Satisfying A Savage Instinct.

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Satisfying A Savage Instinct.Adult-content rating:This text contains content considered unsuitable for young readers17 & under, and which may be offensive to some readers of all ages.© Luxemporium 2013————————–Satisfying A Savage Instinct.I surveyed her the way a hungry wolf might watch his prey. As she moved around the bedroom, my eyes never left her for an instant. I knew she knew I was watching her and she kept her movements purposeful and seductive. She had dressed herself in a pair of tight cut-off denims and a white vest top. Without her bra on, her nipples stood hard and pert against the fabric. My body tensed as she bent over to retrieve some clothing from the floor. As she did so, her cut offs rode up between the cheeks of her arse and I felt my pulse quicken. The desire grew in me rapidly and my cock began to swell. She knew she was teasing me and I figured her actions were exciting her also. I took a deep calming breath, never taking my eyes off the outline of her sexy arse cheeks. As she straightened up, I slowly approached her from behind and wrapped my arm around her waist. Her skin was warm under my fingers as they slide up the hem of her vest, gently caressing her flat stomach. Leaning back against me, she wiggled her butt against my ever growing hard-on. My other hand moved her hair aside and I lightly kissed her neck and earlobe before whispering “You’re not wearing any panties are you babe”It was more of a statement then a question and she simply shook her head as a no. I pulled her tighter against me and she let out a deep sigh. Lowering my hand from her smooth stomach, I undid the buttons on her denims canlı kaçak bahis in one fluid motion. I pressed my hand down into the cut-offs, my fingers tickling and carcessing the top of her pubic bone. Her body responded under my touch, her hips grinding back against me. “You like me touching you there don’t you?” I asked. Her answer was to sigh once again and nod softly. “How about here” I enquired as I pushed my my fingers deeper into her denims. This time she gasped as my fingers found the hood of her clit. I felt her legs wobble and she shifted slightly to part her thighs for me, allowing me to move my hand further into her jeans. A deep moan escaped her lips as I firmly moved my middle finger back and forth over her slit. As my digit moved to her virgina entrance, I realized with great pleasure that she was soaking wet. Still leaning back against me for support, I pressed my finger at her pussy opening, slowly entering by an inch or so. As I withdraw, once again I felt her knees go weak and she wavered against me. As I began to slide my finger back into her, she let out yet another deep moan. Massaging her growing wet virgina, I lowered my lips to the back of her neck once again, nibbling and kissing her soft flesh. Using my free hand, I reached up under her vest top and took her left breast between my fingers. Grabbing her firmly I started to massage her tit, my thumb and forefinger pinching at her erect nipple. A gasp passed her lips from the intense sensation, but her body only seemed to beg for more. I suckled hard at the skin on the back of her neck and I noted that the skin had gone a dark crimson red as I lifted my mouth. casino firmalari Raising my lips to her ear once again I huskily whispered “Tonight I’m going to take you hard and deep! I’m going to do so many naughty things to you and make you cum over and over again! I’m going to fuck you until you beg me to stop!”She suddenly spun around to face me and in an instant our lips were locked together, our tongues doing a fierce dance in each others mouths. I grabbed at the back of her head and pulled her hard into our kiss, my fingers entwining in her soft brunette hair. My other hand all to soon found its way into the back of her cut-offs and roughly groped at her soft sexy arse. For her part, she had wrapped her arms around my shoulders and neck, her fingers clawing at my flesh. We kissed liked a couple possessed, two lovers locked in a****l lust. I pulled hard at her hair as my fingers pushed their way between her butt cheeks, my middle finger pressing hard against her tight anus. Her reaction was to purr deep into my mouth as I firmly rotated it against her butt hole. Her fingers ran up into my hair and she pulled at me, desire driving us both on. I broke our kiss long enough to take a breath before lowering my lips to her throat, my tongue licking at her skin, enjoying the taste of flesh. Letting go of her hair and withdrawing my hand from her denims, I swiftly lifted her vest up to expose her flat tummy and gorgeous breasts, before quickly removing it completely, discarding it to one side. In a split second I was back on her, my lips finding her once again. Running my hands down her slender figure, I pushed at her jeans, forcing casino şirketleri them down over her sexy hips. She wiggled her arse and the denims fall down her legs and came to rest at her ankles. She swiftly kicked them away, at the same time throwing her arms around my neck again. As our bodies pressed together, I felt the hardness of her nipples push up again me. Reaching up and took her right breast in hand and squeezed it making her groan with delight. My other hand stroked at her back, my fingers circles on her skin, before finding its way back down to her gorgeous arse again. Free from the cut-offs, my fingers roamed all over and in between her cheeks again. She purred into my mouth once again as my digits found their mark, my middle finger tracing the skin of her anus. By now my cock was straining to be set free from my own jeans. Reaching down I quickly undid both button and zip in one movement before pulling my length free. It pushed at her tummy, hot and hard. As she felt it press against her, she pushed her body tighter towards me. As the heat from her skin touched mine, I felt myself cum a little, my sex juice smearing itself on her stomach. Her fingers left my hair and she ran them down my back before grabbing at my buttocks. She sank her nails into my muscular arse as she groped at my cheeks. Breaking our passionate kiss, I lowered my mouth onto her right breast and sucked her pert nipple between my lips. Using my tongue I started to firmly lick at her swollen bud. She gasped at the sensation and pushed her arse back onto my hand. As she did so, my finger was forced into her tight back entrance and I felt he muscles of her butt opening clamp down on my digit. I began to wiggle and caress her arse entrance as she took a deep intake of breath. Using my teeth, I bite down hard on her hard nipple before sucking as much of her tit into my mouth as I could.To be continued…