My Girlfriend’s little Sister part five

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My Girlfriend’s little Sister part fiveEarly the next morning, I got up quietly and let the girls sleep. It had been an eventful night to be sure. Downstairs, I brewed a pot of coffee and was busy making blueberry muffins when Jennifer appeared. I hoped she wasn’t sore about all that had happened this weekend. I hoped she wasn’t sore but, if she was, well I figured I could live with her moods in the long run. Or not.Jennie fixed herself a cup of coffee and waited patiently for the stove timer to signal the muffins time to be devoured. I was attempting to be jovial about things but I could tell Jennie was still pissed. Finally, she spoke.”So, my sister get spanked, I have to lick her asshole and you get off scot free. Is that how this works Jeff?” She said eyeing me warily.”Oh, now Jen, we were just having some fun.” I attempted to pooh pooh the situation.”Well, YOU were certainly having fun.” She shot back. I decided to just let it slide and try to ignore her annoyance. I remained quiet. I got the butter out of the fridge and put the plate of nice and warm muffins on the table in front of her. We both got coffee and started in on the muffins. Then, Jennie reached in to the pocket of her terrycloth robe. She produced a pair of white cotton panties, stained with sticky cum. Oh oh, I thought.”Gee, I wonder what mom and dad will think when I show them Mary’s soiled panties?””Now, Jen, uh…you don’t really want to do that do you? I mean, all of us will be in hot water and…””No, YOU don’t want me to do this. Right Jeff? You had your fun with my little sister and me and now you think you’ll just walk away Mr. Innocent. Well, not so!” At that point, I understood what trouble I was in. My Mom and Dad thought of me as a perfect little clean cut “young man on the way up.” A steamy sex scandal didn’t fit in to their view of my world. I regularly used Mom’s car to do whatever I wanted including driving to the Rendezvous Ballroom way down in Balboa Island to see surf music. I could kiss that goodbye if this got out. Somehow, I had to wiggle out of this mess.”Well, maybe we could work out some kind or a solution to this…uh…situation!” I offered.”My sister and I have already worked out your solution Jeff, come up to our bedroom when you’re ready to accept your fate.”At this point, I knew that the sisters had conspired against me. Mary had to have known where her cum splattered panties were and took them to her sister. I seemed to have no choice. With a sigh trabzon escort of resignation, I made my way up the Roberts sister’s room.”You can just lose your pajamas now Jeff.” Jennie ordered me. I took off my pajamas and my briefs assuming I would have to be nude to accept my “punishment” whatever it might be. I must admit my cock was semi hard due to the proximity of both of the exciting Roberts sisters. Each in her own way, extremely sexy and desirable. Jennie, a hot lay and with the full blown teen age sexpot body. She knew how to do it dirty too. And her little sister, the sexually blossoming Mary, “Baby” to her family…and me, a young woman whose sexuality was exploding now. Still a virgin but eager to get past that hurdle.”Okay Jeff, now get on your knees and climb over Mary’s lap.” Jennifer ordered. I looked tentatively at Mary and she gave me a little smile leading me to believe I had nothing to fear. I guess I knew what was coming: Mary was going to spank me. I laid my naked body across my girlfriend’s little sister’s lap and my cock began to react right away. I was now touching Baby’s white panties with my rapidly stiffening cock!Then, it was Jennie kneeling in front of me, completely naked. Her pussy and asshole beckoned to me with no provocation. Then she reached back and opened her rear cheeks in a ludicrous sexual invitation, her tight asshole now calling to me in a language I understood.”Smack! Smack!” Mary began my punishment, spanking my naked ass cheeks with her soft little hand. My stiff prick was now poking into Mary’s legs sending a sexual message that she was unlikely to misunderstand! I leaned forward and, with no preliminary warm up, stuck my tongue right into Jennie’s never before fucked little asshole!”Ooh! Oh, Jeff, take it easy!” She squealed. “Don’t stick your tongue so deeply in my asshole!”I grunted when I heard her say “asshole” and I began to paint her nether cheeks with my slippery tongue, bringing renewed cries of pleasure from her lips. This was supposed to be my punishment but I was starting to enjoy it! My butt cheeks were bright pink from Baby’s swats but my cock was at full attention just beneath. I wanted to fuck both of these gorgeous young women and I wasn’t taking no for an answer!I slipped my tongue down from Jennie’s asshole to the sweet pink lips of her desire swollen pussy! I swabbed my tongue all along the soft pink flesh on either side of her most feminine spot before, finally, dipping my tongue escort trabzon deep into Jennifer’s