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Rosia Martinez was 18 years old and she walked into her seventh period classroom late every day. Mr. Velasquez was a pushover, so he never did anything about it. Besides, he was terribly intimidated by her. She was one of those really short girls that looked tall – she stood at 5’1″ but seemed 5’10”, even to Mr. Velasquez, who was well over 6 feet and normally very self-assured. Rosia had curvy, round hips and an ass that just didn’t quit. Her waist was so small it didn’t seem to fit with the rest of her body. Her skin was golden brown and her wavy black hair fell to the middle of her back. Her face was always confident with a sly half-smile and long, batting eyelashes, but her demeanor was never rude. She knew how to get what she wanted. And today she wanted a fast, hard fuck. It would be her first. And she knew that no high school boy would do the job.

She always smiled as she came in late, amusing herself with a little game – teasing her teacher with her short skirts, ample breasts, and lack of panties. Today her hips swayed seductively back and forth as she passed his desk and bent forward in front of him to pick up a pen she had “dropped.” Mr. Velasquez struggled to keep his mouth shut as he caught his thousandth glimpse of her glistening pink pussy.

No one except him quite knew the power Rosia had over him. To look at him, he seemed confident, sexy, and just rough enough around the edges. He shaved maybe once a week, maybe less, and his hair did that “I just fell out of bed and looked this good” thing that only a very handsome man can pull off. So it would come as a surprise to most that his cock flew to attention every time he saw her, because anyone would assume that he got laid whenever he wished. But all he had wished for recently was to bury his cock inside Rosia’s little pussy and fuck her for all he was worth.

“Rosia, you’re late.”

“Yes,” she replied concisely.

“Stay after class.”

She nodded and went back to moaning quietly as she rubbed her neck and collarbones with her tiny hands.

When he was standing, he would try to avoid looking in her direction, but she made it so difficult, what with the way she sucked on the tip of her pen, or the way she gazed at his package, or the way her bra strap would fall off her shoulder at just the right moments. She drove him wild, and she knew it.

Mr. Velasquez stood by the chalkboard and explained something or other – Rosia wasn’t listening – and avoided her stares until he allowed himself just one peek and found her sitting with her legs open just enough to reveal her perfectly shaven pussy, already wet. She had been waiting all period for him to notice. She smiled and winked at him, just quickly enough that nobody saw. He could feel his cock growing inside his pants. God must have been on his side that day, because the bell rang just at that moment. Finally, it was the end of the day. Now all he had to do was give Rosia a “talking to” before he could go home and stroke his already bulging cock thinking of her, just like he did every other night.

He turned around to pick his things up off his desk and gather his composure only to feel two small hands wrap around his torso and slide over his hips and thighs. He knew those little hands anywhere. “Ahm….” He stammered. “Ms. Martinez?”

“Mr. Velasquez?” she replied coquettishly. She stood on her tiptoes and licked the back of his neck lightly with the tip of her little wet tongue. She blew on the wet spot and he shivered. She spun his body around to face her and pressed her hips hard into his, so that his huge erection was pushing against her pussy.

“A little excited or just happy to see me?” she asked as she ground her pelvis into his and rubbed his arms up and down. He had goosebumps.

“Both,” he said, with only a hint of shakiness in his voice.

“Good,” she replied. “Because I’m going to fuck you so hard it’ll make you happier than you’ve ever been in your life.” With that Mr. Velasquez’s dick jumped and strained even more beneath his pants.

“Now, I’m going to tell you exactly what I want you to do to me,” Rosia told him. He loved how she said “to her” instead of “with her.” He nodded – he was a teacher being taught by his student. Somewhere in the back of his mind there was the thought of being caught and losing his job – the door wasn’t even locked – but he pushed it away when he looked down at Rosia and saw her looking up at him through her pretty black eyelashes and pouting with her full, pink lips.

“I want you to kiss me like it’s the last kiss you’ll ever get.”

Mr. Velasquez crashed his mouth into hers and held her body tight against him like she might run away if he let go. He grabbed her thick ass with his hands and her little feet came off the floor a little, but his strong arms wouldn’t let her fall. His tongue parted her full, red lips and brushed against and underneath her tongue. She pulled back slightly and outlined his lips with little kisses until her mouth drifted down his poker oyna jaw onto his neck, where she began sucking and biting. She wanted to leave a mark – to claim him as hers. She pulled away, satisfied as she saw a red-purple stain on his tanned skin.

