Roadtrip with my sister

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Roadtrip with my sisterVacations; they were supposed to be fun and relaxing in theory. And they usually were once we got wherever we were going, but dad never seemed to understand the idea of having fun along the way. It was all about getting where we were going on schedule and we could relax once we arrived.This year was a bit different than any previous holiday with my family. Instead of being stuck in the backseat with my sister while the landscape rolled past for hours on end, we had taken two vehicles and Kylie and I got to drive ourselves. It was a small improvement at least and it never would have happened if not for dad’s most recent purchase.He hated us calling it his mid-life crisis, but I think that’s only because it was closer to the truth than he liked. He didn’t go for the stereotypical motorcycle, instead choosing a sports car he’d always wanted. It was absolutely out of the question that anyone but him would get to drive it of course, but it did provide an accidental benefit in only having two seats. It meant that with our parents traveling in it there was no choice but for Kylie and I to take another car. It still took a little persuasion, but not too much since he really wanted to spend time with his new toy and this was the perfect opportunity for him.As far as I was concerned driving with Kylie was way better than with both her and our parents. Dad could get frustrated if we weren’t making good enough time so it usually alternated between mom trying to get us to play road games and dad telling us to be quite so he could focus. My sister was much easier to deal with.Unfortunately just because we were traveling separately didn’t mean we didn’t have to stick to the schedule. There were two hotels we needed to make it to at night over the two and a half days of driving, not leaving us much time to take detours or stop anywhere interesting. Mostly we were limited to gas stations and restaurants whenever we needed either gas or food respectively.We were pretty much on track for time the first day when we actually had to make our first gas stop. We played a quick round of rock-paper-scissors for who had to pump the gas and I lost. Kylie wandered into the attached convenience store as I filled up the car and only reappeared after I’d finished up and was debating going in after her.”Hey Jason, you finished up there yet?” she called as she returned to the car. I didn’t bother to answer since it was pretty obvious that I was indeed ready. “They had slushies so I got you one too,” she continued.I looked up as she approached, having temporarily been distracted by an overly loud truck going by. My eighteen year old little sister was wearing just a t-shirt and shorts with sandals and carried a slushie in each hand, holding one out for me when she got near enough.”Thanks,” I said, accepting the drink.I was dressed pretty similarly to Kylie, except with sneakers instead of sandals. We were getting into the hottest part of summer and there was no point wearing any more than necessary. It wasn’t so bad in the car with the air conditioning on, but coming out of that into the heat made it feel worse than it was.I took an experimental sip from the overly large straw as we climbed back into our seats and I started the engine. It was good, but I couldn’t place the flavour immediately.”What kind is this?” I asked, signaling my turn back onto the road and waiting for an opening in traffic.”Red,” Kylie said with a shrug.I shot her a look before turning my attention back to what I was doing.”Seriously, I don’t know any more than that,” she said. “I got us each different colours in case I didn’t like mine.” She grabbed my slushie and tried it, then handed it back. “Nah, mine’s better anyway.””Lucky you.”Eventually I got back on the highway and settled in for another long stretch of driving. We’d had music for the first little while, then Kylie’s mp3 player died and we wouldn’t be able to charge it until we got to the hotel that night. The radio stations we picked up were more or less a coin flip as to whether they’d be any good. Plus they were constantly shifting as we got in and out of range of different stations.Kylie took control of the radio for a while, changing stations at a whim or because she didn’t long the song that was playing. About the time she finished her slushie she gave up and just turned it off, reclining in her seat as she placed what remained of her drink in a cup holder.”I’m bored,” she announced.She swung her feet up onto the dashboard, revealing that she’d also discarded her sandals at some point leaving her feet bare.”Well what do you want me to do about it?” I asked. “We talked about anything interesting already, you should have brought something to amuse yourself.””Come on, you know I can’t read or anything ’cause I get carsick. Let’s just, I dunno, pick a topic or something. We can’t have covered everything already, we still have two more days to go.””Fine, you start a conversation and I’ll join in.””That’s not how it works smartass. If I could just start a conversation like that I’d already have done it. You don’t give a shit about anything I want to talk about.””Probably because I don’t know most of the people you bring up. Just, like, pick something we’re both interested in.””So… Monty Python or sex then huh?”I rolled my eyes. “I’m sure there’s more than that.””Maybe.”Kylie stared out her window for a while, not pressing me any further for entertainment, and I took the chance to make sure we were still going the right way. As far as I could tell we were, but it wouldn’t have been the first time I’d missed a turn off because I was distracted if we weren’t.”You ever tried anal?” Kylie asked all of a sudden.”What?” I said, figuring I must have misheard.”Anal, have you tried it before? Like in the butt?””I know what it is, I just… you must really be desperate for something to talk about.””Or maybe I’m genuinely curious.””Why the fuck would you want to know that all of a sudden?””Okay, so I’m really bored. You gonna answer or what?””I will if you will,” I said, upping the stakes a little. If she could get personal, so could I .”Fine, you first,” she said after only a brief hesitation.I still wasn’t totally comfortable with the question, but Kylie had accepted my challenge and I couldn’t very well back down now. It wasn’t that I minded talking about stuff like that with her, just that it didn’t happen very often. It felt a bit weird.”Okay, yes. I’ve tried it once,” I finally admitted.”Wow, really? What was it like?””Uh uh, your turn,” I insisted.”Nope, never did it,” Kylie said, which I probably could have guessed given her reaction to my answer. “Now what was it like?””If I tell you, you tell me why you’re really asking okay?””Fine.”It wasn’t easy coming up with a description that would both satisfy my sister, and wouldn’t be too explicit. I did my best anyway.”It was… good. I mean it’s, you know, tighter and everything, but on the other hand it takes more effort to do it right. It’s pretty hot though and it’d be fun to do every now and then, but not something I’d probably do constantly.”Kylie nodded slowly and looked thoughtful.”So it’s not, like, way better than regular sex or anything?” she asked.”Well, I don’t know that I’d say that for sure. I only did it once, and it wasn’t like either of us really knew what we were doing. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but maybe you just need to try it for yourself.””I want to. I thought I was going to with my last boyfriend, but I couldn’t convince him. I thought all guys were into that.””Do all girls like the same kind of sex?” I countered.”Well, no. But… he didn’t even want to try it.””Maybe he thinks it’s gross or something, who knows. If it’s that big a deal to you it might be for the best that you’re not together anymore though.””I… I don’t even know. I just wanted to try it, that’s all.”Kylie reclined her seat slightly and repositioned herself more comfortably. I found myself looking at her more often than I probably should have been since I was driving, and her feet on the dashboard didn’t help since they were in my field of view even when I forced myself to stare straight ahead.”So that probably answers my question anyway,” I said after a moment.”Pretty much,” Kylie agreed. “I was hoping you might have some obvious solution for me, don’t know why.””I’m your brother, not a sex-advice columnist. Speaking of which, was I really the only person you could have asked?””Uh, pretty much the only guy I could ask, yeah. I talked to a couple friends, girl friends I mean, and they pretty much pretended like they had no interest whatsoever. Or maybe they really didn’t have any interest, I dunno. To them it’s the sort of thing that you only do for a guy because he wants to and you really like him.””Oh.”It was kind of nice to know Kylie felt like she could talk to me about sensitive stuff. Honestly, I guess she would be the first person I’d go to about a lot of things too, though it didn’t come up often since like a ‘typical’ guy I was more inclined to keep questions or insecurities firmly to myself.”Most of the boys I know are too immature to even bother,” Kylie continued. “And I’d be worried about giving them the wrong impression too. You have to be careful talking to guys about sex sometimes.””Great to know I’m safe,” I said, suddenly a little less happy about her picking me.”Aw, don’t be like that.” Kylie sat up properly for long enough to give me a hug that sent me swerving out of my lane a little at the unexpected contact. She also gave me a quick kiss on the cheek before returning to her reclined position. “You know I love you right? But you’re my brother, at worst you’d get embarrassed and refuse to talk about it. That’s not as bad as getting the idea that I secretly want you and starting to act all weird around me.””Has that happened, dare I ask?””Happened to one of my friends actually. She got it sorted out eventually, but still.””And you’re not worried about things getting weird between us for different reasons?””Nah, I know you too well. You’re open minded enough not to freak out on me over something like this.”Kylie had closed her eyes at some point and as I let the conversation drop, she did too. I didn’t think she was actually sleeping, but I guess she had enough to occupy her thoughts for a while. I had to admit that despite it being kind of awkward, I liked that she would come to me with something like that. It was nice to be a big brother to her every now and then.****We arrived at our hotel that night about twenty minutes behind our parents. Apparently that was acceptable enough because dad didn’t say anything about it.Kylie and I were sharing a room right next to the one our parents were in, we got one key while mom took the other ‘just in case’. There were two beds a couple feet apart, one for each of us, with a bathroom we’d have to share. Basically nothing different from any of our previous holiday experiences.It wasn’t until we were both getting ready for bed that anything unusual happened. Kylie was sitting on her bed with her laptop, having already changed into just a nightshirt. I was planning on sleeping in my boxers, though I still had my shirt on until I was actually ready to go to sleep.I turned off the main room lights before heading for my bed, Kylie’s bedside lamp providing more than enough light for me to see. I also had my laptop pulled out of its bag and was content with staying up a while longer until my sister was done. The hotel had free wi-fi so there was plenty of stuff I could do, even if what I most felt like was looking up some porn and that just wasn’t going to happen with Kylie right there.Then I caught a glimpse of her screen.I thought at first I must have imagined what I saw, my recent thoughts altering my perceptions somehow, because it looked suspiciously like naked people. It was easy enough to check, I simply looked again and instead of discovering an innocent illusion it was exactly what it had seemed.”Are you watching porn?” I asked.”Yeah, we get wi-fi here,” Kylie said as though that explained everything.She wasn’t even trying to hide it or anything, it would have been simple enough to turn her laptop so I couldn’t see it. At least she had turned off the sound though.”It’s not going to bother you is it?” she asked after a moment, finally turning her attention from her computer to me.”What, my little sister looking at porn? Why would that bother me?” I said sarcastically before continuing on a more serious tone. “Really though, it’s fine I guess. I just… didn’t expect it. You’ve been acting kind of different on this trip.””I have, haven’t I,” Kylie said almost to herself. She visibly waged a brief war with herself over whether to tell me something or not, then shrugged. “I was kinda hoping you’d notice about the porn.””Maybe I don’t need to say this, but I’m going to anyway. Why?””Because I’m pretty sure you already knew I did stuff like this, and I know you do too. But today in car is pretty much the first time we ever talked about sex at all.””Maybe ’cause it’s weird for us to be discussing.”Kylie smiled wistfully and seemed to be remembering something.”Do you remember when you first started swearing around me?””Um, not really,” I said, unable to come up with any specific memories of the occasion.”I do,” Kylie said. “It made me happy when I realized you thought of me like someone you could say stuff to that you couldn’t even say to mom. It was like I wasn’t just an annoying little sister you put up with and you actually liked me.””I always liked you Ky.””Yeah, but it’s not always easy to tell when you’re a k** looking up to your big brother. Plus you made me feel more grown up than anyone else ever did. You always have.””So… you wanted me to know you watch porn?” I asked, trying to figure out where the story was going.”It’s not about the porn dumbass.”I arched an eyebrow, but Kylie shut up after that and I assumed I was supposed to have understood her point by now.”Well then it’s about us,” I said slowly. “You want to… well something obviously, but I don’t know what.””I want us to not be like all those other people out there who refuse to talk about stuff everybody knows exists anyway. What the fuck is so terrible about sex that we have to pretend it doesn’t exist half the time?” She pushed a few strands of hair back behind her ear reflexively. “Jason,” she continued softly, “a lot of what we had growing up was based on us just being ourselves because we could trust each other, but it’s like there’s this one part of our lives we can’t share.””It would be nice not to have to hide things from you,” I said, agreeing indirectly with my sister. “And you’re right, there’s no reason any mention of sex has to be buried away when we’re around each other.”Kylie didn’t say anything at first, but I could tell that was more or less what she’d been hoping to hear. If nothing else I had to admire the courage it took to bring up a topic like that. Just because we’d agreed it shouldn’t be a big deal didn’t mean that there were no psychological hang ups surrounding it.”So you want to watch some with me,” Kylie asked after a couple minutes, nodding vaguely toward her laptop.I hesitated for a couple seconds, then started moving toward her.”This is a hell of a way to get some sibling bonding time in,” I joked, trying to pretend like I was completely comfortable with the situation.”More fun than getting kicked outside to play together like when we were k**s though isn’t it?” she replied.”There is that.”Kylie scooched over for me as I stepped to the side of her bed and let me slide under the sheets with her. The bed wasn’t really big enough for two people to have a lot of space, but we weren’t cramped either.I got my first good look at what my sister had decided to watch then, a little surprised to