Not For Gays Only

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Not For Gays OnlyNot For Gays OnlyBy: Londebaaz Chohan Her voice was very loud and clear. She was making lots of hand gestures while talking with me. She was beautiful, poster girl, young, about 28-30. Tall like 5’ 6”, medium built frame; almost 130 lbs. with at least 15 lbs. of most fit looking tits on her. She said that she was Vivian Bunter the wife of the Town Engineer, Mr. Spencer Bunter. She was speaking as if she was the Town Engineer; a bit rude, a bit loud and a bit shy and hesitant also and I later found out why. She was asking me if I was the town employee; responsible for the maintenance and up-keep of the parks and the buildings in the parks of Kirby village. I had to admit that I worked for the work force of the village but in the Power and Works sections and not the Parks department. “I think; you can help me”. She said loud and then suddenly stopped. She was kind of checking me out and why not, I started to check her out. She was wearing a red on black flowers printed shirt, down to almost her knees. Her toe nails, painted red were visible from the very fashion oriented black leather sandals. To the best of my assessment, she was not wearing a brassier as her C cup tits and specially the pointy nipples were clearly visible, pushing on the fabric of her dress. Her long red hair was braided nicely and her eyes were hidden behind the fashionable Ray Ban goggles. I was impressed. Suddenly, I realized that instead of checking me out, she was stopped and looking around to make sure; there was nobody listening as she tried to find the right and proper words. I simply waited for her to continue but then silence was getting too golden and I broke the silence; “You were saying something to me”? She took a deep breath, as if she was thinking to speak or not and then making sure, nobody was near us, she said “Hey Mister, have you been in the women’s room”? Even with the glasses on, I could guess, she was flinching. I wondered, what she was getting at and asked, “Madam, why you asking me this”?Well, now I knew, why she was being so cautious. She was looking all around once again. She was standing not far from the ‘public restrooms’ and there were other people in the park. Some mothers were playing, running behind their toddlers. Some were near the slides, swings and the jungle gym section of the park while an elderly couple sat on the park bench holding hands. Nobody was as close to hear our conversation by normal means. She started talking once again but in very weak, soft and mellow tone. She said, that someone has been there and cut the holes on the both sides of the middle stall for the ladies. “Really”, I showed that I was truly shocked. I was trying to visualize the middle stall in the ladies’ room, with holes cut out on both sides. Why would anyone do it deliberately, I tried to reason with her. “Are you sure Madam. May be, it is that large toilet paper roll has been knocked out…” but she cut me off. “No, no not at all”. She looked around once again to make sure that we were alone and then explained, “I think, these are called the ‘glory holes’ and they are for sex”. She spilled it all out and looked at me to notice any reaction. “What”! I was lost. I could tell, she was frustrated as she was being very alert of other people around and then began explaining to me, what she knew and what she thought. She said that the holes were for the oral sex and they were mostly popular among the ‘gays’. She was kind of confident and proud of the awareness, she had. She said that the guys put their ‘thing’ through the hole from the one side to the other; where the guys serviced each other and in this case may be the women were expected to service them. I was kind of amused to hear certain words, like gays, their thing and service; uttered by her. Her hands made a lot of gestures, explaining all this to me. “It is indecent and should not be happening here under our watch”. She said.I apologized for not knowing of this activity and the walls of the stall in the women rest room being damaged and promised her that I shall speak with my fellow workers and make sure they were fixed and also for the watch out on any of the suspicious activity. Vivian smiled and thanked me with a promise to speak to her husband about the great job I was doing and I thanked her for the good word about my work to my superiors and also for bringing the problem to my attention. I watched as Vivian turned and reached her new looking imported car and drove off to the exit gate. I knew, Mr. Spencer Bunter was already 58 because only last week there was a news flash all over the village papers about this. Mr. Bunter’s family was very influential and was known to own more than half the land of the village. Vivian was hardly 30. Of course, she was his trophy wife for show off. I am not sure, if she was looking in her back view mirror at me as she drove away but being a