“Now I want you to put me on your desk and ravage my body until I scream.” She loved the look of passion and lust on her teacher’s face.

Without hesitation Mr. Velasquez swept everything off his desk with one motion of his arm and picked Rosia up. Her legs entangled themselves around his waist with animalistic fervor and she pressed her desire swollen pussy up against his stomach and rubbed her clit up and down on it. When he leaned her back onto the desk, she didn’t want to let go.

“You’re going to have to let me go sweetie,” he told her.

She did untangle her legs, but pouted about it. He began to undress her. First he took off her shirt, pulling it slowly over her head and then throwing it to the floor. He kissed a line from her lips to the little hollow between her breasts, which he squeezed through her bra with his big, rough hands. He unhooked her black lace bra and she ripped it off and threw it across the room like it hurt to wear it. He pinched her nipples one at a time, and then licked circles around the little hard nubs with his tongue. His hands slipped down from her breasts to her tiny waist, and then to her womanly hips which he forcefully grabbed and pulled towards him, pressing their bodies even closer together. He kissed her stomach below her belly button once before pulling her skirt down her legs and over her feet. Her beautiful, naked pussy was exposed to him. He just looked at her body for a moment, taking in her beauty, before lifting her ankles above his shoulders and kneeling down so his face was level with her pussy, which was dripping and soaked with anticipation.

“A little excited or just happy to see me?” he asked, only mocking her a little bit. Rosia replied by using her calves to pull him closer to her body. With one slow stroke he licked her glistening pussy from her little asshole to her clit and back down again. Her entire body shuddered as she screamed his name.

“Do it again, Mr. Velasquez! Again!” This time he licked her pussy so slowly it was almost painful for her to wait. He licked three slow circles around her tight little asshole and then licked up to her pussy, which he pushed his tongue into. Her pussy was so tight and wet on his mouth – he couldn’t wait to shove his cock into her. He tongue fucked her for a good two or three minutes before moving to her clit, which he sucked between his lips and he began kissing like it was her tongue. Rosia could feel every muscle in her body tense as his lips surrounded her clit again. His wet mouth felt so good on her hot pussy. His big hands grabbed at the flesh of her thighs and hips as his desire built up inside him. His cock was pressed hard up against the desk and he couldn’t for the life of him tear his mouth away from her sweet little pussy. Back and forth he flicked her clit with his tongue until Rosia’s back arched up farther than she knew was possible as her entire body exploded into orgasm. She could feel her face and pussy flush with pleasure. He never stopped licking. He drank her juices with long, slow licks of his slippery tongue until there were no more.

As he pulled her little pink pussy lips into his mouth he slowly slid one finger into her wet pussy. She was so tight that he couldn’t fit a second. He pushed his finger all the way into her little pussy and curled it around her g-spot, which made her moan and clench her pussy muscles around his finger even harder than they already were. He stroked and stroked inside her pussy while he pulsed her clit between his lips until she came harder than she ever had. He still couldn’t believe her pussy was gripping just one of his fingers. He kept his mouth on her pussy and drank her sweet juices until the contractions of her orgasm subsided. Very, very slowly he tried to push another finger into her virgin pussy.

“Ow!” she yelped as he pushed his finger inside her, just up to his first knuckle.

“Baby, it’s just two fingers. How am I going to get my big cock inside you?” he answered with only a hint of sadism in his tone. He involuntarily licked his lips and without warning he pummeled his two fingers inside her hot pussy and left them there for a brief second during which she caught her breath. Then he began to fuck her with his fingers, slowly stretching her pussy but never once did she cease to squeeze him tight – so tight it almost hurt him. He bent his face toward her pussy and bit her clit just barely – but she still shoved her hips into his face and screamed with the pleasure and pain of it. He took his fingers out of her pussy and spread her lips apart with his fingers. He blew on her slit, giving her goosebumps and making her shudder. Then he licked her one more time and pulled her body up so she was sitting. He kissed a trail from her tiny, wet pussy all the canlı poker oyna way up to her lips. He kissed her gently.

