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Spermbank CreampisMy husband and I had a really good sex life, but we often fantasised out load about wanting more. We toyed with the idea of having others joined in as well as multiple sex partners for me. My husband James loved the idea of some other guy cream pieing my pussy but he wasn’t sure he could handle another guy’s cock inside me. I have been working in a Cryobank as an admin officer for about 3 years. My role notifying donors of the disposal of their donations that weren’t used and then disposing of said sperm correctly. Our facility had the ability to freeze and thaw the semen as well as helping couple/ladies with the actual fertilisation process. So basically anything over 10 years was being destroyed.One day during this disposal process, I thought about my husband’s fantasy and though this might be the solution. I went about learning how to thaw the semen and it’s preparation for use, and as this is all automated it wasn’t too difficult to learn. After collecting around 1000Mls that was ear marked for destruction, I came into work on a Saturday morning and collected the samples I was going to use. I processed the samples and put it all into one single container for transport home.Once home, I changed into some naughty playwear and called my husband in to our bedroom. I asked him how serious he was about trying a cream pie and when he saw how I was dressed, he said “deadly serious”. I then told him “I have a way”. His face had a puzzled look on it so I grabbed the large vial that contained the thawed out semen and showed him. I then told him “I have a syringe that I can inject the cum inside my pussy, from there you can do whatever you like to it”!He eagerly agreed to try out my idea so I reached for the syringe, I sucked in as much cum as I could in the first go, about 30mls and handed it to him. If we were going to do this, it was going to be him that does it first. He inserted the syringe into my pussy and squirted it in, I felt it hit the back of my vagina which felt not to unlike actual ejaculation during sex. Only this was much canlı bahis siteleri naughtier, I didn’t know who the guys were or what they were like, that made me orgasm right there and then. My husband, who at this time was still dressed, stripped off and with his hard cock, slid inside me and started pounding away at my pussy. It didn’t take long until he erupted inside me giving me my first every pussy filled with 2 loads of cum.After he caught his breath back, we were kissing and fondling each other and I was asking him what he thought about it during our making out. He kept saying he loved it and how good it felt sloshing around in there. He went down and sucked my breasts for a bit, getting me really hot again, he kissed my belly and worked his way down my thighs, then back up again to my pussy where he parted my lips and slide his tongue in. He tasted his own cum and someone else’s for that matter for the first time. He devoured my pussy like it was the best thing he’d ever tasted. I wasn’t complaining as I had multiple orgasms under his expert tonguing.He asked if I wanted to suck on him at the same time, I was just moaning at this stage but gave that “hell yes” moan that guys love hearing. He straddled my face while still sucking my clit to an ever engorged size. After a little while of this, he said he wanted more cum in my pussy, I told him to hurry up. He grabbed the syringe and filled it with another 30 mls. He gave me the syringe and told me to insert it in my pussy and squirt away. Bam, another orgasm as the semen hit the back wall of my pussy again. He grabbed the syringe and filled it up again. Squirting a bit more in my pussy and the rest he pointed at my mouth. As he drew closer I realised I was getting a mouth full of some other guys cum. Squirting it in he told me not to swallow just yet, he swung around and went back down on me burying his face and tongue in my pussy. I opened my mouth wider to accept his rock hard cock. I started sucking to the same stroke he was thrusting, all the while swirling the strange tipobet cum around my mouth and his cock. After he came in my mouth to add to what was in there, I had to swallow, or choke. We made love several times over the course of the evening, each time using the strange cum as lube or for my husband to eat me out. He was so worn out that he was struggling to stay hard. After he fell asleep, I grabbed the syringe and injected more cum into my pussy, two full syringes worth, I then grabbed another syringe worth and squirted it into my ass. The next syringe went into my mouth and I swallowed it after swilling it around for a bit. I fell asleep with cum leaking out of both of my holes, I was one happy girl.The next day we talked about our adventure and he was very eager to try it again. We used the remainder of the cum on our sex play that day. It was certainly worth it and we were definitely hooked on this being part of our future sex play.We had done this on a number of occasions, each time was better than the last. One weekend I went into work to collect some semen that was ear marked for disposal when my boss walked in seeing the thawing machine in action he proceeded to quiz me about what was taking place. I had no idea what to say then came out with the truth. He didn’t believe me at first saying I was selling it to a competitor, but I assured him it was definitely for personal reasons. I beg for my job as I loved working there, especially in light of what my husband and I now enjoyed. He laughed and said “we’ll see if you keep it”! I followed him to his office where I thought he would call the police, but instead he told me to strip. He then said “so you like strange cum in your pussy, but not strange cock, we’ll have to change that”! He whipped out his cock and ordered me to suck it, I wanted this job bad, so I sucked it till it was nice and hard. He spun me around so I could sit on his cock, guiding my ass down onto his lap, I felt his cockhead part my pussy lips, as it slid in I got that sensation in my pussy that meant tipobet giriş only one thing, a large orgasm was on its way. I’m fucking my boss and he intends to cum in my pussy. Bam! Then it happened, I shuddered uncontrollably throughout my body, leaning my back against his chest and I just let go. He continued to thrust inside me until he shot a hefty load inside me. I closed my legs tight as to keep as much cum up there as I could. I stood up and spun around and sucked his cock clean. As we were tidying up, I asked if I still have my job. He smiled and said “if you do that once a week, you can keep your job.” I was relieved but nervous about how I would tell my husband. I figured the best way was while he was going down on me or pounding me with my bosses cum inside me. Once I got home, I rushed upstairs and got ready, I called for my husband to come in but he was not expecting my open pussy to be staring at him, and already filled with cum. He said “you started without me” as he dived in. “Well, you’re not going to believe the afternoon I have had”, I told him. “I got caught by my boss and had to tell him what it was for, I begged for my job and he forced me to fuck him, your tasting his cum right now”! “What? You’re k**ding right” he replied. He jumped up onto his knees and I saw the hardest cock I have ever seen, I smiled at him as it pulsed madly. He slid inside me and started to pound away. “How was it?” he asked. I told him it was great, and that I have to do it at least every week from now on, sometimes more. My husband called me a slut and a whore for selling my pussy to keep my job, and in the same sentence asked if this was just the tip of the iceberg. I told him it was, and that I was going to get filled with real cock and cum from now on. My husband lost it right then and unloaded in my pussy to mix his seed with my bosses.I still work at the Cryobank, still do the same job, still take home the cum set for disposal and no one else knows. I have sex with a lot more guys now, some my husband knows about, some he doesn’t. My boss still uses me, a lot! And sometimes more than once a week. He thinks he’s blackmailing me telling me that he’ll tell my husband if I refuse to do anything he asks. He’s started sharing me with his friends and poker buddies. But that’s another story.Amber xxx