my christmas

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my christmasSeason’s greetings to all my readers. I thought I would share a very memorable New Year’s Eve true experience with you. This true story happened a number of years ago, but it remains our most unforgettable NY Eve ever. Hope you like it, and comments are always welcome! Photos posted on KB with story.For Christmas that year, I had given my wife, among other gifts, a set of adjustable nipple clamps, connected by a chain. It was apparent that she got turned on when I or another BBC played rough with her nipples and tits, and she couldn’t wait to try out her new toy. While we had invitations to more conventional New Year’s parties, we were both in a mood for something a bit more adventurous. I decided that this year, to ring in the New Year, she was going to have more than her fill of black cock. I called up B, a dominant married black friend and he was up for working my wife over like his personal whore. Problem was, he was already booked with his white wife to celebrate at a neighbor’s house. Since my wife is a real submissive, hot slut, he wanted to try to do both. We decided that we would meet at a motel later in the night, after his party with his wife. We purposely picked an older, run down motel on a highway, the kind of place where they don’t ask any questions. My wife, was excited by the idea of meeting a married Black stud in a sleazy motel on New Year’s Eve.To prepare for her Black master, she soaked in a bubble bath, carefully put on her makeup, and got into crotchless pantyhose, a micro-mini, and heels. She also brought a pair of stockings and garters, her big, black dildo, and her nipple clamps. To kill time, we went to several crowded bars, where she flashed her shaved pussy to strangers as we had a few drinks. Finally, we decided to check into our hotel room and await B’s arrival.When we got to our room, I called B to tell him the room number. çorum escort He had just put his wife to bed and was on his way. Getting into role, my slut/wife changed into just heels, garters, hose, and a slave collar and leash. In the sleazy motel room, she started masturbating with the 10″ thick black dildo, imagining what B’s cock would feel like when he arrived. When she was just about to cum, I stopped her, saying that I wanted her to be a cock hungry whore when her black master arrived. As I put on her nipple clamps, and tightened down the screws, we heard a knock on the door.When B walked in, I could tell he was real turned on by my wife. He couldn’t take his eyes off my blond wife, who was on the bed with her legs spread, showing him her hot, wet, shaved pussy, with the black dildo shiny with her juices. B asked me if I was going to use her as well, but I said, no, this time she’s all yours. I’ll take my turn after you are through with her. Showing respect, B thanked me for the use of my slut/wife and since he had recently checked out to be clean and healthy, I told him to use her bareback. He got right to it, as I took a seat and got out my camera.He started right off asking her where she got the nipple clamps.Getting into her submissive role, Q answered, “They were a Christmas gift from my Master.””So, bitch, you like a little pain on your tits?” B asked.”Oh yes, as long as it pleases my Master.” She replied.”Well, let’s see how your new gift works” he said. And with that, he tightened down the screws (which were already plenty tight) causing my wife to moan in pain, and taking the chain in his fist led my wife on her hands and knees around the room. He was literally pulling her around by her tits, and her nipples were stretched way out as she struggled to keep up. Being dragged around by her nipples by a Black master in a sleazy hotel room was pretty degrading, çorum escort bayan and I could tell my wife was getting real turned on by the humiliation. B was now calling her “whore” and she was acting like one. He then abruptly took off the nipple clamps, which triggered a scream from her, as her numb nipples suddenly felt the blood rush into her red and stretched nipples, the pain wracked through her body.B pushed her onto the bed and brought his 9 1/2″ cock up to her head. He made her beg like a slut for the privilege of tasting his cock. Finally, after teasing her for a long time, he gave her permission to suck his cock, and my frantic cocksucking wife went for it like a woman possessed.Laughing at her, B said, “Oh I forgot to tell you, whore, that I didn’t have time to wash up. I knew you were hungry for some black cock, so I came here straight from fucking my wife. A cheap whore like you will take my cock any way you can get it, right, bitch?”Totally humiliated, my wife nodded her head and moaned as she continued to suck on B’s cock, and clean up the dried cum from his previous fucking of his wife. Later, she told me that B’s wife must have a strong tasting cunt, because she could smell and taste her pussy as she cleaned her Master’s black cock. Once B got fully hard (which took a while, since he had recently cum) he made my wife get on top and ride his cock bareback. My wife’s pussy was well lubricated, and he had no trouble slamming in to the hilt. He laid back and made her do all the work, while he amused himself by slapping her white ass, and occasionally finger fucking her tight asshole. After about 30 minutes, B was still not ready to cum. My hotwife had already cum twice while having her pussy stretched and plowed. B decided he wanted to verbally humiliate her some more.”Did you like the taste of my wife’s pussy, whore?” He asked.”Not really,” escort çorum she said.”But you did it so you could have my black cock, right?””Yes,” my slave said, “I did it so that I could suck your black cock”.”Well, that makes you a freaky little white whore, doesn’t it?””Yes,” she submissively admitted. “I do just about anything for black cock.””Well then let’s see if you like the taste of your own pussy juice better. Let’s get your husband to put back on your nipple clamps, and you can clean your cum off my cock.”With that, I got off of my chair and clamped up my wife’s nipples so that she could clean her Black Master’s cock.When she got down and licked every inch of his black balls, I almost came watching my slut/wife. I was able to hold off though, because I knew that after B was done with her, I wanted my turn.To show off his strength, B picked my wife off the ground and fucked her standing up. My poor wife was hanging onto B, with her arms around his neck while he plowed right up her pussy. As she neared another climax, she wrapped her stockinged legs around his waist. Finally, after dominating my wife for over two hours, B was ready to shoot his seed deep into her pussy. With a series of jarring thrusts (which sent my wife over the top into her orgasm) he finally shot load after load of hot cum into womb.. My wife laid back, totally wasted, like a well fucked whore. The last photos show her wide open, distended pussy, used as a black man’s cum dump for the past two hours. She dreamily caressed her whore’s cunt, occasionally licking the cum off her fingers.B got dressed and thanked me for the use of my whore. He had to get back home before his wife and k**s woke up. It was after 3 am. After he left, my wife looked at me and said,” That was an incredible way to ring in the New Year.””You did real good, whore, but you are not done yet,” I said. Her eyes lit up as she saw my 8-inch hard cock as I stripped and took out my leather riding crop. With her pussy filled with a Black man’s cum, she crawled off the bed, got on her hands and knees, and presented her ass for some much needed discipline.