How I met my special honey boo babe

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How I met my special honey boo babe
Well I wanted to tell ya’ll about a friend of mine…She was my Special innocent honey boo Luvr for almost 6 yearz n & I still miss her. But I guess theres a time for everythin in life and our time was SWEETEST eva I tell you. So here’s how I got this innocent married boo as mine…and made her world spin!

We met first time at Copenhagen airport, didn’t know her but there we were both waitin for a flight which was delayd. I liked her looks the moment I lay my eyez on her…Good looking, a bit Asian…shapy & pretty short. LOVELY lips. Luscious. The kind I have too, and luv to kiss..well, she was sexy ya know. Both of us frustrated waiting, got some coupons to eat & thing..So in the line I start talkin to her a bit, just seein if shes talkative & open. She was, very nice! Kind. So we end up actually eating together at 1 of the airport restaurants, chitchat chitchat. So shes from South America, nice! Good sense of humour, bubbly chick…I liked her & she me. We spent a few hourz shopping etc before the flight got off, was nice 2 have company. On the flight it wasn’t so full, so after takeoff I managed to get to sit close to her tellin this man we friendz & thing. Was a nice flight, good company, at the end we exchange info to keep in touch. Did I have a crush on her? She didn’t know it but OH YEAH I did…

A few weeks later decide to try hook up online, sure shes on FB, nice! We chitchat chitchat…Learn more about her. NICE pics she had online..Mmmm, some made me wonder how she was in bed : ) but most I liked about her was her eyes & lips…Not that there was anything wrong with the rest! Chitchat chitchat…girl stuff..chitchat…

I learn she married to this white guy (surprise, me 2) & he is traveling a lot on business…ooh, my poor boo is alone WAAYY too much. They live in the neighboring country, not too far..? NO. Nice!! Patience..half a year pass, we writing still plus a few fun videochats. Ohh, she had learn more about me too…subtle, subtle, a bit more…a bit more..She knows I’m pretty naughty person (well she knew also from my profile that!)…But a little more..well, we both have hubby who travel a lot. Once I told her its not a problem for me, plenty of ‘friendz’ to keep me busy (wink wink!)..Doesn’t seem to mind, laughs (she’s just SOO SWEEEEETTTT!). We already pretty personal in chats..sure, safe & we still have distance. Haven’t told her Im bi…does she guess? Not sure. Sent her a birthday present, a joke..Vibrator! 🙂 Told her its for those lonely nights, smile smile 🙂 She thanks, got some already tell me. HMMM? Promising…she’s not ALL just virginal innocence after all!

A lot of our chats end up being about men…and, well, sex also. Ok I encourage it, admit. She doesn’t mind at least when HE’S not around..So one time I tell her I have done porn. Some modeling (true). Not much money, did it for fun…? She wants to see. OK…Send just a few softer pics…Compliments, good pics nice bod (Blush)! What did my hubby think of me doin porn? LUVS IT. Eventually mention we’re…pretty open on things like this. No issues there. next week she has added a few bikini pics for me to see in her FB. HMMMMmmm?? Damn she looks delish I have to admit…Masturbate to the pics (pretty typical to me I think). I want her. Have to call another friend here to come fuck my brains out pleez quick..Relief.

Our chats r on/off everyday stuff, once a blue moon pretty raunchy. I let her know small bits about us…well we r openminded, sometimes…swing..Multiple partners..Sex means a lot to me. Now her hubby has left her alone for a few months the bastard as he has gone to Asia bostancı escort (probably fucking locals like a rabbit I think, she not)…My sweet boo LONELY. I tease her, must be doin herself a lot? OH YEAH…She sighs. OH YEAH??…INTERESTING…Video chat…she’s really blushing and giggling…Wanna see something to get you in the mood..? I link her to a few vids..starring me of course! 2 of my best male lovers doin me…LOVE that video (reminds me of the pleasures they gave me)…She’s watchin intensely…Ooohhh I see the hand go to places…She´s DEFINITELY doin herself…I am SOAKING WET. My boo has desires!! Well we end the chat a bit blushed (I need to get S-E-X NOW!). Fuck…

A week later I tell her my hubby gone too, want me to come over to your town, we could shop & chitchat (and hopefully FUCK each others BRAINS out!!!)? Sure! I say I have a hotel…not that I wanna spend much time there!

A ferryride over, hotel, call my secret boo, lets meet in town. We did, long story short a great day out shopping, gossiping all fun natural fun. We bonding nicely. I like her. A meal at her place? Sure! Nice home, we cook together, relax…bit of wine. Chitchat chitchat.DYING to explore those lips…She’s sexy.

