I was waiting II

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I was waiting IIHe reached down and felt my wet p*ssy that I had been abusing without him. I know he was not happy about that.”I told you not to touch yourself, only I have that priviledge” he said cooly.I stammerrd a little. My flower still aching.”I couldnt stop, i was thinking about you using me while i slept.” I was pleading.” Im sorry, I thought if i grinded it wouldnt be wrong.”He laughed and smacked my tits.”You think grinding my little puss on the couch where company sits is going to satisfy you?” He laughed more and grabbed my arm took off my little tshirt. He lead me bornova escort to the big picture window. It was dark out now and he pressed me against the cool glassso if anyone loomed out their window my whole front side was exposrd. I remember how the cool glass felt against my hot hard nipples. Then he started ru bing my clit.” Look out the window, i want the neighbors to see what happens when you disobey me” he curled into my ear sensually ” my kitten is soaking wet you need the injection dont you my horny little.bitch”My while body was shaking. I felt the tip of escort bornova his dick being dragged across my pussy lips. He was so hard. The sight of me humping my couch must have really turned him on. With a sudden rush I felt all thickness of 8 inches gorging my flower. Pumping my pussy, pulling mynipples. I could hear him groaning as my pussy enveloped his dick. Anyone could see us. I wondered of anyone was watching. How hot would that be. Make me tighten around hiscock and I felt the first real rush of my orgasm. He knew and pushed deeper.”My pussy, you only need bornova escort bayan me, nothing will feel this good” he continued ” I am going to fill this hole up with my juices and then you’re not going to touch yourself until I am ready”I could not argue. He had me I would do anything. ” i want you to seduce our neighbor and make her worship you for me” he cooed”Yes yes i will make her mine for you” i was about to cum again feeling that big dick ruining my pussy. Fluids surrounding his cock. He was ready to fill me.”Yes here I cum kitten filling you up” he braced himself and with a huge forward motion exploded inside me driving my body to vum too. We were mixing juices. I passed out still thinking of the sexy blonde neighbor i would conquer and destroy just for him. So he would make my pussy feel lick that all over again.