discover a still image of a girl getting fucked in the ass. It shouldn’t have been all that unexpected I suppose, not when I considered what she’d wanted to talk about in the car. Then she resumed the video and I got distracted from my thoughts for a few moments.It wasn’t like I’d never seen that sort of thing before, I was familiar with a pretty wide array of porn and anal was far from being uncommon. What was different was my little sister being right there watching the same thing. Initially it was reminiscent of those jaw-clenching moments when a nude scene popped up in a movie we were watching with our parents. After a while though I started to relax and stopped thinking so much about what might be going through Kylie’s head.”They always make it seem so easy,” Kylie said eventually. “Do you think that’s ’cause people like it better that way, or would it just be because they have so much practice and they don’t bother faking inexperience.””Could be both.”As much as I didn’t really care about the whole ‘porn creates unrealistic expectations’ thing, every now and then it did tend to show up in practical examples. Outside of porn stars I felt pretty confident that girls who could take an above-average sized cock up the butt with no more preparation than slapping on a little lube were fairly rare.”Are you into this clip, or is it okay if we try something else?” I suggested after another couple minutes. “Don’t know about you, but this girl’s just not my type.””Fine with me, I just didn’t want to be as picky as I usually am when I’m alone. It sometimes takes me a while to find a good one. Honestly this really wasn’t working for me either. You want to try something different next?””Nah, anal’s okay if that’s what you want to watch.””I do have a bit of a fascination lately,” Kylie said with a hint of a smile.After a couple obvious failures Kylie found another video that showed more promise. It involved a little foreplay followed by, once again, anal sex. What made it interesting was when the couple were joined by another girl with a strap on and a variety of different positions ensued. I didn’t know how Kylie felt about it, but personally I preferred watching naked girls to naked guys any day so adding another was fine by me.As fun as it was to watch however, I was getting pretty seriously turned on and my cock was approaching full erection. The sheets that covered our lower halves prevented my condition from being visible to Kylie, but I couldn’t jerk off without her noticing. Watching porn together was one thing, masturbating together was quite another.”So is this one okay?” Kylie asked, not looking away from the video even for a second as she spoke.”Uh, yeah. It’s pretty good.””I was planning on, you know, taking care of myself. I guess that’d probably be too weird though right?””Yeah, probably.”So we were thinking the same thing, not that it helped very much. I briefly contemplated stepping into the bathroom for a little while in order to give us each some privacy.”We could just make sure we watch the screen,” I found myself suggesting instead.”Like, just ignoring each other,” Kylie said, catching on right away.”We’re gonna do it anyway, we both know it. It’s no worse than normal except we’re a bit closer than usual.”I’d never realized just how amazing the brain is at rationalizing something it wants until then. Even as the moment was happening I knew it was about as flimsy as pretexts get, but I didn’t stop. My hands, as well as Kylie’s, that had remained conspicuously above the sheets until then disappeared beneath and despite being hidden we both knew what the other was doing.All I did at first was rub my cock slowly through my boxers, not wanting to be too hasty and obvious about getting off. It was actually the first time I’d masturbated in the same room as someone else and even with all my experience I was constantly evaluating every move I made in fear that it might be something embarrassing to do when someone might see.My efforts were probably unnecessary since we’d agreed not to look at each other, more or less, and it wasn’t like it was a big deal if I made an odd face while I jerked off. Once again it was all just matter of time before I relaxed into the new situation and stopped caring so much about what Kylie would see if she did happen to glance over at me.It was actually me who broke our ‘rule’ first, or I thought it was at least. Kylie could well have peeked without me knowing. It wasn’t on purpose or anything, just an instinctive response when I heard a soft moan come from beside me.I couldn’t see much other than her arm moving under the covers, but I could imagine the general idea of what was going on. Kylie caught me looking and didn’t seem to mind too much, not giving me much more than a raised eyebrow as if to say “thought we weren’t supposed to look.””Sorry,” I whispered.I turned back to the video and managed to keep my eyes on it for a while, but my mind was on Kylie. Even though she was my sister, she was real and therefore had something pixels on a screen couldn’t replicate. More than once I caught myself trying to picture what she would look like without the sheets covering her, with her fingering her pussy right where I could see. I felt guilty for even considering it, but it wouldn’t be the first time I’d jacked off to something I wasn’t fully comfortable with.Eventually I did take another peek because I didn’t have enough self-control not to, only to discover Kylie was also looking at me. There was a pretty blatant tent in the sheet over my lap that shifted as I stroked my cock underneath. It was almost certainly easier for her to picture what I was doing than vice versa.”We’re not doing very well at not looking so far,” she said.”No, we’re not,” I agreed.Fortunately, before the tension increased too much between us I felt my orgasm approaching and it distracted me from my other thoughts. I stroked myself faster and closed my eyes, ignoring the fact that it was the image of my half-covered sister that I saw while I finished myself off. I realized too late that I had no plan for dealing with the mess I was going to make and, lacking any better options, I came into my boxers since at least that was easier to clean up than getting my cum all over Kylie’s sheets.When I dared open my eyes again I found Kylie with her mouth hanging halfway open and her arm moving noticeably more frantically.”Did you just…” she said.”Yeah.”I was no longer horny, but I was too relaxed to worry about where I was staring at that point and I ended up watching as Kylie got herself off right beside me. I knew she’d done the same and I wondered just what exactly she was imagining, whether she was thinking of me sort of the same way I had been thinking of her. It was still weird to consider, but not as much as it should have been.Finally the two of us lay motionless together with our breathing slowly returning to normal as we silently toyed with whatever thoughts came to us. I was the first one to move, partly because I was the one not in my bed and partly because I didn’t like the idea of sitting around too much longer in my cum-soaked underwear.”Where… never mind,” Kylie said, acting as though she didn’t want me to go right away before realizing what she was saying.”Gotta clean up,” I explained as vaguely as I could, even though I knew she’d figure out what that meant.”Oh, right.”She gave me an embarrassed smile and I returned it before grabbing a pair of shorts and stepping into the bathroom. I didn’t bother trying to clean up my boxers, just pulled them off and wiped myself off as best I could before putting on my shorts purely for the sake of a little modesty when I reentered the main room.Kylie had put her laptop away by the time I got back, though she left her lamp on for me until I made it back to my bed. I crawled onto my mattress suddenly tired and ready for sleep.”Good night,” Kylie called softly.”Night Ky,” I mumbled back.I was asleep even before I had a chance to start worrying about what we’d done and what it would mean for tomorrow.****”Kylie! Jason! Are you two even up yet?”I was startled awake by the sound of my mother calling us and pounding on the other side of the door. The unmistakable clicking of her key in the lock and the door starting to open made me panic for second before I realized there was absolutely nothing she would see that would be out of the ordinary.”Honestly, you know your father wants to be out of here by eight-thirty at the latest,” mom continued. “And here I thought you two would be responsible enough to get yourselves out of bed.””It’s a vacation,” I protested. “It’s supposed to be okay to sleep in.”Mom walked across the room and opened the curtains, eliciting groans from both Kylie and I as we pulled our covers up over our heads.”You can sleep all you want once we get to the resort,” mom said. “Though that would be a bit of a waste. And if anyone knows how much that excuse isn’t going to fly with your father, it should be you two.”The memory of having a bucket of water dumped on me one year when I overslept leapt unbidden to my mind. I did indeed understand that a need for sleep meant nothing in the face of dad’s schedule.”All right, we’re coming mom. Just give us a couple minutes,” Kylie said in a tone that suggested she was only trying to get our mother out of the room.As soon as we were alone again Kylie let out a big sigh and struggled out from under her covers.”Well, we don’t have time,” she said. “You want the bathroom first? I can’t promise you’ll get a chance at it otherwise.””Yeah okay. I’ll be quick.”Kylie, being a typical girl in some ways, did take longer than me in the bathroom most of the time. She really wasn’t all that bad about when she knew she didn’t have much time though.We each had a quick shower before getting our stuff together and meeting up with our parents. We got chastised for taking too long and now there wouldn’t be a chance for us to eat before we left, and I had to restrain myself from rolling my eyes while Kylie assured them we’d hit a drive-through or something on the way.For the first half-hour or so of driving we occupied ourselves with waking up and eating our breakfasts that we picked up from a fast-food place. Not a great start to the day, but at least with our minds on other things there was very little residual awkwardness between us over the events of the previous night. I took the first shift of driving and once we were both settled in Kylie dug her mp3 player out of her bag.”Shit!” she exclaimed. “I didn’t even remember to charge it last night.”With a look of disgust at herself she chucked her bag into the backseat and slumped down in resignation while I chuckled at her misfortune despite it affecting me as well. She crossed her arms over her tank top and glared at me.”I wouldn’t laugh so hard,” she said. “It just means I’m gonna need more entertainment today.””You have your laptop, you could always check out some more porn,” I said.”First off I wouldn’t trust you not to crash us if I did that, secondly no internet dumbass.””Oh yeah. Well you might have had some saved, how’m I supposed to know?””I dunno. Point is, you need to come up with something better than that.””Why do I have to? I’m not the one who’s bored.””Because you know just how intolerable I can be if I want to,” Kylie said with a smirk.”And you think I can’t?””Ugh, fine. I’ll just try to have a nap or something.”Kylie assumed a position similar to the day before, reclining in her seat with her feet propped up on the dashboard. She crossed her arms and closed her eyes, for all I knew she was genuinely going to try getting some sleep. Personally I was fully awake at that point and didn’t think I’d manage it in her place. It turned out she couldn’t either.”How the hell did we make it through all those other trips we made?” Kylie asked after only a few minutes of quiet.”Annoying mom and dad, not to mention each other,” I replied. “I believe we actually kept score one year.””Oh yeah.” Kylie smiled fondly as she reminisced. “Who knew there was actually an upside to us all traveling together after all?””Go figure.””Still, there must be something we can do. Like, what kind of stuff would we get in way too much trouble with the parents to even think about?””Talking about anal sex like yesterday I suppose.””Sexy stuff eh? That’s something to consider.”Kylie sat thoughtfully for a couple minutes while I desperately tried to figure out if I should change the subject or not. If it was just talking that was fine, regardless of how dirty it got. If it became more than that, anything along the lines of masturbating together again, I had to decide if I was okay with it. Part of me was simply curious as to what my sister was going to come up with though, which made it hard to really commit either way yet.”If you were alone in a car with a girl you liked for a while, what would you be doing?” Kylie finally asked.”A girl who isn’t you I take it?””Well duh, we already know how well that’s going.””That’s not an easy question Kylie, you’re obviously shooting for something we shouldn’t do.””Yeah, but you liked what happened last night didn’t you? We definitely weren’t supposed to be doing that.”Her expression told me she knew the sorts of things I’d imagined, maybe even that she’d been thinking the same about me. It was fucked up, but it was only between us and as long as neither of us objected what was it other than some harmless fun? At least, I hoped it was harmless.”If you were someone else,” I started slowly. “If you were, say, my girlfriend… and we were going to be stuck in car together for a while… I might try something like getting you to remove some clothing.””Really? While there’s other cars going past? That’s a little risky.” Despite her words Kylie’s lips twisted upward in an interested smile.”Well yeah, someone might see I guess. But if you, or whoever, slides down in the seat there’s not going to be much visible. And if you only strip below the waist you’re completely safe.””Why does it sound like you’ve done this before?””Because I have. When I was with Becky I used to get her to do stupid stuff sometimes, nothing too crazy. I had to work her up to it, but a couple times I got her naked from the waist down and playing with herself while I drove. I almost crashed once, but it was pretty hot.”Becky would probably kill me if she knew I ever told anyone stories about her, but Kylie was hardly going to tell. What was more surprising to me was how I kind of wanted Kylie to take me up on the idea. It was the same feeling I’d had last night when I’d wished I could see her unobstructed as she fingered herself. Maybe it had been longer than I thought since I last had sex and I was just getting desperate to the point of seeing my little sister as a viable option for… something. Not sex though, there was no way I’d let it get that far.”So what would I get out of it?” Kylie asked. “You get something to jerk off to, what would you do for me?” Her tone was teasing and she clearly expected me to protest at the idea of using her as masturbation fodder.”Well… to use my ex as an example again, we usually played some kind of game and if I won she had to take clothes off, if she did then she got to come up with something for me to do. It really doesn’t work out having equal forfeits when one of us has to drive.””But if I won I could save it for when it was my turn to drive,” Kylie said, evidently starting to get really interested.”Yeah, I guess you could.””So what kind of games?””Sometimes just, like, fifty-fifty things. Like whether the next restaurant we pass is McDonalds or Taco Bell. Nothing complicated. You don’t think that would maybe be pushing things too far though?”Kylie sighed. “Yeah, it would be. Kinda fun just to think about though, especially about what your face would look like if I actually did start stripping.””Probably either a ‘holy fuck my sister’s