Nurse Nancy’s Penis Therapy Pt. 04

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It’s been a while, but finally here’s the latest chapter in the Nurse Nancy series. I think it’s worth the wait. Feedback is appreciated.


I felt great. Ever since my therapy session with Candy I had a bounce in my step and a great outlook on life. It was fantastic. I was cured. There was just one problem–I wanted to see Candy again. If I was cured I guess I didn’t need any more therapy. How was I going to get to see Candy?

A couple of months went by and I was still feeling good but more and more my thoughts turned to Candy. Eventually I decided that I needed to see her again even if it meant faking depression. I was pretty nervous about it but I got out Nancy’s card and called. The usual secretary answered.

“Nurse Nancy’s Penis Therapy, how may I help you?”

“Yes, I’d like to make an appointment. I’m not feeling well at all,” I lied. “My depression has returned and I think I need another session. I was wondering if Nurse Candy is available.”

“Certainly sir, I can book you an appointment with Nurse Candy,” she replied. My heart beat faster just thinking about it. Then the secretary spoke again. “I do need to inform you of a change in policy however. We can no longer accept your insurance. We will need to take payment in full in advance.”

“What! Are you kidding? I can’t afford that!”

“I’m sorry sir, but your insurance company has begun refusing our therapy as ‘not medically necessary.'”

Not medically necessary. Well, I guess I deserved this for trying to make an appointment when I was feeling fine. But what about all those guys who really needed therapy? Besides, I really wanted to see Candy again. My bank account wasn’t going to cover this though, and I wasn’t ready to give up. I decided to beg.

“Please, there must be a way! I can’t afford to pay that much right now and I’m feeling desperate! Is there any way I can still be seen? Do you have a program for poor people?” I was really laying it on. I was a little ashamed of myself, but of course that didn’t stop me.

“Well sir, we don’t have an indigent program, but the trip charge is a substantial portion of the cost. If you can come down to the office the total cost is cut significantly.”

Every little bit helps. I decided it was worth it to see Candy again. Maybe this time I’d get her personal number. My bank account would have to take the hit.

“OK, when can I come in?” I asked. “I want to take Nurse Candy’s next available appointment.”

“Nurse Candy is booked for the next several days, but I can book you for late next week,” she said.

“Are you sure you don’t have anything sooner? I feel like I really need to see her right away.”

“Well, Nurse Candy will arrive in the office at 10am tomorrow morning. She normally does paperwork for the first hour, but I’ll see if she can squeeze you in,” the secretary replied.

“Thank you, miss! I really appreciate it. I’ll be there right at 10:00 tomorrow morning.”


I got up first thing in the morning and got showered and dressed. I put on some cologne. In my anxiousness to see Candy I arrived nearly half an hour early. It was a typical medical office building, and I went up to the suite where Nurse Nancy’s office was located. You couldn’t miss the “Nurse Nancy: Penis Therapy” plaque on the door. There was an empty waiting area and a window, behind which the secretary sat. She was a brunette with her hair in a bun wearing glasses and a business suit with a jacket and skirt. She was pretty hot in a bookworm sort of way. She wore a small name tag that said “Gina.”

I went up to the window. “I’m here for my appointment with Nurse Candy.”

The secretary looked at me a bit skeptically over her glasses. I recognized her voice from the phone. “Are you the gentleman I spoke with yesterday about an early appointment?”

“Yes, ma’am.”

Her face softened a bit; unlike some other women she apparently liked being called “ma’am”. “You’re a little early–Nurse Candy isn’t in yet. As I explained to you before, she doesn’t usually see patients before 11:00, but I can ask her if she can make an exception.”

“Thank you ma’am, I really appreciate that,” I replied gratefully.

What’s your name for the appointment book?” she asked.

“People call me ‘Dude,'” I replied.

She smirked and arched an eyebrow. “You mean like The Big Lebowski?”

“No, not ‘The Dude’, just ‘Dude.'”

“OK, Mr. ‘Dude,’ how would you like to make payment today?”

I gave her my credit card information and she told me to sit in the waiting area until Nurse Candy arrived. The next few minutes seemed to last forever. I passed the time checking out the secretary when she wasn’t looking, although I think she caught me at least once.

Finally Candy came breezing in the door in her casual clothes–frayed and faded blue jeans, low and tight on her hips and tapered down her legs to the white high-heeled sandals on her feet. She wore a light green t-shirt that fit snugly and didn’t quite reach the waistband of her unbelted jeans. It didn’t look like she illegal bahis was wearing a bra underneath the t-shirt they way her breasts swayed underneath it and I thought I could see the shadow of her nipples. Her blonde hair bounced loosely and she wore silver hoop earrings.

