Squashed out – Short Story

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Squashed out – Short StoryJodie Marie, 22, freshly engaged with a car mechanic, is a simple woman. She likes to cook, to cuddle, and she certainly likes to make love. And because she has a boyfriend and seems to be well maintained by him, her fantasies are sometimes reflecting the realm of the unknown, the appetite for something new – and include sometimes even a woman:I’m loosing the damned game! I hit the rubber ball harder, but with every mistake I make her grin grows broader. She is a friend of my mother, about her age, but still fit and not bad looking, but she is a bloody lesbian, playing with all the young girls in town!Already in the locker room her stare was glued to my knickers like old chewing gum! »You’re gorgeous, Jodie – I always wanted to have you! If I win this game I will have you as a reward – and I will eat you alive – promised?« I think by myself: Never ever, you old lesbian – I have a nice boyfriend and I’m happy with him! But I just laugh: »First you have to win!«, and that wasn’t very clever at all! I saw her eyes light up in anticipation of her price meal.And here I am now, kayseri escort giving her a free match point! And loose! It’s just not my day! I’m angry and exhausted, leaning against the wall and waiting for the slaughter like a sacrificial lamb! And here she comes with a towel in her hands and the glow of a winner on her face!»Poor girl«, she says, »all so hot and sweaty!« And she dries my neck and murmurs: »You’re absolutely gorgeous, Jodie – I always knew that I will have you one day!« She dries the thin strip of naked skin between my shorts and the shirt, her eyes fixed to my titties and especially the hard nipples poking through the tight fabric. »Poor girl«, she says again, »so wet all over!«, as she slowly pushes my shirt up and right over the swell of my breasts. She rubs the cleavage between then with glee, and then for a long time both of the tempting nipples. The feeling is quite nice, but my pussy starts to itch as if irritated by my salty sweat. First she kisses my big sultanas with the respect of a real connoisseur, but then she sucks and bites them with vigour until my knees escort kayseri are getting weak. I have to take a deep breath as one of her hands glides over my belly and into the shorts. She massages the soft mound of my sex and curls the hidden hair around her fingers. She strokes over the hood of my clit and probes into the moist and itchy cleft underneath.She lets go of my nipples and says: »Poor girl, so wet down there too!« In a swift move she is on her knees and tugs my shorts down, lets them fall to the floor. She adores my young pussy with obvious joy for a little while, but then she hangs one of my legs over her shoulders to create better access. I certainly could use a good clean-up down there, and she does it with her mouth!I close my eyes above the mounting arousal, I don’t want to look too eager. She does a good job, I like to have my clit sucked, it doesn’t matter that much by whom! I’m already well afire and I need relieve! Her fingers are roaming around in my overflowing pussy, finding my G-spot quick. Suddenly I discover her husband staring at me through the glass kayseri escort bayan panel of the door. He seems to be mesmerised by my titties, and he looks at me as if he would very much like to win the next game against me! And here I come with the vehemence of a erupting volcano, and I screw up my face in the orgasmic onslaught – and I see him smiling!»You’re so sweet, little Jodie! Such a peach!«, she says as she stands up and licks her lips. She leans exhausted against the wall next to me and pulls me around for a hug and a wet kiss. But then suddenly her husband stands behind me, caressing my little bottom – now I seem to be the meat in their family sandwich! But I’m too relaxed after that stormy climax to ruin their meal. The husband parts my legs and feels in between for my dripping puss. He grunts appreciatively into my ear as his fingers find me so well lubricated and wide open. And then he pushes his hard rod right into me. It’s enormous – I come nearly immediately again. and I ride from one orgasm into the next as he fucks me with powerful strokes.Her tongue plays in my mouth, her hand on my breast and her finger on my clit as he pumps his hot load grunting up into my womb! I’m completely wasted and extremely wobbly on my legs, but the two of them just laugh about my disposition and push me over to the showers for a delicious dessert . . .