crazy’ expression or ‘holy fuck my sister’s hot’. Could bahis şirketleri go either way. And whichever way it goes you know it’d just push me closer to needing therapy.””You are a bit of a nutcase,” Kylie agreed.”I wonder if it’s still considered an Oedipus complex if it’s your sister instead of your mother,” I mused.Despite the joking tone of our conversation, there was an undeniable tension building. Kylie was really close to going for it, teetering on the edge and waiting for a push, while I simultaneously hoped for that push to happen and for something to distract her.We kept driving and still nothing happened, the mood slowly dissipating into a neutral silence. Neither of us were willing to commit to anything and so it was left to drift away like so many other unfinished thoughts.”Taco Bell,” Kylie said out of nowhere.”What?””We just passed one, that’s what I would have picked too.””Oh. You know it can be anything right? Doesn’t even have to be restaurants.”The influence of my sub-conscious on my words was less than subtle as I prodded my sister toward starting a game. I couldn’t help it, now that I had spent so much time wondering I wanted to see what was under her clothes. I was definitely a sick puppy.”Well what would you pick?” she asked.Putting the ball in my court, making it my choice instead of hers. That wasn’t helping. If I shrugged and gave a non-committal answer she’d probably leave it alone, at least until she got bored again, but I realized that wasn’t what I wanted and all I’d really hoped for was an excuse to blame her instead of myself.”How about cars?” I suggested, going with the first thing that occurred to me. “If ten red cars pass us before ten blue cars then I win. Or whatever colours you want.””That’s fine, you have red and I get blue.”And the choice had been made. It was something of a relief all on its own actually, and it allowed my mind to move onto strategy. Not that there was much involved in games of chance like this, but obviously certain colours were more common then others. I wished I could remember which ones they were.More quickly than I’d anticipated Kylie swore and I realized I’d won the first round already. Luckily she had no idea I hadn’t been counting too.”I knew I should have taken red,” she grumbled.”Yeah, too bad for you.””So now I have to….””Either your shirt or your shorts,” I said, trying not to smile too broadly. “Or if you don’t really want to, I mean I’m not gonna force you to.” She was still my sister after all, that counted for more than my hormones.”No, I lost. It was fair.”I fully expected her shirt to come off first, but to my surprise, and perhaps due to my suggestion that it was a safer option, Kylie actually reached for the top of her shorts once she finally made her decision. She had to struggle a little to get them off while in her seat, but soon enough she succeeded and tossed the now unnecessary garment into the back seat.”So what do you think?” Kylie asked.She didn’t quite look at me and her hands fidgeted together in her lap when until she realized she was doing it and clasped them firmly together. Like any girl I’d known, or even myself for that matter, there was an instinctive need for approval when clothes started coming off. It was a nice thought to not care what anyone thought of your appearance, but it never seemed to go that way in reality.”It’s a good look for you,” I said. “I like those panties too.””I bet you do, fucking perv,” Kylie said as a smirk replaced her nervous smile.”Says the girl who was watching porn last night in our room.””You didn’t seem to mind too much at the time.””Whatever. Seriously though, that’s pretty hot,” deflecting the conversation back to my sister’s state of undress.Kylie’s panties were pink, not a bright pink but still an eye-catching contrast to her skin. I couldn’t really see anything other than bare leg and underwear, but my gaze kept flicking to her crotch anyway. I can be easily entertained like that sometimes.My sister clearly noticed how much attention she was getting from me and toyed with me for a few minutes. She would casually run her fingers over her thigh or open her legs wider then close them again, doing a bad job of pretending like it was all natural movements.”I want red this time,” Kylie said once the novelty had worn off a little.”Fine. Lets do more though, like first to twenty. It went too fast last time.”As Kylie started counting again I once again didn’t bother, instead watching both her and the road. I liked the way she acted completely normal once her mind was off her partial nudity, it made the situation even more sexy to me somehow. It was similar to the difference between regular porn and those rare videos where the girls didn’t actually seem like they were faking everything. It was more real.”Ha! I win!” Kylie burst out.I winced and realized I probably should have been double-checking Kylie’s count, but I didn’t think she was cheating me.”So, do I put my shorts back on or do you just owe me one now?” she asked.”Up to you I guess.””Hm, I’ll go with you owing me then. I want to make sure I get something out of this.””We probably should switch off of cars though, red seems too popular.””Yeah, it does. What about, like, pickup trucks versus motorcycles or something?””Sounds good, I got bikes. First to twenty again if there are no objections.”This time I kept an eye on what was going past, wanting to see more of Kylie and also a little scared of what would happen if I lost too many times. A little hypocritical of me maybe, but the fact that I was trying to get my sister naked, even partially, was proof enough that my mental state was questionable.I was heading toward losing two in a row and I could tell Kylie was getting excited when I got lucky and a whole group of bikers went by in the other direction. It was easily more than twenty bikes in less than a minute and my sister let out a heart-felt “fuck!” as her luck changed.”Looks like your turn again dear sister,” I said with a deliberately infuriating smile.”Yeah yeah. Lucky bastard.”Kylie glanced around seeming to take in how close other cars were to us even though their relative positions would fluctuate. She sank farther down in her seat before starting to pull her tank top up over her head. I had a very hard time concentrating on my driving while her bare stomach came into view, followed closely by her bra. Her shirt joined her shorts in the back seat once it was off, leaving my sister in only her bra and panties.”Can’t believe I’m doing this,” she muttered. “Some perv in another car is going to see me, I know it.”Not to mention the perv in this car who was already looking.”No one’s going to see anything,” I assured her. “Not that you have anything to be embarrassed about.””You saying I’m hot?””I’m saying you’re fucking hot, yes.””Good, ’cause I’d hate to have to beat you up while you’re driving.””As if you could,” I scoffed. “Plus we’d really attract attention then, me swerving all over the road fighting you off.””Yeah,” she said in kind of a weird tone. “It’s funny, it’s not like being in my underwear is that different from a swim suit or something, but it feels different somehow.””Because underwear is meant to be hidden, you think it’s wrong somehow even if isn’t really a big deal.””If it’s not a big deal how come you’re getting hard?” she asked softly.”Fuck off,” I growled even though she was right.I’d been trying to hide it and hope it would go away, but I was definitely getting an erection. It wasn’t even like she was naked, I shouldn’t have that kind of reaction to her over a little skin. But it was so much more than just skin, it was the knowledge that I shouldn’t be looking at my sister that way at all combined with the second-hand emotions I was getting from her. Nervousness, embarrassment, excitement, and all from being in a semi-public location without her outer layer of clothing. I was curious if either of us would be able to handle it if she stripped off completely.”It’s probably kind of bad if we get horny over something like this,” Kylie said, making an observation rather than giving any indication of having a problem with it.”You too huh?””Uh huh, don’t know why. Maybe because I think people going by might think I’m naked in here if they see me. My bra’s not all that obvious from a casual glance through the window you know.”The off-white of her bra was obvious enough to me, but I took her point on how it didn’t contrast with her skin nearly the same way her panties did. Or the way most any other colour would.Our game went on hold for a while as Kylie kept looking out her window, or behind us to keep track of other cars. I tried my best to get my mind on something else and let my erection go down since dealing with it simply wasn’t going to happen for a while. I didn’t have all that much success since it was nearly impossible to keep from glancing at my sister several times a minute.”Is it okay if I…” Kylie said suddenly, then stopped and turned away from me again.”If you what?””Never mind.””Come on, if you what?””I’m just… it’s so weird sitting here in my underwear.” I expected her to ask if she could put her clothes back on and I was ready to say yes since she had done enough it couldn’t be considered backing out. Instead, “I’m getting kind of horny,” she finally said, reluctantly and in a quiet voice.”Oh.”She didn’t come right out and say it, but the only thing that made sense was that she wanted to masturbate. In that context it was odd that she said anything at all. We’d certainly been getting more sexually comfortable around each other, but this just seemed like a step too far. Actually, last night had been as well come to think of it.I caught Kylie squeezing her legs together in frustration the next time I glanced at her and felt a small surge of pity for her. I was turned on more than I liked from her state of undress, how much worse would it be for her? Not only dealing with me, but also the chance that any one of those drivers going by might see her too.”You know I really wouldn’t mind,” I said, leaving it purposefully vague what I was talking about so she could misinterpret if she wanted.Kylie raised an eyebrow and looked at me assessingly.”You think you could keep us on the road if I did?” she said, only half-joking.”Pretty sure.”I was worried she was going to think I was just being a complete perv, which I sort of was, but my offer was at least partly a genuine attempt to help her out.”What the hell,” she said after a brief pause.I really wished I wasn’t driving at that point. Kylie abandoned all pretense of restraint and slid her hand under her panties, letting out a long sigh of relief as she finally got to ease some of her tension. I had neither a good angle nor the luxury of being able to focus on her as much as I wanted. Perversely this might have gotten me more worked up than if I’d been watching intently since my mind had to fill in so many of the gaps, and did a pretty good job at that.For several minutes all I heard was the sounds of my sister working her wet pussy and her increasingly ragged breathing. The smell of sex slowly permeated the car, and combined with everything else was enough to very nearly make me lose it.Finally Kylie hit her orgasm, her legs stretching out as much as possible in the space she had while a small, sexy moan escaped her lips. She slumped back in her seat as she finished and gave me a sheepish grin.”Sorry ’bout that,” she said. “Though I don’t think you minded too much somehow.”The tent in my shorts was all too obvious, and I’m sure there were other signs that gave away what I was thinking.”Well, it’s over now anyway.” I shrugged.”I guess. Must be my turn to drive soon.”I had no idea how long I’d been driving, I couldn’t even seem to manage the simple math it would have taken from looking at the clock on the dashboard. I could sense Kylie’s ulterior motive for offering to take over, but I had no intention of fighting her over it.At the next convenient opportunity I pulled over and got out of the car to switch seats. Kylie stayed in the car and simply hopped over to the driver’s seat while I was walking around, apparently content to remain half-naked. As I sat back down I noticed a damp spot right about where her pussy would have been.”Seat’s a little wet,” I commented innocently.”Shut up!” Kylie blushed, an adorable reaction given what she’d just done, and flipped me off when she caught my smirk. “And don’t you still owe me?””Yeah, I do.”I had only started to take off my shirt when Kylie stopped me.”Uh uh, shorts,” she said, pointing helpfully at my legs.”Hey, you got to pick what you took off.””Yeah, but… come on, that’s not fair.””Sure it is, I won two to your one.””Jase, don’t be an asshole about this. Please. I thought we could… I don’t know. I let you watch me and everything, that’s not something I do for a lot of people.”I was planning on giving in anyway, but hearing my sister come very close to getting upset with me made refusing even less of an option. The last thing I wanted was for her to be mad at me now.”You’re right,” I said. “I did get to see more than I should have strictly speaking.””Damn right.”Her expression of annoyance turned to anticipation as I slipped out of my shorts. I had boxers on underneath and they did a much worse job of hiding my erection than my shorts had, which wasn’t saying much. Still, the way Kylie’s eyes widened as she saw the way they tented over my crotch almost made it all worthwhile.”Happy now?” I asked.Kylie shrugged and looked away for a moment instead of really answering, but I could tell she must have been feeling the same sort of guilty fascination with my body that I was with hers.”Guess you really liked watching me,” she said quietly.”Yeah, I did. Fucked up isn’t it?””Pretty much.” She smiled, then chewed on her lip briefly. “You could… take care of it too if you wanted. I mean, I did already so it’s not like it’s any worse than that.””You’d probably be able to see more than I could,” I pointed out, not that it was going to be enough to dissuade me since I needed to get off really bad.”Your choice.”She acted casual, or tried to, but she couldn’t completely hide her interest. We were both too far gone to pay enough attention to our calm, rational sides.Wordlessly I reached under my boxers and gave my cock a long, slow squeeze. It felt so good to finally be able to touch it, when I was as turned on as I was I didn’t think I’d ever held back for so long. The confines of my underwear were usually not ideal for masturbating, but I wasn’t ready to whip it out in front of my sister just yet. It wasn’t exactly going to be one of my longer sessions either.While Kylie had joked about it earlier, I really was worried a couple times that I was going to distract her to much and we’d crash. Luckily we never did, but her eyes were on me, or rather the outline of my rapidly stroking hand, as much as she could manage. Knowing she was watching me so intently was both embarrassing and strangely arousing.After a few minutes I was getting ready to cum, images of my sister firmly at the front of my mind as I did. It was going to make a huge mess of my boxers again, but I was beyond caring. I just hoped I didn’t run out during the trip and have to get them cleaned somehow.My orgasm marked the release of all my pent up tension and allowed me to sink back into a much calmer state as I finished. I felt an incredible contentment, not nearly as concerned as I should have been over what Kylie and I had just done together. In fact, I probably spent more time thinking about what else might happen between us than worrying about what had already passed. After all, we were going to be sharing another room that night, there was no telling what that might bring.