Pandora’s Suitcase

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This story is a gift, a blend of truth and fantasy, by request, based on specific fetishes, from the muse of my dreams, my sexy, hot, red-headed friend; my Pandora. Love you always my dear.


You know you want it. You know you need it. Now, more than ever. Don’t hold back any longer. Let yourself go. Let me fulfill your fantasies. It will always be our little secret. As soon as the blindfold covers your eyes, you and I will cease to exist in this world. We’ll enter a realm of pure pleasure and exquisite pain, without judgment or guilt, for your enjoyment and mine, without looking back.

The Tower Awaits

You and I have been here before. But, this time things have changed. I know your deepest secrets; sexual fantasies you’ve been afraid to share. This time will be different. I’ve come prepared. Prepared to entertain. Prepared to tease. Prepared to torture. And, this time you will not leave until you are satisfied, at long last.

As I unlock the door to our room, you giggle with glee. We always have so much fun shooting together. Especially here, at the Madonna. And, the tower room might be the best. Although the red leather tack room has it’s charms 😉

Every room is tacky at the Madonna. But charm, fun, and romance overpower the assault on your sensibilities. The tower room is painted an odd combination of teal and green. Somehow it works. Aside from the king size bed, it’s main feature is a spiral stair case, supported by 4 wooden posts, with a sturdy brass railing, curving up into a tower with multi-colored window panes, overlooking the valley below. The last time we were here you put on quite a show, up in that tower. It was, no doubt, enjoyed by everyone in the inn, and for miles around.

We unload our stuff from the car. You bounce on the king-sized bed, as I set the Captain Morgan’s on the night stand.

“I’ll set up the lights while you start getting ready, Gorgeous.”

“God, I’ve missed you!”

The studio strobes are ready. So, I snap a few candids of you, applying makeup, in the nude, in the bathroom. We chat about old friends and good times. Your long red hair tumbles in waves down your back. The bathroom is a pastel blue with green floral accents everywhere. I lightly caress the soft white skin of your ass. You don’t seem to mind. You smile in the mirror at me. We’ve always been so professional, so respectful of each other. Never anything more than hugs and quick kisses. I trace your sacral dimples with a finger. You swat my hand away, as if it were a fly.

“That tickles!”, you laugh.

“Ha! That’s just the beginning!” I tease, and return to my business. “I’m going to get the suit cases and gear out of the car.”

When I return I lay one of the suit cases open on the divan beneath the window, and begin unpacking the “props” for our shoot. I’m anxious for you to see what I’ve brought. I’ve been collecting for months now, all for your pleasure.

When you emerge from the bathroom you’re wearing a red bra, tight blue short shorts and bright white thigh high tights with rainbow color tops.

“Eeeeeeeeee!!”, you shriek with delight when you see my toy collection. “Mwaaaaah!” you mash a big sloppy kiss on my lips. “I think I LOVE you!!”

I catch my breath. My heart throbs. I feel a tingle in my dick. This is going to be fun.

You run over to start Pandora playing on my iPad, and promptly dance around the room. “Where shall we start?” you ask. . . “Let’s start with the stairway”, you exclaim, bouncing around like a little girl on Christmas morning.

“That works for me. . . Anything you do works for me!” I reply as I eagerly start flicking switches, pushing buttons, and twisting dials in preparation.

You begin striking poses, moving easily and naturally, as you always do. Your face changes expressions effortlessly. Gracefully you slip off your shorts and toss them aside. I admire the skimpy, white, transparent panties you wear, and how they outline your amazing ass; plump, pale, and perfect.

“Beautiful” I murmur.

You use the stairway as a prop, like an acrobat, hanging upside down by your ankles, your breasts spilling from your bra. Then spinning around, stretching like a cat, back arched, you purr, then growl. Unclasped, your bra falls to the floor.

My dick begins to stiffen. I can feel it making its’ way up inside my jeans. I reach down and help it a little, giving it room to grow. “You’re making me hard, girl.”

“Haha! Well you’re making me wet!”

“Okay. Lose the panties. Let me see.” I tease.

You wriggle out of the skimpy panties and kick them across the room. Then you lay back on the stairs, posing, arms raised over your head, legs spread slightly, a tuft of fiery red pubic hair leads to your glistening slit, just beginning to open, the pink bud of your clit, pokes out, your parting pussy lips no longer containing it.

You spread your legs further. You grab your tits, massaging them, kissing them, tonguing your nipples. You run your fingers between your poker oyna legs, dipping two fingers, plunging, teasing yourself, then tasting yourself, slowly sucking each finger. A long string of your saliva mixed with your pussy juice drips from your lips.