As soon as she came in she noticed me sitting on the end of the waiting room couch. She smiled nervously and quickly looked away. The secretary got her attention and Candy walked to the window.

“This gentleman came in early to see you,” the secretary told Candy. “I explained to him that you don’t normally see patients this early but he seemed very anxious for an appointment with you. If you’re busy this morning I can try to book him with someone else. Otherwise you have an opening late next week.”

Candy looked over her shoulder at me and bit her lower lip. I gave her my best puppy dog look. She looked a little conflicted, but said to the secretary, “It’s OK, I can take care of this patient.” Then she turned to me. “Follow me, please.” Score!

I followed her through the waiting room back to an examination room, watching her ass in the tight jeans. The room looked like an exam room for a regular doctor, with a counter and sink, cabinets, an exam table, and a chair. There was a boom box on the counter, which was a little unusual for a doctor’s office. The exam table had one end tilted up to form a back rest, so it looked a little like a lounge chair. This pseudo lounge chair and the regular chair were facing each other. Candy motioned me to the exam table. “Have a seat, please.”

I sat on the edge of the exam table and said “Thank you for agreeing to see me. I’ve been thinking about you a lot since our first appointment.”

Candy looked at me seriously. “Our first appointment was somewhat unprofessional,” she told me. “I’m a fully trained penis therapist now, and you should know that we deviated from the proper procedure last time.”

“But it was fantastic! You cured me! I feel great now!”

“Then what are you doing here?” she asked. “If you feel great then you don’t need therapy. Gina made it sound like you were desperate.”

She caught me. I could feel my face turn red. “Well, I wanted to see you. I missed you.”

Candy suppressed a smile. “You enjoyed our little penis therapy session, did you? Come back for more? Just for fun?”

“Really Candy, I think you’re fantastic. I wanted to see you and I didn’t know any other way.”

“So are you asking me out, or are you here for treatment?” Candy asked slyly.

“Well,” I stammered. My eyes darted around the room and landed on her tits. The way they stretched the fabric of her top was incredible. She definitely wasn’t wearing a bra because her nipples were now obviously erect.

“Are you interested in a proper penis therapy session, now that I’m fully trained?” she asked with a half smile. “I can see you’re already taking in some visual therapy.”

I looked up at her face. “Um. Well. Yeah. Yeah, that’d be great, actually.”

“Then I guess you can go back to staring at my tits then.”

I looked back down and smiled a bit myself. “I love your tits.”

“Gooooood. Keep looking at them then.” She pushed them together and gave them a squeeze. “Do you like to watch me massage them like this? They’re so big and firm and round. Do you think they’re sexy?”

“God, yes.”

Candy smiled. “Can you see my nipples underneath this tight little shirt?” She pinched them through the thin fabric. “Do you like that?”

“Mmmm hmmm.”

Candy smiled. “I know what else you like. You like to see me dance.”

“I do,” I replied.

She reached over to the boom box and pressed the play button. A crunky, sorta hip-hop, sorta rock tune came on at a low volume. The vocals were basically a woman moaning. It was pure sex. Candy’s hips started to grind to the beat. It was mesmerizing. My eyes locked on her body, so sexy in just jeans and a t-shirt. Candy totally knew what she was doing to me. Her dancing was incredibly sexy, even more so than the first time. Her hips rotated as she turned slowly around and caressed her body, pulling up her shirt to expose her flat, tan belly, pausing to squeeze her ass and tits–she was the sexiest woman in the history of women at that moment. My face got hot and my pants were starting to feel tight. I had to break the tension.

I said to her “I know what you like.”

She looked at me with her head tilted, smiling slightly, still dancing. “Oh yeah?” she asked.

“Yeah,” I said. “You like to be naughty.”

Her motion slowed and she cast her eyes downward. Barely audible, she said “It’s true.”

“I love that about you,” I told her.

She brightened. “Oh yeah?”


“Then you’re really going to love this,” she said, looking straight into my eyes. She moved in very close to me and said “I know you want me. I know you like my tits…and my ass…and my pussy. Just thinking about my smooth, wet, pink, pussy is making your cock hard isn’t it?”

She looked down at my pants and what she was saying was clearly illegal bahis siteleri true. My dick was obviously straining against the fabric. Candy got down on her knees in front of me and gently removed my shoes and socks.