****The rest of the car ride was quiet, though not as awkward as it could have been. It had more to do with Kylie and I each spending a lot of time thinking than it did with us not wanting to talk.We spent some time with our parents at supper that night, somehow we’d made pretty decent time and dad was in a good mood. I didn’t dare spoil anything by mentioning that maybe he’d miscalculated the distance for the second day.The only real problem was how I kept worrying that mom and dad had to see there was something going on between Kylie and me, though any signs of it were far more noticeable to me since I was looking for them. Kylie basically told me to chill out a little when she had a chance, though I caught her looking nervous a couple times too. It was like an involuntary reaction that we’d built up from all those times we’d been caught doing something wrong as k**s. Parents might not be omniscient, but that didn’t mean they didn’t seem like it at times.It was a relief for me when we all finally retreated to our rooms, leaving Kylie and me alone. Her I could deal with. Well, not in a totally normal way recently, but at least I didn’t have to watch everything I said around her. She already knew about, and was a major part of, my current biggest secret.We started getting ready for bed earlier than we normally would have, which could have simply been because there was nothing much else to do. That said, I was glad to see Kylie pull out her laptop before she climbed into bed since it meant we were both probably thinking the same thing.”Are we having move night again?” I asked.She snorted softly, but didn’t look at all surprised by the question.”If you want.”I went to the bathroom to get changed first, then joined my sister on her bed. Once again we both covered partly up under the sheets to preserve some sliver of decency, even if it was getting to the point where any such attempt was a formality at best.We had better luck with videos this time, the first one Kylie tried seemed pretty good and it was almost twenty minutes long so it would last a little while. The guy in it was average enough, nothing about him stood out enough to distract me. The girl on the other hand bore a passing resemblance to Kylie, though I thought I was just imagining it at first since I’d been obsessing over her more than I should lately.”She kinda looks like me, doesn’t she?” Kylie said after a few minutes, confirming what I’d noticed.”Well, yeah. I guess she does.”Shit, now it was going to be even harder to not mentally put Kylie’s face on the girl’s body. The more I watched the less I could control my imagination, eventually giving up and closing my eyes so I could picture exactly what I wanted to. I wasn’t as subtle about it as I hoped though.”You’re thinking about it aren’t you?” Kylie asked. “About me.””Yeah. It’s hard not to.””We’ve been making things difficult for each other haven’t we? It’s getting so hard to be good. Maybe I never should have tried to start anything. Maybe this is why everybody’s so repressed, ’cause shit happens when you aren’t.”I smiled humourlessly. “If people weren’t repressed, what we’re doing wouldn’t even be an issue. As long as we don’t get too out of hand, it’s all just fun and it’s not hurting anyone. Except society doesn’t see it that way.””Is that how you see it, or are you just trying to rationalize it for me?””Both probably. But I really… I mean, I don’t regret anything we did. As long as you don’t either I think we’ll be okay.””No, I don’t regret it. How far do you think is too far though?””Well… sex obviously. Beyond that I don’t know, I haven’t had a chance to really think about exactly where the line is. If we haven’t passed it already of course.”Kylie didn’t respond to that right away and I assumed she was thinking it over. It was a weird time for introspection, but if she had things she needed to work out then I was hardly going to say anything about it. If I wasn’t busy jerking off I might have ended up lost in thought as well.”I liked having you look at me today,” Kylie said, almost in a whisper. “When we were in the car. I think that made me hornier than anything else, seeing how much you kept staring at me.””Well you’re hot, what else was I gonna do when you started taking clothes off?””But I’m your sister, it means more than that. I know because I was looking at you too and… I kinda wanted to see more when you were jacking off. I’ve seen naked guys Jase, and there’s plenty on the internet, but they aren’t like you. You’re different.””Because you’re not supposed to think of me like that?””Partly, yeah. But I think maybe because you mean more to me than anyone else ever has.””Kylie….””Seriously, I love you. I know it’s not supposed to include any sexual feelings when I say that, but it does.”The laptop and the porn on it were rapidly disappearing from relevance as I dealt with the new information from my sister. I didn’t think she was crushing on me or anything, I really hoped she wasn’t anyway. If she just saw me as interesting and forbidden the way I did her then we were fine. Probably. I loved her and a part of me wanted to see her naked, but that was about as far as it could get between us before we were in serious trouble of doing something irreversibly stupid.”You know I love you too,” I said. “And it’s not as innocent as it should be when I say that either. Let’s face it, we’re quite similar in a lot of ways. Almost like we’re related.””Yeah, almost.” Kylie smiled, then chewed on her lip. “How often do you think we’re thinking the same things and don’t even realize it?””I dunno, there’s really no way of knowing that. Why?””Because there’s something I want to do right now, and if you wanted it too it would make it easier.”Even though I didn’t know what she was talking about, the way she said it was suggestive enough to make me nervously excited. It had to be sexual, there’s no reason she would bring it up otherwise, and it was hardly going to be too extreme. Other than that I couldn’t be sure.I must not have responded quickly enough for Kylie because she didn’t wait. With her eyes locked on mine she reached under the sheet to my leg, then slid her fingers higher. I said nothing, hardly daring to breathe as I clued in to what she was doing.”Let me do it for you,” she whispered.”You don’t have to,” I said, making the most token protest of my life.Her delicate fingers closed on my cock, which had begun to soften in the midst of our conversation but now returned to life. She stroked me through my boxers until I was fully erect again, then tugged my waistband down with my help until my cock sprang free and was covered only by the sheet.”Does that feel okay?” she asked.”Fuck yes, that feels great. But you really don’t have to.”I kicked myself mentally even as I spoke for trying to dissuade her again. Sure it was kind of bad that my little sister was jerking me off, but it was so very good too. For different reasons of course.”It’s not only for you,” she said. “Honestly, I wanted to do this since last night. Watching you in the car earlier, that didn’t help either.”Her hand gradually gripped me more confidently as she continued stroking me, less like she was getting ready to pull away at any second. She had probably been worried that I’d tell her to stop at first, but when I didn’t initially put up much of a fight she correctly guessed that I wasn’t going to.”I had similar thoughts you know,” I said. “Though they had a lot more to do with wanting to see you than touch you.””Well, maybe sometime soon you’ll get to,” she said.She shifted a little closer to me, close enough that our hips were almost touching. I didn’t know if that was a hint, or just her getting more comfortable. Either way I decided if she was going to be jerking me off I probably had some freedom in what I did. I placed my hand on her leg just above the knee, nowhere inappropriate yet, but just enough to ask permission. She barely responded to me at all except for her eyes flashing at me for a second with a poorly-concealed grin.Kylie kept stroking me while I reached farther up her thigh, eventually coming to her panties. I was kind of hesitant at that point, I was doing something I never thought I’d be doing with my sister until very, very recently. She had started it though, and the slight widening of her legs as I approached her crotch was a fairly unambiguous sign of what her feelings were on the matter.”It’s okay,” she said.I had my doubts about that, but I wasn’t going to let it stop me. Once I found the waistband of her panties it was easy enough to slip my fingers under them, and all of a sudden I was touching my sister’s pussy. Other than what felt like a small triangle of hair right at the top, her pussy lips were perfectly smooth. She gasped softly as I made contact, then made a sound of encouragement as I continued to explore.She was wet even before I touched her, unsurprising considering she’d been masturbating already, and my finger slid easily along her slit. It was only then that the full realization of what I was doing hit me, that I was actually fingering my little sister. At the same time I didn’t freak out nearly as much as perhaps I should have. sister or not, Kylie was still a girl and she felt exactly like a girl is supposed to. Physically speaking I knew what I was doing, even if emotionally I was drifting farther and farther from known territory.After another minute or two I pushed a finger inside her, slowly penetrating her while her hand squeezed harder on my cock in response. She was going to make me cum, she was well on the way there already, and I wanted to do the same for her. I wanted to make her feel as good as I did, though I suspected I couldn’t manage that. My movements felt so clumsy compared to hers, and even if her job might have been the easier of the two anyway I wished I could do better.”Getting there,” I mumbled, sensing my orgasm approaching long before Kylie’s.”Okay, hang on a sec.”I experienced a surge of disappointment as her hand was suddenly gone, my immanent orgasm aborted.”What-“”I said just a second, I’m just trying to keep things a little tidier this time. You always seem to make a bit of a mess.””Like I can help it,” I muttered.Kylie pulled her panties down, brushing my hand with the material as she did, then all the way off. I was confused until I felt her grasp my urgently waiting again, this time with her panties wrapped around the head.”What the hell?” I managed, groaning in pleasure as she resumed stroking me.”You can just shoot into them, won’t have to clean up later.”There was something in her voice I was pretty sure I’d never heard before, an undisguised lust at what she was doing. As sensible as her decision may or may not have been, it made the whole thing somehow dirtier than it had been before and pushed me even closer to cumming.Kylie rocked her hips against my palm, trying to increase her stimulation as I finger-fucked her and I pressed back more firmly to help. It wasn’t enough though and I came before getting her there with me, spraying my semen into her panties.”That was it, wasn’t it?” Kylie said. “You just….””Yeah, sorry.””Don’t be.” She shook her head. “That’s what I wanted.”I was still fingering her, but with her attention now freed up one of her hands joined mine. Her fingers slipped down to her clit and our arms make contact as we both worked at getting her off.Kylie must have been closer than I thought because it wasn’t too long before she threw her head back and her pussy squeezed my fingers tight. She held my hand firmly against her through her orgasm, only releasing it was over. She relaxed with a contented sigh and looked at me as I sat up a little.”What ya doing?” she asked.I pulled her now very messy panties from under the covers.”Getting rid of these, unless you want them back.””No, not really. They’re probably going to need washed huh?””I would say so.” I tossed the panties on the floor and rearranged my boxers so they were covering me properly.”Are you going back to your bed?””Well I don’t know about you, but I need to get some sleep or I’m going to be useless for tomorrow.””I know, I just meant… stay with me Jason.””We’re only going to be like three feet apart.””Yeah. Yeah you’re right.”She was in the middle of shutting down her laptop that I’d almost forgotten was even there, but her eyes kept flicking in my direction.”You want me to sleep in your bed?” I asked.”No, it’s not important. I just felt like it’d be nice to be close to you for a while. You’re right though, you’re going to be in the same room anyway. What’s the difference?”I waited until she finished with her computer, then turned off her lamp. Without saying anything I lay down beside her and let her roll close to me. Compared to everything else, sleeping together was hardly a big deal. Plus it actually felt kind of nice to have her next to me.”Good night,” she whispered.”Night Kylie.”****For some reason I woke up early the next morning, early enough not to have to be woken up anyway. Kylie was cuddled up to me with her head resting half on my shoulder. I almost didn’t want to move for fear of waking her, but I really needed to use the bathroom. As carefully as I could I tried to slip away without disturbing my sleeping sister, but it didn’t work.”Mmph,” Kylie protested, trying to grab onto me before I made it off the bed.”I’ll be right back,” I promised. “Just stay there.”She wasn’t particularly difficult to fight off, especially since she refused to open her eyes. On my way by I pulled the covers on my bed back and halfway onto the floor to make it look like I’d slept there. Whether or not anyone would even notice was questionable.It turned out I didn’t have a chance to get back in bed with Kylie. We got our morning wake up call and after that it was pretty much a scramble to get dressed and packed up again. This time all four of us were having breakfast together before we got going, no arguments.We went to some place I didn’t recognize that was close by, apparently someone told mom they did good breakfasts. By the time Kylie and I had some coffee and our food arrived we were pretty much as awake as could be expected. Kylie put on a show of being awake too early in the day, but I knew it was more of an act than anything when she started teasing me.It wasn’t much at first, and certainly not anything too overt, just things like slipping her foot out of her sandal and running it up my leg or being more suggestive than necessary while eating. When she got some syrup on her finger from her pancakes she sucked it into her mouth while looking directly at me, purposefully drawing out the motion as long as she could. Whether her goal was to make me uncomfortable around our parents or just to keep my attention on her, it was working.I shifted my chair as close as I could to the table as Kylie’s foot got higher and higher up my leg. She seemed like she didn’t care if we got caught and I didn’t know what was up with her. I mouthed, “fuck off,” to her when our gazes met, but she only smiled sweetly at me and acted like nothing out of the ordinary was happening. By squeezing my legs together I managed to keep her from getting any farther, but that didn’t stop me from wondering in the back of my mind what her eventual goal had been.I waited until we were back in the car to finally turn to my sister and say, “what the fuck was all that about?””Just having some fun.” She shrugged.”Ky, we can’t just do whatever we want. We have to-“”I know, I know.” She sighed heavily and leaned against her door, arms crossed over her chest before continuing in a quieter voice. “I don’t know what I was thinking. Even when I woke up I didn’t want to let you go, the best I could do with mom and dad there was make sure you couldn’t ignore me. Maybe I’m just wicked clingy and I never realized it.”The last part was obviously meant as a joke, even if her heart wasn’t in it. Mostly she sounded confused and a little nervous.”You’d think two days stuck in a car with me would be enough illegal bahis for you,” I said.”Plus sharing a bed last night,” Kylie added.”Yeah. Seriously though, you know you don’t need to worry right? I’m not going anywhere and the important things between us haven’t changed. Maybe it’s the stuff we’re doing that’s making you thi-“”I got jealous last night,” Kylie interrupted.”What? Jealous of who?””That girl you were checking out in the parking lot. The one in the skirt that barely qualified as clothing.”I had to think back to the day before to try and remember who Kylie was talking about. It took me a minute, but then it clicked.”Oh, her? I wouldn’t have even thought about her again if you hadn’t reminded me. It was just a quick look.””I know, that’s the worst part. I’ve seen you look at loads of girls before and I never cared. Partly it was none of my business anyway, but I also knew it didn’t mean anything. That’s just what guys do. Hell, girls do it too. To guys I mean, or whatever. I don’t like that something so stupid made me react like I did.””Because I started looking at you that way,” I said, with dawning comprehension. “And it means something to you. To both of us.””Something like that. Things are just changing so fast, even if they’re only little things.””I didn’t say they weren’t important Kylie, but they still don’t come close to stopping you from being my sister. That’s going to stay the same regardless of where we end up.””Good, ’cause I don’t want to stop having you to tease sometimes,” Kylie said, a hint of her normal voice returning. “You were so funny to watch when we were eating and you didn’t want our parents to see how turned on you were getting.””What makes you think I wasn’t just annoyed?””Pff, like you can resist me.”I glanced at her, then thought for a couple seconds.”You’re right, I probably can’t.”My answer stunned her for a long moment, and I was tempted to award myself a small victory for it. If it had been any other instance of verbal sparring between us I would have. In this case though, I really meant it.”Great, so we’re both fucked up,” Kylie said at last.”Yep. You just figuring that out now?””Hardly, it’s been obvious for years. I never realized how bad it was though.””Enh, everyone’s fucked up. As long as we know it we’re ahead of the game.””If you say so.”