Friends are Better

6 Ocak 2021 0 Yazar: admin


So I went to University straight after college, I got bad results in my A levels but went anyway. Even though I was doing a rubbish course, I needed a change of scenery and needed to get away from my parents. Even though where I went to Uni was nowhere near home I stayed with my long term boyfriend and pretty early on we realised it wasn’t going to work.

I met a guy on my course and by the end of freshers week we were sleeping together, we shared similar interests in sports and generally had a lot of fun together. Within two weeks of starting Uni I split with my boyfriend from home and started a new relationship with the guy from my course, he was very muscular and around 5’9. Everything was ok, sex wasn’t great, even though he would never admit it I’m sure I was his first. After the first term everything was great, we hadn’t lost interest in each other and I was loving Uni. Best of all he lived in a house with 3 other guys, one of which I became very close friends with.

After the xmas holidays things seemed a bit weird, having gone home and not seen each other for a couple of weeks he seemed distant and I was sure he had cheated on me. Worst of all every time we went out in a club he would disappear with his friends and abandon me, I was left to spend time with his house mate I had become friends with. This meant that I found myself spending more time with my boyfriends house mate than my boyfriend and pretty soon I found myself having feelings for him, he was tall and I liked his athletic build and smile.

I know I’m taking a long time to get to the sex! Anyway one night in a club my boyfriend did his usual disappearing act and I found myself looking for him. When I found him we had an argument which left me in tears, I left the club and started the walk back through the park to my halls and I rang his bedava bahis house mate. He quickly found me and walked me back to my halls. When we got back he came up to my room and we chatted, he managed to cheer me up and bit and my mind started to wander. Suddenly I wasn’t caring about my boyfriend, all he did these days was hurt me. I started to think about straddling my friend and feeling his cock inside me. My mind was wandering all over the place now and I tried to imagine his cock. I think he noticed my lack of concentration on the conversation and asked if I was ok, as it was I was more than ok as I felt myself starting to become wet.

I sat there and began to realise the number of times he had complimented me and I figured he must be attracted to me, I fancied him…without another thought I kissed him. It was a lingering kiss which seemed to last forever, I think we were both a little surprised and he pulled away with uncertainty as to whether this could ever be a good idea. I asked him ‘do you fancy me? I fancy you so much’ he looked confused but hardly hesitated before saying he fancied me as well. He kissed me and this time was more passionate, our tongues danced and tricked one another and I felt his hand on my thigh. When the kiss ended I quickly moved from sat beside him to straddling him and his arms locked around me as we kissed again. Our chests were pressed together and there was no question I wanted him. He pulled his top over his head and then removed mine. His body was hard and felt toned as I ran my hands over his chest and stomach. He began to kiss my neck and around the top of my breasts that were cupped high in a push up bra. I looked down and thought they looked great, I always loved my breasts and thought they were a good size at 34c. While he was kissing me I reached round bedava bonus and released my bra and it was soon removed. He began to cup and massaged my breasts while gently sucking at each nipple in turn, I felt them hardly and let out a slight moan as he gently nibbled at one of my now hard nipples.

My hands were wasting no time and I made short work of the buttons on the front of his jeans, I reached in and found no boxers, my hand wrapped around his hard cock and pulled it out. It wasn’t the longest cock I had ever seen (about 6″) but it had incredible girth, I could barely get my hand around the shaft as I began to stroke it. He was clearly aroused as the pre cum oozing from the tip was enough to work as a lubricant as I slowly played the tip of his penis with a circular motion. He made the next move turning and rolling onto the bed so that I was under him. For a brief moment we stopped and quickly removed the remains of our clothes, it wasn’t the sexiest way of doing it but I got the feeling neither of us cared, we just wanted to get naked!

He was on top of me kissing my breasts and his hands were all over my thighs and hips, his touch was light and made me giggle occasionally when it tickled. He worked down my stomach and with little warning I felt his tongue dart across my clit with aggression and accuracy, making me arc my back and pant as he continued his direct assault. I almost wanted him to stop I was so overwhelmed by the sensations, I was grasping at my breasts and pulling my nipples as I searched for something to hold on to. I reached a screaming orgasm after less than 30secs of his first flick of my clit. It didn’t stop there, he proceeded to use his tongue to enter my pussy and lick the full length o my lips, occasionally flicking my clit or sucking it into his mouth and flicking deneme bonusu it with incredible speed that sent me wild.

After 5 orgasms he stopped and lay next to me. I was exhausted yet I wanted more. I began to stroke his cock again and said I wanted him inside of me. He moved on top of me and I opened my legs exposing my dripping wet pussy, he entered me easily as I was so aroused and the girth of his shaft seemed to hit every spot. He varied the speed of penetration and occasionally completely withdrew before driving back into me, I orgasmed and he watched with pleasure as I squired under him arcing my back and grabbing my breasts.

We switched so I was on top and I continued to find myself close to orgasm, I rocked back and forth and his eyes seemed locked onto my breasts as they bounced. He began to caress them and I rubbed my clit sending myself over the edge once again, my pussy locked so tight around his cock I could hardly move and his facial expression changed, I could see he was close. Once my orgasm subsided we rolled again so he was on top and he began to thrust hard and fast into me, I could tell he was close and I lifted my hips to met his thrust as best I could. I grab his hips and pulled him into me encouraging him to assault my pussy. I wanted him more and more so I lifted my legs and put them over his shoulders to maximise the depth of his thrust. He was grunting and his hips were slapping against me, I was climaxing again but I almost didn’t care, I just wanted him to cum. I dropped my legs onto his arms and told him to cum on me. He grunted loudly and I felt the first shot of cum hit the back of my pussy, he pulled out and the second shot fired up my stomach to the base of my breasts, he jerked his cock and shot three more times, the first across my face and the other two landed on my breasts. I was covered, I couldn’t believe so much cum could come from one cock. I rubbed it across my breasts and licked my hand to taste him.

We both lay on the bed exhausted, I was still covered in his cum, there and then we decided this wouldn’t be the last time!