Fringe Benefit

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“I’m glad you’re with us, Mr. Bennett,” said Josie, the human resources director. “I know we should have gone over these benefits and such before you started work, but better late than never.”

“I think you should call me Adam,” said the middle manager. “I’m glad you found the time, Josie.” Adam wondered about the broad-shouldered woman across the desk. He wasn’t so egotistical that he assumed any woman who didn’t want to fuck him was a lesbian, but Josie sort of looked like…no, he shouldn’t even think that! Not politically correct.

“Here’s the corporate employee handbook,” said Josie, handing Adam a sheaf of papers. “Plus some internal memos that cover some benefits we’ve added here that do not come from the corporate office. I don’t think we need to read them aloud together!” she laughed.

“Certainly not,” said Adam, taking them and opening the handbook.

“You’ll notice that although our benefits package is competitive with other companies, you don’t receive all your benefits immediately,” explained Josie. “They’re earned and accrued. For example–you get two weeks’ vacation in your first year of employment, but you earn the first day after three weeks, the second day after six weeks, and so on and so forth.”

Adam paged through the book as she spoke. “I see…”

“Same with health care,” continued Josie. “You’d better plan not to get sick in the first month! Your health coverage doesn’t start until four weeks into your employment. One week earns how ever many months, and so on and so forth.”

“And so on and so forth. I see,” said Adam. “That’s no problem. I’m a pretty healthy guy.”

“Yes, well–that brings us to the next issue. Our company recognizes the need for–oh! Hello, Marta.”

Adam spun around in his seat to see who Josie was addressing. He was thunderstruck by what lay before his eyes.

She stood about five foot four–although three or four of those inches came from her sky high heels–and had shoulder length chestnut hair. Her smile lit up the room. She was wearing a tight short skirt and a gauzy low-cut blouse…a blouse that showed off a beautiful creamy cleavage and a pair of soft inviting breasts that bounced and jiggled even when she was standing still. Adam’s eyes widened. These were sizable boobs. Adam was a longtime tit-man and had experienced a wide variety of big breasts in his single life. But Marta’s made his mouth water. She had a healthy, European kind of build. She clearly was not the type to starve herself to be skinny and then have a surgeon pump up her tits to make up for the loss. These were clearly natural…and about an F or G cup, as far as Adam could tell. He couldn’t help but stare right at them. güvenilir bahis Her nipples hardened and became more prominent as he did. In the awkward silence, Marta giggled.

Josie stood. “Come in, Marta. I’d like you to meet somebody.”

She stepped in, smiling at Adam. Josie closed the office door behind her.

“This is our new marketing manager, Adam Bennett,” said Josie, pulling Marta’s arm toward Adam. “Adam, this is Marta. She’s one of our corporate sluts.”

Corporate sluts? He must have heard wrong. Adam began rewinding the tape in his mind.

“She’s one of our corporate nuts.” Sticklers for company policy? Entertaining eccentrics?

Not likely.

“She’s one of our corporate guts.” Part of the real inner workings of the company? Workers with an unusual amount of intestinal fortitude?


She MUST have said corporate sluts.

Adam blinked, but never took his eyes off Marta’s proudly displayed cleavage. “Corporate WHAT?” he asked, having decided once and for all that he’d misheard.

Josie sat back at her desk, amused at Adam’s reaction to the spectacularly built woman. “No, you heard right,” she beamed. “We were brainstorming about what could we do to make this the best place to work around, and somebody came up with the idea of corporate sluts. Good-looking stacked women on the payroll to relieve tensions and satisfy any sexual demand–on demand!”

“Really?” asked Adam, resisting the temptation to caress Marta’s breasts right then and there. “Whose idea was that?”

“Oh, it might have been mine,” laughed Josie. “Marta here is not really my type. I don’t like the big boobs. They get in the way. I help myself to Lisa Li, the cute little Japanese girl who sits two desks away from Marta.”

“Ummm–I understand about your preference, Josie,” said Adam, still smiling from ear to ear at the German born goddess. “But are there…male sluts for the other women employees?”

“Why?” laughed Josie. “Would you prefer that?”

“No! No,” said Adam nervously. “Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but I like…” He gestured weakly at Marta’s abundance.

“Then perhaps you’d like to apply for that position? A job of male corporate slut might be fun,” teased Josie. “Then again, I don’t think it would pay as much as your management job, Mr. Bennett. If Marta is to your liking…go ahead, get to know her.”

“Martha, tell me about yourself,” said Adam, stroking her pretty face.

“It’s Marta, not Martha,” said Josie, “and she won’t really be able to do that. Marta comes from Germany and doesn’t know much English. But she doesn’t need to. Marta?”

Marta looked over at Josie for approval. türkçe bahis Josie nodded. Marta leaned forward, giving Adam a glorious look into the depth of her cleavage.

“Gefallen Ihnen meine Titten?” asked Marta, with a Teutonic giggle.