Her light caramel skin was coated in a thin layer of sweat. “You look so beautiful like that,” he told her as he ran his fingers through her damp hair. Her face was red and wet, her mouth parted and panting. “I could look at you all day. But…I’m not done yet.” He forcefully brought her face towards his and crashed his lips against hers. He shoved his tongue inside her mouth so she could taste her own pussy juices. And with that he turned her over so she was on all fours with her ass in front of his face. By this time, Rosia had forgotten all the things she was going to tell him to do, and just gave into the pleasure of her teacher’s expert tongue and fingers as he kissed all around her ass and squeezed it.

He placed one hand on each side of her ass and spread her apart so he could see her little pink asshole and tight, wet, pussy, which was still gently pulsing from her orgasm. Her wetness shined on her skin from her pussy to her thighs where it dripped slowly onto her teacher’s desk. He blew onto her skin and she shivered with the cold sensation. He pressed his big, rough hands all over her skin and smiled at her goosebumps. He kissed a trail from the small of her back to her pussy hole, which he slid his thumb into. He angled his hand and rubbed her asshole lightly in little circles. With his tongue he brought some of her sweet pussy juice and licked around her tight little hole to get it wet. He licked her asshole until she shivered with the pleasure of it. He then slowly began to push the tip of his finger into her ass, all the while keeping his thumb inside her pussy. She gasped, and he could feel her muscles tighten around his finger.

“Rosia,” he said, “you have to relax your muscles or this is going to hurt you.”

“It already hurts, Mr. Velasquez,” she told him, wincing.

“It won’t in a minute, baby. Just let me make you feel good.” She relaxed her muscles as much as she could and felt his finger slide farther into her ass. He was at his first knuckle now. Within a few minutes he had slipped his entire finger into her ass and was sliding it back and forth inside her. Every now and then he would pull it out so he could wet her ass with his tongue. Her body rocked in rhythm against his hand as little beads of sweat gathered on her forehead and in the little hollow between her back and ass.

Just when she thought she couldn’t take any more, her entire body tightened and her pussy muscles clenched so hard that her teacher couldn’t move his hand – not that he minded having her sweet little pussy and ass gripping his fingers like that.

“Come on baby,” he coaxed as he felt her approach orgasm for the third time. “Cum for me.”

She definitely came for him, all over his hand and onto his desk. He sucked her pussy lips into his mouth and licked her until she was clean – so clean, and so dirty.

“Now it’s my turn,” Mr. Velasquez told Rosia as he tenderly turned her body around so she was facing him once more. Her eyes reached almost to his chest.

“You’re so little,” he told her as he put both his hands on her face and pulled her towards him. He bent and kissed her lips, which were red and puffy with lust. He bit her bottom lip so hard it hurt – but she liked it.

She slowly began unbuttoning her teacher’s shirt and slipped it over his shoulders and let it drop to the floor.

“Mmm,” she moaned as she ran her hands over his perfect chest and stomach. Then, in one smooth, fluid motion Rosia slipped off the desk and knelt in front of her teacher. She ran her fingernails over his cock through his pants, sending shivers through his sweaty, desire-driven body. She planted several small wet kisses on the bulge in his pants. Mr. Velasquez leaned on his desk as Rosia unzipped his pants and took them off.

“No underwear?” she asked him, surprised.

“Nope,” he told her and gave a sort of lopsided half-smile.

“Sexy.” She licked her lips as she saw a drop of precum appear at the tip of his cock. She sucked it off and enjoyed the look of pleasure that swept across her teacher’s face.

“Ohhh, god,” he moaned.

She put her little hands around his shaft, one on top of the other, and began squeezing rhythmically up and down. Her mouth found its way to the head of his cock and she started to suck lightly on him. She loved how it was so hard and so smooth at the same time. Her thumb rubbed the little nub on the underside of his head and she felt him shudder as he stood.

“Hay problema?” she asked in her sexy little accent.

“No, no hay problema mi querida. Now keep sucking.” With that he tangled his fingers in her hair and pulled her face down onto his rock hard dick. He moaned as he felt her wet little tongue snake up and down his shaft inside her mouth. She grazed him once or twice with her teeth, just because she enjoyed how he shook involuntarily. Her small hands grabbed at his ass internet casino and she used it for leverage as she began pushing his cock into her throat, little by little. He could feel his cock head being squeezed by her throat muscles and he almost came right there.

“Hold on, Rosia, hold on I’m going to cum if you keep doing that.”

