Git Laid

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1 Frank

Frank Tattrie is unique among the unique.

Frank is a wiry, long haired, bearded, six four hillbilly who always wears a Red Fox hat. You know the kind where he just skinned and cured the fox with all its parts bunched it up and put it on his head, He added two black beady glass eyes that stare at you. You don’t know weather to look into Frank’s eyes or the Fox. Don’t mistake me. This is not a scraggly piece of rat fur but an incredibly lush and thick winter coat Red Fox in pristine shape.

Frank knows everybody.

More important, everybody knows Frank.

Like the joke about the Pope giving audience in Vatican Square.

Frank has a private audience with the Pope and he takes him out on the balcony to see the great crowd of people gathered for the blessing.

A tourist turns to someone in the crowd and asks; “Who’s that guy up there with Frank.”

Frank is a mountain man’s Mountain Man, a throwback to the real thing.

Frank has a part Cherokee wife who looks 100%. Black silky hair to her waist with all the features and skin except for her piercing green eyes. She also is drop-dead-gorgeous, sexy and totally devoted to Frank. He named her Red Fox for obvious reasons. Red Fox is also very smart, cleaver and self assured. She dresses ‘native’ with skin tight buckskins. She is always well endowed with her own Red Fox draped in the most provocative and enticing ways. A walking advertisement for Frank’s business … Furs and skins.

Frank had just turned 21 and was out trapping in the woods in the height of winter with snow having fallen to record depth. Prime pelt time. He met Red Fox. She was 18 and wasn’t Red Fox yet but she had been poaching for a deer. She had just put an arrow through the brain of a young buck. He dropped in his tracks. No, she didn’t do it with a primitive Indian Bow and Arrow. She did it with a state-of-the-art Fred Bear Compound bow and a silent feather carbon fiber arrow. She’s a deadly shot from better than a hundred yards and didn’t want to attract attention by firing a gun. One second the buck is trying to scratch out a meager lunch, the next second a pile of venison chops and roasts in the snow.

They instantly fell in love and Frank took her (and the buck) back to his cabin. She never left. They call it “taking a wife”.

Frank had just finished a magnificent Red Fox spread for his bed. In his log cabin in the winter this is a very practical item to have, him being a trapper. That night with Red Fox, hence part of the reason for her name, Frank discovered a whole other reason to have his Red Fox spread. He and Red Fox made love with the most incredible passion he had ever experienced. She, on the other hand, was a virgin. She was also instantly pregnant.

“Frank, if we find making love in the furs so incredible maybe others would too?”

So it was, that Frank’s … and Red Fox’s business became much more than trapping and skinning. It was slow at first and they made a lot of other fur items like you see on some of the Trapper type fur sites but the demand slowly grew by word of mouth until they were making a living from mostly the fur spreads for lovers.

Frank was a born trapper. His biggest problem from early on was not enough pelts for the demand. Everybody already knew his father Willard who got too tired and old for trapping. Frank was his youngest son who actually followed in his footsteps. Fortunately Frank went everywhere with his father as a boy so Frank knew everybody too. Frank never had a problem meeting demand and all his suppliers knew from the beginning that Frank was demanding of the best. They bartered and everyone knew Frank always made good on a deal. Whatever Frank needed he got, no questions asked. Good friends do that for one another.

He and Red Fox were always going to Mountain Man events, Black Powder matches, Pow Wows, State Fairs, Archery Meets, Fur Trade Events and the Bluegrass Music Festivals all over the country. They were always meeting new folks and making new friends. They met common folks, famous C&W singers, politicians (they’re everywhere) and many others that might seem most improbable. It is at these events where they do most of their bartering and trading.

2 Roger meets Frank

One of the rare days that Frank was in town getting provisions he ran into the most improbable person that Frank would get to know and call friend. A Tall guy looking like a young JFK, dressed in a suite and tie that cost more than Frank makes in a year comes up to him and … “Could you tell me some things about this area of the country? I’ll buy you lunch.”

Frank looks at him like he must have either escaped from a mental ward or is really lost. The latter turned out to be true.

“OK dude, you buy I’ll talk.”

Roger Wiley is a young Madison Ave. advertising and marketing executive .. yes NYC. First time in his life he has been more than 50 miles from NYC, not counting the Hampton’s, Martha’s Vineyard and Long Island. They are part of canlı bahis şirketleri NYC. ‘Old Family’ of course. Frank’s family has only been here running around in the Carolina/Tennessee woods since the early 1700’s.

