Getting Ready for College

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A few years ago, I worked at a small company that had about a dozen employees. This particular year the daughter of one of the senior guys was working with us for the summer. Melanie was going away to school in the fall, and was saving up for her school expenses. She had been assigned to my crew on the midnight shift, and she definitely brightened up the nights.

During the shifts, Melanie and I would usually end up spending a couple hours in the warehouse together. We could normally knock out the work pretty quick and then sit and talk. She had confided in me that she hadn’t dated much in high school because there weren’t many guys that wanted to date a taller girl, and that she was, in fact, a virgin. She was frustrated at the fact that she couldn’t manage to find a guy to date, and that she was going away to college without having had sex. She didn’t want her first time to be with some random college guy, she wanted it to be with someone that she knew she could trust.

I had also confided a lot in her. She knew about my frustrations with the woman I was currently dating, and that I wasn’t very happy with my job. We gave each other a lot of advice about our problems, and we grew close over the summer.

Two weeks before she had to pack her things and move to college, her Dad decided that it would be ok for her to quit and spend some time with her friends. A few days after she quit, she showed up at work. She looked upset and asked if I had a few minutes to talk. She told me about a party that she had gone to, and how she had found a really good looking guy to talk to, and then when it came time to fool around, she freaked out and ran off. She said that he was really pushy, and that she knew that he was just trying to use her.

When she talked to some of her friends about it, they told her that he was just a jerk and to forget about it. She said that she couldn’t help it. She was so self conscious about it that she was beginning to think that maybe she was just undesireable. She stood up in front of me wearing a tight t-shirt and jeans. I couldn’t help but notice how hot she really was.

“How could you think that you’re not desirable? You’re hot!” I told her.

“I am not! My boobs aren’t big enough, and my ass sucks!”

I told her, “You’re boobs are GREAT, and your ass looks…well…good enough to eat!”

She stood illegal bahis in front of me and smiled. “You’re just saying that.”

“Melanie, if I wasn’t ten years older than you, I would be all over you.”

She smiled at me, and thanked me. Then she asked me for my cell number so she could call me when she needed an ego boost when she was away at college.

The very next night, I got a call from her. She said that she was upset and needed to talk, so I told her to stop by. About an hour later she showed up at work. She was wearing a baggy t-shirt and a pair of warm up pants. She looked absolutely delicious. We went back into the warehouse, and she locked the door behind us. She sat down on a crate and asked me if I really thought she was hot.

“Of course I do. Why?”

“I just don’t feel hot.” She replied looking at the floor.

“Let me show you who you look like.”

I started looking up different pictures of actresses with my computer at my desk. She stood up and walked over to my chair and stood next to me. I could smell her body spray, and could see just the hint of her belly button beneath the hem of her shirt. She had a great body.

“I don’t look anything like those girls!” She said.

“Look at you. Your tits hold your shirt out just far enough to tease with your belly button, and your ass holds your pants in just the right spot to see that you are wearing some pretty sexy little panties. That’s very hot in my book.”

She leaned down and kissed me on the cheek before walking back to the crate. A minute went by, and then she said, “You mean this shirt?”

She draped her t-shirt over my shoulder.

“And these pants?” draping her pants over my other shoulder.

I turned my chair to look at her and saw more than I had expected. She was sitting on top of a crate with her feet dangling off the front giving me a cute smile. Her blond hair cascading down her shoulders framing her beautiful face. Her gorgeous, creamy breasts that she had been hiding were threatening to spill out of her black bra, and her curvaceous hips were holding up a sexy pair of black bikini panties.

“What are you doing?”

“I though you would like to see my attributes that you keep complimenting in person. I just wanted to give you a better view to judge me by.”

My eyes couldn’t leave her creamy white skin. illegal bahis siteleri All of the thoughts running through my head were leading to the same conclusion, and I wasn’t sure what I should do about it. My conscience was telling me to tell her to get dressed, but my desire was telling me to join her.

