Handsome Ch. 09

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Chapter 9

Back to School

The remainder of my summer seemed to fly by, and before I knew it, my mother was buying me what amounted to a new fall wardrobe to accommodate my growth spurt.

Unbeknownst to me, two girls soon to be in my class were scheming to make me their boyfriend. Only well after we became acquainted in the biblical sense did they tell me about it.

Anyway, here’s what happened. The two girls were Brittany and Kassi. It all began right after school started when they were at Kassi’s killing time between their favorite TV shows by making up a list of “Hottie’s,” or boys they would like to make it with.

“Let’s see,” said Kassi, Milt is a co-captain of the football team. He’s really good-looking and all. I’d love to have him hold me.”

Brittany giggled. “He’s okay, but I’d like to get Mr. Barrow, my history teacher in an empty room.” “Really?” Kassi said, growing excited, “and what would you do if you got him all alone?”

“I’d suck his cock,” Brittany replied off-handedly.

“You’d suck…” Kassi said, surprised at her friends candor.

“You don’t?” Brittany said, in turn surprised that her friend wasn’t bestowing blowjobs on her boyfriends.

“Um, no … I mean, I haven’t … at least not yet. I didn’t think you had either.”

Both girls shared the same home room at school, but they didn’t really know each other all that well, and so it came as something of a revelation to Kassi, who had never sucked a cock in her life.

“Shit, Kassi, I’ve been giving blowjobs to guys since forever! I like it and the guys love it.”

“God, I’ve only kissed a few guys. Marty Tabbacheck touched my tits once at a birthday party when we played Spin-the-Bottle, but that’s it.”

“Have you ever frenched a guy?”

“Well…” Kassi said and stopped.

“You know,” Brittany said, “put your tongue in his mouth, or vice versa?”

“No, but I’ve had a tongue in my ear.”

“Wow, I thought you had.”

“So there’s a big difference?”

“And how,” Brittany said, leaving Kassi wondering and more anxious than ever to get laid.

Both girls were sexy, but in different fashions. Kassi was a nubile blonde with a bouncy sort of body. She had plump tits that thrust out saucily against her sweaters, and a well-packed ass which was shaped like a valentine; and long, shapely legs. Her blue eyes were wide and innocent-looking, and she had a scattering of cute freckles across her cheeks. She had a sort of swaybacked posture that pushed her tits up, tucked her crotch in and stuck her ass out.

Plenty of guys had jerked off while thinking about Kassi. And Kassi frigged herself off frequently, too. But Kassi was still a virgin.

Brittany was a slender girl with short, dark, curly hair, and dark, flashing eyes and a wide, sensual mouth. Her tits were not as big as Kassi’s, but they were firm and very much alive; and the fact that she wore no bra was evident in the way that her stiff nipples pushed out in twin peaks against her blouse, or sweaters. Her waist was narrow, and her ass was round.

She liked the way her ass looked, and she used it to good effect when she walked. And Brittany was a lot more sexually experienced than Kassi at the time, having already allowed the two boys she’d blown to finger her, with one licking her to a climax. Still, she too was a virgin.

“No, I haven’t,” Kassi said. “What’s it like?”

“Come here,” Brittany said, pulling the other closer to her. “I’ll show you. But it doesn’t make us lezzies.” And before Kassi could react, Brittany was kissing her.

“Open your mouth, silly,” Brittany scolded gently when Kassi kept her lips sealed.

“Okay,” Kassi said and they kissed again. The second Kassi felt her friend’s tongue in her mouth; she responded as if touched by a cattle prod, and leapt away from Brittany.

“The fuck!” she gasped in shocked surprise.

“It’s a kiss, silly. That’s frenching, silly. C’mere, let’s try it again, but don’t jump away like that.”

“Are you sure … I mean, I never…”

But she allowed herself to be kissed again, and this time realized how much more enjoyable kissing could be.

“Wow! That was…”

“Great, huh? Now imagine if Milt was kissing you instead of me,” Brittany said suggestively.

“Oh, wow … yeah. Jeez, I’m getting goose bumps.”

“Told ya,” Brittany laughed vulgarly, “Now let’s see about getting you to suck a cock.”

“Oh, I couldn’t,” Kassi protested.

“Sure you could. Have you got any bananas in the house?”

There were, and the two practiced with them until Brittany felt that Kassi had the hang of sucking cock down.

“Now,” she told Kassi, speaking as if she had a world of experience behind her, “when the guy cums, he’ll want to cum in your mouth. Sometimes I let them, other times I don’t. They don’t make a big deal of it on account of wanting me to blow them again.

