Jennifer’s Belly Ch. 01

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Warm hands reached down to stroke her stomach, fingers spread out her bellybutton, poking deep into the hole. She whimpered, eyes fluttering, consciousness slowly coming back to her. Where was she? What had happened to her? She tried moving her arms to push at the hands groping her stomach but they wouldn’t move. She whimpered helplessly, wiggling her body to free her arms. But they were stuck, she tried opening her eyes again, a heaviness holding her under. By sheer force of will she opened her eyelids and blinked. All she could see was a heavy blackness. She moaned softy at the touch on her stomach, her legs wiggling as a faint wetness formed between her legs.


Jennifer turned around in a circle, eyes widening in excitement as she moved down the sidewalk. The small town of Wickford sat around her, quiet and peaceful. She fingered the small brass key in her pocket from the Wickford Inn. Her fingers also moved over a crumpled bit of paper and she pulled it out of her pocket. She unfolded the wrinkled mess, she had read it at least fifty times now, and smoothed it out to read:

“I’m so glad you decided to take me up poker oyna on my offer. Just walk around the town for a little bit and I’ll be there to meet you. Don’t worry I won’t hurt you, but we will have plenty of fun.”

Jennifer felt her cheeks redden, her breath coming fast as she thought about what she was getting into. She steadied herself, putting a hand up to her chest. She was ready, she wanted this. She looked around at the buildings around her, breathing in a faint scent of coffee beans and fresh pastry. Her eyes scanned the storefronts for any indication of what establishment the smell was coming from, and her eyes alighted on a small cozy shop across the street. It’s open sign blinked on and she smiled, at least one thing was working in her favor. She looked both ways and walked across, folding down the strands of her blond hair as they whirled in the wind.


He smiled as she walked across the street, how easy it was to make her come to him. His heart beat in his chest, this was his favorite part of their games. He licked his lips, fingers on the cord. Just a little bit longer. His eyes scanned the street, noting canlı poker oyna that no other people were around. It would work, it needed to work. He stepped to the side of the window as she approached the store front, his hand pulling harder on the cord, and as the door opened he pulled it out, the open sign shutting off. He watched as she wondered into the shop, smiling as she kept her eyes straight ahead, she didn’t even see as he came up behind her. He locked the door, fingering the black cloth on his face before digging a wet rag out of his back pocket. He came up behind her fast, his hand moving around to her face, stuffing the rag over her mouth and nose. She fought him but he was stronger, holding her as her body went limp in his arms.

“Go to sleep,” He laughed, setting her body down on the floor.

His hands groped at her, feeling her breasts with one hand while the other migrated down her body. He pulled up her shirt, exposing her stomach. He pulled her shirt up just below her breasts, licking his lips as he watched her tan toned stomach rise and fall as she slept. He ran his hand across her stomach, letting out a sigh of internet casino air at the feel of velvety skin. So warm and soft. He licked his lips again, his finger inching its way until it fit into her bellybutton. He closed his eyes and shivered in ecstasy. He brought his finger out and up to his mouth, sucking it before pushing it back in. The saliva pushing his finger in deeper, her bellybutton hugging his finger tightly. He let out a sharp moan, a tightness bulging out around his waist.

He picked her up and walked to an open door, carrying her down creaking wooden stairs. The cool air tickled his neck and he heaved her over to a metal table. He pulled her arms and legs, wrapping them around the bottom of the table and tying them tight. He made sure the rope was firm and snug, and he stood up, looking down at her. His prize. He sighed, wishing she was awake, but knew that in a few hours she would be his. He walked upstairs to get things ready.

An hour later he stood at her side, gazing down at her bare stomach. He couldn’t wait, his hand pawing at her stomach, fingering her bellybutton and stretching it with his fingers. He heard a sound and looked at her face. She was waking up, her arms testing the ropes as she flailed, but they stayed firm. He grinned and fingered her bellybutton harder. She was his, and the fun had just begun.