****The last stage of our journey was thankfully much shorter than the previous days. Right around noon we made it to the resort and finally had somewhere to set up a little more permanently than our one-night rooms.At first I was disappointed. Not with the state of the room our parents led us to, but more with how it was set up. The main room was where our parents would sleep and where the three smaller rooms all attached. Ordinarily I wouldn’t have cared, but I’d been looking forward to more time with Kylie at night and now that would mean going through the main room to get to hers. Even the bathroom we’d be sharing only opened into the main room, meaning no sneaking through it to get to my sister.My disappointment lasted only until I was unpacking and noticed a balcony at the back of my room behind a curtain and a sliding door. Stepping outside on a whim to see what kind of view I had I found that Kylie’s room led to exactly the same balcony, which, given the room layout, I could have guessed if I’d been thinking. She hadn’t clued in yet and when I peeked through her doorway she was fully occupied laying out clothes on her bed.When she bent down away from me to rummage through her bags the opportunity was too good to resist and I carefully pushed her door farther open. It slid surprisingly quietly which worked well for my purposes. She just started to stand again when I reached her and grabbed her suddenly around the waist. Kylie squealed and tried to pull away, whipping around and looking about ready to punch me before she realized who I was.”Jerk! How did you even….”She trailed off as her eyes went to the now-pulled-back curtains at the back of her room and she saw the balcony they had hidden. Her mind went through what I was sure was the same line of thinking I’d had and a wide grin appeared on her face.”Found something interesting, thought you might want to see it too,” I said, even though her question had been answered before she finished asking it.”That certainly is interesting,” she agreed. “Speaking of which, I’ve got something I think you’ll like too. But you can’t see it right now. Meet me down by the pool in about fifteen minutes?”There was a large pool area out back, in the same area our balcony overlooked actually. I had no problem with some time in the water given the current temperature, but her suggestion sort of gave away what the surprise was.”Am I to assume you have a new swim suit?” I asked.”Maybe.””Is it… on the small side perhaps?””Maaaybe.” Kylie’s eyes twinkled and she didn’t appear to be at all upset that I’d guessed so quickly. “Let’s just say that mom would never have let me bring it if she knew about it.”I remembered clearly how my sister looked in just her bra and panties. If this outfit of hers covered as little or even less than that, she would definitely be getting some attention from me. I just hoped I’d be able to avoid getting caught staring at her. Even if there were only two other people here that knew our actual relationship, I didn’t trust it to stay that way.”So, pool? Fifteen minutes?” Kylie repeated.”Yeah, okay. Looks like they have an outside bar down there even, could be a fun afternoon.””Jase, you’re not even twenty-one yet.””No, but I can pass for it. Bet you they don’t say no.”Kylie snorted, but didn’t decline. “I have a feeling I’m going to lose again, but okay. If you have a drink by time I get down there then you win. You’re not going to make me regret this are you?””Of course not. After all, I’m not twenty-one. How could I possibly win?”****Getting a drink from the bar was easy. What I’d suspected but hadn’t bothered to explain to Kylie was that this wasn’t like going into a bar back home where teenagers were always trying something; this was a vacation spot and anyone here was either an adult or had an adult watching them. As long as you looked old enough and didn’t do something stupid, you could probably get away with it. It worked for me anyway.It was more like twenty minutes before Kylie showed up, and even when she did I didn’t immediately notice her. Not that I couldn’t recognize her when she got closer or anything, but at first glance all I saw was a girl in a bikini walking in my general direction. It was only when my gaze flicked toward her again a few seconds later that I realized who it was.”Hey Jase, thanks for saving me a seat,” she said, smiling as she grabbed my attention the way she liked to recently.When I picked out a lounger to wait in I had tossed a towel onto the one beside it to make sure no one else tried sitting there. In hindsight I was glad I thought of it.”No problem, couldn’t have you sitting with some other guy after all.””Aw, so you get jealous too huh?””Hard not to when you’re wearing something like that.””Thought you’d like it.”Kylie stuck her chest out a little more for my benefit before relaxing back in her seat. Despite my intent not to stare, it wasn’t as easy in practice. Her bikini was a light blue in colour and was little more than some barely adequate pieces of material tied together with strings. It looked amazing on her.”How are you going to avoid getting shit for wearing that out here?” I asked. “Or are you just hoping mom and dad won’t come out here?””I’m old enough to dress myself,” she said, though her smile faded slightly.”If you say so. I’m not going to be able to take your side without risking suspicion you know.””I know, that’s okay. There’s too many people around for them to make a scene over it anyway. Until we’re back in our room at least.” Kylie caught me taking a sip of my drink and apparently didn’t intend to ‘forget’ about our deal. “Dammit, they really let you have one? That’s some fucking sloppy work.””Don’t be mad dear sister, it’s not like you’re gonna have to do anything you wouldn’t like. Plus I got you one too.”I held out another glass to her and she took it after only a second of hesitation.”What is it?” she asked.”I dunno. I saw the girl at the bar getting a drink for someone else and I asked for two of the same. It was better than trying to think something up on the spot. It’s pretty good too. Kinda fruity, but good.”Kylie took a sip and nodded slowly.”Alright, it is good. You get to live for now.””You really don’t like losing to me do you?””Of course I don’t. If I don’t keep you in line you just get smug. You’re really annoying when you’re smug. Luckily it turns out all I have to do is wear less clothing and you get too distracted to bug me.””Guys are easy that way huh?””Mostly, yeah. Hey, I think I’m going to try out the pool, you want to join me?””Okay.”Kylie got up a little faster than I did and made it to the edge of the pool first. I was glad I had been in no hurry because I got to watch her dive in, a magnificent if somewhat brief sight. I made a mental note to try and get a better look at her ass when I had the chance. Immediately after that I realized just how weird it was to have a thought like that about my baby sister and have it feel almost normal. Checking her out may as well have been no more significant than doing the same to any other girl. I dove in after Kylie and found her treading water when I surfaced. The look on her face suggested she knew what was going on in my head, though she didn’t say anything about it.”Water feels nice,” she said.”Yeah, it does. Almost a little warmer than necessary though.””You’re just too picky.” Kylie nodded toward the far end of the pool. “Want to race there and back? I need to even out the score.”There were other swimmers in the water along with us; some k**s playing with a ball and someone relaxing on an inflatable chair, the usual sort of thing you’d expect from a shared pool. It was pretty big though, and not nearly crowded enough to prevent us from doing laps if we wanted. I had a different reason for not agreeing however.”We both know you’re a better swimmer,” I said. “I’m not giving you one for free.””Fine. How about seeing who can stay underwater longest, we haven’t done that one since we were k**s.”I felt like Kylie might still have an advantage there, but it wasn’t a given. Plus I didn’t want to ruin the spirit of the game we had going, not when I was up a point already and therefore had a safety net.”All right, on three?””On three,” she agreed.We each held up a hand with three fingers extended, and more or less at the same time counted down silently to zero when we both allowed our bodies to sink to the bottom of the pool. It always felt kind of weird when I first opened my eyes underwater, but I soon adjusted and saw Kylie looking right back at me. We faced off for a few seconds before she grinned and moved toward me.I watched curiously, unable to vocalize my question as my sister approached to within arm’s length. I probably should have been on my guard for her to try something, but it just didn’t occur to me. Possibly I was still too distracted by the novelty of her bikini.Kylie reached down and by the time I figured out what she was going for her hand was already pressed against my cock through my swim trunks. I hadn’t made it the point of getting a noticeable erection by then, but I wasn’t fully soft either. I was going to push her away, but she grasped my cock as well as she could manage through my shorts and I knew I wouldn’t be able to fight her off while simultaneously worrying about oxygen. I swam back up the short distance to the surface, breaking back into the air a good few seconds before Kylie, who followed me after making sure she had her victory.”Cheater,” I said.”Nuh-uh. I stayed under longer so I win, we didn’t have any other rules. We’re tied up now.””You like being tied up do you?””Well, sometimes. If I’m in the right mood.”Kylie raised an intrigued eyebrow and I felt her hand replace itself on my leg very close to my gradually hardening cock. As innuendo went it really wasn’t that extreme, but when it was with my sister? We both knew it was just a joke, but it was one more example of boundaries being pushed and our relationship evolving.I tried to look nonchalant as she slowly rubbed my cock, hoping no one would see anything suspicious in how close we were to each other. She wouldn’t dare give me a handjob right there in broad daylight, but that didn’t mean she wouldn’t try to embarrass me a little if she thought she could get away with it.”Want to go again?” she asked. “You might win the next one.””Not a chance. Not unless we’re on opposite sides of the pool.””You’re no fun.” Kylie pouted, then suddenly jerked her gaze away over my shoulder. “Shit, I was hoping they wouldn’t come down here.”As she pulled away from me as fast as she could while still in the water, I turned to figure out who she had seen. It was pretty obvious who it must have been, but I didn’t work that out until I saw them. It was our parents of course since who else would Kylie even recognize around here? They were still far away enough that I didn’t think they’d seen us yet, but they soon would.Kylie swam to the edge of the pool and hopped out, now wearing a far wetter and clingier version of her bikini. I had an excellent view of her butt once she was out of the water and the way her bottoms hugged her skin was simply unfair. How had I possibly managed to go so long without seeing her this way? It seemed inconceivable now.I stayed where I was while Kylie dried off and waited for our parents to spot her. Whether or not they had actually been looking for us, they did soon come over and talk with her. I didn’t know why my sister was so eager to let them see her in her bikini, but maybe she just wanted to get it over with early so it wouldn’t be an issue later on.As much as I would have liked to know how that conversation went I had no intention of joining them at least until my cock settled down. It took a while because there were a few reasonably attractive girls around and they made it hard to forget the recent images of my sister looking so goddamn hot.Eventually mom and dad left again without bothering to talk to me, so it couldn’t have been anything too important. I climbed out of the pool and slouched over a little as I walked back to my seat. I was pretty sure my erection had faded sufficiently at that point, but didn’t want to risk it if I didn’t have to.”So how’d that go?” I asked.”Enh, pretty much what I expected,” Kylie said. “They wanted to say something about my suit, they were pretty obvious about that, but they actually didn’t. They might be ready to let me grow up after all.””Oh like you’ve had it rough. They used up most of their parental concern on me, all you ever got was the occasional veto on your wardrobe.”Kylie stuck her tongue out at me in a deliberately c***dish move.”There was more to it than that, not that I’d expect you to understand. You don’t know everything about my life.””Sure, whatever you say. What did they want anyway?” I asked just to change the subject.”Oh, some stuff about how we’re on our own for the rest of the night because they have plans or something. I guess they’re worried we might starve without them around to tell us when it’s supper time.””That sounds about right for them.””Speaking of which, it does mean we’ll be unsupervised for a while. Wanna get room service later on and hang out in our room?””You know, I could probably go for that.”