After some more discussion, the girls returned to making up their list of ‘Hottie’s’ and were surprised that they both had Aubrey Morgenthall, next.

“I heard that he’s fucked güvenilir bahis Mora,” Brittany sagely told Kassi.

“No!” the other responded with disbelief.

“It’s true. I heard it from Marissa Brown. She saw them together.”

“Doing it?”

“Not exactly.”

“What’s not exactly mean?”

“Marissa saw the two of them buying condoms at Leary’s Pharmacy. The next day she asked Mora how it went, and Mora surprised her by admitting they’d done it, and told her that Aubrey was hung like a horse!”

“She didn’t!”


“My God! Hung like a horse? What does that mean?”

“His penis … it’s as big as a horse’s, silly.”

“I … I’ve never seen a real horse. I’m not sure I understand.”

“Wow, you are … well, you’ve led a sheltered life, haven’t you? When I say that Aubrey’s hung like a horse, I mean that his penis is extra large, compared to the other guys.”

“Oh, now I understand,” Kassi said, and they fell into a giggling fit. ________________________________________

That night, Kassi couldn’t sleep, but tossed and turned thinking about what Brittany had told her and more importantly what she had shown her.

Then having grown so excited that she couldn’t stand it anymore, she threw the covers off and, wet her right hand, putting all four finger into her mouth. Slowly, she coated both nipples with her saliva and only then did she resort to her late night game.

Uttering a soft moan at the first touch, she gently squeezed her left nipple. A moment later she repeated the squeeze on her other nipple. Then she rubbed the palms of her hands over the turgid buds, moaning quietly at the thrill that seemed to surge from her breasts right to her clitoris.

Driven by a recently discovered passion, Kassi increased the pressure on her nipples feeding the fire between her legs.

Gradually, she became aware of the rhythmic rocking of her legs, especially of the stab of pleasure that accompanied each closing swing. Keeping her eyes closed, and her fingers gently squeezing and pulling, Kassi consciously controlled the movement of her legs.

She quickly discovered that the best results were obtained from spreading wider and clenching tighter. On each outward swing she could feel her pussy part and knew that her cunt must now be gaping open, exposing her entire inner self to anyone who might be standing in front of her. Wanting to see herself for herself, she made a mental note to have a hand mirror present the next time she tried this.

Slowly, her thighs grew wet from the juices running out of her. Her mind fogged up as it always did at this point of her arousal. And when she opened her passion-drooped eyelids, she saw her arousal in the mirror at the foot of the bed. She could see herself well enough, but not her pussy, at least not the way she wanted to, thus the need for the hand mirror.

Seemingly of its own accord, her left hand moved between her legs. Normally, she touched herself there only to wash, or insert a tampon. This was the first time she found herself oozing fluid, coating her puffy labia with a slick film that she now realized had spread to her inner thighs. Kassi knew about masturbation, but had yet to attempt it, but after talking with Brittany earlier, she knew that the time for experimentation had come.

“Shit, I may be getting laid any day now. The least I can do is jill off.’ she told herself, just as her middle finger slithered into her slit. An involuntary gasp escaped her lips before she could contain it. And she froze, terrified that her older brother Jon might have heard her. But with the next shiver of ecstasy, Kassi was lost in the throes of her quest for an orgasm. The throbbing of her clitoris had gone into overdrive, and was now almost continuous.

Kassi threw her head as she rubbed her labia and clitoris with one hand and toyed with her elongated nipples with the other. She quickly discovered that it was touching that throbbing button of pleasure that produced the most intense feelings. She wasn’t sure how it would end, wasn’t sure if she wanted it to end, but she instinctively knew that she needed to throw herself into the growing wave of pleasure that threatened to break over her at any second.

As she strummed her clit, images of various boys from school flashed through her head. She concentrated on Aubrey Morgenthall as her climax went into high gear. It was his mouth nipping at her nipples. It was his smell that enveloped her; and it was his tongue that entered her mouth as the wave broke, and Kassi arched her back and choked back a loud sob of relief as a wave of sheer pleasure racked her frame.

It took about a minute for her head to clear, and to say that her emotions and thoughts were mixed would be an understatement. Kassi was at once amazed and dismayed: amazed that her body was capable of giving her such pleasure, and that she had never discovered it before. She said a silent prayer of thanks to Brittany for showing that masturbation was fun and not “something people didn’t do,” as her mother continually stressed to her.

