“In confessional”

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“In confessional”This is a story heard while waiting for someone to come on the other side of the confessional, and I had asked to speak.He told of how, temporarily emigrated, he had been working for several months away from home, in a foreign country, not knowing anyone, where language, religion and customs are the completely unknown.This told the other side of the confessional:”Fortunately, the work assigned by the multinational was easy, and well-paid, with long hours that led to completely tired, but anonymously returned elegant hotel, where even the” reception “I could chat. I often fell asleep as soon as I fell exhausted into bed, still dressed.After a few months the distance from home and his wife was heard, but I was less tired, work commitments had fallen and had more free time ..Now I would just make some adjustments to the systems and had time for a walk. So I went back to the hotel first, but they idleness took me a bit ‘reluctantly thinking his partner stayed at home and eventually to awaken the desire for sex.For some time for me masturbation was a practice abandoned and unsatisfactory. Years were created with the good relationship with his estranged wife met both. Also for this reason did not want to betray her, it was better to avoid the stimuli. And then just as I do not find enough taste. She knew how to handle him and satisfy him, and had lost his hand for the “do it yourself”.I preferred then turn without precise destination, the streets to see shops and try to read the writing foreign incomprehensible.The capital was large, but not touristy, some walking was done willingly, I had to be careful not to lose, or even call a taxi back to the hotel could be problematic.But not knowing what to do one day I found myself in front of a shop, well attended by young people, and that showed in the window between the posters CDs, DVDs, both new and used, of all kinds, including freight, so it seemed.I could go in and see if I got some hobby, maybe a movie in English, or in my language, maybe a porn, those not stand in need of translators! Yes, I decided I went over the curtain separating the adult industry, looking for the most hard, the “XXX” – that was … damn universal language, even here in this environment is incomprehensible. I did not understand, I read only the figures!Then I saw behind the shelves of various kinds in the darkness of a corridor and doors, with neon arrows and inscriptions unreadable and thinking happened to be in a place where there were “peep show” Intrigued I went.What was intriguing, I had time, I would just put enough coins to get into one of these ports, and so he decided to do. With a few lire one of the doors opened and I entered a small room, dimly lit, closed the door and I adapted to the darkness. There was a small latch to lock me up inside, and I could now enjoy a show.That country, women here were closed in layers for road or plugged in the house, prostitution is prohibited and punished: I had been warned, before leaving, and I did not care, could not wait to return home to my beautiful.He risked expulsion and in any case pay a woman was not for me something morally acceptable.Looking around I was in a closet small and bare, there was nothing! no video, or glass or curtains or other system, perhaps you should have put more money somewhere, but nothing compared to the wall was smooth, nothing left, just to the right there was a small hole, dark, in which a hardly would pass a tennis ball.Maybe I misjudged the room. But yeah, this was one of those places where you could have sex with strangers through the hole, a “glory-hole”.       The mind imagined that day joking with his girlfriend, now far away, and I proposed a fantasy, and take her to a place where she could lash out without shame also make the experience of trying to do something with me and sex with a stranger. I just wanted to joke and provoke her, asking you to choose which of mouth and what do before first fuck, if I or the other! Usually these jokes fancy liked. This time no.She was angry, and rushed to confession, and then leave me alone to sleep on the couch for a week. Damn, now that she was alone, maybe he had the opportunity, no, holy woman, maybe not …While I was güvenilir bahis having these thoughts, and lingered on what to do, noises on the other side made me realize that someone had, and I went to the hole lingering hand was a sign to understand the presence and availability, maybe tonight I could receive a good blowjob from a mouth unknown. Beautiful, ugly man or in this case make no difference!But the hand bumped into something warm and soft, the stranger had inserted a finger?, Not too big … FUCK! It was a shit, damn, even in twilight now I saw him, this huge black shadow. Contact with my hand had excited him and at attention, a long affair, dark, and the base occupied all the hole, and, damn it! I had touched, that sucks, but look at him, pounding anxiously waiting for another approach, with the rod of at least 20 cm, and a bit dark and shiny. Cheeky but magnificent in its erection. I was surprised, nervous, incredulous surprise, the novelty of this company which violated my privacy and the size. Annoyed but intrigued by the events I looked better. We were alone and I that thing.I’ve never seen one up close, and find a similar black bird surprised me, and this was really a bell ‘exemplary, and better than my gosh, even fragrant, wild musk, almost pleasant. In the small room close to the hole you made me came the smell of hot dating back to the nostrils. But look a little ‘what kind of expect you take do not