Fun Day at the Swimming Hole

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First story don’t be harsh but constructive criticism is helpful and all characters over 18.


“Vince!” Jess Arreola called from the small, sandy shores of the swimming hole. She was sun bathing in a small bikini with her best friends Zoe Hayes and Tess Di Angelo. Masie Torres, her third best friend was sitting with her boyfriend, James Arroyo on a rock in the water. They just started dating a few days before Zoe moved to the small town in Northern California two months ago. The couple started kissing so Jess, the beauty girl in school, called her boyfriend, Vincent Reaper, down from the rock he was sitting on with his twin brother Jason or “Jace.”


“Get down here!”

Vince smirked and jumped off the rock splashing the two love birds and interrupting their make out session. Masie screamed and James tumbled into the swimming hole.

Vince swam over to the beach area where the girls were and held himself in push-up position over his girlfriend. He slowly lowered him self over her and pressed his wet lips against hers. She kissed him back and pressed her tongue against his lips. He let her in and their two tongues wrestled for a minute before Jace yelled from the top of the rock.

“Get a room!” Vince smiled and flopped down in between Zoe and Jess. Jason jumped down and swam over to where the rest of the group was. “Let’s keep going upstream.”

Vince looked at the rock he was on a few moments ago and James commented on the idea. “No one illegal bahis has ever been up there before-”

“So let’s do it” Vince said and usually his decision was final.

They all got up and left their towels there for when they came back and swam over to the rock and started climbing up the river they ducked under a waterfall and soon the path got too narrow so they had to go in a straight line. The order was Jace, Jess, Tess, Masie, James, Zoe, and last was Vince. They all got up to a big rock and everyone climbed up except for Zoe and Vince. Zoe had her body up but her foot slipped and she almost fell all the way down if Vince hadn’t have grabbed her and held her up. Her caramel colored face turned red when she realized where his hands were. He pushed her back up with both hands squeezing a butt-cheek and his thumbs grading over a very sensitive part of her body. She climbed back up and he followed after.

The others were far ahead. As they trekked up the river a branch from the tree caught her bikini top and ripped it in half. The piece of clothing flew away into the waters below. Zoe’s eyes widened and she quickly covered up her d-cup boobs with her hands. Vince was quite aware of the situation at hand and tried to look anywhere but the sides of body where u could see the sides of her huge tits. Unfortunately that made him get a huge boner which his bathing suit could not hide.

They continued up the river until they got to rapids flowing down at them. They both climbed illegal bahis siteleri up as far as they could but Zoe slipped and fell pulling on Vince’s shorts on the way down and they fell past his toes and shot down the rapids very quickly. Zoe managed to grab a rock but the force of the water pulled her bikini bottom off as well. Vince grabbed a rock and got to the side in a small cave next to the rapids and grabbed Zoe’s hand as she fell pulling her into him. He was a great looking guy with dirty blond hair and blue eyes with six pack abs. His dick was 8 inches long and now erect it stood 11 inches long.

She was pulled onto him and pressed together in the tight space they barely squeezed into. She could feel his large penis pressing against her leg and his face buried in her extra large tits. He tried to say something and her brown nipple slipped into his open mouth. Both of their eyes widened as he moved his tongue around sucking on the nip trying to get out.

“Stop.” She said, “You’re only making it worse.”

He slowed down and finally pressed down barely enough to get it out of his mouth. He slid out from under her and went back into the riptides and fell five feet down off the waterfall onto a pile of sand. His erect penis was standing straight up at eleven inches and it was glistening with water. Zoe flew down the riptides and off the waterfall and her pussy landed straight on his cock impaling her with all eleven inches.

She slid all the way down, and he popped canlı bahis siteleri her cherry so a little blood trickled down his cock but her pussy covered it up and you could no longer see any part of his dick and only balls. She screamed with pain and pleasure and he moaned with delight. He too was a virgin. He came inside of her and they both moaned again. He flipped her over and started pounding her doggy style as she kneeled there enjoying every second. He grabbed her huge boobs and started kneading them hard. His huge cock slipped out and accidentally went into her asshole.

She screamed in pain and glee when she felt it inside her. He kept pounding away and stuck all eleven inches inside of her. He came again and they both collapsed onto the sand, his cock sticking straight up. She crawled on top of him and started sucking on his dick. She put her pussy in his face and he stuck his tongue inside as she deep-throated him. All of his cock went in her mouth and she hummed to vibrate her throat. He ate out her pussy and flipped her over and shoved his tongue in her mouth while fucking her in the pussy. They both stopped and lied down on the sand before getting up. Zoe tried to stand but her legs wouldn’t work.

“Vince, I need your help. I can’t stand.”

He showed her his arms which were scraped up and she jumped onto him and put his still hard cock back in her pussy she wrapped her legs around him and kissed him. She put her arms on her neck to keep her from sliding sideways but they only thing keeping her in the air was his penis. He started walking and each step gave her more and more pleasure. He managed to get back to the towels and they took one of the cars and rode all the way home with her on his cock on the bumpy road.