Office Fantacy

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Office FantacyShe and I sit in cubicles that face one another. Ever since she walked her BBW self into the office I have enjoyed seeing her every day. With short black hair and sexy blue eyes, I have been attracted to her. Since day one we have been flirtatious with each other. Today when chatting on the instant messenger, as we typically do, our conversation went very sexual. She told me that it had been so long since she got off and I agreed that it was the same for me. It was lunch time and everyone else was leaving the office. Right then, she got up from her desk and walked to the restroom. When she walked away I scooted my chair so I could see her sexy ass walk down the hall. With my dick getting increasingly hard, I sat at my chair with my mind running wild about her playing with herself in the bathroom. I have fantasized about being with her so many times but never had the nerve to let her know exactly what I thought of her. canlı bahis I decided to wait to see if she wanted to get some lunch together and maybe I would have the courage to ask her out.She then walked back to her chair, sat down and looked over at me with a big smile on her face. I smiled back and pretended like I was going back to to my computer to shut down. But really, was watching her out of the corner of my eye. I could tell she knew I was watching her as she slowly started rubbing her breast with her hand. I could see that she slid a finger down below her bra to play with her nipple a little and that certainly got my attention. Everyone in the office had left by this time and so I slid my chair out a bit and looked over at her playing with her nipple. With a big smile she stood up to make sure the coast was clear and slid her chair in my direction. We were alone and she was looking at me like she wanted to fuck.To bahis siteleri my surprise, she started to pull up her skirt and open her legs to me. I could see that she had no panties on! She must have removed them in the restroom and been planning to tease me. My dick was so hard I started rubbing it through my pants as she was fingering her pussy. I could hear how wet she was as she slowly fingered her clit and pussy lips. Then she put one leg up on her filing cabinet and the other on her desk and began to give me the best masturbation show I have ever seen. Her pussy had just the right amount of hair that drives me wild. Closing her eyes in ecstasy, she started to shake from the pleasure she was giving herself. I unzipped my pants and started jacking off in front of her while we both enjoyed watching each other get off together. She then pulled down her top to reveal her amazing, erect nipples. Spreading her pussy and bahis şirketleri sliding her index finger inside she pulled it out and sucked it as if it was my dick. She then whispered “tastes good, you should come have some”I scooted my chair over to her cubicle and went down on her. She was so wet and creamy I licked ever inch of her sexy pussy. She started to moan as quietly as possible which turned me on even more. I started jacking my dick off with my face buried between her thick thighs. Then I sat back up and we both brought ourselves almost to orgasm looking into one another eyes. She pulled her panties out from behind her desk and told me to cum on them for her. I grabbed them quickly, pulled them up to my face, took a deep breath and then nutted right onto them. Watching my load shoot onto her panties, she started twitching from her orgasm. She asked for her panties back and wiped up her pussy with the few dry spots left.I zipped up, and scooted back into my cubicle while she put herself back together. We looked back at each other and started to uncontrollably laugh out loud. Then, she stood up and said “see you after lunch?” I replied “I fucking hope so!”