“Mmmmmm. I love it. Keep going.” I snap away. You’ve never been so daring. You turn your ass toward me and spread. I can see the little pucker of your ass hole and my cock gets harder. You plunge a middle finger from behind, into your flaming pussy, then draw it up the crack of your ass.

Now my cock is fully erect and feeling fucking glorious. I can feel the pre-cum forming. The little drops of clear sperm smearing the inside of my underwear. I make no effort to hide it. I want you to see how excited I am. I want you to take it into your mouth and suck on it. I want to make you deep throat it. I want to hold the back of your head, grabbing your hair, while I shove my big fucking cock down your throat, in and out, over and over, making you gag, until hot white cum gushes down your throat, spurts out of your mouth, oozes off your lips, and drips down your chin.

“Calm down.” I tell myself. “If she wants to be skull fucked she’ll tell me.”

“You’re amazing” I whisper to you. “We’re getting some incredible shots. I’m going to set up the video camera.” And, what goes unsaid, “. . . so I can jerk off to your incredibly hot, naked, sexy body when I’m all alone and feeling horny.”

I set up two video cameras, one on a tripod, wide angle, getting a full view of the scene, and the other hand-held, for close-ups, capturing your every feature and most private parts in great detail.

Then I grab my still camera and start shooting. You lean back on the stairs and slip off your tights, then look up at me. “I want you to tie me up”, you say in a low, husky voice. “Use my tights and tie me to the stair railing.”

“Hot Damn! Well . . . Let me think a minute . . . Okay!” I reply, and scamper up the stairs above you. You reach your arms up to me, offering your wrists.

With your long stockings I take a couple wraps around each wrist, knot them snugly, and pull them up to the railing above where I tie them tight, your arms stretched high above your head. Your body now fully exposed, immobile, completely vulnerable. Your big, beautiful tits are ripe, and there for the taking. Your pussy begs for punishment. This is what I have always longed for, but never dreamed would actually happen.

If you only knew how many times I’ve masturbated to your pictures, lying naked on my bed stroking my dick as I lusted after every part of you, wishing you were there, lying naked beside me.

I stand back now, admiring my prize. You blush slightly, looking away. But, inside I can tell, you’re basking in my gaze. Knowing that you’ve given yourself up, at last, it practically makes you cum with excitement.

“I’ve got a few things that I think you’re going to like…” Rummaging through my suit case I pull out some cute little tweezer nipple clamps adorned with pretty purple glass beads and stainless steel weights, and I dangle them in front of you.

Your eyes grow wide. “Oh gawd I’m so fucking wet right now.”, you growl. “I’ve never done anything like this before.”

“Really? Well, I haven’t either.” I hesitate. “So, let me know if I’m hurting you, okay?”

“Don’t worry. I’ll be fine. I don’t think you have it in you to hurt me.” You smile.

“Well. We’ll see.” I say, with a wink.

Now you are hanging naked before me. Your belly is taut, your rib cage pronounced. I can’t help myself. I run my hands over your body, fondling your breasts, your nipples, following the curves of your waist, over your hips and ass. Your skin is so smooth and soft. Holding a breast, I flick your nipple with my tongue. I brush my lips down your belly, stopping just short of your mons. You squirm, eyes closed. Involuntarily you thrust your hips toward me, your pussy begging for attention.

You gasp as I attach a clamp to your left nipple. I tighten it a bit, as I watch your face for a reaction. “How’s that?” I ask.

“Oooo. Mmmm. Okay, I guess.”

I’m not so careful with the next one.

“Oww. Owwwww.” You whimper.

You suck in a breath when I tap the tiny weights dangling from your tender nipples. I lift them up, watching in fascination, playfully yanking one up and down, as the clamps stretch your nipples, bouncing your breasts around. I try to read your face. Is it pleasure, or is it pain? Is it as much fun for you as it is for me?

“Ooooo. Hurry up and make me cummmm!” you moan.

Well I guess that answers my question.

“All in good time, my dear.”

Once I’m satisfied that the clamps will hold, I connect them with a thin steel chain attached to each clamp, and place the chain between your teeth, pulling your tits up, stretching your nipples into a very perky position.

“There. Hold onto that, while I take some pictures.”

