Sex with an Xhamster member

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Sex with an Xhamster memberBy now, some of you know that while I am engaged to Michael (WaMan2010), we have an open relationship and I am looking forward to trying 5 or 6 guys at the same time very soon. When Michael was married to my best friend, she used to tell me all the time about her and Michael having several guys over and on many occasions, I was with Michael while Kelly was with a few guys. Since Kelly passed neither Michael or I have had any sexual encounters and it took 4 years for him to finally be able to look at Kellys pictures and smile. We are now engaged to be married and have agreed that we would still have an open relationship. The only way it could work is that each other knows everything and we never hide anything from each other. To hide it would be deceiving and would be cheating. It has nothing to do with loving another person and it is just sex. The two of us met a guy from here (Ron, 9incher4u) and he asked if he could be invited when we plan our weekend of fun. So you may have read that I met Ron already. Some of my girl friends and I decided to go out drinking and I invited Ron to meet us for a drink. This would give me a chance to get to know him in a public place. Nothing was going to happen that night. At least that is how it started. I called Michael and told him that my friends had found a couple of guys and we wanted to go back to my house and I wanted to give Ron head. Michael told me to enjoy myself and I sure did!I told Michael how my night went and when he asked if I fucked Ron, I told him I did not because that is not what we had talked about. When he asked if I wanted to, I sort of got shy right then. We have not been back together for very long and I wasn’t sure how he would take it if I said that I did want to fuck him but I finally admitted that I would really like to. He asked if I felt safe enough around Ron by myself and I told him that I did feel comfortable around him and since I knew where he lived and his phone number, I knew Ron would not try anything stupid with me. Michael told me I could invite him back over if I wanted to and have some more fun. So I called Ron and asked what he was up to. He lives about 12 miles from me and it should take about 20 minutes to drive to my house. When I asked if he wanted to come over and we can finish what we started the other night, Ron told me I had just made his cock hard and he would be right here. I jumped in the shower and got ready. I put on a pair of short spandex shorts like the ones girls wear playing volleyball and a tight fitting shirt. Ron was at my house in 30 minutes. And he said he took a shower, got dressed and stopped and picked up a bottle of brandy for the two of us. I guess we could all say that he was ready getting there so fast and I knew I was ready too. When he walked in I gave him a hug and he kissed me. When I was hugging him I felt his cock getting hard and was pressing against me.Ron opened up the brandy and poured us a drink. I am not much of a brandy drinker, but it was good. We sat and talked and had a couple of glasses of brandy. We started talking about what happened last Saturday and about it being the first time I have ever given head like that. Ron was saying he was sorry and didn’t know until he read what I wrote about it being the first time I had it rough like that. kıbrıs escort I told him not to be sorry because when he asked me if he could, I told him to because I wanted to try it anyway. I admitted to him that I was a little scared when he started cumming down my throat and I ran out of air and he just held his cock down hard until he was finished, but at the same time it was fun. Not that I want it like that all the time but it was different and something I have never tried before. Talking like this, I looked down and seen he was getting hard and I was starting to get turned on myself. He asked me to stand up and turn around for him so I could show him just how tight my shorts were and I did. Ron said that he loved seeing the little mound I had going in my shorts. I smiled and told him that he will get to see more of it in a little bit.I sat back down and he asked if I thought Michael would get upset if he kissed me. I laughed and said that after what we have already done and will be doing I doubt if he would get upset over us kissing. He put his arms around me and pulled me acrossed his lap and started kissing me. One of his hands slid down and started rubbing my leg and he moved his hand to my cunt and started rubbing me through my shorts. It felt so good and I reached my hand down and felt for his cock. As I grabbed his cock through his pants, it felt like it was even bigger then last Saturday. It felt so big through his pants and in my head I was thinking about how he is going to feel inside of me. Ron said he was in no hurry to get me in bed and liked just sitting on the couch snuggling each other. His hands were moving all over me and rubbing me through my shorts and tight shirt and I was still rubbing his cock through his pants. I think I felt him getting even bigger too if that was possible.Ron was still kissing me and then stopped and started to get up and said that he had condoms in his car. I told him that I didn’t like the feel of condoms. He asked if I was birth control. I talked to another guy in here and he said that most guys like hearing a girl is not on birth control and they still want to cum inside of the girl anyway. So I told Ron that I forgot to refill my prescription. He looked shocked and didn’t say anything. Neither of us said a word and he sat back down and was just rubbing my leg. Ron finally spoke up and said that if I just wanted to give him head tonight it was okay. I asked him if he was afraid to do anything with me and he said that he wasn’t afraid and he really wanted to but he thought he would get carried away and might be able to pull out in time. I told him I was willing to take that chance if he was. He said he wanted to fuck me so bad and asked me how I would feel if he got carried away or forgot to pull out when he gets off. I told him if he gets carried away and started to cum inside of me he might as well keep going because it would be too late after that anyway so we might as well not stop. He just sat quietly for another minute rubbing my leg and then I felt his hand over my cunt and he started rubbing my cunt again.I started rubbing his cock and then I felt his hand sliding inside of my tight shorts. They were so tight and he was having troubles getting his hand inside of them so I stood up and told him I would help him out and I took escort kıbrıs them off and sat back down. I went