conscientious worker, I pulled out my cell phone tekirdağ escort and called my friend in the parks maintenance section and told him about the complaint; town engineer’s wife had. Jovan said, he was in the park but all the way on the other side and promised to be with me in 2 minutes. Joe came and he parked his truck next to my truck in the other corner of the parking lot away from the restrooms and I told him how a young lady had complained about the holes and I also told him that she claimed to be the wife of the Town Engineer; Mr. Bunter. We were standing there talking, while Jovan smoked hidden behind his truck and a big tree, when I saw the same car; Mrs. Bunter had left the park in, enter the park again and pull very close to the restrooms entrance. Vivian came out, looked carefully around to see if anybody else was looking and fast paced herself into the ladies’ restrooms. From far away, I could recognize her dress; I had seen her earlier in.Crossing the park in a hurry, Jovan and I came upon the restroom’s entrance. He hung a sign on the door, ‘Closed for Repairs’ and we entered in. Seeing the middle stall door closed; I entered the stall left to the middle stall and Jovan went into the stall to the right of that. Looking through the cracks of those walls, we found the Chief Engineer’s wife sitting on the toilet seat and doodling her fingers patiently. She was scanning the holes on both sides of her stall. Of course, she heard us come in but was not budged or showing any concern. I did not want to play a spy and for a test, I put my index and middle fingers towards her through the hole. I could hear her exclaim clearly and swung her legs towards the hole on my side. Her soft skinned hand reached and gave me a playful tug on my fingers and soon she was stroking them, as if she had a penis in her hand. Jovan was not going to be left behind and so his fingers appeared on the other side and he made some tapping sound as well to get her attention.“Oh my God, another one”. She muttered and turned her body such that she could reach out to both sides and continued stroking the fingers. She kept on for couple of minutes and then got up and took a kneeling position to Jovan’s side and began giving a real strong sucking on his fingers imagining, it were his cock. She did not look any amateur or novice through the hole from my side. Her head was moving forward and back as she licked, sucked and nibbled on each of his digits. I just could not resist watching her slurp on Jovan’s fingers and wanted more. Standing close to the hole, I unzipped my work dress all the way down to my waist. My cock was already aching to be free and hurting due to waiting. It sprang out like a ‘Jack in the box’ from my boxers. I pulled my work dress off. Putting the steel hard dick through the hole towards her, I cleared my throat, loud enough to draw her attention and saw her look at my beautiful hard, long and fat cock. I swear, I could see a big smile across her face. She left Jovan’s fingers and came rushing to my side of the stall. Being close, I could appreciate; she had a beautiful young face. She began blowing the warm air on my engorged stiff cock head. Oh my God. The feeling was truly gorgeous. My cock throbbed and jumped up and down as if saluting her out of respect for being the wife of a boss. She chuckled to see my huge meat column quiver and jump. “What a marvelous cock”; I could hear her loud complement as she held my side of the beef sized cock and with her long drawn tongue; she began to lap its sides, sending shivers through my spine. She was moaning softly as her tongue began advanced assault, curling her tongue on my shaft and the fat head. Her warm, soft, tongue was feeling incredible. She had not taken me in her mouth or sucked me so far but I was already feeling like climbing the wall and pushed to the edge without any tugging or sucking of my meat cleaver.By now, Jovan was getting impatient on his side of the stall and began bringing the wall down with the bangs of his large hands; as he sent his hard cock to her side from the hole on his side. She chuckled to notice Jovan’s rush, leaving me hanging and turned to service his cock instead. Getting mesmerized by the fat girth of this Latino man cock, she did no playful things as she was doing to my cock but simply opened her mouth to take it in and started sucking and tugging on it showing her a****listic sexual instinct. Jovan’s groaning was heard over the walls. Vivian’s amazing desire to suck cock was definitely proving her to be a champion cocksucker. She was just in love with the cock in her custody like a true cock whore. She was wrapping her mouth as she sucked Jovan to the hilt and also stroked him continuously. I wanted the action shifted to my side by now but thinking some different, I let Jovan have his go and finish first.Pulling my cock back, I quietly came out of my stall and moved to the door of her escort tekirdağ stall. Looking through the small crack at