we don’t talk anymore. I should’ve popped her sweet little cherry when I had the chance. Fuck.