Our first time Swinging!!!!

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Our first time Swinging!!!!Fiona and I had been together about two years at this point. I was 22 and she was 19, attractive, blonde, slim, great tits and VERY sexually adventurous.One night we were sitting alone in her Mum and Dad’s conservatory chatting about nothing at all really, when she suddenly said ‘I’d really love to try wife swapping’. I nearly spat out my tea!‘What?????’ I said, genuinely shocked. ‘Where the fuck did that come from?’ I asked, mystified.‘Been thinking about it for a while…. since we swapped and had that snog with Debbie and her boyfriend’. We’d been at a party about three months earlier, when drink had got the better of us and we ended up rolling around on the floor with Debbie, one of Fiona’s mates, and her boyfriend and we ended up snogging and groping each other’s partners, but it didn’t go any further than that.‘yeah, I thought we could put an advert in one of those mags they sell in the shop’ (Fiona had a Saturday job in the local newsagents) she went on…. ‘I’ve had a look in a couple – we just take a photo of me wiv me tits out, send it in and wait for replies’. By now, my jaw was almost on the floor!!‘Are you serious?’ I really couldn’t believe what I was hearing.‘Yep. Got ya camera?’ I had…..So, we decided to ‘go for a walk’… and took my camera. When we got over to the field alongside her house, Fiona led me to a small copse beyond some trees and promptly whipped her top off to reveal her gorgeous, and bra-less, boobs. She stood in a few provocative poses and when I thought we had enough to get one good photo we went back. Later that evening, in her bedroom we wrote out an advert, filled in the form in the back of the mag, put everything in an envelope and when I went home, I popped it in a letterbox and we waited….It took two months for our ad to appear in the magazine! And then, all of a sudden, the replies started coming in…. and BOY! Did they come in!! We got about 30 letters back, all with photos – many of them VERY horny – from all kinds of couples who were VERY keen to meet a young couple like us. We went out for a drive in my car so we could go through them, and we whittled it down to three couples who were near enough to where we both lived, and who looked good to us. One of them – a couple canlı bahis who it turned out lived only about fifteen miles from us – had given their phone number. Fiona asked if my Mum was at home. I knew she was down her brothers, so I said No. ‘Great!’ she said. ‘Let’s go and call them’… so we did.A few days later we drove down to Tom and Carol’s place (the other couple). They lived on a mobile home park, in a VERY nice home. They were in their mid 40’s: Tom was about as tall as me (6-1”) and clearly kept himself in shape. Carol was an inch or so shorter than Fiona, and looked like your best mates glamorous Mum who you had a crush on when you were f******n!! They greeted us warmly, lots of hugs and kisses, and we sat down in their living room which had a sort of ‘curious’ layout… we found out why later…. lol!They were clearly very relaxed and had met loads of other swingers over many years. We came clean and told them this was our first time. They just said ‘don’t worry – we ALL had a first time once…’ Tom got up to refresh our drinks and at this, Carol suggested to Fiona that she come and sit where she had been, and Carol come over to sit with me. Tom came back and handed round the drinks and we carried on chatting for a while. I was deeply engrossed talking about something with Carol when, out of the corner of my eye, I saw something go up between Fiona’s legs – it was Tom’s hand… ‘Ooooh he’s getting going early’ chuckled Carol, and she gestured to me that we should turn and watch him and Fiona.Toms hand was right up Fiona’s dress, and she laid back on the sofa as his hand worked at her pussy through her panties. While he did this, I realised that a hand was stroking my cock through my trousers, and that I should leave the hand to ‘do it’s work’.. lol! By now, Tom’s face was buried in Fiona’s chest and we could see the damp patches on her dress where he was sucking at her tits through the material, and now both hands were up her skirt and he was tugging her panties down over her knees. Once they were down at her ankles, Tom hitched her skirt up to her waist. Fiona wrestled one foot free of her panties and opened her legs wide. Tom didn’t wait to be told – his head went straight down and you could hear him sucking at Fiona’s clit güvenilir bahis within a second or two!At this point