the door, I could see her going crazy on Jovan’s cock. Her head was bobbing on the tremendously fat cock of Latino Jovan’s man pole. The door was locked but with just a flip of the small screwdriver, I unlocked it. Vivian was oblivious all together getting her face fucked with the pleasure pump, bringing Jovan close to his orgasm. He was grunting out of control. “Are you going to cum for me”? I heard Vivian. What the fuck. What kind of woman would ask her man if he was cumming for her but I just stood in the corner and enjoyed looking, her going berserk on Jovan’s cock and stroking it furiously and frantically. Jovan had totally gone quiet and his cock obviously looking more treacherous in her hands. “Cum on, cum for me, cum for me now”; Vivian was kind of prompting Jovan and had gone back to taking his cock in her mouth and working it vigorously. “Oh fuck”. I heard Jovan blurt out and then his fists banging on the separating wall. His dark brown cock had started blasting his white life elixir into Vivian’s mouth and on her pretty face, even the chin. “Oh fuck, fuck you, Oh fuck”. He was repeating himself as she licked his head, lapped him clean after milking any and every drop of nectar out of Jovan’s balls. Vivian’s mouth was still full when she pulled back and saw me. Her eyes widened with some fear but she soon recognized me as the guy, she spoke outside a while ago and I could see a big grin on her face.She quickly swallowed and got up on her feet to get to me. Her hands dropped down to my cock. I was hard like a rock and definitely wanted to fuck the slut very badly. With her both hands on my rock hard cock and steel balls, she wanted to know, if I would keep her secret. I just did not care to answer but simply held her by the shoulders and forced her to go down on her knees to worship my cock. She obeyed and looked up with a big smile on her fucked up face, still covered in Jovan’s balls juice.“We shall try to keep it between three of us”, I said and reached for my shaft to hold it from the middle. She immediately opened her mouth but I just smacked my very solid leather looking baton on her cheeks, lips and tongue. Then I asked her to take off her shirt. Unbuttoning it, she just had to cajole it little off her tits and it just slipped off easy of her arms, chest and back. “You have a tremendous body, Mrs. Bunter”. I complemented her and she gave me a big chuckle as thanks. I started kneading her breasts one by one to make almost sure that she was at least a C cup and her nipples were also well grown and incredibly soft to touch and play with. I tugged and tweaked them between my thumb and fingers. They had obviously become very sensitive to touch and Vivian made loud sighs and even wiggled her ass on her ankles as I kept pulling and playing with them lovely boobs. “Let me see, what you are still hiding from me underneath”, I said; as I arched lower from her tits to her dress, bunched up around her waist and in her lap. Very soon she was as naked as she must have been for fucking. I was getting over excited and reaching to cup her pussy. She was being very accommodating and spreading her thighs to let my hand slip in closer and closer till my palm touched her very soft, totally dowsed pussy lips and the heel of my hand pressed on her clitoris and the mound. Vivian gave out a big sigh and her body rose and fell to my tender touch.I told her to spread her knees as wide as she could. Attempting to slide on her knees, down to the ladies’ restroom floor, her cooze dropped hard on my fingers. She squealed to feel my fingers spread her pussy lips while my middle finger glided in her warm cunt. I commanded her to suck, looking in her eyes from above in arched position. As I wiggled my hand to piston my fingers in and out of her damp pussy; she sucked me much harder. She was on fire and ready for her orgasm. She was taking all 8” of my cock in her gullet and making very strange slurping, choking, gagging sounds as she ministered on my big cock.As seen in porn videos, I was telling her to gag more on my cock while her hips were shivering up and down in my hand as the sensations grew inside her. What a lovely scene: she was moaning with my cock in her mouth and her very well soaked pussy was shaking in my hands with delight. “Come on suck me harder, or else I shall stop”. I told her point blank, while her pussy spread thin and I pretended to take my hand away from her already whimpering, quivering cunt. I knew, it would be too much to endure for her as she produced a very fatigued growl and clamped extremely hard on the base of my cock right out of my body. She said some very vague verbiage, feeling an orgasm surge in her depth and quickly buried her face in my groin. My complete length had disappeared in her throat, her nose and face was submerged in tekirdağ escort bayan my shaved pelvis. She was surely showing her full obedience and duty full behavior.Reaching up with her extended hands, she held me by the hips