If fucking was better türkçe bahis than masturbation, she couldn’t wait to spread her legs for the first boy wanting to do her, she thought, moments before falling into a dreamy, somewhat restless slumber. ________________________________________

The next day, Kassi told Brittany of her late night adventure into masturbation. When the giggling ended they began hatching a plan to see which of them could get Aubrey to be their boy friend.

“And the best thing is,” Brittany explained, “is that it don’t matter which of us gets him, because he’ll get the other a dream guy too.”

“How will that work?” Kassi asked.

“Well, to get him to be a boyfriend, we’re gonna have to put out for him.”

“You mean, Aubrey’s gonna fuck us?”

“Of course he’s gonna fuck us,” Brittany said, trying to sound exasperated at her friend. “At least one of us.”

“But, I’m a virgin!”

“So am I … at least technically,” Brittany said.

“What does that mean?”

“It means I ain’t let anyone pop my cherry, that’s what it means.”

“I thought…”

“You thought what, that I’m a slut?”

“No, Brit, I never thought that.”

“What did you think?”

“I thought … I thought that you had done it all. You know … all those blowjobs, and all.”

“Well, nobody’s stuck their wiener in me … not yet anyways.”

“I’ve been hoping to lose my cherry,” Kassi volunteered. “I mean, I’m three weeks into my eighteenth year for Christ’s sake.”

“And I’m three months older than you,” Brittany said lamely. “I gotta lose it soon, or I’ll be the old maid of the school.”

“So, Brit, how are we gonna do it?”

“We’ll seduce him, that’s how.”

“Yeah, okay,” Kassi said, and then wondered how a girl seduced a guy.

Anticipating the question, Brittany said, “Don’t ask me now, I’m thinking.”

Less than thirty seconds elapsed before she brightened and said, “I got it!”

Remember, neither girl was all that bright.

“Both of us will rub up against him.”

“Can we do that?”

Brittany gave Kassi her look, and Kassi backed off.

“We can take him to lunch, or maybe a movie,” Brittany speculated.

“Or both!” Kassi added.

“Or both, yeah,” Brittany said, lost in thought. “How do we decide which of us he wants?”

“That should be obvious. He’ll be sticking his wiener in one of us.”

“But … but, all’s fair, right?” She was desperately hoping it would be her.

“Right, Kassi, anything goes, anything to get him to be the boy friend.”

“Blowjob’s, or more, right?” Kassi said.

“Or more…” Brittany agreed, already working on her own plan of seduction.

She never figured that Kassi might evolve a plan of her own. ________________________________________

The third day of school, I found myself cornered by the two of them.

“You’re so cute!” Kassi chirped, and let her hand rest on my shoulder.

“He is,” Brittany agreed, letting a breast brush against that same arm.

Since both girls were more than just cute, I agreed to let myself be persuaded to have lunch with both the following day, which was Saturday. I joined the girls at the Brentwood Diner just before noon and we placed our orders with the waitress who found the idea of me being with two seemingly eager young girls amusing.

Nothing happened until after the waitress brought our orders to the table. But then I found myself staring transfixed as Kassi brazenly opened one blouse button after another. I didn’t realize it at the time, but Brittany used the opportunity to squeeze my hand under the table. Unconsciously, I squeezed back, all the while staring unabashedly at Kassi as she turned to the side, and the gap in her blouse opened to reveal one very well shaped breast, and a glimpse of pink nipple.

Of course I grew hard. Of course, Brittany moved to feel me there and I turned crimson.

It dawned on me then and there, that a partially clad female can arouse one even more than a fully naked one. As with so many other things, it’s the thought that counts.

“You’re, um, blouse is open,” I said in a whisper. Kassi batted her eyes at me and slowly, tantalizingly, open another button. Her blouse fell away completely exposing the breast.

“Like it?” she asked. “I have another one just like it.”

I was frozen, completely frozen, and unable to respond. Kassi giggled, and shrugged her shoulders and to my amazement there she sat, in a public place with both breasts fully displayed to both me and Brittany.

And then I realized that Brittany had a firm grip on my dick, squeezing it repeatedly.

“Hasn’t she got the nicest tits?” Brittany whispered in my ear, and then stuck her pink tongue in it and wiggled it in as deeply as possible.

I realized where this was going, and recalled thinking that Aunt Nicole had not mentioned this type of activity when telling me the ways of women. Well, I guess no one can cover all the ground, there’s just too much to cover, you know? “Kassi, could you please move closer to me?” I asked as sincerely as güvenilir bahis siteleri I could.

She did.