****Despite the intentions I think Kylie and I both had, we didn’t get up to much that evening. The nagging worry that our parents would come back unexpectedly kept our activities more or less innocent; mostly watching movies and enjoying a surprisingly comfortable couch. There was a little touching that went beyond a typical sibling relationship, but nothing that we couldn’t extricate ourselves from quickly should the need arise. If only our individual bedrooms came with their own locks we would have had at least that little bit of comofrt to let us mess around without fear.What I was really waiting for was bedtime, an odd source of excitement under normal circumstances. At least with our parents sleeping we could be reasonably sure they wouldn’t be wandering around and possibly interrupting us at whatever we ended up doing.I was slipping out of my clothes that night by my bed when Kylie came in through the balcony entrance. She was only wearing a shirt and panties, and the shirt was a regular one rather than a longer nightshirt. She stood and watched me until I had stripped down to my underwear.”Going to bed?” she asked.”Yeah. Maybe not by myself though,” I said.”I hope not.”She came closer, and as she did I got a better view of her bare legs and where her t-shirt pulled tight across her chest. She must have purposefully chosen a shirt that was slightly too small for her.”So, what do you want to do?” I asked.”I don’t know.” She walked right up to me, hands clasped behind her back and an innocent look on her face. “What do you want to do to me?”To. Not with, but to. The implication of her choice in words sent a small shiver down my back.”Kylie….””Or do you just want me to take care of you? I know you’d have trouble sleeping if I don’t and I’ve been teasing you all day.”Her hands went to my shoulders and I let her push me back onto my bed. She might have been acting as though I was in charge, but there was no question it was her game.Kylie reached climbed on top of me as I lay back, straddling my legs just above my knees. She reached for the waistband of my boxers, though she didn’t try to remove them. Her hands strayed tantalizingly close to my cock without actually touching it.”It felt good when you did it last night,” I said, not directly answering. “I’d….””You want me to do it again?” she whispered.I nodded and Kylie started to pull down my boxers. I made no move to stop her and soon my semi-hard cock popped free. Her eyes opened a little wider and she chewed on her lip hesitantly even as she wrapped her fingers around my shaft.It was a sudden and somewhat unexpected way for my sister to see my cock for the first time, but the way she stared at it while it grew to full size helped to settle any doubts I may have had. She seemed fascinated by it and the way she stroked me reflected that. The whole situation was far more intense than it had been when we were both partly covered up.Kylie’s lips were parted slightly and she had a glazed look in her eyes. Her hips rocked gently as she kept jerking me off, her pussy seeking stimulation of its own and finding none. I reached out impulsively to grab her butt in both hands and dragged her forward. She squeaked in surprise, then sucked in a sharp breath as her panty-covered crotch pressed against my cock.For a long moment we stared at each other and I worried that maybe I’d finally managed to push things past where Kylie was comfortable. It might simply have been the shock of my action rather than anything more serious however since she slowly resumed rocking her hips and consequently grinding her pussy against my erection. Only the thin material of her panties separated us.”Jason…” she breathed.”What? What is it?”Kylie shook her head, deciding against saying whatever it was. She had leaned forward to brace herself on her arms and her breasts were so close to my face. I wanted to pull her shirt off and moved my hands to her lower back, preparing to work up to it.All of a sudden she stopped, backing off just enough that I could no longer feel her against my cock. I was pretty sure she hadn’t cum already, but she didn’t look like she’d had a change of heart about the whole thing either.”Ky, what’s wrong?””Nothing, nothing’s wrong at all. But it makes me want more and I need to stop now before I do something we’ll regret later. We agreed sex was too far.””Yeah, we did. I understand.”I was disappointed and didn’t try to hide it. We were both feeling more or less the same range of emotions and arguing over it wasn’t going accomplish anything. It was pretty obvious from Kylie’s face that she didn’t want to stop any more than I did, but if she felt like she couldn’t control herself the last thing I wanted to do was push her into something she’d hate herself for.”We could do something else,” I suggested. “Something with not as much touching.”Kylie still hadn’t moved, seeming reluctant to get off of me even though I would have thought a little space would help with her conflicting thoughts.”This might sound stupid,” she said slowly. “And I know I’m not thinking as clearly as I should be but….” She looked directly into my eyes, working up the nerve for whatever she was about to say. “What if you put it in my butt?”The words were so quiet, but I could tell she was deadly serious.”Um, are you sure you’d want that?””I know it’s still pretty bad, but it’s not as bad right? What if we just tried it once and then pretended it never happened?””Kylie, if we actually do it we have to do it knowing it’s not going to go away. I’m not going to be able to forget it if we….” I swallowed hard. “If we fuck.”That’s what it would be I realized. It might not be normal sex, but it would still be sex.”You’re right, maybe we shouldn’t,” Kylie said.”I didn’t say that, just that if we do we can’t ignore what it means. And I honestly have no idea what it would mean.””It means we’re horny and stupid. I know I am right now.” Kylie forced a small, humourless laugh, then looked at me critically. “Do you want to do it?”There it was, the question I was trying not to think about while I was helping Kylie with her own mental struggles. Obviously it was exactly the sort of thing I shouldn’t dream of doing with my baby sister, yet here I was considering it.”I don’t want to do anything that might hurt you,” I said, not committing to anything. “Especially something that’s only going to hurt later when it’s too late to change what we already did.””That didn’t sound like a no.” Despite the tension Kylie had the beginning of a genuine smile forming on her face. “You really do want to don’t you?””Yes. But that still doesn’t mean we should.””No, it doesn’t. We need to figure this out or we’ll be here all night.””We could always leave it for tomorrow and stick with something less potentially traumatic tonight.””Maybe that would be best,” Kylie said with a sigh.Neither of us really wanted to wait, but we also couldn’t come up with a way to dispel all the fears of what could go wrong. Or a definitive reason why we should give up permanently for that matter.”Actually, I don’t know if I can let this drop just like that,” Kylie said after a moment. “Pick a number between one and ten, but don’t tell me.””Really? Kylie we can’t decide something like this by luck.””I know, I know. But look, I’ll only have a one in ten chance of getting it right. If I don’t get it then I won’t even mention it again until tomorrow.””I still don’t think-“”Come one Jase, you and I both know we could go either way here. I don’t think you’d really be all that upset even if I do win.””That’s not the point,” I muttered. “But fine, whatever. Take your guess.”Despite my protests, I wasn’t entirely opposed to Kylie’s plan. Sure the odds were on the side of nothing happening, but I found myself hoping that she’d guess correctly. I picked three and waited for her choice.”Five,” Kylie said.And that was the end of that. I was about to tell her which number it actually was when I paused just for a second. It was completely within my power to say any number I wanted, it’s not like it was written down anywhere. Kylie was watching me expectantly and as I looked at her I realized that this guessing game meant more than a coin flip. This wasn’t a decision where the end result didn’t really matter, the very fact that we were taking the chance said enough all on its own.”Yeah, it was five,” I found myself saying.Kylie smiled knowingly and leaned in closer to me.”Liar,” she said.I was pretty sure I’d never had a girl, or anyone for that matter, look so happy while they called me on my bullshit. It did give me the distinct impression that I’d deciphered her motivations correctly though.”Maybe. You’ll never know.””I suppose you’re right, but I can live with that.” She stood up and started walking back to her room. “Wait here, I’ll be right back.””Uh, okay.”I felt eerily calm as I waited for Kylie to return. I didn’t know precisely what I should be feeling, but it should have been something. It must have been a case of some part of my brain not registering what was going to happen, that I was going to have sex with my little sister. That was the sort of thing there might not be an instinctive reaction for since, really, how often was it going to come up?I stripped off my boxers while I was just sitting there since they weren’t covering anything anyway. Before I started wondering too much about what Kylie was doing she came back with something clutched in her hand.”Lube,” she explained as she saw me looking. “It might help.””Oh yeah, never even thought of that.” I frowned slightly. “Did you bring that with you from home?””Yes, but I never intended to use it with anybody. It was mostly for if I got too bored and needed something to amuse me for a while.”My mind slowly processed the information, able to some up with only one possibility for what she was alluding to.”You mean you brought… toys?””Uh huh. I might even let you see them if you ask nicely.”Kylie bounced onto the bed beside me and we lapsed into a brief awkward silence. All those times in the past couple days when I’d wanted to see my sister without clothes on, now it was going to happen.”You’ll probably need to take your panties,” I said eventually. “You could take off your shirt too if you want, you don’t have to though.”She nodded and pulled her shirt up her tummy, looking a little shy as it passed over her breasts and finally off. I gave her a reassuring smile even while I tried not to stare too blatantly at her chest. As far as I was concerned she had nothing to be embarrassed about. They may not have been the biggest breasts in the world, but they were nicely round and firm, fitting perfectly on her body.”And your panties,” I prodded.”Could you… could you do them for me?” she asked.Why that was easier for her I didn’t know, but I was happy to help if that’s what she wanted. I knelt down in front of her and took hold of her panties on either side between my fingers. Kylie raised her butt as I pulled them down and allowed me to drag them all the way off her feet.When I looked back up I was staring directly at the most beautiful bare pussy I had ever seen. It seemed so tiny and delicate, almost cute. I was somewhat confused however by the lack of any hair.”I had to shave it all,” Kylie said as though she could read my mind. “With that bikini I was wearing, it didn’t hide much.””Well it’s beautiful,” I assured her. “Just like the rest of you.”Kylie blushed and I almost felt like I should apologize for the compliment that had slipped out naturally.”Thanks,” she said in a soft voice.We were both naked and on my bed, but now it seemed that neither one of us knew what to do next. Or more to the point, we were reluctant to take the lead.”So, I guess we should do this,” I said at last, hoping to goad Kylie into action. “Or at least start getting you ready. I don’t think it’s going to be easy for you to relax, but you’re going to need to.””I’ve actually been working on that already.”My confusion must have been obvious because Kylie gave me a crooked smile and started to roll over. She looked back at me like she was going to say something else, then decided not to and finished repositioning herself. With my sister now lying on her stomach it became clear what she had been hinting at.”One of your toys?” I said.I put one hand on her butt to gently spread her cheeks and get a better view. Right in the middle, protruding somewhat obscenely from her ass was the rubbery end of what looked like a butt plug.”One of my toys,” she confirmed. “I put it in earlier, should make sex a little easier.””How much earlier? Like before you came in here?””Oh, earlier than that. I like wearing it around you when you have no clue, feels kinda sexy. And dirty.””You’re bad, little sister.” I shook my head, though really I agreed that it was pretty hot. “Was it just tonight, or did you do it to me other times too.””That first day in the car, when I was bored out of my skull, that was the first time I ever did it when I was around someone. Maybe that’s why I was thinking about sex so much. Then I put it in again the next day too and, well, we ended up here.””We did, didn’t we.”It occurred to me belatedly that I was still fondling Kylie’s butt, and also that I had no interest in stopping. Everything about her was conspiring to drive me crazy and with each passing moment I grew more certain that I wanted to do this.”I guess I should take it out,” I said.”That would help. Gonna be hard to stick anything else in there otherwise.”Kylie’s tone was teasing, but I sensed the same nervous anticipation in her as in me. I tentatively took hold of the flared base of her butt plug and pulled on it. It moved only reluctantly at first, stretching her wider until suddenly we were past the largest part and the whole thing popped out.I noted that the plug wasn’t as big as I expected, no doubt because porn gave me a skewed perspective on what size girls tended to use, but otherwise ignored it and set it aside. I was much more interested in my sister. Her hole hadn’t quite closed after having her toy in there for so long and I knew there was no point waiting since her ass was about as relaxed as we could hope for.”Make sure you use lots of lube,” Kylie said, not looking back at me but spreading her legs a little more in invitation.”Don’t worry, I know that part.”I took the lube and squirted a good amount right over her asshole. She jumped slightly at the unexpected sensation, but seemed to like it when I started to spread it around with my fingers. I had intended to start pressing gently against her hole and let it accept me at its own pace, but I underestimated how much of an effect her preparation had and I was able to slide my finger in almost immediately.Kylie moaned in pleasure as I moved my finger back and forth in small motions. Her butt actually started rocking in time with me and I was tempted to just sit there and finger-fuck her for a while. I was far too horny for that though and I needed some stimulation of my own.”Are you ready?” I asked.”Uh-huh, do it Jase. God I want it so bad.”I had removed my finger and was applying lube to my cock just to be sure there was enough when Kylie raised her lower half up onto her knees. The wanton display of my sister sticking her ass up at me and wiggling it impatiently was just too much and even if she had second thoughts at that point I might not have been able to stop.I knelt behind Kylie, urging her a little farther into the middle of the bed to give me room, and pressed the head of my erection against her butt where my finger had so recently vacated. My cock was significantly bigger however, and the ease I’d had before was replaced a barrier that didn’t quite want to let me in.”Shit, you’re bigger than anything I’ve tried before,” Kylie said.”Just relax.””I’m trying. It’s not easy when my brother’s about to fuck me.”Her statement sent made my already rock-hard cock twitch and I began to worry that at the rate we were going I was going to cum before I even got inside her.”Actually you’re going to be the first guy to get me back there,” Kylie said thoughtfully. “Kind of a weird… holy fuck!”The very tip of my cock had made it past her outer ring and I froze instantly as I heard illegal bahis siteleri the pain in her voice.”Sorry, do you want me to pull out?””No, stay there just… fuck that kind of hurts. I think I tightened back up as