She stood up and walked over to where I was sitting and sat on my lap.

“Now I know that I don’t have a lot of experience, but it sure feels like you have something for me.” She said as she wiggled her ass against my hardness.

“Are you sure about this?” I asked her.

“I want you to be the first. I decided it at the party. I want you because I know you, you are a sexy guy, and I know that you will be gentle. Besides, after all the stories you have told me about the things you’ve done…you have made me wetter then any guy has before. Would you like me to beg?”

“No need to beg. I just want you to think about this. I want you to be sure.”

“I have actually fantasized about this. Right here in the warehouse. It’s sort of exciting.” She giggled.

I looked into her eyes. I couldn’t help it. I leaned in and kissed her. Gently at first, but we both became more urgent. We stood, and she helped me take off my shirt. We moved over to a low cart that boxes were usually stacked on, and I eased her down onto it. I removed her bra and began kissing and nibbling her pink, stiff nipples. Her creamy skin was heaving under my touch as her breathing quickened. Her fingers were running through my hair as I paid homage to her gorgeous tits, and my hands traveled down to her waist.

She laid back on the cart and lifted her hips so I could slide her panties off. I paused to admire her athletic body before lowering my head between her beautiful thighs. I licked and kissed lightly around her previously untouched pussy. Fine wisps of hair decorated it, as it beckoned to me. I made gentle contact with her clit with my tongue, and I heard her gasp. I settled further into her and began sliding my tongue deeper into her, and I could feel her hips writhing beneath me. Her hands grabbed my hair as her orgasm approached. I held her thighs as the waves of orgasm crashed over her, while she tried her best to stifle her own cries of passion. When her orgasm had finished she released her grip, and her legs fell open. I got up and sat next canlı bahis siteleri to her.

“Are you ok?” I asked.

She was out of breath, and her cheeks were a rosy red. “Oh my God that was amazing!”

“I thought you would enjoy that.”

She reached up and pulled me down for a kiss. “Now I want to feel you inside me.” She stopped me from speaking. “And, yes, I’m sure.”

I stood up, and she unbuckled my belt. I took off my clothes, and stood before her. I watched her eyes roam over my body before she leaned forward to take my cock into her mouth. She awkwardly tried to lick and suck on my cock, while trying to look sexy.

“You’ll find the knack for this later.” I comforted as I took my cock out of her mouth. I laid her back onto the cart and spread her legs. I positioned myself between her legs and lined up my cock with her dripping entrance. I pressed the head of my cock against her entrance and watched her face as I began to enter her. A look of pain spread across her face as my cock pushed past the entrance. Then a look of pleasure as my cock began to slide further into her.

She bit her lip as I slid all the way into her, and then moaned a little as I withdrew almost all the way out. As I began to slide back into her, she grabbed my wrists and squeezed. I slowly built up to a steady rhythm.

She looked into my eyes and smiled. “This feels so good. Go faster! Holy shit this feels fantastic!”

My rhythm built up to a steady stroke and as she neared orgasm, I began fucking her harder. Her innocent image shattered as she got closer. She squeezed my wrists, “Fuck me! Oh God Fuck me! It feels so fucking good in my pussy!”

Her sudden torrent of expletives and emotion pushed me over the top. Her already tight pussy suddenly clamped down on my cock. I pulled my cock out of her and grunted as I came all over her and myself. It was hands down the biggest load I had ever shot. “Wow! Is there always that much?” She asked, still breathing hard.

“No. Not always.” I said with a smile as I sat back into my chair.

We got cleaned up, and I walked her out to her car. We hugged, and kissed when we got to her car. She thanked me for being her first, and I thanked her for wanting me to be her first.

She went away to college and we would email each other every once in a while. She eventually found a guy that was right for her, and I had found the woman that would eventually become my wife. However, every once in a while, I’ll get an email from her about that night that just absolutely makes me rock hard. That night will live on in my memory forever.