“Let’s see how this penis of yours is doing since our last session,” she said. Then she undid my pants and pulled them and my underwear off together in one swift motion. I sat on the edge of the exam table in nothing but my t-shirt. My cock sprang out at full attention. Candy examined it critically.

“Hmmmmm. Firm, with healthy excitation. In need of massage via manual stimulation. I’ll get the lubricant.”

Candy went to a cabinet and opened it. It was full of sex toys and bottles of liquid. She quickly grabbed a bottle and closed the cabinet before coming back over to me. “Hold out your hand,” she ordered. I did.

Candy dribbled some of the liquid in the bottle into my hand, maybe a little more than necessary, because some dripped on the floor. I pressed my fingers into my palm and could tell that my hand was very slippery. Then she dripped even more of it onto my erection. It felt good just having the liquid running along my cock. Candy capped the bottle and replaced it in the cabinet before turning back to me.

“Put your hand on your cock,” she said. I did. “Look at me and slide your hand slowly up and down it.” I did. She kept moving her hips to the music while she slowly pulled her t-shirt up her torso an inch at a time, then exposing the curve of the undersides of her full breasts, and finally up to expose her nipples. She left the shirt sitting on top of her breasts and stroked her nipples with the tips of her index fingers and looked straight into my eyes. “Do you like that?”


“Goooood. Look at my tits and stroke your hard cock for me. Sloooowly. That’s it; jerk off for Nurse Candy’s sexy tits.” She pinched her nipples and moaned. “Mmmmmmmm. Let me put some oil on them for you. I bet you’ll like that.”

Candy pulled her shirt off over her head, then grabbed the oil bottle and dripped oil over her now completely naked breasts. She put down the bottle and started massaging her tits, while still moving her hips to the music and looking into my eyes.

“Mmmmmm, this feels so good on my tits. Do you like watching me rub my slippery titties for you? Are you jerking off and thinking about how good it would feel to fuck your cock up and down between these big smooth sexy tits? Does that feel good?”

“Yeah,” I breathed.

“Gooooood. Keep looking at me and stroking your big hard cock. Slowly. Make it feel real good but don’t cum yet. Jerk off for your sexy nurse.” Candy kept dancing and caressing her body, smearing the oil from her tits down onto her stomach, occasionally slipping her fingertips under the waistband of her jeans.

“You want to see more, don’t you? Will you keep jerking off for me if I take off my pants? Would you like to see that? You want to see your nurse’s pretty panties?”

“Mmmmm, yeah.”

Candy stepped closer to me and undid the button on her jeans. Then she slowly unzipped them with my eyes locked on her gyrating crotch and opened her pants to reveal tiny hot pink silk panties. My pulse and my stroking rhythm quickened at the sight. Then she kicked off her shoes and turned around to point her ass at me while she slowly pulled her jeans down to reveal the smooth, tan globes of her ass cheeks with the thin strip of bright pink silk running between them. She pushed her ass toward my cock and I stroked myself inches away from her beautiful butt. I could have spanked her with my cock I was so close.

“Do you like my ass?” She gyrated it in front of me and looked over her shoulder at me, smiling. “Are you jacking off over my sexy ass, you naughty boy? Does it feel good? Do you like looking at my ass while you stroke your cock? Huh? Do you?”

“Yeaaaaah,” I said quietly, concentrating on how incredible she looked.

“Goooooood,” Candy replied, and reached back to caress her ass with both hands, smearing some of the oil from her tits onto her ass, sliding her hands over her cheeks and down the back of her thighs and back up again, then squeezing her ass cheeks and letting them firmly bounce back to their smooth round shape, then spreading them apart and letting go again. I was mesmerized; her ass was the entire world and my hand was automatically sliding up and down my cock.

“Is your cock really hard and full of cum?” she asked my breathily. “Are you aching to squirt your cum all over my sexy ass? Are you building up a juicy load to pump all over me? But don’t cum yet. I have more to show you.”

Candy stood up straight and turned around, allowing me a full frontal view of her beautiful body wearing only the tiny pink panties. She caressed her body: up her hips, over her stomach, and up to her tits, squeezing them and pinching her nipples while she looked at me with a slight smile and shining eyes. Then she slid her hands back down her body and started playing with her panties, pulling at them, sliding her fingers under them, running her canlı bahis siteleri fingers along the outside and rubbing her pussy through the fabric with slightly spread legs.