Frank tells him a bit about family history, oral southern hillbilly style story telling. Roger is both fascinated and baffled. Mostly by the time lines. This type of story telling could give a rip about time lines. It’s all about who did what, who’s related to who regardless of when and how they did it .. in no particular order. That is up to the story teller making his point. Rogers mind is spinning .. and fascinated .. so he keeps urging Frank on.

Roger finally asks Frank, now that he is catching the drift of ‘what’ to ask .. “Frank what do you like to do?” the magic door opening question.

“I’m a trapper and I make fur things.”

Roger is floored. This hick is a furrier … of sorts? “What sort of things?”

“Bed spreads mostly now.”

“There is a market for that?” Rogers area of understanding. You can see the drool.

“Sur’ ‘nuf. Pays tha Bills.”

“Could I see some of these?” Frank can’t say no. Southern hospitality time.

“Ya might git y’ur fancy duds a bit dirty, but git in my truck and take a ride.”

Roger had never had an experience even close to this and all to go see some fur spreads he could probably see in “the fur district” any day of the week. Roger was about to experience “The Twilight Zone.” He would call it that for years to come.

They quickly left paved roads and were soon deep into the Appalachian hardwoods bouncing on narrow dirt roads up and over the hills. Frank would stop now and then, reach out the truck window and pull on a nearly invisible chord a few times. Drive some more, stop and so on. “Why are you doing that Frank?”- as he was pulling a chord. “You wouldn’t wa’na git shot fer trespassin’ would ya?”

Finally getting to a small bridge over a stream where the woods thinned out a bit to a small meadow, Roger sees one of the most memorable sights of his life. He’s unknowing he’ll return may times.

A modest sized log cabin that looks ancient (it is) but in wonderful and very livable condition with a new metal roof, the expensive kind. A ‘newer’ addition in rough board construction twice as big as the log portion with bigger windows. A couple of very small cabins of similar construction scattered about on the slope and in the woods and a small barn. Several small gardens with different crops, some with only flowers. Some fruit trees and berry bushes all over the place. A few small pens with animals, chickens, goats and a few pigs. A truly bucolic mountain home.

Then rack after rack of skins drying in the sun. All kinds of skins, furs, deer hides, goat and some unknown to Roger. City boy remember.

They get out of the truck and walk to the house. Hounds are instantly all around them, smelling up the stranger. Cats peering from their places. Cats have their places and none dare disturb, mostly on the broad and ‘comfortable’ porch where Frank and Red Fox’s domain can be viewed, nearly in its entirety, and that’s pretty much land.

There are three .. maybe four kids running around the buildings, pens and through the woods. They pay no attention to the stranger .. except for an older girl standing partly behind the trunk of a very large tree up a slope behind the cabin, intently staring down at Roger like she could read his mind. He was momentarily caught, like in a movie vignette. She is tall and lanky, the breeze lightly blowing through her sun bleached sandy blond bush of hair, barefoot in a loose fitting cotton dress.

Red Fox comes out of the house to greet them. Rogers jaw drops .. he apologizes for gawking. He was expecting a scrawny female version of Frank. She is in a form fitting buckskin dress splendidly and casually draped in furs of all sorts. Roger is instantly flustered and uncertain. All his stereotyping blown out the window.

Roger was even more astonished when he went inside the house. He was asked to remove his shoes. His feet were in a thick sheep skin as he stepped in the door. Hanging from the rafters, from racks and all over the furniture were furs. In fact it was impossible to walk or sit without brushing against, sitting on or next to furs. His heart was racing for reasons yet unknown to Roger. The cabin is pristine.

Roger is invited to sit at the table. The benches are draped with fur pelts. Food already on the table. More like pick what you want instead of a meal. Roger is more relaxed than any time he could remember. He takes the offer of coffee unconscious of his other hand stroking the furs on the bench.

Roger says, “So I can see you don’t want for the raw material. How many a year do you make and sell .. that is if you don’t mind?”

“We’re up to ten or so and it really doesn’t take much of our time to make them.”

“Why do you think people refer you? There have to be many more that know and refer than buy. canlı kaçak iddaa That’s how that works from a marketing perspective. There has to be competition as well.”