She gave him a look that said “I don’t care” and kept sucking his huge cock deeper into her mouth. Her hands moved from his ass to his balls and just as she began rubbing them he shot his cum deep inside her throat. She pulled him out of her mouth and let him finish cumming on her face and tits. When he was done he turned and slumped onto the desk as he watched her sexy little fingers take the cum off her body and put it into her mouth. She moaned.

“Your cum tastes so good, Mr. Velasquez,” she told him. “Can I have more?”

“You sure can,” he replied as he laid his big, tall body onto the floor. “But you’ll have to do all the work for it. Show me how much you really want my cum, my little slut.” And with that one comment, their little rendezvous turned rough and passionate.

“I’ll be your little slut, Mr. Velasquez,” she said with a smile. “I’ll be anything you want me to be.”

“Right now I want you to make me cum, so get to it,” he told her in a voice that held only a hint of harshness. He grabbed her wrist with his big hand and pulled her body onto his. Their skin stuck together with their mixed sweat, and lust and heat radiated from both of their bodies. His cock was pressed in between their pelvises. Rosia started to grind her hips into his. She watched him bite his lip and pretend it didn’t feel good.

“Mr. Velasquez,” she whispered into his ear, “even though I’m doing all the work…you’re still allowed to enjoy it.”

“Don’t flatter yourself,” he told her. “Your job is to make me cum, not to analyze me.”

She shrugged and knelt up so her pussy was sliding over his cock. She was so wet that she could have fallen off had she not used his chest for support. She grabbed his shaft and began rubbing his cock head all over her slippery pussy, but concentrated on her clit. She squeezed his cock and saw him clench his fists. Whether he wanted to admit it or not, she had him, and she had him good.

She pushed his cock against his stomach and began grinding her soaking pussy on top of it, back and forth. The slick sensation of her tiny pussy rubbing his cock was almost too much for Mr. Velasquez to handle. He involuntarily bucked his hips and his cock brushed against her clit so hard Rosia began cumming all over again – all over his cock, too. He could feel her pussy pulsating on top of him and he loved the look of pure, animalistic passion on her face. She slid her body off of his and began to devour his cock with her mouth. She shoved it into her throat and licked all her sweet juices off of it as her fingers fucked her own pussy as hard as they could.

“Fuck me, Mr. Velasquez!” Rosia screamed. “Shove your big cock into me! I don’t care if it hurts!”

He lifted her up by her waist and turned her over so her back was to the floor and her thick, shiny legs were wide open for him. He leaned his body onto hers and pummeled his cock into her virgin pussy. She screamed with pain and a tear escaped her eye as her teacher fucked her as hard as he could.

“Shut up!” he told her as he pounded away at her tiny little pussy, which gripped his cock harder than he though possible. He grabbed her wrists with his big hands and pinned them to the ground above her head.

“IT HURTS!” Rosia screamed at him, and he stopped.

She struggled to catch her breath and said, “Do you want me to fuck you or not, Miss Martinez? Because I can quit anytime you want… but a little teasing slut like you wouldn’t want that, right?”

Rosia shook her head vehemently “no,” but Mr. Velasquez began fucking her very slowly. It was hard for him to control himself, with her tiny, tight pussy squeezing his cock so hard, but she deserved it after all the teasing she had put him through.

“Mr. Velasquez, I changed my mind…please fuck me again,” she said with pleading eyes. “Give it to me harder!”

“Are you sure you can handle it, Ms. Martinez?”

“Yes, yes fuck me please sir!”

“Alright, if you’re sure. Now be a good girl and do what I say. I’m going to fuck you how I want to fuck you, and you’re going to like it, okay? I promise I won’t really hurt you.”

She nodded her head and he began thrusting again. Rosia’s breathy moans and whimpers of pleasure just made Mr. Velasquez want to fuck her harder and harder, but he had promised he wouldn’t hurt her. He sped up gradually until he was fucking her fast – but not too fast. Rosia’s big, curvy hips bucked up against his, trying to push his cock deeper inside her tiny pussy, which was by now getting a little sore, but she didn’t care.

“HARDER!” she screamed at him, but he didn’t speed up. He loved how he could frustrate her so easily. Who has the power now? he thought.

“Oh I can’t take it anymore Mr. Velasquez!” and with that, she flipped herself and her teacher over so she was sitting on top of his cock, riding him as fast as she could.