“Do you want to see my pussy? I hope it’s not too much for you,” Candy said coyly. “A lot of my patients get so excited from looking at my sexy ass that they lose control and squirt their cum as soon as I show them my pretty pussy.” Her voice got really low now, almost a whisper. “I’ve made a lot of men cum for me by showing them my wet, pink, slippery pussy. I love knowing that I was so naughty that they couldn’t help but squirt their cum from looking at me and listening to me talk nasty talk about their cocks fucking into me. I get so horny watching them that my pussy gets dripping wet. I’m dripping wet now. Do you want to see?”

Candy pushed her hand into her panties and moaned as she easily slid two fingers into her pussy. She humped her hand for a few seconds and then pulled her hand out and showed it to me. It was coated in clear shiny fluid. “See how wet I am? I bet you want me to take my panties off now so you can see my smooth pink pussy, don’t you?”

“Mmmmmmm, yeah,” I replied.

“OK, but don’t cum yet. I have more to show you,” Candy said. She stepped up and put her foot up on the shelf under the exam table to spread her legs slightly and rubbed herself through her panties. She ran her fingertips tantalizingly along the edges of her panties and then finally hooked her fingers under the fabric and slowly pulled them aside. Her clitoris was engorged and peeking out below her blonde patch of pubic hair. The lips of her vagina were slightly parted to expose some of the bright pink flesh inside. She stroked the outside of her pussy with her fingertips, teasing herself and me, inches away from my cock, which I was slowly rubbing and aiming at her gorgeous pussy.

“Look how big my clit is,” she remarked, and then she shuddered as thrummed it with her index finger. “Ooooooo, it feels so good. Does your cock like my pussy? Keep stroking it while I rub my pussy.” Then she inserted her middle finger slightly to rub the inner flesh of her slick pink pussy. She pumped herself slowly for a while, then spread her vagina with one hand and inserted two fingers from her other hand and started stroking herself in earnest.

“Do you see me masturbating for you?” she said. “Pump your cock while you watch me. Fuck yeah, jack it.” Her eyes locked on my cock as I complied and she rubbed herself faster. “Mmmmm, yeah, jerk that big cock for me. My pussy is so wet now. See how nasty I am, rubbing it for you? Are you watching me fuck myself? Does it make your cock hard and throbbing? Do you like jerking off for me?”

Candy was really into it now, rubbing her pussy frantically and moaning, her body trembling and her tits shaking with her movements, nipples hard and protruding. “I’m gonna cum. Watch me cum but don’t cum yet. Keep stroking your cock for me but don’t cum. Oh yeah. Fuck yeah. Mmmmmm. Mmmmmmmmmm. Mmmmmmmmmmmm! I’m cumming! Oh fuck! Oh god!” Then she stopped breathing and closed her eyes as her orgasm overcame her. Her knees wobbled and nearly buckled as she came, open mouthed and jerking with the spasms. Eventually she started breathing again and opened her eyes to look at me under heavy eyelids.

“Do you like that?” she asked. “Did you like watching me cum? I sure liked it. I bet you wanted to cum really bad then, didn’t you? I’m glad you didn’t, because I have more to show you. First I need to sit down for a bit though. I came really hard.”

Candy stepped back to the chair facing the exam table and eased herself into it, sitting back with her legs spread slightly. She looked at me with a devious expression and said “You know, after I got carried away with you that first time, I realized I had to get up the nerve to go to the dildo store.”

“Oh yeah?” I responded.

“Yeah. One night after getting a little tipsy at a club I finally went there.” Candy spoke slowly and softly, pausing between sentences. “They have lots of naughty things there. I was really nervous at first and my heart was racing when I went inside. I went into the area with the sex toys and there were so many, of all shapes and sizes and colors, from little vibrators to huge realistic-looking dicks. I looked at all of them one at a time, and couldn’t help imagining how they would feel sliding in and out of my pussy.”

Candy licked her lips. “I got so turned on right there in the store and I lost track of time checking everything out. I started exploring the rest of the store. They have sexy lingerie, and dirty magazines, and tons of X-rated movies. My pussy got so wet looking at the movie boxes with the naked men and women on them, and my nipples were hard and aching to be touched. I stared at a picture and sneaked a pinch of my nipple. That’s when I heard a quiet gasp and realized I was being watched.”

Candy spread her legs further apart, leaned back in the chair, and lazily ran her fingertips over her exposed pussy while she continued her story. “I froze and stopped breathing. I turned slightly and out of the corner of my I could see a man standing a few feet away down the aisle. He was holding a movie box, but he wasn’t looking at it–he was looking at me! And by the looks of the bulge in his pants he was enjoying the view.”