“I’d love to, thanks,” said Adam, reaching for her chest. “Wait a minute! This is some kind of test, isn’t it? In business ethics? You want me to refuse or I don’t get the job, right?”

“You have the job, Mr. Bennett,” said Josie. “There’s no test or trickery here. We just want you to be familiar with ALL of our employee benefits. Use of the sluts–actually, they’re called ‘Corporate Support Staff’ in all company literature–is spelled out in the memos that supplement the employee handbook. On page two, I believe. The Support Staff exists to relieve tensions, and so on and so forth.”

“God damn,” said Matt, now tracing the curvature of Marta’s big boob, and lingering on where he could feel her cigar-sized nipple through the blouse.

Josie stood up. “I’m just going to get copies of your Social Security card and a few other things, Adam. I’ll be back in a few minutes.” She left the room.

Marta reached for Adam’s hand, which was still fluttering lightly around her boobs. He wasn’t sure where to start! Marta took his hand and jammed in in her cleavage. She smiled, looking to Adam for approval. Adam had closed his eyes to savor the warmth of Marta’s breasts on either side of his hand. Marta touched his face. He opened his eyes and nodded.

Marta slowly and lovingly extracted her hand from between her breasts. She pulled her peasant blouse down over her shoulders and shimmied her arms free. Then she reached for the upper part of the fabric and yanked it down to expose her creamy breastflesh and hard, nubbly nipples. She smiled from ear to ear as she watched Adam savor her abundant femininity.

“Moechtest Du mal kosten?” she asked. Adam didn’t need to understand German. He just nodded his head.

Marta reached for that head, and grabbed it roughly. She pushed him down to her boobs, and lovingly encouraged him to suck.

And suck he did, almost as though he expected this gorgeous vision to produce liebfraumilch. Marta started bucking her curvy behind up and down on the chair as Adam nibbled and licked.

Suddenly, Marta pushed his hungry mouth away. Adam moaned his disappointment, but the German girl’s smile told him he had nothing to fear. She crooked her finger at him and beckoned. Adam stood up and walked toward the topless Teuton.

Marta looked up at him, her chestnut mane framing her sexy face. Moisture seemed to form over her full lips as she smiled. Without breaking her loving gaze, güvenilir bahis siteleri Marta reached forward and unbuckled Adam’s belt. In a moment, his khakis were around his ankles on the floor, and the big titter was fishing Adam’s cock from his Fruit of the Looms.

“Ich liebe Ihren Schwanz!” she almost squealed when she yanked his underwear off. She cupped his heavy testicles and raised the head of his cock to her mouth by lifting those overfilled balls. Those sexy lips, teeth, and tongue gingerly closed in on the bloated head. Soon, Marta was sucking Adam with the same force he had used on her tits moments ago.

Adam grunted happily. He started bucking his ass back and forth, pleased at the way Marta was able to keep his cock in her mouth, and bounce her big tits against his legs. He hoped he’d save up some spunk so that he could coat her throat AND her cleavage.

He felt her soft hands tickling his sperm-laden balls. This made him buck harder. One of Marta’s hands fluttered around the cheeks of his ass, playfully teasing his anus. He started moving his lower body from side to side as well as up and down, he was so aroused. Marta, bless her heart, kept up with him, slathering the shaft and head of his cock with her saliva the whole time. Finally, Adam knew it was time. He thrust forward and felt his cockhead knocking at the back of her throat. His happy grunts turned into a sustained guttural moan.

Marta grasped his balls firmly again, and lifted his cock head from her mouth. She pointed it at her tits like a firehose and waited expectantly. Her eyes and her smile were wide as she looked up at Adam, giggling in excitement.

In a moment, the sticky fluid started to burst forth. Marta almost sang out as she poured a torrent of cum all over her tits. She frosted the hard nipples. She prodded the heavy undersides. She coaxed it with her tongue and lips. Finally, she dropped it heavily and reached for her knockers with both hands. As she rubbed it in like face cream, she whispered “Lass es uns gleich nochmal machen!” to Adam.

The door noisily burst open. Josie entered with Adam’s Social Security card and a sheaf of photocopies.

“Here you are, Adam, I think…oh, wait. What’s going on here?” she said, seeing Marta rub Adam’s cum into her marvelous breasts.

“I’m enjoying my fringe benefit,” explained Adam calmly as Marta started teasing his dick with the palm of her hand again.

“Oh, no,” said Josie, shaking her head. “No, no, no, no!” she insisted as she pulled Marta’s blouse back over her monstrosities.

“Why not?” asked Adam, awkwardly tugging up his khaki pants.

“It’s right here on page two of the memo supplemental to the employee handbook,” said Josie as she ushered a struggling Marta from the office. “Use of the Corporate Support Staff is earned and accrued. One month of employment earns one day of service, two months, two days, and so on and so forth…”