soon as you got in. I got too excited.”She was probably right, the way she was squeezing me I couldn’t imagine how I could possibly have made it inside. If my whole shaft had been in I might have well have cum simply from how tight it was. As it was the mental concentration involved in forcing myself not to move was enough to calm me down a little.”Just relax,” I said.”I’m trying, it’s not easy you know.””I know.”I leaned down into a position that wasn’t great for sex, but put my face right at the top of Kylie’s back. Mainly I wanted to help, though the smooth skin just below her neck was inviting enough that my motivations were not entirely selfless. I placed soft kisses between her shoulder blades and gradually explored farther away from my chosen centre point.”That’s kind of nice,” Kylie told me.”Glad you like it.”It seemed to be working too, before long her ass once again relaxed enough that I could move without hurting her. I waited a little longer just to make sure until she gave me a signal that she felt the same.”Okay, I think I’m good now,” she said a moment later. “But go slow.””Trust me, I will.”I had used more than enough lube and once Kylie’s body was ready to accept me moving inside her wasn’t as difficult as it could have been considering anal sex was so new to her. Her practice with her toys had paid off in that respect at least.Using only very small back and forth thrusts I penetrated deeper into my sister’s ass until she started rocking back against me. Once she began responding like that I felt more confident that she truly was enjoying herself more than she was in pain. I had no illusions that it wouldn’t still hurt at least a little, but given time she might be able to move beyond that.When I finally bottomed out I stopped and held myself there for a moment. It was so incredible to think that Kylie and I were naked with my cock fully buried in her ass. Of all the moments in my life important enough to remember years later, I knew this was going to hit pretty damn near the top of the list.Kylie apparently didn’t agree with my decision to pause for the occasion and made a small whining noise like a c***d who wasn’t getting what they wanted. She took it upon herself to move on my cock as best she could and I took longer than necessary to rejoin her. There was something primally satisfying about watching my sister, or any girl really, craving release so badly. Not that I would, but if I started fucking her for real then I suspected she wouldn’t have made a single complaint. I would definitely catch hell for it afterward though, when she was thinking more clearly.”Fucking hell,” Kylie moaned.With her facing away from me I couldn’t see her face to gauge her reaction, but there were enough other hints there to give me a good idea how she was feeling. Especially once she stuck a hand between her legs and started fingering herself while I continued fucking her from behind. I wondered how close she was and, perhaps more importantly, whether I’d be able to hold out long enough. I was in a situation where I didn’t want to cum right away, but was too turned on to do much about it.”Hey Jase,” Kylie said, her words coming about as unevenly as her breathing.”Yeah?””When you’re ready, don’t pull out okay?”She wanted me to cum in her ass? That was fine with me, though the thought didn’t do anything to help me last longer. Already that feeling was creeping up on me that told me my orgasm was going to hit soon. It wasn’t what I wanted, but how the hell was I supposed to resist something so hot?A few more strokes and I was there, too far gone for anything to stop me. I shot my semen deep inside my sister while she hissed in pleasure at the sensation it produced. As I had feared I did end up cumming before her, but not by much as she followed me by only seconds. Afterward, as though it was synchronized somehow, we collapsed together on the mattress. I had to fall to the side a bit to avoid landing on her and she immediately closed up the small gap that left between us.”You came in my butt,” Kylie said, as if it was the first I was hearing of it.”You told me to.””I know, it’s just so… I don’t even know if I can think of the right word. It somehow doesn’t feel real even though I know it is.” She looked at me seriously. “We just had sex.””Does that bother you?””It should, but it doesn’t. You know what I’m actually thinking?””No, I barely know what I’m thinking right now.””I was worried it wouldn’t be as good as I hoped when I actually tried it,” she said, ignoring my attempt at humour. “Like real anal not just with toys or whatever. Now I know I like it. And even though it’s weird, I’m kinda glad I got to try it with you for my first time. The guy I had regular sex with the first time, we don’t even talk any more. Feels like I messed up when I think about it sometimes.”I pulled Kylie to me, letting her nestle in my arms and know that I was feeling as okay with everything as she was.”I almost wish this could have been my first time with anal too,” I said. “Would have been nice in a fucked up kind of way. It was still a first for me in one way though.””Wha- oh, because I’m your sister.” She giggled softly, then had to stifled a yawn partway through.”Yeah. If anything that’s going to make it more memorable than if you were just the first girl who let me stick it in her butt.””Mmm, that’s a nice thought. Your wording leaves a little to be desired though.””It often does.”Kylie was showing signs of being tired, and I knew I was getting there too. As our conversation faded away I noticed at some point that she had fallen asleep. Within another few minutes so had I.****Despite the night I’d had, I woke up earlier than I’d managed the whole trip so far. Kylie wasn’t right beside me which left me disappointed until I located her sitting on the end of the bed. She was still completely naked and was watching the sun come up looking fully content with the world. She smiled as she saw my eyes were open, but didn’t say anything. For a couple minutes I lay where I was and stared, hypnotized in my semi-awake state by the beauty of my naked sister who was sitting at just the perfect angle in the early morning light.Then she broke the spell by stretching, an interesting process all on its own, and turned to sit cross-legged facing me. It didn’t have quite the same effect, but the view of her exposed pussy along with her breasts made for a decent consolation prize.”Morning sleepy,” she greeted me.”Don’t give me that, any other day you’d still be asleep too,” I said.The clock beside the bed said it wasn’t even seven yet, hardly a fair time of day to be getting teased about sleeping in.”I didn’t seem to need as much sleep last night,” she said. “I remember being so tired, then I woke up and I just didn’t feel like staying where I was. I would have gone to find something to do except… I didn’t really want to leave.””Were you watching me?””Some, you and the sun. You looked so peaceful, I don’t think I’ve ever seen you like that. Like a big baby. And I mean that in a good way.”She took my hand and squeezed gently, as though urging me not to be upset at the baby comparison.”Well, whatever. I’ve been called worse I suppose.”With Kylie naked right in front of me I was naturally getting an erection, though it was hidden beneath the sheet that half-covered me. I didn’t even remember pulling it over me, maybe I’d done it in my sleep.”We should do something today,” Kylie announced suddenly.”Uh, like what?” I asked, having trouble switching gears so quickly.”I don’t know, just something together. Unless… if you think we need space….””No, that sounds good,” I said, picking up on the obvious signals that my sister would be hurt if I tried to get away from her. As if I even wanted to. Whatever might have changed between us last night, I didn’t even consider spending the day apart to be a real option.”Great. There must be touristy shit around so I guess we could go check it out until we figure out something else. Or if you have any ideas.””I’m barely awake right now, I’m hardly capable of planning a day out.””Okay, well I’m gonna head back to my room. I don’t think we’ll be bothered, but if we were it’d be better if we had clothes on.”She stood up and started to walk away, drawing my eyes straight to her swaying ass. The ass I’d fucked the night before. If I used to think my little sister could drive me crazy when we were younger, that was nothing compared to now. Though the context was quite a bit different.Once Kylie left I had to make the decision on whether or not to jerk off before getting up. I was already semi-hard, and I had plenty of masturbation fodder in my mind. It just didn’t seem nearly so appealing when there was someone so close by who could do the job for me.I lay there indecisively, not quite awake and unable to muster the will to actually do anything. Gradually my erection faded and the sound of our parents leaving from the next room finally pushed me to get up. I might as well get in a shower while I was pretty sure it was free. I did think of seeing if Kylie wanted to join me, but that would be pushing my luck. Especially when I didn’t know how long mom and dad would be gone.I did feel better after standing under the water for a few minutes. My dazed state was partly replaced by a growing alertness and energy that I would need for the day ahead. By the time I got out of the shower I was awake enough to start getting hungry. I’d wait for Kylie before going to get breakfast though, unless she took an obnoxiously long time.When I returned to my room to get dressed I left the door open, so I knew when Kylie took her turn in the bathroom. After hearing the shower come on again it was only a moment or two before I realized how dumb it was to wait around for her and imagine her naked under the streaming water when I could just go watch. If she told me to leave then I would.The shower had a glass door on it that fogged up with the hot water, meaning I couldn’t see much through it. Kylie also couldn’t see and had to slide the door open far enough to peek through at me when she heard me enter.”Oh, it’s you,” she said. “What did you do, forget something?””No, just don’t have anything better to do.””So you decided to come perv on me?””Pretty much. Too bad I can’t really see anything.””You’ve seen it all by now anyway, I don’t know why you’re so fascinated.””Yes you do. If you’d thought of it you would have done the same to me.””Well… okay maybe.”Unfortunately sitting on floor there only a couple feet away from my sister was hardly much better than staying in my room. We did get to talk a little I suppose, but mainly I was waiting for the moment when she had to get out. When she did she realized, as I had earlier, that there were no towels within reach unless you had the foresight to hang one up ahead of time.”Could you get me a towel, or are you going to be a brat make me get it myself?” she asked.She was already halfway exposed from where she stood with the shower door partly opened, but to get a towel she’d need to get all the way out. I considered not helping her, but decided to be nice. The possibility of sex was a powerful motivator to keep her happy.”Thanks,” she said, sounding a little surprised as I handed her a towel.”No problem.”I hadn’t even been thinking about it, but as Kylie dried herself off I got a pretty decent view since she didn’t immediately wrap the towel around her body. For some reason I had assumed that’s what she would do, but at this point modesty was no longer the same issue it used to be for us.It took longer than it should have, but eventually I clued in that she was showing off for me. The desire she had for my attention manifested itself once again and I belatedly caught the glint in her eye as she dried herself off far more thoroughly than necessary. When she finished up and returned to her room wearing only her towel, I followed.”You’re just going to follow me around all day like a puppy aren’t you?” Kylie said in tone that told me she didn’t actually mind.I shrugged noncommittally and sat down on her bed. She rolled her eyes theatrically and started getting dressed.It turned out to be a very involved process, possibly for my benefit. Certainly the amount of time she spent brushing her hair in the mirror while her towel only just barely managed to cover her butt was longer than it needed to be. And when she slipped on a pair of panties to wear while she decided on her outfit for the day she may as well have announced that she was enjoying being the sole focus of my attention. I would have bet good money that she didn’t usually parade around topless while figuring out what she wanted to wear.Once the novelty wore off a little Kylie finally chose a light sundress and put it on without a bra. It meant she was actually dressed properly, but there was still something sexy about knowing she only had two pieces of clothing on.”Ready to go?” she asked, adopting an innocent look like she hadn’t just spent fifteen minutes making me horny.”Yeah. Breakfast first, then go see what there is?””Sounds good.”The bulge in my shorts faded away as we walked and by the time we reached the dining area of the building I had calmed down fully. There was a buffet style of service set up pretty much all day in a room on the bottom floor, no doubt to deal with guests operating on whatever schedules they felt like. Kylie teased me about how much food I got, but I think she was as hungry as I was and ate more than she normally would have too.After that we were off to explore the local area, which turned out to mostly mean shopping. Not shopping in the ‘enter a store and buy something’ sense, but more in the ‘wander around and look at absolutely everything’ kind of way. Most of the shops nearby were clearly designed for vacationers and sold the sort of things you wouldn’t look twice at normally but make a good memento.Any other time I would have gotten bored quickly and tried to get out of it. This time though, I had Kylie to hold my attention. While she looked through displays of trinkets and jewelry, I looked at her. When I got the chance I would let my hand rest on her butt or wrap an arm around her waist, attaining discreet contact with her as much as possible. She fought me off when I did, swatting at me playfully or trying to give me a glare, but not once did I get the impression she wanted me to stop.At one point she had picked out a necklace and was holding it up to her throat so she could examine the look in a nearby mirror. When she asked my opinion I stood directly behind her and rested my chin on her shoulder while I pretended to examine her reflection critically.”Very nice,” I said.”The necklace, or my boobs?””Both. I wasn’t really looking at the necklace though.”Kylie sighed and grabbed my wrists before my arms could completely encircle her.”You’re going to get us in trouble if you keep this up you know,” she said.”No one knows who we are,” I said. “We can do whatever we want here.””Yeah, but I might get used to it. And what exactly is it that we want to do?”I shrugged. “I want to be close to you, that’s about as far as my thoughts get right now.””Well I appreciate the sentiment, just try to keep it casual okay?””Okay.”