Mom’s Confession Lands Her In Trouble &n

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Mom’s Confession Lands Her In Trouble &nsanju_s93hii frnds sanjay here this a continuation for the first part Mom’s Confession Lands Her In Troublehope u enjoyed it…After Fr. Vincent’s death, inquest was conducted. It was found that the golden cross which was kept in the altar was stolen. The very next day I and mom being the last two to have seen the vicar alive were summoned to the Police Station. Both of us were damn scared. Mom was even more scared. It must have been the murderer himself with whom mom was having sex with.We were ushered into a spacious room where there were 4 policemen. One of them was having a paper and a pen to note down our statements and one was filming us.“Hi I am CI Rajeev,” a hefty cop in his early forties said motioning us to sit.“It seems that you were the last person to have seen the late vicar Mrs. Maria,” another policeman by the name Alex said.“Could you explain exactly what happened that day?” he asked.Mom explained to them all that had happened till Fr. Vincent excused himself to visit the bathroom. But the incidents after that were vague.“I confessed my sins and he asked me a few questions to which I responded. And then he suggested a few methods to correct my mistakes and then….,” mom got stuck.“And I went to the outhouse to do what he told me,” mom finished.“Hmm I will come to your statement later on. Now let me ask your son a few questions,” Inspector Alex said turning towards me.“As per your mother’s statement you left the church at 6 30pm. Didn’t you?”I nodded my head in approval.“But your neighbor says that you were back home by 8.45 pm only. It just takes 15 minutes to walk from the church till your home. Then where were you in those two hours?”I was caught. I realized that I should have told the truth. “I was waiting for mom outside the church,” I replied without much hesitation.“But your neighbor saw you coming alone. Your mom returned at least 10 minutes after you came,” the Inspector said.“I. I …. I was there outside the church.”“Outside? Where exactly were you?”“I was waiting beside the door,” I replied.“Then why didn’t you accompany your mother?” he asked.I paused. I couldn’t think of anything to say. At last I said, “I didn’t want mom to know that I was there in the church in those two hours.”By the look on the faces of all the four policemen I realized how big a blunder I had made. Now mom was in trouble. But more important was the fact that mom now suspected that I was there in the outhouse. She had an expression of shock on her face.“What made you take such a decision?” Inspector Alex asked.“I can’t tell you that,” I replied helplessly.“Hmm,” the Inspector said staring at me for the next 2 minutes.“If you cannot tell me the reason, then maybe your mother can,” he said turning towards her.“Tell me Mrs. Maria what is it that your son is trying to hide?”Mom hesitated for a moment and then said, “after listening to my confession the priest or more correctly whoever it was in the Confessional at that time asked me to visit the outhouse where there was a man called Andrews who was a r****t. He… he asked me to talk to him and to free his mind from thinking about r****g again.”“You talked to him for nearly 2 hours?” the Inspector asked.Mom nodded her head with a worried look on her face.“Impossible. Between that phrase ‘whoever it was in the Confessional’ seems very interesting Mrs Maria. So you are saying that it wasn’t the priest who returned to the Confessional?”“I.. I think so. Yes,” mom replied in a shaky voice.“Then how come you didn’t notice the difference in his voice.”“The Vicar was quite new here and also I was in no mood to think about anything else,” mom replied.“Hmm. So can you give an explanation of how this man Andrews looks?”Mom was silent. She had every right to be silent. She hadn’t seen his face properly as there was no electricity. All that she was sure about was his dick. But bahis siteleri cops cannot find some one just by looking at the size of their cocks.“He was of similar built to the deceased Vicar. He had a scar across his face and he had two very long teeth in front,” mom listed out.Inspector Alex let out a laugh and then said, “if your story is true and if the man is an intelligent fellow, then I am pretty sure that except the built part all other features that you have listed wouldn’t have any similarity to his real face. For example these days it is not tough to put on a scar or to extend your teeth a bit. All good criminals are good in disguising as well.”“Anyway let us carry out an inquiry about this fellow, Andrews. Lets see if some one in the neighborhood has seen him. Till then you can use one of these jails here,” Inspector Alex said with a wicked smile on his face.“Jail?” mom asked in surprise.“What for?”“You two seem to be hiding something. You could have a direct link with this murder. Unless your innocence is proved you have to be jailed,” he added.