understand the language, maybe that was a place for men only, and now what?To go out and protest if they do not even speak, damn it! I know that laughter aroused protest? a foreigner … dissatisfied and unappreciated? Here no one saw, made me only company that thing.That black snake swayed and seemed to look hypnotic, inviting me to move. Taken by a strange curiosity to see if it was real, and check the consistency, touched with the same hand. How could he be so hard already, and I wanted to touch it again. It looked like one of those plastic cocks that are sold in “sex shop”, false as it is so perfect! It was hot. The challenge was exciting. In the end no one could see them I did, and my curiosity won, best taken with a trembling hand, and felt the other side moan. It had to be of a young handsome, waiting time to be happy: That sucks and I thought disturbed me, but also to let go of the thought left me uncomfortable, any revulsion passed, the barrier between us and eliminated the distances,That thing was now like my toy at my disposal, I could play or fed up when I wanted. And then at the end we both paid and we were here for something, a contact, but now here was just me and this thing.You know what satisfaction he could give me a cock so nice and hard, I wish it were mine! Was mine, I had in hand! But you could almost make him a saw, pretending to be my own, when I happen an odd way? I thought, I’m excited and it takes me a little, I bet you right off if get on duty. I know how to do.Curious to see enjoy that “piece of black”, see what kind, what colour is the pleasure of a cock so dark, how long squirts made me move my hand and these thoughts I was overexcited. Then maybe when you’re done and satisfied, it is my turn, it will work well, and if I do the happy slip through the hole and I do empty my balls I, damn, even mine is nice and hard! I can not believe, I am excited and pull, it will be abstinence? I found myself in the hands of two birds, my, smaller and white one, and this one in the other, imposing, black and hard. Only the glans is reddish at the base but becomes swollen and shiny black at the tip of the chapel. I began to saw them in sync with both hands and carefully. When I was doing it alone, I liked it, but now have two Double your pleasure! More. I have always said to my wife, he had to try two, and maybe that’s why he got angry! The business soon began to like, shit, I risked also to enjoy myself first, and I did not want. I could cheat and stopped touching me, letting go of my to his fate, and spitting on the free hand I tried to take the big cock in both hands, with my wet hand on that point and feel that the other side will approve the new.But I also appreciated, and with a couple of bumps on my penis dropped, bent down, as güvenilir bahis if ashamed in front of that black pole and swollen, began to drip from the tip of the clear liquid. Oh no! I was already losing.I do not like losing, I wanted to come out winner and head held high, and if I had to … I had to play the game the way down!Not really, but how far? I do not know, but yeah, let’s see. I stop when I want, and now I want to go: I want to own, leaning so I decided to try to spit on it to lubricate it and manipulate it better, then shyly to the side to lick that pole sticking pompous as a totem on the front wall, slowly I knelt down to be comfortable with the language and tried to eat that pole dark side. Up close, the pungent smell of leather that seemed hot, smelling like … the smell of leather in my wallet! (But that strange juxtaposition of thoughts, shopping bag, money … at the bottom of the ticket I paid, but yeah, enjoy the show in the first row). As confused as I was trying to take magical side of small bites and I get better, moving the head in front, as if to look for me, that missile black is directed towards my mouth and I found myself kissing him briefly on the tip, what a feeling , is much softer than the ‘auction. And this is who knew male, with a stronger taste of my own sweaty skin, (ah, I remember the taste of the skin when I happened to sniff or lick the armpits, is more delicate, less wild!). But? Which is now flickers and knocks on my lips! Search your mouth! My mouth.No good, you can not expect that I open my mouth! Never! but a second and stronger finished another push to open my lips, violating them and ended up against the teeth still clenched.I heard cursing and run towards the hole in my game. Time to apologize, I picked it up with both hands and masturbating I brought him back to his mouth, looking for a soft kiss of peace, but with a twist, (fuck that long) the tip penetrated, although I get off back, it was in the mouth with around the glans then followed by long pole turgid, oh, how nice, he has not offended! Keep it in your mouth is not bad, though! Strongly pushed towards the throat.I feel now a salty taste, tasty. Now the other side came the grunts of approval, and I would do the same, if I had my mouth full, approaching my head was stretched in blowjob, no denying, I liked it, and with the thought that I’m making more and more satisfied, perhaps too, the chest was beating crazy. It’s hot, and I passed the point of no return. I feel that I can do better and pants, playing with the ends as I know you have to do, I try to be better than any woman, even of my companion, who sometimes do not know where to lick or suck, I try with the tongue edges of the glans penis in my mouth and with continuous movements, alternating constant but I want to go crazy, as if it were my own. Move the mouth and head towards this source of pleasure. Heedless of the consequences increase the pace. Then I start to