Kelly and Sir cums a lot – Part 1

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Kelly and Sir cums a lot – Part 1Oh babe. Last Saturday was fantastic. I hope you had as great of a time watching as I did fucking Carl. When we went to Dennys and you said you wanted to introduce me to someone, I knew right away what you were hoping for. And then when I seen who it was, I was happy because I already knew Carl from work. He doesn’t work in my office, but I see him a lot and we have talked in the lunch room. Just to let you in on something. I have thought about Carl in bed with me a few times and wondered what he would be like in bed. I just never did anything about it. When I see him, he is always in a suit and it’s hard to judge anything with those baggy ass pants they wear. I’m glad he wore those tight sweat pants that night. It gave me a chance to see his huge cock bulge and I knew that I wanted to feel that cock growing inside of me. It wasn’t until you went to the bathroom that I told Carl I wouldn’t mind getting him in bed and fucking his brains out. He said that so many times, he would daydream at work about fucking me whenever he saw me, and he couldn’t believe his dreams were about to come true that very night. I told him “I hope your balls are full because I want every drop of your hot cum deep inside of me.” I think he got a hard on by the time you got back to our table. When I whispered to you that I wanted to fuck him so bad and drain his cock in me, I noticed your cock getting hard too and don’t try to say it wasn’t. So this was our night and you will see why I call Carl, Sir Cums A Lot.I wanted Carl to ride with us because I was going to sit in the back seat with him. If he did, I would have had his cock in my mouth before we got out of the parking lot. Babe, I really love your cock, but when I was rubbing your cock on the way home, I have to be honest and tell you I was sort of hoping it was Carls cock in my hand. I couldn’t wait to get his balls in my hand when we got home. When we got home, I wanted to hurry and see his cock out in the open and I said “Let’s all get undressed and get in the pool?” I thought Carl would shit when I said that. He thought him and I were going to behind closed doors that night. I’m not sure if you heard him tell me outside that he didn’t want you to see us together, but I told him “My husband and I never close our doors to each other. He doesn’t keep anything from me and I’m not going to hide anything from him. You can have me in bed with him around, or you can sit back and watch him and I instead.” I think you seen the other night that he kept his distance from me in the beginning. If I didn’t chase him down in the pool, he would still be on the other side from me. But babe, I was so glad he came around and I really mean that he CAME around.I seen you watching us when I swam up to him underwater and grabbed his cock. Babe, he had some big balls too. I would say that his cock was just right to make me cum all night too. Just a little bigger then you, but fatter. I think it was how fat his cock when I was holding him in the pool, that I knew I was going to have fun with this one. When he was sitting on the side of the pool and I started giving him head, I wished I could have seen the look on his giresun escort face. At first, he was trying to push me away. But you know me. Put a cock in front of me and it’s mine no matter how hard they try to get away. His cock really filled my mouth and I heard him saying “What about your husband?” I told him that you already knew I was going to swallow his cum sometime tonight and you know I was going to fuck him hard too. Oh man babe, I had all of his cock and I wanted more. I took his balls in my hands and I was squishing them around trying to pump his cum out. I couldn’t wait to feel his cum going down my throat. I was trying to swallow that cock whole and if he was any bigger, I would have had that too. Carl was finally starting to move his hips to me when I would go down on him and I knew that it wouldn’t be long and I would have his hot seed pumping down my throat. The more I thought about his balls erupting in my throat, the more I wanted. I had no idea how much cum I was going to get at that time. Had I known, I would have fucked him first to empty his balls some.When I knew he was getting ready to explode in my throat, I really started driving his cock into my throat. Carl was making noises and I knew he couldn’t hold out much longer. I gave his balls another good squeeze to get that cum pump started. I don’t know if you noticed how hard I was swallowing to keep up. His fat fucking cock was going off like a fountain. A fountain of cum that is. Carl was telling me how damn hot my mouth was and I started to suck the cum from his cock. That is when he really started blowing his cock into my throat. He grabbed my head and pushed me down onto his cock so I had it all while he shot his cum. When I felt him grab my head, I knew I was making his cock explode and I wanted him to hold my head right there until he was finished. I loved the salty taste of his hot cum flooding my throat. His balls were twitching around in my hands and every time they would twitch, my throat would get drenched with more of that thick cum of his. My jaws were starting to get tired of swallowing, but I had to keep going. You know me. I have never had a guy get off and didn’t swallow every last drop they had. Carl was not going to be the first one that I could not swallow all of his cum that’s for sure.I don’t know if you were able to hear him but he kept saying “You have a sweet hot mouth! Swallow me! I love your hot mouth!” I like hearing that what I am doing is turning a guy on. When he was saying that, I would have sucked his fat cock all night if he asked me to. Even when he was done cumming, I kept sucking because I wanted him to stay hard and see if he wanted to cum again, but I think you seen his cock went limp on me and that is why I stopped. I turned towards you and I seen you had a big grin on your face. I think by the look on your face, you were telling me I did a good job on him. But I wanted to fuck him. And fuck him hard too. The more I thought of his fat cock, the more I wanted to feel that thing ramming me and feeling it rubbing the insides of my cunt. I was glad I was in the pool, because everyone would have seen my cunt dripping just thinking about escort giresun it. Carl was getting me so hot