“But but. We haven’t done anything,” mom shouted out as Inspector Alex walked out of the room.I and mom were locked up in the jail. Mom did not speak a single word to me. I was even more embarrassed to speak as she now knew that I had seen her fuck Andrews. Occasionally tears were rolling down her cheeks. But most of the time she seemed to be immersed in thoughts. Probably she was finding out a way to get us out of this jail. The time was 6 pm when Inspector Alex walked into the jail.“Mrs. Maria. Here is a chance for you and your son to prove your innocence. We have got about four people who match your description. All of them were seen in the localities of the church hours before the crime took place. Have a look at them and if you find your person, then don’t do anything. Just come to us and tell us who it is,” the Inspector said leading us to the room where we were questioned.Standing before us were four people. All of them were of similar size and build to the Vicar. But only one had the scar across his face and no one had two long teeth in front. Mom and I scanned the faces one after the other. None of the faces looked familiar but still both of us had the feeling that our man was here. Mom asked them to walk. They did so but still we couldn’t catch our man.Then mom walked up to each person and asked them to introduce themselves. The first person’s name was Abdul, the second one was Suresh, the third one was a mute so he wrote down his name which was Wilson and the fourth one with the scar across his face introduced himself as Rakesh. Even that did work out. None of their voices had any resemblance with Andrews. But still we were sure that he was there in the room.Mom was worried. She had to find Andrews or else we are screwed. None of her ideas seemed to be working. She started to think. She thought for about five minutes and after that started to cry. I walked up to her and consoled her patting on her shoulders. She never looked up. After a few minutes of crying, she walked up to Inspector Alex. For a moment I thought she had caught him. But her words proved it wrong.“Inspector can you give me a few hours time. I am quite sure that he is here. I assure you that I will find him,” mom said in a shaky voice.The Inspector nodded his head in approval. But I was perplexed. How was she going to find the murderer?Mom asked the Inspector to lock the room and leave which the Inspector agreed. But as he was about to leave, mom stopped him and said, “ please keep my son away from this room.”She dragged me out of the room but the cop pushed me back into the room and said in an angry voice, “what do you think of Police. They are not nannies to take care of your k**.” Saying this he shut the door behind him.Mom stood there for some time and then walked up to the four suspects and said in bahis siteleri a soft voice, “ I thought I could find the man who murdered Fr. Vincent. But none of you appear to have any resemblance to him. Seems like we are screwed.”“Don’t worry all of you would be released in a few hours time. The cops think that I killed the Vicar. They are gonna present me before court tomorrow morning as the murderer,” mom added.I listened to all this in utter bewilderment. I hadn’t heard any of the cops say this to mom. But I did not say anything. All the four suspects also were silent.“The judge would sentence me for at least 10 years in prison. That’s what they say,” mom said.“Oh 10 years is a long period,” Suresh replied breaking the silence.“Oh yes it is. 10 years in the jail with no body to have fun with,” mom said bitterly.I was surprised at her saying that. “What did she mean by saying ‘fun’,” I wondered.“Oh please all four of you make this day memorable for me. Come let’s have fun,” mom said in a sexy voice. Saying this she turned towards the door. She locked it from the inside. Then she walked up to me and blindfolded me with her handkerchief. She also tied my hands with my handkerchief and whispered in my ears, “don’t ever speak a word or try to look at what is going on around you.”I was bewildered. Here we were caught in a dangerous situation and mom was preparing herself to have fun with four suspects.“Here I am all yours,” I could hear mom say. I tried desperately to have a look at what was going on around me. It didn’t take me long to shift the blindfold sideways. Now I could just see the figure of my mom. She was kneeling down in front of the suspects.She raised her hands and started massaging the front part of the pants of Suresh and Rakesh. With her mouth she started to kiss Abdul’s cock over his pants.“What is this woman doing?” Abdul asked surprised. “Inspector. Inspector,” he called out.“No use Abdul. This room is sound proof,” Suresh said.Suresh and Rakesh were enjoying with mom but Abdul ran away and moved to a corner of the room. Mom immediately started to kiss the mute guy Wilson’s cock over his pants. Mom continued with her act for a couple of minutes and then took the cocks of Rakesh and Suresh out of their pants. Rakesh’s cock was about 7 inches while Suresh’s was about 8 inches or so. Seeing their cocks, Wilson also took out his cock which was about 8.5 inches long. He forced t into mom’s mouth.Meanwhile Rakesh and Suresh were massaging moms boobs over her saree. Rakesh removed mom’s pallu while Suresh unbuttoned the hooks of her blouse. In a few seconds time her blouse and bra were lying on the floor. Both of them started to suck moms nipples like a 3 month old baby. Now