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Anal Fucking

I Simply Love To FuckI Simply Love To FuckBy: Londebaaz Chohan Somehow, I absolutely hate labelling the human beings for their sexuality or on the basis of their sexual orientation. Reason being that I never thought, I was gay and truly loved pussy licking and fucking. I had girlfriends when my cock needed them. My very first girlfriend was such a cock hungry bitch. She just could not live without sucking me off every chance she got. As a matter of fact, all her daily 3-liter requirement of liquids was my ball’s juice given to her orally or through her pussy. She would wear me out all the times and still when I found her cheating on me and giving her greedy cunt to another guy; I simply broke off with her. Then I always had girlfriends and some liked to be fucked; while others made love to my cock and I loved their pussies and the tits and the other necessary parts like thighs, clitoris, lips and more.I hate to admit that even with so much pussy fucking; my sexuality was still in the exploratory stage or something because for videos, I always preferred to watch the she male and crossdresser porn and for reading the sexy erotic materials, my choice was always for the TG, TV. Gay, fem faggot guy stories. After going to a faraway town for the college, the possibilities, the odds and the opportunities were abundant and opening up more and more. Plus, living in an apartment with couple of guys with separate rooms that could be closed and latched was also a big encouragement. Even with pussy fucking for years; I was still always masturbating thinking of feminine young and soft faggot boys arching their backs while fucked by me and moaning like girls. I loved the thought of fucking a slender, ladylike boys and if they wanted to wear some makeup and sexy woman’s clothing; more power to them and for me if anybody wanted to label me a gay for that; I would not give shit, but in my own mind I was a gay curious. With the passage of some time; I was in a dilemma. While fucking a pussy, I was missing and fantasizing about the young ass and while fucking the most fitting ass; I would miss the pussy and think that I was a bi curious. As luck would have it, only one other guy, Morgan; I shared the apartment with and I were left alone while everybody was gone back home for winter break in the college.Of all the roommates, I had developed good friendship with Morgan and his girlfriend, Mena. Some nights Mena, Morgan, myself and my girlfriend would sit for long time in the family room, watching TV, talking and consuming beer or the hard liquor before going to our rooms for fucking or whatever. Rarely, on the nights when we had plans to play chess or scrabble or card games and Mena or my girlfriend could not make it; Morgan had introduced Alan; Mena’s brother in the group. He was a sophomore in High School already but did not look such at all. He was not fem looking but maybe he was. He surely was a short, slim guy with lots of feminine in his voice and hand gestures. He had a loveable cute personality, soft shoulder length or even longer girls like hair, very bright hazel eyes and pale skin. Before Alan was a regular visitor to us, Morgan talked of him doubting as if he was a gay boy and my mind had churned to produce many dirty thoughts.I had a big collection of music and games, which attracted Alan to me quite a lot and he was found in my room listening to the music videos I had; although his personal taste of music was terrible. Nobody doubted anything and I had an ulterior motive maybe; I had never objected Alan spending time, playing games and music CDs in my room. I remember, it was a Tuesday. Morgan, Mena and Alan came over for an unplanned game night. I had a very sivas escort short supply of Soda and snacks, so Morgan and Mena decided to run to the market to get some and Alan said, he would hang out back here until they got back. We sat in the TV room for a bit when Alan asked to go to my room and listen to music. In my room, Alan laid on his stomach on the bed flipping some music CDs. Every look, every cute smile he gave me was driving me insane in my intentions and my cock was getting eager for a good chance of ass fucking. Alan looked to be presenting himself to me for my selfish sexual desires and waiting for my move. Morgan and Mena were also taking much longer to return and then my cell phone rang. Mena told me that her car was not starting and they were getting it toed to some auto mechanic workshop and the game plan was cancelled. Then she said something and I said; I will do that. Alan got up and walked towards the shelf where all my CDs were kept and began to shuffle them in spite of the fact that he knew all my collection by now. I was watching him while staying on my bed. My eyes were roaming all over his slender body. Then I quietly got up and approached him. With some greedy and the destructive thoughts; I put my hands on his smooth arms