to clutch herself to me as the first wave of her orgasm bamboozled through her cunt to her body and to her soul. The vibrations from her wet and hot as oven mouth were hitting my balls, making me rock my hips to set off a series of explosions in her fucked up mouth. “Oh fuck”!! I could only howl out as my ass cheeks flexed to clench tight and then release quickly. “Give me all, give me all of it”. I heard her cry out as my eyes were shut tight and my neck was pulled back. She sucked me and milked me like there was no tomorrow and swallowed it all bonding to my cock. I felt so privileged and honored to fuck such special mouth of the Mrs. Chief Engineer and feeling done, slowly pulled out of her sodden mouth pussy.She gave me a very contented smile, looking up in my eyes; slowly wiping away some of my moisture from the corners of her lips. Then she leisurely covered up herself before standing up in front of me. Just seeing her pull the straps of her dress and fix her boobs made my cock come alive again and I pulled her to me with both hands on her tight little ass. Vivian was looking quite contented but I really wanted to fuck her no less, as I heard her say, “Oh Lord! You are not done with me, yet”.“No”, I said urgently. “I am a very conscientious worker and cannot leave the work half-done”. Lifting her dress up and off her body, I made her naked self to turn and hold on firmly to the toilet pipes. While hanging her dress on the hook on the door, I kicked her ankles to open wide as she arched to present her love hole to me. Vivian ‘Oouh’ed’ with delight as I smacked her very jiggly ass cheek with my hard cock length. Making my cock head, roam around her pussy slit, I made myself wet with her lube, dripping out and then pushed it firmly in her wet and warm snatch. She let out a low guttural groan as I glided deep to my balls in her honey box. I could feel her pushing back, trying to take as much of my length in her as she could. With quick increase of rhythm, pace and range of motion; there was a lovely symphony like music being produced as my pubis hit her ass cheek with a set beat. Vivian was constantly repeating, “Yes, yes, Oh yes” as loud as she could with every deep thrust in her flaps. Her loud moans revitalized Jovan and I invited him to join us but he felt fucking the wife of his boss; he could not do but he wanted his cock to be serviced again and shoved it back through the glory hole for her. I could not care less. Fucking the wife of my boss was a trophy for me. Jovan’s thick cock was a perfect pacifier for Vivian’s joyous screams as she slowly turned towards the hole projecting his cock for her. Now her mouth was perfectly aligned for Jovan’s dick and her pussy was sweetly wedged on my long stiff cock. Although her body was shivering with pleasure but her moans were stifled as she greedily sucked Jovan and even played with his balls.“Fuck her hard for me, fuck her pretending, it was my cock, you are fucking her with. Fuck her to dilate her pussy as thin as my cock would do it”. Jovan was exciting me from across the partition as I was telling her to suck Jovan to put his balls on fire. I was constantly rotating her ass on my skewer rod to send the optimum and deep friction in her total body. Vivian was doing her own magic on Jovan’s cock while grinding her moist pink fortress on my cock. I swear; I could see goose bumps formed on the back of her neck as she neared her orgasm.One very well thought of grinding of my hips in her, set her body rippling as her orgasm raged on and she started squirting hard all over my cock. Exact at that moment; Jovan screamed out and slammed his dong hard into her throat and began feeding her again. His growling, her blurting, his cursing, her fucking my cock, just numbed all my senses as I gasped for air and let out my own, “Fuck you Vivian” as I started to spray my seed deep inside the pussy of the wife of Mr. Spencer Banter, The Town Engineer of Kirby. Gladly, Jovan kept feeding her as long as I kept breeding her and then slowly, I plopped myself out of her. I thanked her to give us both all she had to give and she also showed her utmost gratitude for giving her all we had to. As I pulled up my work overall and zipped it up, we heard Jovan’s stall door open and then slam shut behind him. He sure did not want to show his face to Vivian being afraid of some repercussions but I knew, Vivian and Spencer had a lot to lose than me, if worst came to worst. Slowly, she had fixed herself to look decent and presentable with the help of a small compact mirror in her pocket and we decided to leave separately. As I just stepped out of the stall and started to walk towards the exit door, I heard Vivian, from behind, “Hey, what’s your name Mr. Maintenance man; did you drill these holes in the stalls”. I chuckled very loud and just walked out quick saying, “Just cannot allow Gays to have all the fun by themselves”.The End. Your comments are welcome. Londebaaz Chohan October 4, 2019.