I shoot wide angle, vertical, and extreme close ups, zooming canlı poker oyna in on every detail of your naked flesh, savoring every moment, exploring every crevasse and curve with the lens. The camera shoots in hi-res. The detail in the photos will be amazing. I could make billboard size pictures with your naked image displayed for all to see, if I want to. There are no secrets now… the way your left nipple inverts a tiny bit… the tiny hole above your belly button where a piercing used to be… your white hot clitoral glans peeking out from beneath its’ tense, fleshy hood.

I take the chain from your mouth and pull it up, lifting you until you’re on your tip toes, struggling to relieve the pain. “You’re my slave now” I whisper, leaning close, brushing my lips along your neck.

“Turn, so your back is toward me.” I direct, as I let the chain fall.

You turn and stand on your tip toes again, pushing your ass out, arching your back. Your broad ass is incredible, firm and round. I give it a slap and let my hand caress it before I smack it again. Between your legs I can just see the crimson wetness of your pussy lips, flowering, inviting. I dip my middle finger into your slippery gash, drawing it slowly back out, gathering your pungent juices, and bring it to my lips, tasting you, intoxicated by your powerful fragrance.

“Spank me.” You beg.

“Stay like that” I command. I take a long narrow strip of black satin and tie it as a blindfold over your eyes. Then, I reach into the suit case and pull out a slender lavender G-spot massager, angled slightly at the end, designed to focus maximum stimulation on the most sensitive bundle of vaginal nerve endings. I switch it on.

“Hummmmm.”, it buzzes.

As soon as you hear it you know what I’m up to. “God, yes!” You exclaim.

I began to run it up the inside of your thighs, starting at your knees, up and down, closer and closer to your wanting pussy. A shiver runs down your spine. You shudder. You stand flat-footed now, and spread your legs further. Demanding without having to ask. The humming little bug runs right up your leg and slides easily into your dripping cunt, I guide it in and out a few times, slowly, then let it dance on your clit, before I pull away.

“Ahhhhhhhh! Yesssss!!” you nearly scream. “More! MORE! NOW!! PLEEEEEASE!!”

I hold it buzzing against your clit for a few moments as you writhe with pleasure. “Don’t come yet!” I tease. I watch the contortions on your face, your lips part, as you moan, “Oh, oh, oh. Uh huh, uh huh!”

Maybe, just maybe, you’re nearing orgasm. The look on your face says you want to cum. Just not quite yet.

“Another one! The big glass one! Shove the big red glass one in my cunt while you’re vibing my clit!” you plead.

“Just wait. I’m saving it.”

I turn off the vibrator and toss it aside. Then I grab a black leather riding crop from the suit case. I flick it back and forth a few times, so you can hear it swish through the air, and anticipate its’ sting.

At first I tap it lightly, playfully, teasing. Then “Smack!!” hard on your ass. A pink welt appears. You grimace, but hold back a scream. “Smack!!” harder, on the other cheek. And a slightly bigger welt appears.

“Ouch! That hurt!”

“Oh sorry” I say, forgetting about being Mr. Tough Guy. But I quickly recover, “Haha! You’ll thank me later.” I chuckle. “Really, I know you will. Trust me.”

Those little welts will provide a delicious tingle a few hours from now. A delicious reminder of our little play date.

I tap your ass again, just enough to hurt, but not enough to leave a mark. I begin to tap all over your body, up your back, around your ribs. You squirm, turning, giggling, dancing, laughing. I tap your ass again, and you turn to face me, hoping for mercy.

“Okay. Just like that. Spread your legs now, feet apart.”

With two short pieces of rope I tie each of your ankles to the posts at the base of the stair case, stretching your legs wide apart, so that you’re completely immobile. I step back and admire my work.

Blindfolded and bound, your pussy dripping with excitement, your breath coming fast, breasts heaving, knowing that I’m staring at you, planning my next move.

I stop to take more pictures. I never want to forget how you look, your head tilted, trying to listen for hints of what’s to come, your gorgeous tits decorated with nipple clamps, your long legs spread, your ravishing red hair, your pussy fully exposed, labia, pink and puffy. I grab the video camera and scan your body . . . every inch.

From the suitcase I produce a French feather tickler made from delicate, soft, downy ostrich feathers. Fluffing ever so lightly the tops of your feet, the inside of your right ankle, the sensitive spot on the back of your knee, the inside of your thigh, teasing at your smoothly shaven pussy lips, then up your other leg. This time bypassing your pussy to concentrate on those perky nipples, still gripped by the clamps.

“Hee hee, mmm internet casino hmmmm”, You shiver in delicious euphoria.