“Pardon me?”

“Sex, I say. Plain old fashioned sex. Folks get in a rut and start lookin’ ’round for a cure.”

“A cure for what?”

“Impotence, sexual dysfunction, dull sex, can’t get it up, routine sex, you name it. They git Viagra and end up in tha hospital.”

“A fur bed spread can cure all of these you are saying?”

“You bet. Life just gets borin’ and uninterestin’ for a lot a folks and they loose focus. Fur helps us focus while being a total distraction. Ain’t nothin’ else’l do that ‘cep maybe yoga. First thing ya know ya got a hard on and she’s lookin’ real perty.”

“Pardon me but your wife is gorgeous.”

“I know that but not all guys are blessed like me. Besides we thunk it the first time we did it … in a fur bed spread of course.”

“I find this hard to believe. You’re saying that I could be with an ordinary girl in one of your fur spreads and I would find her irresistible?”


“Guaranteed what?”

“You’ll hav’er or she’ll have ya in five minutes or ya git the fur spread fer free. That’s my Garuntee!! I’ve never had to eat one yet and we have over a hundred out there.”


“Ya don’t believe me?” Frank leans forward a little agitated.

“No, I don’t mean I don’t believe you but this is all such a new idea or?? I’m not sure what to believe?”

“Well, ya wan’a make tha bet?”

“Sure.” Roger not really sure what to expect.

“Open tha bedroom door.”

Roger looks at Frank, momentarily stunned, fidgeting with the fur on the bench. He shakes his head like trying to awake from a strange dream .. gets up and walks to the door. He hesitates as if he is to walks inside something will attack him or something life altering will happen. The latter is true.

3 Roger gets laid.

Opening the door Roger stands there, having opened a million doors in his life. He’s non plussed as he stands there, first admiring the richness of the furs all through the room. His eyes finally rest on the girl sitting in the middle of the fur spread on the bed. Just as promised, a perfectly ordinary girl … the one by the tree.

Roger was only marginally aware of a slowly growing erection before entering the room but he had dismissed it to the situation and possibly his expectation for this to all be true. His training in marketing had taught him to beware of expectations. That’s what marketing is .. the raising of expectations. This hillbilly may be smarter than he thought.

He is looking at this girl that any dozen of his girlfriends, associates or call girls beauty would far exceed. The girls eyes have been darting from Rogers eyes to his crotch since he first stepped in the door. He had found that to be unexpectedly exciting. She had a totally different ‘look’ than any of his women friends and bed partners. An innocent yet provocative look that is totally absent from the women he knows. Maybe it’s because she is so young? 19 or so? He was with a girl just last week this young and that look was absent. Or is it the way she’s moving in the furs while having this look? None of the familiar sexual signals and titillations he is familiar with.

The girl has been fur fondling herself with increasing fervor without Roger noticing until he realizes he has already removed his jacket and tie. He has his hands on his shirt buttons already having undone two. The girl has the fur to her face, sensuously rubbing it up her body and has the furs mounded up under her skirt between her thighs squirming in them with the most innocent cow eyed look .. still getting glimpses of his crotch. Roger is tenting big time now and a big sweet smile creeps across her face.

Roger also hasn’t realize he’s unconsciously drawn to the side of the bed and is now right next to the girl. He finally notices there are actually several spreads of different furs and she had taken a second, handing a generous bundle of it out to him without speaking. Roger rips his shirt off along with his T shirt .. takes the fur from her and has it around his upper body. His body feels as if it’s flowing into the fur and Zen-like becoming one with the fur.

He can now fully feel the pain of his erection in a way unlike any before. His pants and skivvies had magically fallen to the floor, His cock pointing straight out to the girl. She beckons him on to the bed, reaching out touching the tip of his throbbing and swelling cock head. He’s thinking he’s bigger than ever. It’s standing out stiff to her like a battering ram. He moves closer and with the touch of her lips to the head of his cock he jumps in the bed and near faints from the sensations. He’s just lost the bet.

