Nickie’s Coming Out

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Nickie’s Coming Out”Let’s just say I’m having a little trouble walking today.”Martha had no regrets. Every step she took reminded her of the fun she had over the weekend.”I’m thinking Beth is having some of the same issues. We went to that frat party about 10 o’clock, and that was pretty much the last I saw of her.”A smile came across Beth’s face. “Those boys were very—shall we say—friendly.”Having graduated from college only two years earlier, the girls fit in easily with the college crowd. And besides, no frat boys were going to refuse them. Martha was a petite blonde with small, firm tits and long, shapely legs. Beth had wavy red hair that reached past her shoulders, ample cleavage, and an ass that would turn any man’s head.While Nickie enjoyed listening to stories of their exploits, she couldn’t help but feel left out. “You should have gone with us. You would have had fun.”Nickie listened to Beth and nodded. Part of her did want to go to that party, but she thought she wouldn’t fit in. Actually, she was always afraid of not fitting in.”Maybe next time.””I hope so,” assured Martha. “Everyone’s easy to get along with. And you don’t have to pay for a thing.'”And you don’t have to fuck anyone if you don’t want to,” said Beth. It’s just nice getting a little attention.”Nickie liked the idea of going to parties and getting some attention. And she did want to fuck. But she wasn’t like Martha and Beth. They were outgoing and confident and sexy—very sexy.”To be honest, I wish I was more like you two. You always know what to say and how to act. And you’re both beautiful.”Martha was quick to respond. “You put too much pressure on yourself. You’re smart and can talk about anything. Besides, the guys do most of the talking. All you have to do is smile and look pretty.””Martha’s right. And you most definitely are beautiful. You just need to dress in a way that, well, shows you off better.”Nickie long felt there was another woman deep inside needing to come out. She trusted her friends, and heard herself say, “Then show me how. Please.”Beth and Martha looked at each other and smiled. “Does that mean you’ll be coming with us next weekend?” asked Beth.Nickie nodded. “But if it isn’t working out, I get to leave early. OK?”Nickie’s friends agreed. The two girls could barely believe that Nickie would finally join them—and they couldn’t be happier.”We’ll pick you up Friday at 9,” said Martha. “Make that 8,” added Beth. “We’ll come early to help you get ready. You need to look the part.”Martha and Beth laughed at the thought, and Nickie couldn’t help but smile, too.With each day, Nickie found herself getting more excited about the frat party until she could barely contain herself. She was never so relieved to have a Friday night arrive.The knock on her door came at quarter of 8—a full 15 minutes early—but Nickie was more than glad that Beth and Martha were there. She was worked up beyond belief, and knew her friends would help her settle down.After quick hugs, they went straight to the bedroom to consider Nickie’s clothing options. They searched through blouses, pants, skirts, and dresses. Should Nickie dress up or have a more casual look? How much should she stand out? Nothing seemed quite right—until Nickie reached into the back of her closet and pulled out a white mini-skirt and black halter top with a plunging neckline held together by a ring and a tie that went around her neck. “Where did you get all this?” said Beth.”I may have done a little shopping during the week,” Nickie said coyly.”It’s perfect,” said Martha. “You are looking forward to this, aren’t you?””What about shoes?””What do you think of these,” said Nickie, holding up a pair of white ankle-boots with 4 1/2 inch stiletto heels.Beth couldn’t contain herself. “Oh, yeah. Get dressed. I want to see how it all looks on you.”Nickie took off her jeans and t-shirt, squeezed into her mini-skirt, then put on the blouse and shoes, and posed for her friends.At first, no one said a word. Beth and Martha just admired the transformed woman in front of them. It was as if they were looking at Nickie for the very first time. She stood 5 foot four inches with long brown hair, a sincan escort tight ass, and legs that curved in all the right places. Her ample breasts—34Cs—were so tempting in that blouse, since a hand could easily slip inside the loose vertical opening. And anyone could see there was no bra. They exchanged only a few words before gathering purses and heading for the door. Nickie could feel her heart pounding the entire drive to the frat house. Would all her effort be worth it? Will guys pay attention to her? And will she know how to behave? There was one thing she did know: It was too late to turn back.They parked the car a half-block near the frat house, and Nickie saw that a couple dozen people were gathered on the front porch. As the girls walked up the stairs, Nickie noticed a few heads turn their way. They stopped talking and simply stared. She took that as a good sign.Inside, the lights were low and the music loud as a crowd of people did their best to spread out. The three girls found a small space near the living room and stood there for a minute to get their bearings.”This is definitely more crowded than it was last weekend,” observed Beth.”I’m glad we got here early.”As Martha said those words, four guys—four very good-looking guys—walked up.”Hi. I’m Jerry, the vice president of this fraternity. This is Barry, Jon, and Frank. Frank is a wide receiver on our football team—a real star.”Frank