Suresh stripped down his clothes and put his 8 inch long dick into moms mouth while Wilson took his place to suck moms nipple.Mom was giving a great blowjob. After she sucked Suresh, it was Rakesh who put his 7 inch long dick in moms mouth. She sucked him like a c***d sucking on an ice cream. Then mom got up. She herself raised her saree till hips. Her panties were visible. Rakesh immediately kissed her panty covered pussy. While Suresh had locked lips with mom. Wilson was still biting onto moms nipples. Rakesh started to lick moms pussy which was already wet. Her pussy was a bit soar after fucking Andrews the previous night. Rakesh’s licking was a relief for her pussy. Mom was in immense pleasure. She held Rakesh’s head closer to her pussy. After a few minutes Rakesh took mom in his arms kissed her for a few seconds and got her down on the table. Mom removed her saree and raised her petticoat till her hip. Rakesh removed her soaked panties and put his dick into her wet pussy.Suresh and Wilson each placed their cocks close to mom’s mouth. She started to lick them. Rakesh slowly put his 7 inch cock into mom’s pussy taking special care not to hurt güvenilir bahis her. He started off in a slow pace and maintained it throughout. Mom was in no kind of pain. She wasn’t moaning. Surely Rakesh’s fucking wasn’t as good as his sucking. He took just under 10 minutes to fuck mom. He got his dick out and put it into mom’s mouth.Seeing all this; Abdul slowly approached mom. Mom saw Abdul and with outstretched arms gave him a warm hug. Abdul reluctantly hugged her. Meanwhile Suresh was waiting for moms consent to get his dick into her pussy. Mom took her time to undress Abdul. She kissed him passionately and started to massage Abdul’s limp cock. She took it in her mouth and signalled Suresh to get is cock in her pussy.Just as he got the signal Suresh got his 8 inch boner into mom’s pussy. He started off in a slow pace but he wasn’t comfortable with the position. He asked mom to mount him. She got up and untied her petticoat which fell down. Mom got on top of Suresh’s cock and started fuck him while sucking both Wilson and Abdul. She took her time to get into a rhythm. Suresh had to just lay down as mom moved her ass up and down. Suresh couldn’t hold on long. After five minutes or so, Suresh lifted mom off his lap and he came heavily in her tits. Mom gave him a kiss and asked Abdul to fuck her.But Abdul did not move. I realized what his problem was as he held his hard cock. His cock was half the size of Suresh’s. It was quite evident that he couldn’t satisfy any woman with his cock. As he stood there embarrassed, Wilson pushed him aside and started to fuck mom.He put his 8.5 inches into mom’s pussy and in one go got his entire cock into mom’s wet pussy. Mom screamed in pain and held onto Wilson’s strong arms as he fucked her like a machine. Wilson continued his brutal fucking for 10 minutes without any break. And then without a word withdrew his cock and took mom in his arms. He lay down and placed mom onto his cock. Mom was in such great pleasure that she forgot to move her ass. But Wilson did not care. He started to move his ass. Slowly the screams turned out into moans of pleasure as mom started to move her ass. He fucked her in the same position for another 5 minutes. Finally they went for doggy style. He fucked mom was a few more minutes when all of a sudden mom pushed his dick out. She mouth fucked Wilson’s huge cock.“Oh my god,” Wilson cried as he came in mom mouth. It was a huge load. Cum was dripping from her mouth onto her tits. She was forced to drink the cum in her mouth.Now there was only Rakesh remaining to cum. In a minutes time he too came in mom’s face. Mom was drenched in cum. Mom had an expression of satisfaction as she lay there in sheer pleasure. But she wasn’t done yet. She walked up to Abdul who had now started to dress. Probably she felt bad for him as she gave him a kiss. She held his small cock and guided him towards the table by holding his cock.“I want you to fuck me honey,” she said as she put his small cock into her wet pussy.Abdul was surprised. He had never expected mom to do this. As he stood there bewildered mom started to move her ass. After a few seconds Abdul himself started to fuck mom. He was finding it tough to keep his dick in mom’s cunt, but mom never let him go. He wasn’t giving any pleasure to mom, but my lovely mom fucked him till he deposited his small load onto mom’s tits. Mom lay there for five more minutes drenched in cum. She then took her petticoat and wiped off the cum with it. Others had already dressed up. Mom quickly got dressed and came up to me. I quickly replaced the blindfold in its correct position. She untied me. She then walked up to each person and kissed them. When she got up to Wilson, she kissed him and said loudly.“Hi Mr. Andrews, the r****t.” He stood there bewildered. Mom started her lecture.“I thought I would catch you when I stripped you. But unfortunately 3 out the four had huge cocks. Then I fucked each one of you. When I fucked you I could see the brutality that Andrews had and more over you shouted out when you came. How can a mute speak out,” mom let out a laugh and opened the door with me at her heels.