I tickle your ribs, your belly, then very lightly, your sweet swollen pussy, delicately dancing the feathers over the sensitive skin just inside each thigh, so close to your puffy pink labial lips, throbbing with desire. I can almost imagine your bursting clitoral bud shiver with excitement.

I’m tempted to kiss those pouty labia lips, to take them between my lips, suck on them, run my tongue over them, dip it in and taste your sweet juices, but I hold back.

The sensation of the feathers on your skin is exquisite, you say. It sends a delicate thrill through your entire body. I set the feathers aside and run my fingers gently over your flesh, again barely touching. I touch your face, your neck, run my fingers down between your tits toward your lower belly, so gently your flesh quivers.

I caress your breasts and the beads jiggle. I’ve been watching the tips of your nipples grow stiff and red.

“Do you think I need to take the clamps off?” I ask.

“No. They’re okay… They feel good… really good now.” You reply.

“Okay, well let me know if you think your nipples are going to fall off.’

“Haha! Don’t worry I’ve played with nipple clamps before.”

“Oh, well then!” I tightened them a little, just for good measure.

Pandora giggled, “Ow, I guess that’s what I get for bragging.”

I just smile, “Okay then, now for the good part.” I announce.

From a white paper bag I pull out a pink power bullet with remote control. I rub it up and down, dipping it into your pussy, collecting your juices, lubing it, preparing you for it’s insertion. Then I push it slowly inside of you, little by little, careful not to force it, until finally it’s secured deep inside your vagina.

“Oh god. What are you doing? What is that?” You ask.

“Just a second and I’ll show you.” I reply, and start it up on it’s lowest setting.

“Eeeeeee! Ohhhhh! GOD I LOVE it!!” you exclaim.

Removing your blindfold, I say, “Okay. Now it’s my turn.”

With that said, I walk over and sit down on the edge of the bed and start taking off my shoes and socks. I look over at you and smile as your eyes open wide. I pull off my t-shirt.

“What are you up to?” you ask, with a quizzical grin.

I look deep into your playful gray-green eyes and turn up the power on the bullet. You twitch and try to bring your legs together as it buzzes deep inside your cunt. “Ohhhh. Mmmmm.” You squirm. Your lips form an orgasmic “O” and your eyes close tight as you revel in pleasure.

“Have I ever told you how I’ve wanted to get naked in front of you? And, when you’re posing I want to take off all my clothes, so you can see my long, hard cock. I want you to see how fucking turned on I am when I’m working with you. But, I didn’t want to ruin our professional relationship. I was afraid you would be freaked out, and hate me.”

“Oh my god! I’ve felt the same way!” you gasp.

“Well now we don’t have to have any more secrets.”

I stand up, un-do my belt, and pull down my zipper. Then sit down on the bed again and pull off my pants. Now, wearing just my black briefs, I stand up, turn my back toward you and slip them off. “My ex told me I have a really nice ass. What do you think?” And, I wiggle it for you.

“Haha! It’s so cute! And, HOT! Show me MORE!!”

I’m a little embarrassed, but that makes me even more excited. I climb on the bed, hiding my dick, teasing you. I strike a model pose, an implied nude, kneeling, legs slightly apart, facing you, holding a pillow to hide my rapidly growing erection.

“Ooooo. You are so sexy!!” you coo.

My cock is at full attention now. I lay back on the bed, arching my back slightly, showing off my red, raging prick. Propped up on the pillows now, I stroke it slowly a few times, looking at you, drinking in your nude form, while I do it. You are my living pinup! I cup my balls with my left hand now and spread my legs for you to see.

I turn up the bullet a little more, and watch you squirm, you seem to frown and thrust your hips, hungering for orgasm.

Looking at you, I wonder how the nipple clamps feel. How do they enhance your pleasure? What kind of pain do they inflict? So, I pinch my own nipple, while I stroke my dick. I give my nipple a good twist, and a powerful tingle runs directly to my groin. As if an electric impulse was sent deep inside my cock. ‘Holy shit! That kind of pain I could learn to like.’

I could easily cum now. I imagine doing it, but I slow down to savor the moment. I turn up your bullet to it’s highest setting, hoping to watch the expression on your face when you reach orgasm. I would love to cum with you, watching your face, sharing that moment, the Petite La Morte, the little death. That moment when time stands stil and nothing else matters, but you and I.

“I can’t.” you say.


“I can’t cum. Get the Magic Wand.” You sound almost desperate. You’re so close to the edge. I realize that the bullet is not enough by itself.

I plug the big, powerful vibrator into an extension cord and turn it on. The loud hum excites me. The thought of using it on you thrills me.