****A few hours later and we’d bought a grand total of one thing. Or two things, however you want to count a pair of earrings. I ended up paying for them since Kylie didn’t bring any money with her and I realized she’d either expected not to buy anything or she’d planned on me paying right from the beginning. Either way it annoyed me slightly, but the earrings really did look good on her.We stopped at an outdoor cafe sometime in the early afternoon for something resembling lunch. My internal schedule was so messed up the normal order of things didn’t seem all that important.”You’re staring at me again,” Kylie said, sipping on her iced coffee. “People are going to get the wrong idea.””You don’t think they haven’t been already?” I said. “Anyone who’s paid any attention at all will think we’re a couple. It’s not just me, the way you act isn’t like I’m your brother either. The way you drag me around between shops is much more like a girlfriend than a sister.””Jase, what are we going to do? Mom and dad might be slow, but even they’re going to pick up on something eventually.” She studied the tabletop intently as she continued, avoiding my gaze entirely. “It was… I never intended for things to get nearly this far. I never even thought they could.””But they did,” I said softly.”Yeah, guess that’s what happens when you try to fix something that’s not broken. Even if it doesn’t break it still changes.””On the bright side, we are closer than we ever were before. That’s what you wanted right?””Yeah, but… this might actually be too close. I’ve been feeling things I really shouldn’t be feeling about you. I guess that’s probably obvious after what we did last night.””That doesn’t have to be a bad thing though, especially if we’re both feeling the same way.”She looked up at me then, staring intently at me as though she was trying to see inside my brain.”But how long is it going to last?””What do you mean?””You know what I mean Jase. Once we get home and things go back to normal, how long will it be before something changes again?””Maybe we shouldn’t worry about that yet. We have time, we can figure things out.””Yeah, I guess.”She clearly didn’t buy it, but I wasn’t sure what she wanted to hear.It wasn’t until later after we left the cafe and were heading back that she brought the subject up again. She’d been quiet for a while and the sudden leap back into our discussion left me a little confused for a moment.”Walking around like this, it’s going to be different when people know us,” she said.”Um, okay?””Seriously, are you really going to want to be seen hanging out with your little sister all the time? And that’s not even counting how careful we’re going to have to be not to do anything that gives us away. Plus-“”Kylie,” I interrupted, “are you trying to convince me that things have to back to normal, or are you just hoping I have an easy solution?””… more the second one,” she said quietly.”Then I can’t help you. There are going to be problems no matter what we do at this point. But at least we can deal with them together, right?””I guess that’s true.” She took my hand and squeezed it. “I’ll always have my brother to back me up.””Damn straight. So don’t even worry about anything, we can take care of it when it comes up.”Kylie seemed okay with that, and her mood generally improved to the point where she actually started humming tunes that I either couldn’t recognize or she just made up. She didn’t let go of my hand either, whether on purpose or because she just didn’t think about it. All I knew was I was intensely aware of us holding hands and how I had absolutely no problem with it. She had a point when she mentioned how I’d feel acting this way around people we knew, but when we were anonymous it just felt nice to be able to display affection so casually.”So are we gonna be, like, together now?” Kylie asked me.”I think so, yes,” I said.”What does that make me then? Girlfriend doesn’t sound quite right in this case.””Maybe not. I don’t know, I never really thought about it. You’re still my sister to me.””Yeah, but I’m kind of more than that now though. Right?””Depends on how you look at it. You’re definitely more to me than the average sister would be to her brother, on the other hand you’re the only girl who’s ever going to be my sister. It’s a unique position for you and it means more to me than a ‘girlfriend’ would at this point.””Hm, I guess I can accept it when you put it that way. Just as long as you don’t go thinking you can have a girlfriend on the side too,” she teased.”Don’t worry, I don’t have a death wish. I know better than to piss you off that badly.””And here I thought you never learned.”She leaned in to kiss me on the cheek, a sweet and fairly innocent gesture. It made me realize that with everything we’d done, I had yet to kiss my sister properly. The time wasn’t right for it, but as soon as the thought was in my mind I knew I would have to fix that in the near future.****If anything there was more anticipation leading up to that night than any of the others. Our relationship had officially changed now, and unlike previous nights I could be fairly confident about what was going to happen. There was next to no chance Kylie was going to decide she wanted to spend it alone, or tell me that we’d been pushing too far. This time I was going in practically knowing that I’d be having sex with my sister again.The sheer amount of waiting I had to do that evening and into the night was torturous. We had to make sure our parents were asleep though, and that was the only thing that kept me just barely in my room once I was supposed to be going to bed. I wanted to go to my sister through our secret balcony route, but instead alternated pacing restlessly and fidgeting with any loose object I came across. If I had to imagine the perfect hell it would have been those long minutes stretched out to eternity.Kylie snuck up on me while I had my back turned and I only coincidentally caught her walking toward me before she reached me. I was at first elated to see her, then confused what she was doing. It couldn’t be time yet.”You look like you’re waiting for someone,” she said.She was wearing a slightly too-long t-shirt with no other clothing visible, though her underwear status was indeterminate. It made me want to grab her and find out exactly what was underneath.”Yeah, I was. Um, what are you doing here already? Mom and dad can’t possibly be asleep already.””No, probably not. I couldn’t wait that long.”She moved to my door and bent down, letting her shirt rise high enough that her butt peeked out at me and confirmed she wasn’t wearing any panties. My cock twitched in response to the image before me and my reservoir of restraint began to run dangerously low.In an absolutely brilliant move Kylie grabbed the door stop from where it had lain unnoticed by me and shoved it under the closed door, effectively barring access to anyone on the other side. I had neither paid any attention to the object before, nor would I ever have thought to use it that way.”Would have been easier if they just gave us locks on these doors,” she said as she stood up again.”Lucky I have you here, I would never have figured that one out.””Yeah, but you wouldn’t have needed to figure it out if I wasn’t here either.”I stepped close to Kylie and placed my hands on her hips, loving the feeling of holding her and slowly drawing her closer to me.”What fun would that be?” I said.She let me run my hands over her hips and tummy, not yet straying under her shirt but getting close. I was wearing only a pair of boxers since I hadn’t anticipated needing any more clothing than that and Kylie amused herself by tracing her fingers across my chest. The two of us stood there for a few moments just touching each other and exploring areas previously off-limits to us. To think, all that time we’d lived together and I’d had full access to her if only either of us had realized the potential was there. But maybe it would have been better to wait anyway, to make sure we could fully appreciate what we had. Who knew what could have happened at various stages of our lives.Eventually she looked up at me, an unintentionally naive and innocent look on her face.”Are you ready?” she asked me.I couldn’t help my lips curving upward in amusement at her question.”I’ve been ready for a while,” I said. “I can’t believe I lasted this long.””Well, you should take me to bed then.”I did as she instructed, guiding her willing body to my bed and gently backing her up toward it.”Did you bring the lube with you again, or did you leave it here from last night?” I asked as I moved her into position.”Um, actually I don’t know. It doesn’t really matter, or at least I don’t think it does.” Kylie chewed on her bottom lip briefly as she looked at me. “Jase, I’m your girl now right? So… you should be able to have me for real. Even if we decided we couldn’t before.”In case I missed her point she took my hand and brought it down to below the hem of her shirt. I didn’t need her help to find her pussy and soon cupped it in my palm as she watched expectantly.”Kylie…” I breathed.”You can still have my butt when you want, as long as we do it this way once,” she said. “I’m still too sore to try it again right away though so….””Ky, you’re right. Things were different when we set that rule. There’s no reason now why we shouldn’t if we’re going to be together.”She didn’t say anything to that, only reached down and grabbed the bottom of her shirt with both hands. Slowly, teasingly, she pulled it up about halfway to her breasts, then abruptly removed it completely in one smooth motion. I gave her a small push while she was off-balance from her maneuver and she fell naked and giggling onto the bed.I was more than a little aroused by now, the effects of which were becoming increasingly noticeable to my sister. Her gaze was drawn to my crotch even as she scooted back farther on the mattress. When I started to remove my boxers she made an approving noise and propped herself up on her arms in a half-sitting position to watch. After the night before there really wasn’t anything new to be revealed for either of us, but that didn’t mean we weren’t going to enjoy seeing it again.My cock was stiff enough to bounce slightly as it was freed from its cloth prison. Kylie never took her eyes off of it as I climbed onto the bed and slowly crawled on top of her. We were both fully naked and more than a little horny, a state that only got more intense with every passing second.”I need you pretty bad right now,” I told her.”Mmm, good ’cause I need you too.”I was on my hands and knees, more or less face to face with my beautiful little sister. A few simple movements and I could be inside her if I wanted, it would all be so easy. But before that there was something else I needed to take care of.Kylie was so focused on other parts of my body she didn’t react to me lowering my head until it was only inches away. She parted her lips slightly, probably more in surprise than because she knew what I was doing, but either way I took the opportunity to kiss her. It didn’t take her long to respond and even though it was our first kiss it soon felt like the most natural thing in the world to be doing. Like we had done it hundreds of times before.We needed air of course, but that was the only thing that separated us even briefly over the next few minutes. I didn’t quite understand what it was about her lips that captivated me so much, only that I couldn’t seem to tear myself away once I started. Kylie didn’t want me to either and by grabbing my shoulders slowly pulled me down on top of her until my cock was brushing against her pussy.I didn’t need to look, didn’t need to spare it any attention. Our bodies knew what they were doing. The instinctive rocking of our hips did most of the work, first teasing her pussy with the tip of my cock and gradually becoming more insistent until I was no longer sliding across her entrance and was instead trying to get in.I eventually had to adjust my position to allow more than the head of my cock into her, and in doing so had my first chance to look at my sister since I kissed her. Her face was flushed and eager, leaving absolutely no doubt that she was as ready as I was. When I paused just for a second she nodded encouragingly and urged me onward with pressure from her hands. I had no intention of denying her and resumed what I had started. Kylie moaned happily as I pushed deeper into her and spread her legs to what seemed like an uncomfortable distance apart in order to give me as much room as possible.”Oh god we’re really doing it,” she whispered, as much to herself as to me.”Uh huh,” I grunted back.And we were, there was no way around it. We were having sex.Technically I suppose it was the second time depending on how you counted it, but unlike the night before there were no excuses or attempts to skirt the reality of the situation. We accepted what was happening and we both wanted it.Kylie arched her head back as I started fucking her for real, exposing her neck to me and I took the invitation. I kissed her several times over the area where her neck and shoulder joined until she responded and playfully pushed me away. She took her turn then, nuzzling at my neck and trailing kisses across my chest. I let her take over and do what she wanted while I focused on establishing a steady rhythm.On both physical and emotional levels I was feeling amazing. My sister’s body was warm and soft and so fucking sexy, her pussy practically molding to my cock when I was inside her. More than that the love she felt for me was so evident to me at that point it was almost a tangible force all on its own. We were sharing something that went far beyond any experience I’d had with anyone else, ever.It wouldn’t last forever though, no matter how much I wished it could. There were limits that even the energy of the moment couldn’t break. I could tell Kylie was feeling those effects just as strongly as I was by the way her movements became increasingly urgent and less controlled.”Harder,” she urged, her hips rocking back against me more and more frantically.I did my best to oblige, fucking her as I hard as I dared. I didn’t think there was any real chance of hurting her since this was exactly what our bodies were made for, but my brotherly instincts wouldn’t abandon me completely even then.She was near orgasm and I kept up the pace even while she clung more tightly to me and buried her face in my chest. I was breathing hard and getting pretty close myself, but Kylie got there first. All of a sudden her pussy clamped down hard on my cock, not painfully but enough to create even more intense sensations for me. I had no chance of holding out much longer and I didn’t try to fight it.Within moments of my sister I was cumming. Time blurred during those few seconds as I struggled to focus on Kylie, wanting to forever associate her with the feeling of pure bliss that was coursing through me. She looked up at me as the last of my semen shot into her and all I could do was kiss her again, to which she eagerly responded.Then abruptly it was over and the endless energy I’d had disappeared on me. It was all I could do to get off of Kylie before I collapsed on the bed. She watched me for a while as I recovered and eventually rolled onto her side to face me, propping her head up on one arm. The fingers of her free hand went to my stomach, delicately tracing over my skin in random patterns.”So,” she said, “what do you want to do tomorrow?”I couldn’t help it, it was just such an absurdly normal question to ask after such a decidedly abnormal event. I cracked up in a fit of uncontrollable giggling and it didn’t take long for it to spread to Kylie. It was a while before we both managed to calm down enough that we wouldn’t set the other off again.”How about we spend the day in bed,” I suggested finally, though we both knew we didn’t have that luxury.”Mmm, that sounds nice. Can we eat breakfast here and everything?””Why not, we’ll just get some room service. You’re gonna have to answer the door when they show up though ’cause I don’t plan on getting dressed.””What if I don’t either?””Then someone’s going to get quite a show.””Pff, you’d like that wouldn’t you.””No, not really.” I shook my head. “I want my sister all to myself, don’t wanna share.””Good answer.”Things wouldn’t be nearly as simple as we were making them out to be of course, and we both knew it. But at least for that night it was nice just to not worry about anything. We had each other and that was all that mattered, everything else could wait.