just below the T shirt sleeves. He was warm but froze quickly in my hands and could only mutter an ‘ouughh’ like sound. His body was shaking, I could feel. I tilted my head to the side catching a sight of his beautifully full lips. I leaned to bend a little to reach and kiss the back of his neck. I leaned a bit more and started nibbling on his ear, pressing my relatively much larger body against his lean and thin body frame. He shivered and a loud huff was also heard. I had enough of the needed encouragement or the permission to continue. Swinging him around, I wrapped my arms around him and our lips were pressed against each other. As I kept pulling him into me, Alan moaned a little making my cock swell rapidly. He was not resisting at all as our tongues mingled and started very passionate dancing. Now his meagre little hands were caressing my forearms into my hair. I knew; I had him hooked by now as my own. We broke the kiss and our eyes met sharply. We both knew, he was just like the putty in my hands. I held his hips and jammed him into me feeling himself melt against me. “You are very naughty”, I could hear him say before we were kissing again and slowly stepped back towards the bed with his petite body in my grasp. As I sat down, he got pulled with me and with a bit surprising notion; Alan had straddled me with his knees on my either side and his arms over my shoulders. Now as we kissed our hands were spreading all over each other’s body. I reached his waist and started to undo his jeans. Alan resisted a bit and asked me, “What if Morgan and Mena are back”. He had worry pasted all over his face. I had to come clean.I told him that he had heard at least half of the conversion what I spoke on the phone and they were struck at some workshop and the last words, Mena had said to me were to drop you back at your home when you wanted to go. Suddenly he relaxed and I got encouraged; not to stop especially now, when I had him ready for me physically, sexually and even spiritually. My big hard on was almost ready to tear out of my jeans.“I think it would be a great fun to take the risk; even if they showed up”. I only joked, looking at my lap and I could see his erection too under the clothes. “I am sure; you would hate to waste this hard on as much as I do”. I had a devilish grin on my face. I think, he agreed because I could see a big smile on his face also. I continued unbuttoning his jeans and gently escort sivas flung Alan to kneel close to the foot of the bed. Now I tugged his jeans down to reveal a surprise worth no less than Million dollars. Beneath his jeans, Alan was wearing a blood red, silky bikini bottom. His hardened cock was clearly visible straining through the cloth and it was not at all useless by any measure. It must be at least 5 inches long and thicker for his slim physique.I looked at him with a truly playful look and he blushed. This needed no use of words, as I tossed his jeans to the floor and kissed his thighs. Gently hooking my fingers under the red panties; I glided them down slowly just below a small pair of his nuts and let it hang there. His cock was as cute as it should have been. Small and slim but not ridiculously small or slim. A light drizzle of fuzz in the groin was making Alan, more loveable and fuck worthy. I decided to go for the jugular by giving Alan a big treat before the fireworks. By kneeling behind him and leaning under, I took his cock in my mouth. Alan’s whole body shook and jumped a bit feeling the sensation. My tongue was rolling around his nicely carved, cleanly circumcised cock knob, making him groan with joy. Wrapping my fingers around his thickest base, I sucked his cock lavishly sending lots of pressure into his balls making them engorge a well. Seeing him writhe in ecstasy and a big grin on his face; I ran my tongue up and down his cock length. I was surprised when I felt his hands on my head and thought, he wanted me to push on there but no; he actually pulled me up and we hugged into another kissing duo as he reached to undo my jeans making my throbbing monster jump out slapping right into his balls sending a sharp twinge of pleasure in both of our bodies.Now I took a position on top of Alan, rubbing my cock against his as our hips bobbled and rubbed against each other while we kept kissing and exploring each other with hands. It was getting almost impossible to resist the urge to fuck him blind but seeing him shake and shudder beneath me was another at least a Million-dollar scene and I kept the fore play going on. Slowly, I shuffled down to the foot of the bed and dropped in worshipping position on my knees. Holding Alan by his thighs, I dragged him to the edge of the bed. He knew the next advance of my sexual parade and started biting his lips looking through his legs into my eyes with a bit disbelief. I only grinned back and spread his thighs, revealing his soft, cute hairless ass. The puckering was tight and the wrinkles were like the virgin