back to rubbing his cock through his pants and I felt his hand sliding up and started to rub my bare cunt. He rubbed my cunt for about a minute and I felt him slide his finger inside of me. He felt so good and I started to reach inside of his pants to get ahold of his cock and balls. I was trying to unbutton his pants and he stood up and helped me and he took his pants off. His cock looked so nice and big and I knew that soon I was going to have this inside of me. He took his shirt off and I took my top off and we sat on the couch snuggled close and I had his cock in my hand and he put his finger back inside of my cunt. I was milking his cock with my hand and seen his cock started leaking and I bent over and put my mouth over his cock and sucked that sweet precum in my mouth. I started to suck his cock and Ron stopped me and said that I took care of him the other night and he wanted to return the favor.He adjusted me so I was on my back on the couch and he was sitting at my feet. He leaned in and started to kiss my stomach and then started kissing his way down to my cunt. When he kissed my cunt I thought I was going to cum any second. But I held back but don’t ask me how. Then he started digging his tongue inside of me and was kissing and tonguing and kissing and tonguing and driving me crazy. I finally could hold it any more and told him I was going to cum. He didn’t say anything but stuck his tongue in me as deep as he could and started twirling it around. I started cumming so hard on him and arched my back so I could get his tongue deeper inside of me. In a way I felt guilty enjoying this so much because it wasn’t Michael but he said I should do what I want for myself and to enjoy it. And I was really enjoying this. And it wasn’t like Ron and I are in love or anything. We are just having sex or as he said it we are friends with benefits. I was cumming so hard on his tongue and felt a little light headed because it felt so good. I finally finished and dropped back on the couch. Ron kept up with his tongue for another minute and then started kissing my cunt and then stopped. I couldn’t get any words out of my mouth and all I could do was smile at him. We sat up on the couch and we started kissing and hugging some more. I felt Rons cock getting so hard again and I reached over and grabbed it and started rubbing his cock and would grab his balls and rub them too.We were kissing for a few minutes and he started fingering my cunt again. After a couple more minutes I knew Ron wanted to fuck me and I was waiting for him to say something. He asked me if I wanted more brandy and I told him I would take another one but I really wanted something else too. He poured us another drink and as we drank it he said that he couldn’t wait to get me in bed. I gulped my drink down and sat my glass on the coffee table and told him that I couldn’t wait to get him in bed either. I reached down and grabbed his cock and asked if he wanted to go to the bedroom. He finished his drink and stood up and I lead him by the hand to my bed. Just as we were getting on the bed my cell phone started ringing. It was Michaels ringtone so I answered it. He just wanted to let me know that he made it to Seattle and asked kıbrıs escort bayan me what I was up to. I told him I had a big cock that I was getting ready to have. He said he didn’t want to keep me on the phone and told me to have fun and said he would talk to me later and we hung up. I think Ron started going soft when he heard it was Michael and I grabbed his cock and asked him what happened. I started rubbing him and got him hard again and he asked if I was sure we should keep going. I told him I was sure.We were laying next to each other and I was rubbing his cock and felt his hand rubbing my cunt and he was putting a finger in me. We were kissing and his cock grew in my hand and came back to life. Ron looked at me and asked if I was ready and I told him I was ready. He rolled on top of me and I helped guide his cock to my cunt. As soon as I felt it hit my cunt, he pushed forward a little and his cock started into me and I let go of his cock. He was thrusting a little at a time and each time he would push in me he was going deeper in my cunt. He kept doing this until he was all the way inside of me. It felt so great and as he just held his cock deep in me I could feel it throbbing. He was making it do that because he just smiled at me while he did that and asked me if that felt good. I told him that it did and I was enjoying the feeling of him all the way in me. I put my legs around his waist and I was holding him with my arms around him and he started to fuck me slowly. His cock filled my cunt and I loved feeling him thrusting in and out of me. I was arching my back and told him I was about to cum and Ron told me to give it all up to him. So I did.I started cumming hard on his cock and it felt so good. It lubricated us and made his cock slide in easier and he started fucking me harder and harder. Just as I finished cumming he looked at me and said that he wasn’t sure if he could stop and I told ‘Well don’t then’. He asked if I was sure and I told him I was sure and just about that time I felt his cock explode inside of me. It felt like a fire extinguisher going off inside of my cunt. He was cumming so hard and he was holding his cock as deep as he could inside of me. It made me start cumming again and we were both holding each other so tight as I felt his cum shooting so deep inside of me. We were getting so slippery and it made Ron fuck me harder and I started heaving my hips up to meet his cock. We kept going for another minute and his cock just kept filling me with his cum. He finally stopped cumming and so did I and he laid on top of me and we started kissing some more. After a few minutes he pulled his cock out of me and said he was sorry but he was so into what we were doing and he couldn’t pull out in time. I finally confessed that I was on the pill and that he was okay. He smiled and said in some ways he was relieved and in another way he wished I wasn’t taking anything. I told him that maybe some time I might just let that happen.We would take a short rest and fuck each other again and I lost count after the fourth time. I really lost count of how many times he got off in me and who knows how many times I did. All I know is it was great. Neither of us expected any more then just having sex and we fell asleep for about two hours laying next to each other. Ron said that he needed to get home and we both took a shower and of course we fucked again in the shower and he got dressed and left. We don’t know when we will get together again but you never know. As long as Michael doesn’t mind I don’t mind fucking him.