Jazmin’s Worn Panties!

1 Temmuz 2020 0 Yazar: admin


Jazmin’s Worn Panties!If you have a fetish for buying worn panties or real amateur pictures and video you need to read this! I have bought worn panties from many different buyers some good and others not so good. I came across HairyJazmin.com and decided to order a pair of her worn panties. I soon found out how what worn panties malatya escort were really all about!The experience was unlike the others I had bought from! When I opened the zip lock bag the sweet and VERY strong scent was such a turn on, it was like she just took them off. The thong was still moist and had definitely escort malatya been worn for more then a day, which was as long as the others I bought from would wear them.I asked some of the sellers I bought from to wear their panties for 4 days and they thought it was too much to ask but Jazmin was more than happy malatya escort bayan to fulfill the request! At first I wasn’t sure if she was being serious but after getting her first package in the mail I was convinced!Jazmin sent me everything I asked for and some extra’s too including a signed thank you card and a few hairs from her beautiful long bush! Hairyjazmin.com is her website and has lots of photo galleries that will turn you on and enhance the experience of buying her worn panties! Jazmin is a sexy and down to earth real women who aims to please! Check her out!