balloon knot. “Arch your back babe, lean a bit more and get your hole closer to me”, I told him. Alan was a bit more nervous to hear me call him babe. With no delay, I dug between his thighs, worming, snaking my tongue around his beautiful ass hole and cock including the balls. Alan almost sobbed through his lips and pushed his ass towards me. I could see his toes curl with pleasure making me hornier. I kept lapping his ass button, spitting on it and spreading it around with my fully drawn out tongue. As I looked up, his boyish cock was throbbing and quivering with joy. I knew; now was the time to hang him on my skewer and fuck hard.Cleverly but carefully, I twisted him such that he was bent over the bed. Grabbing his pretty ass meat in my fist, I moved over him to kiss his arching back. The girly boy arched some more, pressing his ass buns against my torso. He was begging, beseeching for my fucking machine now. Telling him to stay there, I rushed to my dresser drawer to take out the KY tube, used for my daily masturbation routine. Alan looked over his shoulder with my dangerous looking sivas escort bayan cock in my hand and he bit his lips again. Quickly, I peeled off my shirt and threw it on the floor to get behind my beautiful ass boy to spread some KY onto and around his hole before slicking my sex pole.I gave some love spanks on his small but lovely ass buns and then with the heels of my palms; I pushed his ass crack open; my thick cock knob was at the entrance. I knew Alan was nervous but this was no time for mercy thoughts. I rapidly leaned forward, applying moderate pressure with my thighs and hips. As my hands reached his shoulders; I gave him a bit of neck massage and nibbled on his ear. I told him to relax his hole as I persistently pushed forward. My cock head slipped in as he relaxed but it tightened around my cock neck very rapidly and harshly and Alan cried out in pain. I am sure, it must have hurt him like hell. His hands flew back to grip my hips to stop me but he was no match of mine. I did not want to wait for his ass hole to get used to my thickness or the length and just pushed on inches at a time as he growled in pain. His nails were nearly clawed at my thighs and his head was buried in the pillow and his hands were trying to tear off the bedsheet. I did not know, which of his action was to lessen his pain as his screams kept on loud.Finally, I yelled, “Fuck you Alan babe”. I could feel my balls rubbing against his very wet hole. Now I had no qualm to let him adjust to my huge beef side in him and my hands spreading all over his body to assure him that everything was alright. From above, I was enjoying the most beautiful scene; my huge cock totally wedged in the flimsy girly boy ass, with red bikini around his knees just below his balls sack. As the blood rushed into my shaft, I began slow humping in and out of my fem boy ass. I swear, I heard Alan asking me to go harder and deeper. There was nothing more, I needed to hear to put the cock engine in over drive and start fucking him harder and deeper. “Fucking you, Alan”, I said as my pace and speed increased gyrating in his ass hole like a railway piston and bringing his feminine side out. Soon we were drenched in sweat and gasping for air with each thrust. It was no less than 2 pigs fucking in heat. Soon I felt the first tingle in my balls.By now Alan was also gritting his teeth and moaning like a whore. His back was arched fully in pleasure. I could feel the cum getting boiled in my balls. It was time to get rid of it soon and transfer it into Alan. My speed and force got much more erratic. My rhythm and range of motion was all wracked. Somehow, I got to his wrists and pulled his arms back to hold as reigns and started fucking him wildly. Alan was loving it too as he came back with his hole to wrap my shaft faster and faster. He was taking my length like a champion and savoring it too. I showed no dereliction and rocketed back and forth in his bowls until my legs were feeling the familiar tingling and the pressure in my balls was immensely raised too high to contain. Soon we both yelled of lava erupting. With first of his hole fluttering and flexing around my cock, my warm juice rushed through my cock hole to jump into his ass canal, flooding it to the brims. I could feel every stiffening and flexing of the ass orifice as Alan squirted his balls juices on the towel laid over the foot of the bed to prevent soaking through.“Alan, I feel my balls are completely empty”, I said falling off him to the side. My cock had really delivered all it could into Alan’s guts. Now his hole had also stopped clenching and it was ok to pull myself out of him. “Alan, I would not give a shit, if Morgan and Mena walked right in, rather it would be a worthwhile scene but please let me know, when you want to go”. I had pulled his naked body close to mine and could hear him say, “Never”.The End. Your comments are appreciated. Londebaaz Chohan September 19, 2019.