pussy!”Off Jeff!” She called back to me, “Get up here and fuck me! Fuck me right now!” With Mary still attempting to spank my naked ass cheeks, I scrambled to my knees and, with no further foreplay, I took hold of my prick and prepared to shove it into Jennie’s whorish pussy!”Wait a minute!” I suddenly heard Mary’s voice. “Why do you guys get to have all the fun?” The look on her face almost brought tears to my eyes. Clearly she was unset to be so carelessly excluded from our sex play. She had her lips tightly closed with her lower lip stuck out a bit…like the little girl who didn’t get her lollipop!Thinking quickly, I barked “Baby, get your panties off and go kneel up there next to your sister. Show me what you’ve got!”That said, I placed my impossible hard penis right at the now slightly parted lips of Jennie’s pussy and began to move forward, forcing half of my penis into the well lubricated pussy hole! Oh, and it felt so good! Then, I glanced up to see Baby on all fours, reaching back to open her teenaged butt to my excited gaze! “Just look at that!” I thought to myself. “So sweet! So innocent!” With these lewd thoughts dancing around in my head, I shoved hard and buried all of my prick in Jennie’s helpless little pussy!Excited beyond belief now, I returned my eyes to Mary who was now eagerly stroking her virgin pussy while looked back at me expectantly. She quietly nodded her head up and down as she noticed my admiration of her naked hind quarters. The pretty teen knew who I was thinking about even though I was screwing her sister.I fucked Jennie for several minutes bringing as much pleasure as I could to her truly fine body. We’d fucked many times by then but none more memorable than this one. But, at last, I couldn’t help myself. I just had to have Baby and all three of us knew it. I pulled Jennie’s head to meet mine and we enjoyed a soulful french kiss with plenty of passion before I moved over to her sister.Mary gave me a sweet little smile of encouragement as I settled in behind her. I reached forward to caress her tiny little tits and I enjoyed that very much. I could feel her nipples hardening as I helped myself to a couple minutes of sexual touching. Her titties, her belly, her thighs, her pussy, her asshole…yes, all of Baby. Now my cock is rock hard and my desire for the wonderful young woman kneeling subserviently before me trabzon escort bayan is over whelming my logical mind. Still, I know that to take Mary’s virginity doesn’t seem like the right thing to do. I looked at Jen and she had a serious look on her face, as though she was thinking the same thoughts as me. finally, I decided what to do. Looking directly at my girlfriend I told her: “Take my cock and put it in your little sister’s asshole!”I heard Mary gasp when she heard me but she made no move to escape. She lifted her eyebrows as she heard my command but then she lowered her little tits to the mattress and this movement caused her rear cheeks to open even wider. Her tiny little pink dime sized asshole was as ready as it ever would be and I touched my plum shaped cock head against her forbidden hole.I moved forward, applying pressure to my little friend’s puckered little hole. She moaned in response. I tried not to force it in but it was hard not to. Just then, Jennie took hold my my slippery penis and put it right at the entrance to her little sister’s virgin asshole. She placed her palm on the still pink and sensitive cheeks of my ass and pulled me forward. This caused virtually all of my big hard cock to slide into Baby’s exquisitely tight asshole! She squirmed in an attempt to avoid her impalement but it was hopeless. All of my prick bottomed out in Mary’s sweet little asshole! I couldn’t help myself and, paying no attention to her pleas for mercy, I continued to fuck her tight little anus bringing desperately wonderful joy to my cock! Jennie was caressing my scrotum as I sodomized her little sister and then, somehow, she had those innocent white cotton panties and was using them to softly touch my balls.Oh! It was too much! I couldn’t help myself! I was going to cum and right away!”Aw gee girls!” I gasped, “I’m gonna, I’m gonna…” But they both knew what was coming. And then, Jennie scrambled to her knees beside her sister and displayed her recently fucked pussy and, just above, her still virgin asshole! Next to her, her little sister, really not a virgin any longer, Her pulsating asshole, still gaped open presented a target that I wasn’t likely to miss. But, both of them! Both Robert’s sisters! Each with her own feminine allure, each with her own overpowering sexuality! I began to shoot hot gobs of cum, first at little Mary’s well fucked asshole, then over to her big sister’s desire swollen pussy lips! Splat! Splat! Big globs of bleachy white sperm doused both Robert’s sisters as they subserviently knelt there and took it.What a life changing experience! Well, maybe not. The fact that we always ate Thanksgiving dinner with the Roberts kind of made a serious relationship very diff