Letting Anna Go Down On Me

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Letting Anna Go Down On MeAs Anna’s tongue glided up and down the opening of my vagina, I could feel my juices bubbling up around the outside of the warm tip of it. She made it flatter so it dragged across the outside of my lips on either side, then pointed it, pulling it downward into my slit from the top, then brought it back up over my clit. I gasped slightly, my head falling back a bit. She smiled, licking her lips for a second. I could see her tongue was dripping with my lube. I felt an anxiety about her stopping, already so addicted to the feeling that I had to have more. “Don’t stop…” I whispered like a plea. I didn’t think I was a lesbian, but I’d never tried sex with anyone before. Now that she was down on me, caressing my pussy with her tongue I couldn’t think of anything else but wanting more of her.Anna brought her thumbs together to stroke my clit as she grinned. “I think you like this.” She was teasing me. She’d been saying she wanted to try going down on me for about six months and I’d been putting her off. tokat escort We had my parents house to ourselves all weekend. After our first night, waking up next to her and fantasizing about her, I was ready. I couldn’t keep my eyes off her sexy butt in her cute PJs all morning, her poky nipples pushing out through the cami top. I actually touched myself a little under the table while we were eating breakfast thinking about letting her at me in the bedroom. That’s when I realized I had held out all I could.Watching her finish a mouthful of cereal, I said, “Sooooo, that thing you’ve been wanting to try, that I’ve been putting off?” Her eyes brightened. “I want to do it.””You do? Fer realz?””Like, right now. Before I change my mind.”She immediately got up, swallowed, and took me by the hand. We went back to my parents’ bedroom and she undressed me like a Christmas present. It was a little weird at first cuz she’s been my friend for so long. But, it was also a turn on because it felt forbidden. It was such a perfect tokat escort bayan sunny, Saturday morning it was surprisingly romantic and sweet. Once I felt her mouth on my vagina, I was hooked. I could tell she was really into my body, exploring every inch with her hands and her mouth. She kept watching my face while I looked down at her, fascinated by the experience of my friend desiring me that way.”You’re sure about this?” She asked as her fingers lightly massaged my labia, making my breath short. I nodded, barely able to concentrate through the intense pleasure her touch was giving me.”It’s all I’ve been able to think about for the last hour,” I managed to say.”Oh yeah? Like what have you thought about?””How your mouth would feel on my clit,” I confessed, a surge of erotic feelings flooding me at having said it out loud.”What else?””Wondering how your pretty face would look between my legs as your finger was inside me.” I couldn’t believe how sexy it was to say all this!”More?” She asked, obviously turned escort tokat on by it.”Wanting to know what it’s like to, oh…” my breath skipped as she pressed slightly inside me. “…cum in your mouth, to just let go and surrender to it.””Keep going…””Wanting you to like how I taste. Imagining how good you will be at making me feel good since we are both girls,” my eyes closed as she began to finger my clit with her thumbs. I fell back against the pillow as my voice fell to a whisper, continuing. “What your tongue will feel like on my body…inside me…”She dove down on me, sucking and licking hungrily, causing me to lurch and cry out. I felt her mouth descend down to my butt hole, licking lovingly, like a delicious popsicle. She licked and licked and sucked, then started to drive one finger inside me. My body was completely under her control. The feeling was unlike anything I had ever done to myself. I found my hips pushing into her until her mouth and fingers brought me to a massive orgasm, my face buried sideways into the pillow as I pulled at piles of comforter in my fists. It was unbelievable! When I caught my breath, I looked down at her, still caressing me between the legs with her tongue. I felt the powerful urge to kiss her. What was happening between us!