Me and Amanda

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Me and AmandaWell how to start my names olivia and im 19 years old and go to college with my best friend amanda, shes the same age as me and we grow up together, going to the same school and living close to each other, we met in a ballet class and have been close ever since.So now were at college and are sharing a room and still studying ballet, and im not sure if it because were getting older or just being away at college but I keep getting really turned on evertime im with here.Now being dancers especially ballet dancers were both very flexible maybe amanda more so, I do love watching her tight toned body move as we warm up together, she always says she would love to have a bit more curves like me, I do seem to have a more fuller bum and tits but still their all tight and toned with all the dancing and I do love the idea of amanda looking at me.Now amanda has always been a touchy feely person I meen me and her are always hugging kayseri escort or cuddling up watching t.v. which I love, just seem now I always get a tingle when shes close.Well one day we stayed late after class to finish up some moves and then decided to grab a quick shower, the minute I saw amanda in the shower the soap and bubbles sliding over her body I almost lost it, I have to turn away so not to stare, the minute she finished and was going to get dresses I couldn’t help myself I pushed my fingers deep inside my dripping wet pussy as the water washed over me and finger fucked myself hard and fast, I was so turned on it took like 30 seconds to make myself cum, my hole body trembling loving what I had just done, thinking about my best friend and pleasuring myself.It seemed that everyday I was thinking about amanda and masturbating, sometimes just a quick one and then later in bed taking my time knowing she is escort kayseri just across in the next bed drove me wild, having to moan into my pillow as not to wake her.We were chilling out one night and as normal were cuddled up on the couch and we had got some wine, so we were both relax and laughing when out of the blue amanda said “so you have been masturbating alot haven’t you” I was a little shocked that she just came out and said it, so I just smile “oh you have no idea how much I have been”, loving how naughty this all seemed waiting to see what would happen next.Well I do it myself sometimes when your doing it really turns me on amanda said, I felt my pussy get wet as she said this, “really beacuse amanda all the times I have been masturbating I have been thinking about you”, she just smiled and leaned in and kissed me, wispering in my ear “I know naughty girl”And then we were all over each other, kissing are kayseri escort bayan tongues exploring each others mouths as are hands started moving over are bodies pulling clothes off as we went, we pulled away breathless and smiling knowing what we both wanted, we looked at each other sitting there in are underwear all hot and horny, I moved back and slipped my hand into anandas panties feeling her smooth wet pussy and making her moan out, as my fingers slipped inside her pussy she was doing the same to me, the feel of her hand teasing me before she pushed her fingers deep inside me making me moan out.Getting are bras of as we kept fingering each other took sometime but neither of us wanted to stop, feeling each other hard nipples as are fingers pounded deeper and faster into each other pussys, we were moaning faster and louder are bodies rocking back and forth together as are fingers slipped in and out of are dripping wet pussy till we couldn’t take it anymore and both screamed out as we exploded and came together, are hands covered in each other pussy juices we held each other are bodies trembling softly kissing each other loving that this was only the start of things to come.