I extended my hand out to her and cupped her left breast. I felt her trembling at the touch.

“Would you mind if I sucked on them?” I said, gently rolling her nipple between my thumb and finger.

“Uh … okay,” she husked, her voice barely audible, and a deep flush began to spread from her neck to the top of her head.

“You be the lookout, Brittany, okay?” I said, instinctively knowing she would.

Leaning forward, my mouth closed over a strawberry tipped bud. Kassi drew in her breath with a clearly perceptible hiss. I nuzzled gently, cupping the breast to keep her nipple in my mouth.

Brittany squeezed me through my pants, and I released the suction on Kassi’s tit, and slowly sat up, raising my eyes to Kassi’s. She smiled, and leaned forward. I matched her movements, and she took my tongue between her lips and pressed her own against it as it writhed against mine in her mouth.

I was amazed. The girl had no idea how to kiss. After the kiss, I turned to Brittany.

“I don’t want to cum in these slacks, Brit. Would you mind not squeezing me for a while?”

I had embarrassed her. That was evident from the immediate flush that filled her face and neck. Her hand moved to the table and rested there. In under a minute I had caused both of them to flush in embarrassment.

Thinking fast, I redeemed myself in Brittany’s eyes by asking her to raise her skirt; which she did, although it was clear to me that she didn’t know where I was going with the request. That is, until my hand went under the skirt to the juncture between her legs.

She was wet right through her panties.

As my fingers slowly explored her silk undies, I looked at Kassi and whispered. “Button up before someone comes by and throws us out.”

The look on her face told me that I’d shattered her with my comment, and I followed quickly with, “I’m going to give both of them a workout, but later, in a more private place.”

She nodded, and almost happily buttoned her blouse. I returned my attention to Brittany’s wet pubes.

Brittany wriggled a little in order to spread her legs for me, and my fingers found their way past her panties and into her warm, wet cunt.

“Ooooh!” she moaned as I did.

“I’m diddling her,” I told Kassi, who was looking on with interest.

“What about me?” Kassi complained.

“I’m sorry, Kassi, only one at a time.”

Kassi pouted, “You like her more than you like me.”

“That’s not true and you know it,” I replied firmly. But to mollify her, I added, “And just to prove it, I’ve got a nice treat for you.”

“Oh, what is it?” she asked excitedly.

“Open your mouth and close your eyes.”

She did and I took my fingers from Brittany’s twat, and stuck them in Kassi’s mouth.

She sealed her lips upon my finger, then licked and sucked the juices from them, raising her hand to mine to make sure I didn’t pull them away too soon. When she opened her eyes there was a twinkle in them I hadn’t seen before.

“That was nice. Can I have more?”

“Maybe later, but right now…”

Rather than continue talking, I acted, pinching a nipple between my thumb and forefinger, and then I turned back to Brittany.

“This may sound rude, Brittany, but I am kind of hungry. I was thinking can you get your pussy ready for me? I mean play with yourself; get it nice and juicy for me?”

I really had caught her off guard, for her eyes were riveted to my fingers pinching Kassi’s nipple. I let the nipple go, and waved off Kassi’s protest, and began eating.

People came in and sat down quite close to us. I knew we couldn’t go back to what we’d been doing. “It’s getting crowded in here. Are either of your parents out? I mean, is there a house available to us?”

It seemed that Kassi’s parents were both working, at least until around five, when her father usually came home. That left us three hours. We left immediately for Kassi’s.

We went directly to Kassi’s room. It was a typical girl’s room, with posters of the latest rock and movie stars.

I caught Brittany looking at me and stuck my tongue out at her. She gave me a quizzical look. I motioned that I wanted her to lift her dress up. She did, and I really got a good look at her pussy. On a whim, I told her to finger herself while we watched.

With a nervous giggle, Brittany hiked her dress to her hips, and began rubbing two fingers along the outer folds of her twat.

Kassi’s eyes went wide, apparently not having seen Brittany’s cunt on display before, much less seeing another girl frigging themselves. It had only been the night before that she had done it for any length of time herself.

Brittany slowly pulled the fingers from her cunt and offered them to me. I took her arm, and brought her hand up between our faces and leaned in as if I wanted to kiss her. Instead, I licked the juices from the backs of her fingers while pressing the front to her lips. When she responded by extending her tongue to taste her juices, I pushed my tongue between her fingers to rub against hers. Our tongues fought over the slimy coating until it was gone. Then I lowered her arm, and kissed her soft yielding mouth, darting my tongue in and out until the both of us were moaning.