P01_Birthday Rubdown

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This is a quickie about Poindexter giving himself a 19th birthday present.


Poindexter was nervous. He left his glasses in the car and parked in the back lot. He entered the tiny anteroom inside the opaque front door and adjusted to the lack of light. His hand trembled as he hit the buzzer. Except for the internet he never got a look at a naked women. He was standing in ‘Bangkok Spa’ trying to breathe normally. A short, light weight Japanese-Korean woman unlocked the inner door of the ante room and saw him, “You want half-hour or one-hour?”

“How much?”

“One hour is 60 dollar.”

“And half?”

“Forty-five dollar.”

“An hour please.”

“Sixty dollar now, please.”

He handed over 3 bills with President Jackson’s face on them. She inspected them, said, “Thank you.” and grabbed his hand. “Undress then wrap towel around yourself.” He had called yesterday and confirmed they opened at 10 a.m. and close 16 hours later saturday and sunday morning and 14 hours later the other 5 days. He had arrived about 15 minutes after they allegedly opened.

Poindexter undressed quickly and turned his mobile phone off. just as he reached for the towel she opened the door. She gave him a wolf whistle, “Hot stuff.” Poindexter blushed, but was horny enough to throw the towel over his shoulder. Poindexter was a thin man, even his cock was thin, but Poindexter was 6 foot even from soles to crown and his penis was a good 7 inches when fully inflated.

The woman who lead him to the large bathroom in the back was the house mother. Her ‘girls’ got there at about 11. The housemother was late 40’s but looked maybe two-thirds that from the neck down, only her face and streaks of dark gray in her jet black hair gave any hint she was beyond late 20’s/ early 30’s. The housemother called herself Betty and wore a slinky dress with a belt that revealed she really did have a figure that could be confused for a 20-something’s. Her measurements were 28A/B-19-25 and only 4 and 2/3 feet tall.

She stood him in the doorway and turned the water on the table shower (a tile covered table with gently poker oyna sloped tile floor funneling to a floor drain. The whole shower area is tiled then covered with spongy, water proof, sturdy non-slip mesh. She rinsed the tile with hot water to warm up the tiles, then undressed and said, lay down. She adjusted the temperature lower. She was unshaven except for her legs, the hair under her arms and bikini area was jet black. She took a plastic, synthetic loofa and squirted bath gel on it.

“First time here?”

“Yes, ma’am.” Poindexter’s voice trembled.

She smiled; she loved virgins… she can easily manipulate and milk more money out of them.

“I am Betty, who are you?” She said with the hesitancy one would associate with lack of English skills.


“Poindexter?” She nodded. “Stand, let me dry you.”

She took an oversized towel and positioned him to dry his body. She went to her knees to dry his legs and groin, looking up, smiling and breathing through her nose so she’d exhale on his wet cock. She pulled her dress over her head and wrapped his towel around his waist.

One of the girls came in and started complaining to the house mother about taking her business. She walked Poindexter to the same massage room his clothes were in and said, “I’ll give a little extra and start the hour when I walk back in.” Poindexter took off the towel and laid face down. She needed 5 to 10 minutes to put the girl in her place and then returned to Poindexter. “I apologize. Minor disagreement. What kind massage you want?”

Poindexter had read many sites on massage parlors and knew that 40/60 were the average half-hour, hour door fees for his area. He also knew $200 total (including door fee) for blow-job/straight sex with just one orgasm was a good price.

“Do you have any specials?”

“Special full service… three Ben-ji-mans.”

She rubbed him lightly as they discussed business. She felt his tension.

“I’ve not been here or any spa before but I know $150 is a lot closer to reasonable price and even that would be a bit on the high end of average.”

“You virgin?… truth.”


“White canlı poker oyna fountain sprays quickly… see it every day I do virgin.”

Poindexter blushed.

“I let white fountain spray two sets of squirts. I take any position.”

“Sound good?”

“Sounds wonderful. Only have $240.”

“Okay. Give me $240 now.”

He handed her the entire $240 (in 10’s and 20’s), she put it in her pocket, left room, added several condoms to her pocket. She shed her dress on her return. She trusted him more not to steal back his money than Petunia to not make an easy grab.

She went down on him and slowly went all the way to his balls. She moved her mouth and swallowed as she sucked. She salivated and bobbed and felt his hands on her head. His hands laid there, not holding down her head and not pushing her down at all. She pulled his cock out and did some tongue action, licking balls and cock. Sucking in his testicles one at a time. She went back to deep throating. She backed off and did some bobbing. She heard him do some hesitant vocalizations, then felt him cum. She didn’t make any attempt to swallow. Some hit her throat and she gulped by reflex, but she let most of it run out with her drool. She reached for a bit of the towel he was sitting on and wiped her mouth off. “Enjoyed?”

He had a goofy grin and was temporarily mute but he nodded rapidly.

She gave him pointers on how to eat pussy and he actually did well enough for her to enjoy it but not so good as to cum from it (although she the kind of woman that had to be fucked with a phallus-shaped object to reliably get off). She was impressed and lavished praise. When he asked how many time she came, she was honest but first mentioned she had never had an orgasm from oral sex. He spent time just enjoying exploring her sex with probing fingers and tongue.

She began taking a copious amount of baby oil and lubing him up until he was hard. She knew she wouldn’t catch anything from him and believed she had nothing to give him in the way of STD. She survived an ovarian cancer scare years ago (and her ovaries had been taken internet casino out as a precaution), so she knew she wasn’t getting pregnant from this. She straddled him and mounted him. She bounced on his cock and he enjoyed the view. She moved on him and decided to slow down about two minutes later.

She dismounted and let him mount her while he stood and she was on her back (laying on the massage table). She wrapped her legs around his waist and moaned and panted softly. She petted his chest as he hammered her cunt. He worked up a sweat. She only took this position for about two minutes, until her back was sore.

She was about to get into missionary, but he wanted her to bend over and take her from behind. She bent over maybe 2/3 from erect towards right angle, resting her tits on the massage table. She was so close to an orgasm quickly, but this position just wasn’t getting it done. All she needed was to feel his cum spray all in her and she’ll cum, but he’s not cooperating. He stopped after about three minutes and warned her away from touching for a few moments, “I think I’m getting this control thing down.”

She laid back in missionary position and let him fuck her well lubricated cunt. She enjoyed and whimpered excited sounds as he pistoned in and out of her. Her own pussy spasmed with her orgasm after about four minutes, she started to, just after he started cumming.

“What were you doing! Down there I mean?”

“What?” She wasn’t sure to be offended or not.

“That’s spasm thing, just grabbing my dick… I liked it.”

“That’s called an orgasm, baby.”

“That is?”

“You should be proud of yourself… many men don’t get a woman to orgasm 1st time.”

“I presume you’re not getting pregnant.”


“How? If you don’t mind me asking.”

“I am… spayed?”

He shared, “Several of my friends were ‘curious’ about this place and I had a female friend who wants a lesbian experience. Do you serve women here?”

“Tell them you had good time here, please.”

“Oh, I will.”

She recommended, “And Petunia is bisexual… no try-sexual, she’ll try anything several times.” Petunia was the woman she was arguing with and she was both homophobic and so deeply in debt to an Asian gangster, in practical terms this meant she had to take all cummers.

They got dressed together, hugged her goodbye and thanked her.