my fantasy…18

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my fantasy…18when u walk in2 the bedroom i slide submissively 2 my knees on the floor & wait 4 u 2 approach… i smile very wickedly as i stare in2 your eyes & lick my lips luridly… as u move up closer & stand directly in front of me i slide my wet tongue across your lower abdomen then i lick slowly downward & boldly claim my meaty prize… i grasp the thick base of your luscious cock & slide my tongue all over the fat & rubbery glans while i slowly stroke your girthy shaft with my hand… ” i love watching u suck my cock !! ” u moan as i proceed 2 slobber all over your elongated shaft while i massage your smooth hairless balls then stretch them downward as far as i can…i am ravenous 4 your delicious cock-flesh & slowly gulp down every expansive inch as i deep-throat your erection unrelentingly… the urgency of my sucking is enhanced by the sound of your slippery cock-skin as it slurps succulently in my mouth & by the low a****l-like moans that emit from deep inside your chest… i look directly up in2 your eyes as i slide my mouth & tight throat on & off your fantastic fuck-tool… i keep just the huge head in my mouth & slither my slick tongue all around it then pull u all the way back in2 my throat until my straining lips stretch tight around the super-thick root of your cock as your saliva-soaked balls rest on my chin & your pubic bone presses hard 2 my nose…my hands grip your ass tightly as i pull u deep inside my throat & swallow your substantial sword like a perverted carnival side-show freak… over & over & over & again i sheath & unsheath your love-muscle with my throat & take u 2 the very edge of orgasm then stop just be4 u release your cum…when i sense that u cannot take any more i pull your dick out of my mouth & just stare at it lustfullyas it pulses & throbs in front of my face… when u look down at me questioningly i stare back up in2 your eyes & then whisper ” i wanna feel your big cock deep inside me !! i wanna feel u delving deep inside my body !!! “i turn myself away from u & place my hands on the bed with my feet spread wide on the floor & present my puckered ass-hole 2 u… u grab the lube & move behind me & press your cock against my assas u slather both of us with greasy goo then slide your cock-head in2 the cleft & probe 4 my cock-craving opening… when i feel the thick & slippery glans power it’s way past my sphincter i quickly lift myself on2 my toes 2 give u a better angle of attack & groan loudly” fill me with cock kuşadası escort !! fill my ass with cock !!fuck me !! fuck my tight ass full of cock !!! ” as u slide your thick tool slowly in2 me & i feel like i am gonna split in half as u push your gloriously girthy cock further & further in2 my gripping hole & stretch my ass-hole cumpletely wide open as only u can do 2 me… u have the biggest longest thickest & best cockthat i have ever experienced & i cannot wait 2 feel your huge tool spray spurt after spurt of hot seeddeep inside my tightly gripping rectum…u grip my quivering hips tightly as u slide further & further in2 my ass & relentlessly fill me with your exploring cock… i whimper & beg ” don’t stop !! please don’t ever stop !!! ” as u slide the remainder of your lovely cock inuntil i can feel your slick & sweaty balls press tightly aganist the insides of my thighs & my own hairless balls… u pump it in & out quite slowly 2 start as u pull all the way out of my gripping hole until just the fat tip of your raging cock-head touches against my tight opening then press slowly back in2 me & stretch me cumpletely open again until i take every throbbing inch inside… u fill my cock-hugging cavity so full that i feel every bit of skin on your beautiful cock in every crevice in my clutching ass as your cock-head massages my inner walls while it plows in2 me repeatedly… electric shocks pass through me as u begin 2 thrust harder & deeper… i whimper & moan ” fuck me !! fuck me !! fuck me all night long !!! “i engulf your cock lovingly with my ass then press back against u with increasing pressure each time u slide all the way in2 me & slowly undulate my ass up & down making your huge cock caress every inner fiber of my wide-stretched & fully-open asshole… u press yourself deep deep deep in2 me & fill my entire body with cock then pull back so very very slowly until just the tip of your thick cock-head is still inside my gripping asshole… i press myself back against u harder as u ram yourself all the way inside me… the heat of this moment is so intense the feeling of passion is so unbelievable… it is our first meeting after so very long but we still know each other inside & out… i groan & whimper & arch my back furtheras u slide your swollen cock in & out of my tight ass & u bring your hands up & grip on2 my shoulders as u begin 2 fuck me harder & faster & deeper while i grind my ass wantonly back against u…i swallow a huge breath escort kuşadası & then scream” i’m cumming !! i’m cumming on your cock !! oh god !! i’m cumming on your fucking cock !!! ” i moan & my hips buck wildly as i cum & drench the bed & the floor with seed & when my asshole clenches your thick cock tighter u begin 2 moan with me & grip my shoulders tighter as u thrust every inch all the way in2 my ass one last time & your pulsating cock throbs even thicker & explodes & sends spurt after hot spurt of thick & juicy cum all the way in2 the depths of my clutching asshole…as u grip my hips tighter & groan” i’m cumming !! oh god !! i’m cumming !!! ” when i feel the first splash on my inner walls i moan & whimper” cum deep inside me !! cum deep in my ass !! fuck me full of cum !! fuck my ass full of cum !! ” & we stay pressed tightly 2gether as we rock our hips gently up against each others until your commanding cock is cumpletely drained & u start 2 soften inside my exhausted & sweating body… i whisper ” i love feeling your cock so deep inside me !!! “when i finally feel u begin 2 pull yourself from my aching & deeply assaulted ass i squeeze my ass on your cock tightly & try 2 keep u buried deep inside me & i happily feel u start 2 harden again… i squeeze & release over & overas i twist my wet ass in tiny circles & make u grow long & thick inside me as your girthy cock fills me full…i whisper” don’t take that thing away from me !!i wanna feel u deep inside me 4ever !!! “i love feeling of your smooth cock grow inside me & i press my ass back against u as hard as i can as i feel your fat cock-head delve deeper & deeper in2 my cum-slippery hole as u thicken & elongate… u feel as good as u did the first time as your cock finally reaches it’s full length & stretches me wide as my tight ass takes it all… i whisper “fuck my ass again !! fuck my ass deep !!i wanna feel every inch of your cock in me !!! “u grind deeper & deeper & deeper in2 me as u moan ” i wanna feel you cum on my cock again !! i wanna feel your ass cumming on my cock !! “i grab huge handfuls of the bed-sheets & grind my ass back against your cock as your obvious enjoyment of what we are doing makes me want u inside me even deeper… i feel a familiar stir in my own cock & i know that i am gonna cum on your cock again… u focus & pound your thick shaft in2 my hole as your hands grip my hips even more tightly & your cock-head caresses my aching prostate… i groan & press kuşadası escort bayan back as hard as i can& squeeze your thick cock with my tight anal ring as my inner walls grip your cock-head deep inside me… my cock throbs thicker & pulses wildly as i scream ” i’m cumming !! i’m cumming on your big cock !! fuck me !! fuck me !! FUCK ME FULL OF CUM !!! “u moan along with me as the heat from our joined bodies spreads all through us…u slam your sweet thickness in2 me with a rhythm that fills my ass again & again & keeps my wet hole crammed full of your hard flesh… as my wild gyrations continue & my cock starts 2 pour hot cum out in an almost endless steady stream my muscles clench even tighter around your thick tool & the sensations i feel inside are amazing…u groan” that’s it !! squeeze the cum out of me !!! ” & i feel your colossal orgasm begin as your huge cock swells up even thicker & pulsates & twitches deep inside me & my breath quickens even more… i grind back against u even harder & throw my head back with a whimper as my quivering cock continues 2 ooze cum & my ass convulses around your cock 4 what seems like an eternity… the sweat drips off my body as my orgasmic spasms finally lessen & it feel as though every nerve ending in my cock has just burst cumpletely apart & then slowly put itself back 2gether even as u continue 2 hammer hard cock in2 me & i can tell by the harshness of your breathing that u are gonna explode deep inside me at any second… my ass rocks up & down & side 2 sideas i moan & whimper ” cum in me !! cum deep in me !!i wanna feel your cum inside me !! fuck my ass-hole full of cum !!! ” i move both hands back on2 your ass as i reach back & pull hard 2 sink your fantastic cock deeper & deeper inside my cum-craving asshole as u grip my hips tightly & keep me from falling 4ward on2 the bed… my pelvis matches your long slow deliberate thrusts as u finally drive deeply in2 me one last time & groan loudly” i’m cumming !! i’m cumming in your ass !! i’m cumming in your tight fucking ass-hole !!! ” as u pull my ass back tighter against your crotch & u finally cum explosively & launch shot after slimy shot deep in2 my tightly clutching asshole… i press back against u even harder & take it all with a whimper & a long low moan as i finally lose my balance & fall 4ward on2 the bed with your cum-spewing pulsating cock still buried half-way inside my gripping ass as u fall on top of my sweaty back & drive your fantastic fuck-tool all the way in2 me one last time… when u finally finish & have sprayed the last of your hot seed in2 me u slowly withdraw your soft & rubbery cock & we roll away from each other on the bed… we are both exhausted & just lie there panting…( do u wanna ??? )