smiled at the introduction, keeping his eyes on Nickie the whole time.”I’m Beth. And I’d like you to meet Martha and Nickie.””Can we get you ladies something to drink? We have punch, beer, and soft drinks.”There was something unsettling about the thought of frat party punch, so all three girls went for the beer. Soft drinks weren’t an option, especially for Nickie who needed something to calm her nerves.After they got their drinks, the seven of them chatted about music, life, and the boys themselves, who were doing their best to impress the girls. Barry gravitated toward Beth, while Jon stayed close to Martha. Nickie, meanwhile, held the attentions of both Jerry and Frank. She knew, right then and there, that she could have either guy—or both of them—if she wanted. This was going to be easier than she dared hope. It was never like this for her when she was actually attending college. But maybe if she spent a little less time in the library or dressed differently—or simply believed in herself more—she would have had more fun. But it’s never too late.Nickie couldn’t help but admire the two boys, especially Frank who had deep-set eyes, a firm jaw, and an athlete’s body. Still, she resisted her urges, not wanting to settle on someone too soon. Plus, she wasn’t particularly interested in being the latest conquest for Jerry or Frank, even if they were two of the hottest guys at the party. She looked around the room as Jerry and Frank did their best to win her over.That’s when she noticed a guy in a red polo shirt sitting alone on a two-person sofa. He was looking down with his elbows on his knees, and he just looked lonely. It was a feeling Nickie knew all too well from her college days.If tonight was going to be a “coming out” for her, maybe it could be the same for someone else.After excusing herself, Nickie walked over to the small sofa and asked if the seat was taken.There was no response as the young man just looked at Nickie, as if he couldn’t believe that someone like her wanted to sit with him—even if it just meant sitting.”Sure…I mean, no, the seat’s not taken. Please, go right ahead.”Nickie nodded and joined him on the sofa, smiling at the thought that she was capable of making a man nervous. She found it empowering.”I’m Nickie.””I’m Jim.””Did you come with anyone?” Nickie wanted to make sure she didn’t misread the situation. For all she knew, his girlfriend was just around the corner.”I’m with Mike, over there,” he said nodding toward a good-looking guy in the corner having an up-close conversation with a pretty little thing. Mike looked their way and smiled, maybe more than a little surprised to see his friend alone with a brown-haired beauty. It was at that point that Nickie made up her mind; she was going escort sincan to show her brand new acquaintance a very good time.After a little small talk, Nickie made her next move, sliding over to Jim, her hand holding his upper arm as she leaned in.”It’s hard to hear with the music so loud. I hope you don’t mind me sitting closer.”Jim’s arm tensed under her touch. She wanted to assure him that her touch was more than incidental, so she gently massaged his forearm with her fingers—ever so slightly.”No, that…that’s fine. And it…is better.” Jim looked at her face and smiled.His arm started to relax as he turned to face her. She saw Jim lower his gaze to her neckline, so she bent over, which allowed the neckline to gap some more, giving him a better view of her full breasts. She embraced his silence and the knowledge that she chose well in selecting that blouse.Nickie could see that Mike was still watching. She thought it was time to give Jim’s friend a little more to dwell on. She leaned in closer so that Jim could feel her breath on his ear.”I love old houses like this. Do you want to explore the upstairs with me?””Sure. That sounds good.”Nickie stood up and waited before pulling her mini-skirt down, wanting Mike to get a good look at her legs. She took Jim’s hand and led him to the other room, turning her head slightly to catch Mike’s eyes before they disappeared up the stairs.The floor creaked as they walked down the dark hallway, past numerous people paired off in intimate conversations. Nickie noticed a door that was slightly open and peered into the dimly lit room. Finding no one, she led Jim inside and firmly closed the door.”Much better, don’t you think? Now we can actually hear each other.”Nickie sat down on the corner of the bed, letting her skirt ride up her legs till the hem just barely covered her panties. Jim paused, not knowing exactly where to sit. Despite her signals, he was still afraid of making assumptions and ruining the moment.He took his place on the bed about a foot from Nickie and, once again, lowered his eyes to soak in her beauty.”Do you like my outfit? I bought it just for this occasion.”She was deliberately vague. Would he interpret that to mean she bought the outfit for the party or for being alone with a man—the right man? Maybe both.”I think it looks great on you. It’s been hard keeping my eyes off of it,” he said through a grin.”I did catch you looking at it when we were downstairs. That made me happy.”Jim looked straight at her and smiled. He was apparently beginning to gain some confidence in himself and in where the situation might be heading.”I’ve never been to a frat party and wasn’t quite sure how to dress. So you think I did OK?”All Jim could do was nod.”Do you want to know why I chose this one, Jim?””Why is that?”Nickie closed the gap between the two of them and leaned forward. “It’s because the opening runs from my neckline down