and I couldn’t wait until he was rested and ready to fuck me. When you seen me standing in the pool in between his legs and I had my arms around his ass, I was telling him how bad I wanted to fuck him. I think that was when he started loosening up about you seeing us and I could have fucked him right in the middle of Dennys and he would not stop. (Hehe)When you asked us if we wanted some wine, just so you know, while you were inside, Carl kept asking if I was protected and I would interrupt him and talk to him about his cock and fucking me and how I wanted to feel him inside of me and I wouldn’t answer his question. Just before you came back outside, he asked if you and him were going to be in bed with me and I told him that I would ask you if I could just fuck him alone and you just watch us. I know that is what we already talked about before we even started that night, but that is why I asked you when you came out if you would just watch us because I wanted to fuck him alone. Did you see me wink at you when I said it? Every chance he got when you were not listening or you would be in the pool or inside the house, he kept asking if I was taking any protection. He was a persistent fucker and each time he would ask, I would change what he said and would talk about him fucking me and how much I wanted his cock inside of me and would tell him I want him to cum in me just like he did in my throat. I knew it was turning him when I would talk to him about it but I also think he was really getting worried about if I was on any birth control. I was going to tell him I was, but the more he asked, the more I knew it would be hot if he thought I wasn’t and I still made him cum inside of me.While all of us were drinking wine, I kept trying so fucking much to get his cock hard. Just as I would feel him starting to grow in my hand, he would start to go limp on me again. That is why I said we should all go in and watch some dirty movies. I knew if I had my hand on his cock while we were watching a girl getting fucked hard by a huge black cock, that would make him hard in no time. I think he wanted to watch the movie with girls giving the guy head, but I wanted the one with cum gushing out of every girls cunt. I wanted his hot cum hitting my insides and I wanted him to see I was interested in it just by the movie I wanted to watch. Babe, I wanted to jump on his lap and stuff his fat cock in me as soon as I seen that first girl take that huge black cock and he pounded her cunt full of cum. As much as I wanted him to just speak freely in front of you, I knew I had to work him into that slowly. The guy just pumped my throat full of cum and is getting ready to fuck me and he is worried about talking in front of you? I waited until you went into the kitchen and that is when I told him I wanted him to take me to bed and fuck me silly. He asked me if I was sure you would not get all pissed off about it and shoot him or something and I had to tell him I have had others in front of you and you were good with it. Looking at his sweet looking cock, I decided I wasn’t giresun escort bayan going to use any other lube other then my wet cunt and if his cock leaked, that would be all we needed. I wanted my cunt as tight as I could be on him and I already had it on my mind that I was going to use my cunt muscles on him while we were fucking because I wanted to empty his balls in me. When you came back in the living room and he asked me to step outside for a minute with him, he said he really needed to ask me something before we went to bed. Once again, he said I haven’t answered him yet about using any protection. I thought well, here it goes. I said “If I said it would not be your problem if I was or wasn’t, would it change anything?” I told him either way, I want to feel his hot cum filling me up and he said “I just want to know if you are using any protection or not.” Even though I was, I told him that I wasn’t using any birth control right now. He said that if I changed my mind, he was going to let me know ahead of time in case I wanted him to pull out of me. Babe, you and I both know that I have never had any guy cum outside of me and I wasn’t going to do it this time either. But I did want him to think he could be getting me pregnant with his hot cum, so I told him I wanted to feel his cock explode inside of me and I don’t care what happens because of it. Why is it when a guy thinks he is going to cum and get a girl pregnant, they cum with even more force? Before we came back inside, I told him that I only told you I was using birth control just so you would let me fuck him that night and he wasn’t supposed to tell you I just said I wasn’t or you might tell me to stop. (Hehe) When he asked me what you would think if he got me pregnant, I told him to let me handle that and he should just get ready to fill my cunt.When we went upstairs and climbed on the bed, I put my hand on his leg and I felt him shaking a little. I don’t know if it was because you were right there by the door, or because I told him I wasn’t on birth control, but I thought it was cute that I was making this grown man scared, almost like he was getting a piece of ass for the first time. I started kissing him to make him relax and I started rubbing his cock again. I felt his huge balls shifting in my hands and I knew they had to be loading up with cum. And that hot cum was going to be just for me. When I felt his hand touch my cunt and then felt his middle finger enter me, I smiled because I knew the next stop would be a fat cock in there. Shit babe, Carl got my cunt so wet and I was really holding his cock hard in my hand. I must have been doing it right because when I pulled my hand to the head of his cock, there was a huge glob of his precum. I know you heard me tell him to wipe it off and put that in my cunt. Oh babe, just feeling his finger sliding back into my cunt and knowing he had this big glob of precum and that was now coating the walls of my cunt made me want to cum on his hand. Did it sound like I was getting anxious when I told him I wanted his big fat cock now and wanted to fuck him all night? All I was thinking about was having him stuff my cunt with his cock and fuck me hard and I wanted to feel his cock explode with his steaming hot cum as many times as he can. When I wanted to cum, I wanted to be jamming my cunt up at him to make sure he was all the way in my cunt because I wanted to cum so fucking hard on his cock.