I felt my shirt being unbuttoned, and my hand being raised up to Carol’s copious boobs. She leant over to me and kissed me soundly on the mouth as she peeled my shirt back off me. I reached over her to undo the zip at the back of her tight skirt, and it came undone very easily. I stood up to drop my trousers and found a pair of hands doing it for me! And then, I felt those same hands tugging my rock hard cock from my pants!Carol took my cock in her mouth and proceeded to give me a fantastic blow job. Wet, strong and tight around my shaft – she had clearly had a LOT of practice. All the while Carol was sucking me off, I couldn’t take my eyes off Tom and Fiona on the other sofa. By now they were both naked and Fiona was sucking Tom’s impressively long cock for all she was worth – she had quite a small mouth so that was no mean feat! She was also massaging his balls to the point where he was moaning with pleasure – and as she did the same to me, I knew exactly how he felt!! Lol!By now, I had got nearly all of Carol’s clothes off, apart from a suspender belt and her stockings. For a woman of approaching fifty, she had a fantastic body and those tits!!!! WOWEEE! She moved back onto the sofa, opened her legs and beckoned me to go down on her – I dutifully complied and sunk my tongue deep inside her with the first thrust. She had a really sweet pussy, and her lips parted beautifully every time my tongue darted in and out. She squealed as I did this and I could feel her boobs rippling with pleasure every time. I looked over to my left to see Tom now fucking Fiona doggie style for all he was worth and she was responding very enthusiastically. His cock must have a been a good 9-10 inches and I could see her wincing as he thrust it in her up to the hilt.After a few minutes of sucking Carol’s clit, I got into position to fuck her properly. ‘That’s a nice thick cock you’ve got Babe’ she said, admiringly. ‘Now get it inside me…..’ I got into position and pressed the tip of my cock against her pussy. It was so wet that it slid in easily, and I pushed in as far as I could with the first thrust. ‘Ooooooffffff!’ Carol panted. Tom may have had a long güvenilir bahis siteleri cock, but it was a bit of a ‘slider’ and nowhere near as thick as mine. Carol smiled at me. ‘Go on babe – FUCK ME!’ I got on with it and Carol turned out to be a great fuck. We’d all been at it for half an hour or so, when we came to a natural break to recover. Between the two sofas was a big shaggy rug, and Tom had got Fiona to lie down on it. ‘Do you take it up the arse, Fiona?’ he asked. She nodded that she did. ‘Who would you like up your arse if we DP you?’. Fiona looked a bit puzzled then the penny dropped.‘Oh, Shane up me bum. You fuck my pussy will you?’ she said to Tom. I sat down on the rug too, propped my back up against the sofa and got Fiona to stand, then crouch over me. She lowered herself onto my cock and let me pop inside her bum. She sat slowly, getting lower each time until I was in her arse up to the hilt. ‘Lean back luv’ Tom said to her, and she laid back on me. Tom put one leg over the top of hers, and the other in a more conventional position, then got his cock into place ready to fuck her pussy. She held onto his arms as he pressed home and I felt her shudder as he thrust home. In and out he went, fucking her harder and harder. The feeling I was getting of Tom’s balls banging against mine, along with her gyrating with pleasure on top of me almost made me cum!! Then, Carol appeared at the side and bent down to suck Fiona’s tits. I could tell how aroused Fiona was from her nipples, which had been standing up hard all evening and now were fit to burst! All of a sudden she let out a loud groan and I felt a warm flood cascade over my bollocks and down onto the carpet. She had squirted big time! At that point Tom groaned ‘I’m cumming’…. and Fiona gasped ‘On my tits!!!!!!!’ He pulled out just in time and a hot, white jet of cum shot out of his cock and landed across Fiona’s tits, catching the side of Carol’s face too. Carol bent down to Fiona’s face and whispered ‘Lick it off luv’… Fiona licked the cum off Carol’s face and I thought – here I cum now!!!!!!!! I turned to Carol and just said ‘Where?’…. she knew what I meant and got her mouth down to my cock like lightening. I wanked myself to completion and shot my load into her mouth. She played with my cum in her mouth winking at me as she did so, then she got my cock in her mouth and made sure she hadn’t missed any cum…. Well, that’s the first part of our evening….. next time I’ll tell you what else happened…. 😉