They have a private sauna! Cool…It’s WARMED? Even better (so am I..) a little jacuzzi, even nicer!!! We get undressed, she asks ‘don¨t be shy please every1 goes naked in sauna here’…Don’t worry, NOT a problem to me..Tryin to be casual. She’s naked. HOT. I’m MELTING…Casual casual!! WOW..She’s…sexy. I am shivering…hide it with cold shower. Sauna…Hot, relaxing…trying to glimpse her secretly…casual!!! She’s looking at me (hey I’m a DISH too!). Not much talk…I am embarrassingly WET, lucky the sweat hides it. Cooling out.

Second time in sauna…she starts talking of how nice it’s to have me here…so lonely she’s been. Doesn’t know many people here….Chitchat…All of a sudden she says ‘wow that video the other day…GOD!! That was too MUCH…She says she spent a day in bed fucking herself…’So how was it really…I mean…2 guys?’.

I smile at her…She’s eyeing again my nipple rings which get a bit damn hot in sauna, so I cover them with my hands and massage while opening my legs..just abit..Yes, she looks…
‘It was…AMAZING. Sexy, loving, hot, steamy…orgasmic’…’We do such things…quite alot actually..because I like it so much’ I tell her. My legs more open, she’s definitely looking…
‘You should try it sometime’ (wink wink luv!). ‘We even do it…with other couples sometimes ya know’. Her eyes are like saucers now but she is SO HORNY I can SEE IT..Ohh, just another naughty gal this one 🙂 ‘It’s just pure PLEASURE…And yeah I am also bi…’. Anime saucer eyes BIGGER. We walk out to cool..IMPOSSIBLE. We’re both in HEAT.

In the shower I go for her. Soap her shoulders from behind, no resistance…press against her, no resistance…soapy hands..wondering on her…wow her boobs are big, firm and huge nipples hard…she sighs loud, I take the opportunity and go for the kill..KISS. LOOONNG, SEXY KISSINGG…Oh yeah she is MINE!! Get the soap off, kiss…touching…rubbing…sexy, slow, she is trembling, me too…take my time to get to know her mouth…neck….body…She is really trembling poor thing. Moaning…’ohhhh…oh God are we gonna..’ she asks as I suck her boobs…

‘YES we are babygal’…I guide her to a bench with padding. Comfy enough…lie down…Well I work on this sweety’s her first time with a woman and she has been started of sex, so go easy…even if I just wanna get her to eat me!!

I REALLY work on her. I want her to ENJOY MAX. She does…Fingers make her ataşehir escort bayan come first time, HARD…Almost no effect to cool her down, she is SO HOT!! Wow…I like her style! Keep her at the plateau..kissing, working on her boobs (she loves that apparently), fingering…she pops again HARD to another O. Continue…I wanna wear her out, leave no space to resistance…its time to eat her pussycat…SWEET SWEET I love her taste…she’s so horny it’s ridiculous, writhin and tossing…Another pop, her eyes roll…Time to make her do it too..

‘Lets change honey’ I say and we move to 69…Me on top, so I lover my pussy to those amazing thick lips…’Lick me pleez…Like I did you…’..and YESYES YYEESSS!!! She does it..My time to shiver…I’m so hot with my bi-virgin I hit the rooftop easy, and DAMN I wanted that…Ugghh, so GOOD…Our faces are in our juices now, I manipulate her pussy with a known technique that seems to work well with her…fingering G-spot and licking her bud…she hits another big one, wow the contractions show this ain’t fake boyz & gals!!! My pussy is grinding her face, and she’s doin her best with me bravely…ok, not so difficult to hit a next big O, I’m proud of my boo she makes me come again!!! Brains thank her…World is an exploding pussy…MY pussy. Takes a bit to come out of this one..Whoa!

Change back to cuddles, we rub, kiss, kiss, kiss…affections..she’s SO HOT..Dizzy. I taste myself in her kiss, she tastes her juices. I wanna sink in her eyes…beautiful brown eyes..

‘OK…WHOA, WOW…’ she mutters. ‘Did we just..?’

‘YOU BETCHA Boo’ I say to her, smiling. ‘Now you know you’re also bi babe’ I continue smiling and kiss her. Passion, tenderness, love. ‘Lets get out of her and go to your bed’ I suggest hopefully. She smiles…Invitation taken!

So we end up in the bedroom, nice…I like their design. Robes off, 2 hot gals into bed, kissy kissy turn-ons…we work on each other softly, then more passionate, and more with an urge. This nite is SO NOT OVER!! I like to be a bit dominating so I guide the pace..and her. Fingers work on her best bit, mouth her mouth and boobs…She spreads her legs and her hips are DEFINITELY not lying…I know already how to work her into fast O’s by fingering inside her at her Gee and that really makes her blow like a rocket!! ‘Aaahhhh—YESYESYESSSS…CoooMIINNGGG…OHH!!!’ She blows up…But I do not stop there. As she comes down from 7th heaven her eyes go wide.

‘WAIT…IT..Strong..!!’ I kiss her to silence the panic. I KNOW it is strong, thats the IDEA BABE…It will pass…I work her pretty mercilessly and sure enough in less than a minute she’s ready..Her soft please of ‘Nooo….too….MUUCCHHH!’ turn to heavy, fast panting.

