Quiet Night Out. (FANTASY)

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Quiet Night Out. (FANTASY)It was mine and my wife’s first night out in 3 months since I was last back. We went out on our own since we thought we needed some quality time together.We had been arguing a lot the last time, but we both said we would change and this would be our fresh start…We just headed in to the town and got a little bite to eat before we started drinking. We went to the amber regent because we really liked it the last time. I hadn’t seen what she was wearing before we went out because she had put her coat on as we rushed out to the taxi… as we got in to the restaurant she took off her coat and my jaw almost hit the floor… She was wearing a little black figure hugging dress that showed off every curve of her amazingly sexy body. It had long sleeves and a neckline that showed off her boobs perfectly. She was wearing a pair of black tights that you could still see her beautifully tanned legs through as the cool April air was still a little nippy at night. This was quite obvious as I could signs of her beautiful big nipples stiffening slightly through her dress due to the change of temperature as we entered the restaurant. She had the perfect killer heels on, her make up was perfect and her hair was flowing over her shoulders and down her back… she looked so amazing, and her hoop earrings seemed to set off her eyes which where sparkling way more than the earrings. “I absolutely love this woman,” I thought to myself as I couldn’t take my eyes off of her…she is perfect.As we entered to be seated, everyone at some point stared as she passed… even the women couldn’t keep their eyes off… they looked like they wanted to fuck my wife more thin I did….We headed to a bar once we where done and proceeded to drink the night away… the bar got busy around 11 o’clock and we decided to get a ödemiş escort seat at the bar to save fighting in to get drinks. There was only one stool, so I let my wife have it, being the gentleman that I am… she sat facing the bar with her legs crossed and I stood beside her with my foot on the stool to create some room between us and the busy crowd.We started getting a bit cheeky and flirty with each other, as we got drunk. The conversation turned to sex and I couldn’t resist kissing her because I love sex chat with my wife and it gets me so turned on…The kissing got more heated and passionate. I was running my hands over her body and bum, feeling it’s perfect shape and wishing I could just bite it… I ran my hand down her leg and crossed it over to her inside thigh, slowly sliding it up the smooth material of her tights, moving under her skirt.She stopped kissing me and pushed me back… ” I have a surprise for you” she said, turning to face me and opening her legs. As I looked down, she had her knees spread either side of me and she slid her bum to the edge of her seat. She spread her legs more and her skirt slipped up higher on her thighs and I got the most amazing view any man could ever get…. the tights I thought she had on where actually a pair of high lace top hold ups!!!I stared up her dress and followed the hold ups till I came to the smooth tanned skin at the top of her thigh (a sight that can not be described in word it’s that amazing). She slid forward again slightly and I could se there was no sign of her pants. All that I could see was her perfect smooth little pussy, out in the open in the middle of a crowded bar for any one to see. As I looked at her soft little lips slightly parted and her fresh little inner lips peeking out, begging to be kissed, I couldn’t help myself and my cock ödemiş escort bayan just sprung to life….I was instantly erect and she could tell by the big bulge in my trousers. She grabbed me and pulled me against her as we started kissing passionately again. Our hands where all over each other and I felt her leg wrap around mine and pull me closer. Just then her hand went right for my bulge in my jeans…. she was rubbing and stroking my cock through the material of my trousers and I could eel it straining as it was trying to get out. I couldn’t take it anymore, I ripped open my buttons and let it out…it was rock solid and throbbing at the tip as she grabbed it and held it out of sight against her inner thigh. I felt her bare soft pussy as the tip of my cock pressed against it and it got me even hornier… I grabbed it and slid the head over her clit, stroking against it. she took a deep breath as I done this… I slid it down further, parting her lips with my tip… moving down further I felt her little inner lips wet against my swollen head, parting them as I nudged forward…. Her pussy was soaking wet and ready to play. As I pushed I could feel the tightness of her pussy wrapping around the head of my dick… once the tip was in I grabbed her ass and pulled her in to me as I slid the whole length of my cock deep inside her. She took her lips away from mine and took another deep breath, followed by a little moan as she gripped on to me so tight, holding my whole cock inside her.Our hands where all over each other again as we kissed and I grabbed at her dress and yanked the front down, exposing one of her amazing boobs. I grabbed it tight with my whole hand, pinching her hard nipple at the same time…I couldn’t believe this was happening it was like a dream. Here I am with my stunning wife, escort ödemiş in the middle of a crowd at a bar, not only with one of her tits out but with my cock buried deep inside her beautiful waxed little pussy…We couldn’t draw any attention to us, so all we could do was grind against each other gently. But even the slightest movement felt amazing because of the horny situation we where in. within minutes she was heavy breathing as we kissed and grinded. I could feel her getting really wet and her pussy was pulsating. My cock was starting to throb as I could feel myself ready to cum. we started to speed up, grinding faster and faster… my dick was swelling even more and I could feel her so we that her juices where running down on to my balls… the two of us where heavy breathing as we kissed and she started to moan with pleasure and I could feel her body tense up. ” I’m ready to cum” she breathed in to my ear… her body stared to shudder and my cock twitched inside her as we where ready to cum together… I didn’t care anymore if we where seen and I started to thrust my cock in to her. With each thrust she let out a moan, and as I thrust in to her for the with time, she gripped on to me and let out a huge moan in my ear… at the same time, her pussy gripped around my cock as it pulsed un controllably, pumping a huge thick load of cum deep inside my wife’s hot pussy…. the two of us stood there for 5 minutes, gently kissing as I was still inside her…We had one big long kiss and we separated and composed ourselves as though nothing happened… as we quickly drank up, we thought we had went un seen. But there was a few people and couples smiling at us and trying to act like the never seen us… but we didn’t care, we enjoyed ourselves and our spectators obviously enjoyed the show…We left once we where finished our drink, still buzzing from the experience. She turned to me and said “your cum is running down the inside of my thigh”… this got us really horny again and we ran down a lane to have another sneaky little session in public.