to just above my waist. And it’s loose enough to give guys the impression they can easily slip a hand inside.”She nearly whispered that last sentence in Jim’s ear so he could, again, feel the warmth of her breath.”Did you see those guys I was talking to when I came in the house? Well, they would never get their hands inside my blouse.”Jim looked at her eyes and gulped.”But you’re a different story. I would definitely let you reach inside. Would you like to do that?”Jim looked at Nickie and slowly reached for her with his left hand. He appeared tentative, as if he wasn’t quite sure that she meant it. Nickie took his hand in hers to reassure him that, yes, she did want him to touch her. She guided his hand to her chest where it slid under her blouse. He caressed her breast—almost reverentially at first—then began to squeeze, first one, then the other. He found the nipple of her right breast and played with it—touching and squeezing it, before tweaking it between two fingers. Nickie reached behind her, slipped the tie over her head and removed her blouse. Jim seized the opportunity and played with both her breasts before taking each one into his mouth to kiss and suck.Nickie moaned at the sensation of his touch and the knowledge of what was to sincan escort bayan come. And she felt herself becoming wet between her legs.”Fair is fair, Jim. You got to feel me under my clothes; I get to do the same. Would you like that?”Not waiting for an answer, Nickie started undoing his belt and the top button on his jeans, then slowly pulled his zipper down. Her right hand moved into his pants and under the waistband of his shorts until she reached his already-hard cock. She watched his eyes close in pleasure as her hand moved up and down his shaft several times, before she massaged the head of his penis with her fingers.Nickie thought of how much she enjoyed—no, adored—seduction. It was empowering for this one-time wallflower to get a man’s attention, raise his hopes, and make him desperately want her. Bringing it all to its rightful climax would be the final touch. And that’s the point she had just reached with Jim.Nickie knelt between Jim’s legs, took off his shoes, and removed his pants and shorts. There was time for one final tease. She slowly kissed her way up his left thigh, then his right—coming close to his penis, but never touching it. She felt him squirm to her kisses and decided enough was enough. Her hand gently held his balls as she slowly licked her way up the entire length of his eager cock before wrapping her lips around its head. He squirmed from the embrace, which excited her all the more. She lowered her mouth further and further onto his cock, surprised at how long it was. Her mouth went up and down with her lips caressing his shaft with each movement. She started slowly and gradually began to pick up the pace. She could feel his breathing quicken and chose to stop, fearing that Jim would cum too soon. Nickie came to the party hoping to have a cock in her pussy. She was not about to be denied.”I need you to taste me, Jim,” said Nickie as she lowered herself onto his face. He put his hands on her ass and guided her pussy to his waiting mouth. She felt his tongue lick along her opening and his mouth hungrily massage and suck on her. Jim was clearly without a lot of experience, but Nickie didn’t mind. She relished his raw desire and enjoyed the feel of his tongue and his lips. Her own desire for him grew till she needed to feel him inside her.Nickie slid down his chest until she could feel his rigid cock against her pussy. With the help of her right hand, his hardness penetrated her soft folds, gradually going deeper and deeper into her. Jim’s hands held her hips, but Nickie was in total control, thrusting up and down. She stared at his face and knew they shared something important—it was a turning point for both of them.Sensing that Jim wouldn’t last much longer, she took his right hand and moved it to her pussy. Together they massaged her clit. She was determined to have her own orgasm. Plus, she wanted to show him how to look after a woman’s needs.”I love how your cock feels inside me, Jim,” Nickie moaned.She could see a smile crossed his lips. Clearly, he loved having her mention his name while she fucked him.Nickie moved her hips faster and faster, while she let him rub her clit alone. “Just like that,” she moaned. “Don’t stop. I’m so close. Please, don’t stop.”She could feel the sparks start to build until her body convulsed relentlessly, shooting currents of passion from her pussy through her entire body in wave after wave. Her face became flush and her body started to weaken, but she continued thrusting. In a matter of seconds, Jim squeezed her hips forcefully and stopped his own hips movements, as his penis exploded, filling her pussy with his cum. His cock continued pulsing and he turned his head to the ceiling savoring the moment. At that point, Nickie collapsed onto his chest. They held each other and, for the first time, they kissed—their lips locked in their own embrace, forever sealing their sexual bond—this turning point—for both of them.After several minutes, they rose from the bed, gathered themselves, and made their way passed the knowing glances of the people lining the hallway. Jim couldn’t help but smile—and neither could Nickie.At the bottom of the stairs, Nickie found Mike, and made sure to give Jim a deep kiss in full view of him. She wanted to ensure that the relationship between the two men would evolve, as well.With that, she turned and walked into the living room. The night was still young.