Suddenly Roger realizes he knows nothing about love making. His body feels a rush of sexual excitement mixed with a satisfaction he has never experienced before. The canlı kaçak bahis girl has fur around his cock and all over his body while kissing and sucking on his cock in the most delicate and beautiful way that none of the best could match … like she isn’t trying to get him off but simply admiring it and pleasuring him. She still has not removed her dress. Roger grabs the hem of the skirt sweeping it up and over her head as she raises her arms up in a graceful move with eager assistance and an even bigger smile. She’s nude having a modest body and smallish breasts with nipples standing proud and hard. Again ordinary but yet not. Her muscle tone and skin color has a sinewy, ruddy and healthy look, covered with freckles. “His” women simply are not like that at all. Roger is already on the road to reevaluation … of everything.

Roger scoots forward to Girl, putting his hands at her waist he pulls her to him until her nipples are lightly touching his chest and his cock squeezed upright between them. Both their legs are spread wide with hers bent over his. He runs his hands back through her hair, cradling her head in his hands, pressing their lips together he kisses her lightly on the lips at first.

She draws back slightly to see his face and smiles a warm smile as soft as the furs surrounding them. Rogers heart melts in complete surrender as she kisses Roger open mouth with a passion he has never experienced from any woman, light and delicate yet full of passion with a quiet song like moaning. She is also slowly rubbing her labia against his fence post cock. He is about to shoot up between them. Roger pulls from her kiss with a look of disappointment on her face. Roger is really in to this now and doesn’t want to rush it. Girl is eager and ready for anything and everything.

The passion from this ordinary girl has him uncharacteristically wanting to please her more than himself. He slides back as Girl is now whimpering to him. She doesn’t whimper long. Roger reaches out with one finger and swipes it up from just above her little pucker hole, through her soft muff and labia. She inhales sharply with an astonished look, grabbing her tits quickly with the furs squeezing them tightly, then exhaling with a song like ah moan. Roger repeats the move only his fingers stay with her labia stroking it softly, thinking of her ministering to his cock, Girl is in a state of ecstasy as her hips quiver lightly, then slowly parts them. Her bright pink flower glistens in the furs as he slides a finger inside her soft, moist vagina, Her song intensifies. Roger quickly finds the magic button and pushes. Girl nearly hits the ceiling and reaches down pushing his hand down hard to her. Girl is having an orgasm, squirming and whimpering in the furs.

Roger lays her back in the furs as she is coming down and with her thighs still spread wide drops down between her thighs and consumes her soft sandy blond muff and sweet swollen labia. Girl’s groaning and sweet singing moan further inflames Rogers desires. He is face down between her thighs, spread eagle in the furs and ‘fucking’ the fur spread as he sucks the juices from this delicious girl. Girl is writhing and moaning with a string of mini orgasms. Rogers resolve is cuming to a head so to speak. To keep this from being ‘premature’ he pulls back from her luscious landscape. Girl is very unhappy again, whimpering with a sour look that causes his cock to jump to attention even more.

Girl smiles as Roger slowly slides forward with his cock parting the furs like a torpedo seeking its mark. As he gets close to her once more they instantly engage in a deep and passionate kiss. Cock finds mark, parting labia and slowly sliding in. Roger is treating her carefully since she is so incredibly tight and he is so well endowed. Girl is shaking with excitement and has tightly wrapped her legs around his buttocks. He moves forward slowly with the head now fully in her, stretching her to fit, He pulls back just a little to let her recover from the stretch then slides further in than before. PANIC!!! RESISTANCE!!!! VIRGIN!!! ALARM!!! BEEP BEEP BEEP!!!

Roger is about to beat a hasty retreat when Girl, using her legs wrapped around him, pulls Roger fully into her with the power of a wrestler on steroids. She lets with a single yell followed by swooning. He is to her cervix and his own willpower dissolves like jello on a hot summer sidewalk. Girl has her legs still around him and slides them up around his waist allowing him deeper penetration into her. Her arms are wrapped around his neck and she has Roger in another passionate kiss. He gradually becomes aware he is ferociously thrusting in and out of Girl with an intensity he thought himself incapable. It isn’t the force so much as the will to pleasure this wonderful girl. Those bright, glittering geometric flowing patters were all he could see for a few moments in the midst of this frenzy.

Girl is having orgasm on orgasm by now and Roger is about to let loose the big one. Roger takes pride in his ability to restrain his ejaculation allowing his partner to reach her full intensity. Girl is having so many that Roger figures he can let go any time. Girl has a grip on his cock unlike any woman before and he is finding it difficult to ‘let go’.