‘Oh yes…yes…yes…God what are you DOIN to me!!…YESSS….Oh GOD….I…will COME…AGAIN….YESYESYESSS….AAAHHHHHH!!’ Her eyes roll again, she writhes so hard I worry she will hurt herself. Her pussy goes nuts and squeezes the hell out of my fingers! I have had her leg between mine, rubbing, and I increase the pace and join her in 7th heaven. ‘OOHHH…God…So GOOD’ I mumble..

We relax and more girly cuddling, hugs & kisses too. Soft love…massaging…Don’t want the mood to end completely.

‘Fuck….YOU…You are amazing!’ she whispers to my ear, out of breath. I feel her heartbeat…well, mine too. ‘I know peeps, I say smirking’. ‘And that’s just for beginners’ I continue, nibbling her earlobe while my hand cups her boob. ‘No more sexless nights boo’ I tell her. ‘We are gonna fuck our brains out this weekend’ I hear myself say. ‘ I’m gonna make you my sex slave this weekend babygal…want me to, göztepe escort bayan hmmm?’. Look at her eyes firmly, caress her neck and hair with determination.

‘Y..Yes’ She says, with moist eyes. ‘I…I..” she tries to continue.

‘YOU will LOVE it’ I tell her firmly. ‘This is OUR TIME…and lets make it the best we can’ (nothing less for you my boo). I feel she’s getting warmer again…Me too. Being a bit dominant is a HUGE turnon sometimes, especially with bi-virgins like her. Passionate kisses, rubbing her body strategically…This is the start of more…pure LUST. Reassuringly, she spreads her legs willingly as I go down towards her pussy. What a sextoy!! And SOOO SEXY!!!

Her pussy is SUCH a sucker for my finger techniques…I have her exploding licking her clit and rubbing her insides in less than 5 minutes. She’s a DREAM! I have my urges, but I REEAALLY REALLY wanna work on this girlz bod to conquer any resistance. She’s NOT gonna have 2nd thoughts about girl-on-girl tomorrow morning!! So we position so that I am leaning to the bed wall end pillows behind her, and have her in front of me (kinda in my lap)…Gives me control of her nicely. I also feel all her responses this way. I manipulate her pussy with my hand, other hand works on boobs, my mouth on hers and her neck…She is OWNED. I can also control any hand move, any attempt to slow me down, stop me…and she’s smaller than I am. She wimpers, quivers, comes when I want her to, and I continue to manipulate her from orgasm…to orgamsm…to orgasm. About 15 times, but who’s counting (smirk!).

She’s a ragdoll by now. MINE. I lay her down on the bed, lean over her and place my pussy so that she can eat me. ‘Don’t fall asleep hon…Time to earn your pleasure, I need some too babe’ I tell her. ‘My fingers still can work on your sex…'(I slip my fingers in her pussy to remind her of my magic, she flinches). ‘Be good to me pleez and I will keep you warm her softly’ I tell her. She connects with my pussy, uuuhhhhhh….feels so DAMN GOOD. Almost forget to slowly rub her insides…a little insentive for her to do her part.

She eats me like a good girl she is…Wow oh WOW FEELS…GREAT….I need my O’s also babygal…I softly work on her, turning her on subtly and slow while she passionately eats me. BOOM!! I explode in orgasm FINALLY…My nether regions shake violently as the pleasure travels from pussy to brain like a d**g hit. GOD…SO…GOOD!!! Wow…dizzying. REALLY hard to concentrate on her pussy with my fingers. She gasps as I move them faster, then remember to tone it down. I do NOT want her to COME again…In a hurry.

‘Use your fingers in my pussy too pleeez…Feels so good!!’ I encourage her as she continues to lick my still convulsing pussy lips and swollen clit. Tickles like mad after an orgasm, but I know it will subside if she JUST CONTINUES…And she does. Takes about 10 minutes of her efforts with fingers and lips, tongue and I get the next reward. A softer, but longer orgasm overcomes my functions and I am just ALL PUSSY…Quivering flesh in pleasure. ‘Mmmmhhaaaahhhh….ohh…OHHH….OHHHH’ I hear myself moaning. She has earned her reward, I finger her Gee spot and in no time give my sexkitten a dollop of pussy pleasure. She writhes, squeals, makes high-pitch noises like an a****l while I watch her pussy below me in our 69 position contracting and relaxing on its own, out of her control. I smile. Little did she know I had relaxed her little pleasure bit so that I had 4 fingers inside her!

Long story short, we relax, cuddle, use wc, go to sleep together. We continue in the morning, but thats another story. As is how she is introduced by me to group sex, LOTS of sexy men who LOVE her innocent appeareance…and ravish her to a totally perverted, sex-starved slut she LOVES TO BE in our more kinky games. And hey, I end up in bed with her and my hubby also, but…Another time ya’ll!! 🙂