lick, after having sucked: I can not keep still in my throat, I was choking, but I’m too horny, drunk of this sex?Holding the tip with hands by lifting the rod and resting it on the wall, went on this fun game licking it from the lower part, from below, by directing the tongue upwards following the long bulge that runs from below the tip. I feel it, trembles with pleasure, then taking the tip in her mouth all the way down his throat, he felt it was more button and “happy” that emanated from the first juice, the remade the lick from underneath the urethra, firm but soft, pushing more with the language, and saw the droplets formed at the tip transparent, the same streamers coming out already from my glans.What do I do now? do not lick, no, I feel, will be good? but no, no, his tongue round the glans, and the transparent drop now increases. Yes, I would have liked this game language! Liquid that smelled like the wild and over that big black cherry seems to say: “eat me!” and now came pouring transparent and streamlined, with a finger he felt the texture, it seems honey, leave a line between my finger, now distant, and the hole from where it came. Oh, the little hole pulsating bulge hours. So far I do not mind the bahis siteleri taste, who knows how the rest. Before it was just a small crack. but now he is ready to explode! What effect intoxicating and irresistible to be here near this magnificence, yes, I want and I decided: I put the tongue, and the taste of sweet and salty together did not mind, in fact I further intoxicated and pushed me to continue to suck well from above: now see myself crazy, I had become a slut hungry for sex!With his mouth swallowed voracious, pushing the rod all the way, trying to swallow it all, but I could only cover up half, and after a couple of quick up and down, before I could do anything to stop it I found myself enjoying surprised a warm explosion with her mouth full of hot cum spurts, I wanted, and I was afraid. Of course I knew what would happen, and I did not want to avoid them, and did not want it on your face, but swallow hungrily. This sketch hot, sticky and disgusting, it was inside me, but not unpleasant, inside of me? the longed and feared a ‘simultaneous orgasm! I checked I do not anymore.At the same time I was also cumming and enjoying with jets abundant and constant as ever, i wet the floor and the wall. I found myself the pleasure to suck and swallow the streams that now less intense continued to fill my mouth.I struggled to contain the intruder was pumping me joyful and the hot liquid, it seemed a juicy cum shot certainly could not keep it all in her throat. But I do not appreciated the flavor that came out, and I did not like to hear too that taste preferred swallowing him away, and magically the intense flavor passed over changing and improving my feelings. Now I continued to suck the jets more dense and sticky that I was drinking straight from the source were less unpleasant, though more gelatinous but insipid. Moments of joy that spread over time, that only those who experience intense pleasures can share.I left a strange mouth, lips smooth and almost dry, and mouth tingling but tense, swollen lips and hot, but also a sense of calm … satisfying! I was distracted for a moment these thoughts and the pleasure of shooting.Hey! Where is … I tried my toy still black, but he had already disappeared into the darkness. Too bad I thought!Gone. Not even thanked me or said hello. I would have done it for the pleasure we get!Will I ever have to shoot ‘another beautiful black prick like that!The second came after that, while sighing breath and confused waiting, was white, almost similar to mine, but he had already retired to rest. I threw myself at once in the second blowjob, easier for smaller already experienced I knew better kept in the mouth, but I did enjoy it as the first, even though I did everything to make him enjoy good as it should. Enjoy different tastes, almost all milk was fed from the skin, refine the technique could not get the same satisfaction. Which then also with a third and fourth with repeated, for the sake of enjoying the sensations to enjoy a man with his mouth!I liked them less, holy shit!That sucks, but what was I doing?Now it seemed I had a cold shower and I woke up, but I was sweaty and sticky. I wanted to go.Now I was ashamed of myself, I might become a fag? a cock-sucking? And why not? If so be I was not interested judgments of those who do not know, who does not know should not judge! Fill the mouth of judgments, is no longer for me.With these thoughts in mind I pulled myself together as best they could, with a handkerchief I wiped and tried the door.No, never cry when it’ll do! part I liked it. How many joys we lose ourselves for the prejudices!I thought that was enough for the evening, but this place, with its surprises perhaps deserved, until I was in the area, other visits, I might try again. We would have come better prepared, looking for and offering pleasure. Damn, of course I also enjoyed as a pig. After all, what better alternatives for the next few weeks I could have?Yes, for sure the cool night air cleared my ideas and I was happy with this new experience.Smiling, I thought that, once back at home in a place so I got the port’s wife!Not as an obsession, but to change, to let him try. But I do not know, maybe in the end she would take all the taste and of course I could not do anything about it, maybe not in front of her, and she would not let me do anything!Understand? No, you? Maybe? “. Maybe I’ll do with my woman.This is my story.Well now you know, and now I’m here, you know by now that I, unknown listener, who’s first!