Naughty Coworker

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Naughty Coworker
True story..

In my 20s I was in the military and worked with a woman who was my age. NOthing out of the ordinary. I knew she was dating a Navy guy and she never seemd anything but average.

There is a phenomenon in the military that if you have about 6 weeks left somewhere it’s a good time to sew wild oats and do new things. Odds are good you’ll never see these people again anyway. Well about 6 weeks before she was scheduled to leave she tell me that she was going to watch movies with her boyfriend in her dorm room and I was invited. This got my attention – but I honestly didn’t read into it too much. Yet I couldn’t not go.

It’s a Friday night. We are at her room. Only a twin bed and a chair so I’m in the chair. People got together to watch movies all the time. THis was before internet and we relied on VHS tapes. Always an oportunity to see something new.

It was an incredibly uneventful evening. So much so, that I don’t remember what we watched. We were drinking quite a lot and I fell asleep in the chair.

Some pendik escort time later I woke up. I think it was the sound of her being savagely fucked that woke me up. When she noticed I was awake her bf got off and she spread her legs wide.

“You want to fuck me don’t you?”

The sight of a woman spreading her legs and showing a well-fucked open pussy is amazing to me. I couldn’t get underessed fast enough. Still drunk. Still half asleep. Still only half erect I mounted her. Starting slowly to get myself togehter. It was amazing. She wa a very naughty girl.

I’d never been with a woman who talked dirty during sex. She was a master of it.

“You like fucking me don’t you?”
“You’re a dirty boy!”
“You love my pussy don’t you?”

It drove me absolutely out of my mind. I can see why he was fucking her so hard. It was almost involuntary.

I must have been at it for at least 10 minutes. Needed a break. As fast as I got off of her he dove in and resumed with reckless ferocity. I’d honestly never seen a woman fucked so kurtköy escort hard. They were a perfect pair.

The night went just like that. We each took turns fucking her as hard as we could. I was younger then.. ONce we’d both climaxed we’d sleep for an hour and go at it again. Waking up several times during the night. It was punishing, exhausting, and incredibly arousing.

Back at work absolutely nothing changed. It was if this happened all the time for her and it was no big deal. Of course the invite came again that week, and every afterward till she left.

I had a real “thing” for going down on her. I just love a loose well-fucked pussy. When I can get my tongue into an open hole I’m in heaven. This felt like the best I’d ever had. THen again I think each one is. Many times I’d go down on her before fucking when it was my turn. It was heavenly!

Around the third or 4th week I’d fallen asleep while he was at it. She woke me up.

“Eat my pussy.”

I don’t really have to be told twice. Hungrily. Starting at the clit. kaynarca escort Then down all the way to the bottom. Pushing my tongue into her as I worked up. This time it was a little more slippery. Very slippery. I worked up and down with my tongue as far inside her as it would go. My face was getting slippery all over.. I devoured her pussy. She got incredibly turned on. SHe wiped off with a towel and I went to the bathroom to wash the cum off my face. I mounted her and fucked again with renewed vigor.

The next time he came inside her I formed an impromptu idea. I held my shaft with my hand and didnt allow more than the tip to enter her. In short order I too pumped her with cum. Careful to not spill any. I don’t recall anything she was or really much of anything else. I was focused. Went down on her. She held her ankles while I licked her passionately. I was intoxicated by it all.

“Suck it.” she said.

Opened my mouth wide and covered her entire pussy. Sucked. Mouth full of cum. Swallowed. Sucked. Mouth full of cum. Swallowed. Then less and less was to be had. I just kept sucking her pussy as hard as I could. She was wild.

By the time she left even her boyfriend was going down on her after cumming inside her. It was an incredible time.