Joel’s Blood

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Allie Haze

“Oh god,” he moaned in sheer delight as he felt lips travel down past his navel and toward his most private locales. A hand reached inside his boxers, and he managed to squeak a “Don’t stop” before his body began to shudder gently.

“You like that, don’t you?,” came the familiar voice from between his thighs.

Tony smirked and shuddered all over. He leaned up onto his elbows, and beamed down at his lover. “Yes, Benj, I love it! Now quit talking and suck me, gorgeous!”

“Mmm,” Benji moaned between licks, “I love it when you call me that!”

Matt entered the room, closing the door gently behind him. “And what about me?” he laughed. “Were you two going to have a party without me?”

Benji kept up his oral work on Tony, but stared up at his lover. “Mmmhmm,” he offered.

Both Matt and Tony erupted into laughter.

“Well, I’m here now and I brought a present!,” Matt grinned, shaking his head teasingly. This got his cousin’s attention. “Oh?” he inquired from his reclined position.

Matt pivoted slightly and opened the door behind him. “Come on in,” he called.

A familiar figure trotted into the hotelroom, his muscular arms swinging at his sides as he walked. Clad in a wifebeater and khaki shorts, he looked more like a toy derived for pleasure than a twin and best friend to one of the men occupying this room.

“Oh,” he gasped at the sight of Benji fellating Tony. “I….”

“It’s okay,” Matt coaxed. “We won’t hurt you! Remember what I told you outside?”

“That poker oyna you’d stop at any time, if I said to,” Joel repeated dutifully. He was visibly nervous and clearly uncertain about his surroundings. Matt moved toward the man, and made a crossing motion over his heart. “Cross my heart,” he smiled and Joel relaxed noticeably.

Tony’s breathing had returned to a labored pace, more frantic with Benji’s each stroke. “Oh god,” he moaned, getting the attention of their newest playmate. “Oh god, yes.”

Matt urged Joel. “It’s okay, you can go sit on the bed,” he offered.

He nudged Joel closer to the bed, where he sat so close to the edge he was practically falling off. Matt sat down alongside him and began to massage his shoulders gently. “Relax,” he whispered. “We’re not going to hurt you.”

“He’s right,” Benji offered, suddenly sitting on his brother’s other side. “We’re not going to make anything happen that you don’t want to happen.”

“I appreciate that,” he smiled into identical warm brown eyes.

Benji leaned forward and whispered against his twin’s ear, “Can I kiss you?”

Matt eyed him with anger, mouthing a silent, “Fuck off!” as Benji leaned in closer to Joel.

“Yes,” Joel whispered. “I’d like that, Benj.”

“Good,” Benji winked. He leaned in and kissed gently along Joel’s jawline.

“You’re beautiful,” Benji whispered as he reached Joel’s earlobe. “So beautiful.”

“And so sweet,” came an equally faint whisper in the man’s other ear. He canlı poker oyna turned his head and met eyes with Matt’s sparkling brown irises. “Can I taste you?” he grinned.

“Mmm,” Joel offered in response and smirked.

“Not here,” Matt pointed to Joel’s plush pink lips. “Here,” he grinned as he placed his hand between the other man’s legs.

“Let him do it,” Benji whispered. “He won’t hurt you!”

Joel had never done anything like this before, and the thought hardened his cock and brought fear to his eyes simultaneously.

Tony watched as Matt and Benji pursuaded Joel into the carnal act that would bespell the end of his present life. He watched as Benji layed Joel down, Matt kissing his way softly down Joel’s deliciously firm stomach. He removed Joel’s shorts, Benji removing the wifebeater. It was like a choreographed dance; their movements perfectly atuned to one another. Benji knowing just where to touch his twin, Matt following his lead and bringing soft moans from Joel. Tony felt his cock stir as he watched Matt spread Joel’s legs, and kiss his upper thigh softly, grazing it gently with his teeth.

Joel’s breath was coming in labored gasps as Benji chewed gently on his erect nipples and Matt slowly worked his lips over Joel’s stiff cock. His large hands worked the shaft slowly as his lips chewed gently on the little cap. Joel moaned, exciting both Tony- who sat watching the entire act- and Matt and Benji, who continued to work perfectly together on bringing the young internet casino man over the edge.

“Oh yes, please, yes!” Joel shrieked as Matt pushed a finger gently inside his body, massaging his prostate.

“That’s right,” Benji cooed, licking first Joel’s right, then his left nipple. “Let Matt make you cum!”

“Oh god, yes!” Joel shrieked, ever closer.

“Joel?” Benji asked, stopping his oral assault and staring down at his groaning twin. “Do you want this?”

Joel didn’t hesitate in his response. There was no pause as he screamed, “YES!”

“May I?” Benji asked, glancing toward Tony for approval.

Tony nodded.

In perfect synchronization, Matt bit gently into Joel’s hard flesh as Benji’s teeth sank into a small, dark nipple. Joel called out, but was silenced by Benji’s hand over his mouth.

“Hush,” he smiled. “You’re ours now.”

Joel’s body thrashed, trying to extract himself from the jaws of both men. As he saw the blood begin to rise from his skin and run down his chest, he panicked. His fidgeting became a struggle; one which was quickly silenced by Benji’s hand grasping his throat.

“Shhh,” Matt whispered. “You can be one of us.”

“You can be by my side for eternity,” Benji offered, wiping Joel’s blood from his mouth and licking his lips.

“No!,” Joel cried. “No, no, no!”

“Yes!,” Matt leaned forward and whispered into his ear. “Yes, yes, yes! You’re our pet now . . .”

Benji grinned and pushed Matt away, kissing his twin softly. “Now we are truly twins,” he smiled.

Joel simply convulsed, feeling himself dying slowly, painfully.

“A new toy,” Tony purred, running his hands through Joel’s dark hair languidly.

Matt nodded. “A new toy.”