Friendly Fun

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“Hey, what’s up?” Elizabeth said as she sat down at the cafeteria table.

“Oh, not a whole lot.” James replied. “Just picking through this stuff they say is food.”

“I’m going to go get something to eat, too.”

Elizabeth gets up and walks off. James catches a quick glance at her ass and thinks to himself. Damn, I should really make a move on her! Before he knows it, she’s coming back with a tray of food.

“This doesn’t look so good, I think I’m going to go out to eat.”

“Alright, I’ll catch you later.”

She walks off and he thinks to himself some more.

Later that day, he goes over to his best friend’s house and is hanging out listening to music. They start talking about different girls and cars when there is a knock on the door. He gets up and answers it and it’s Elizabeth. James can’t believe it, he was just thinking about how much he wanted to fuck her. James gets up to close the door and notices her car.

“Is that your car?”

“Yeah.” She replies.

“I’ve heard about those cars. Are they nice?”

“I like them. You want to see it?” She asks.


Now’s illegal bahis my chance.

The two get to the car and she shows him some of the features and he can’t help but check out her ass as she bends over the seat to show him something out of the back. She turns around and he looks to her, real quick. I think she saw me. She smiles and produces something odd. They talk for a few minutes.

“Could you give me a ride to my house, real quick?”

“How far?”

“About 5 minutes.”

“I guess.”

He tells his friend he’s leaving and they show up at his house. He shows her in and is happily thinking about fucking her. She likes his stereo system and he starts showing her the back of it. He shows her a connection and she leans over, behind the stereo to see. It’s now or never! He slaps her on the ass and she straightens up.

“Hey! How would you like it if I grabbed your balls?!”

She reaches down and grabs them. He smiles.

“You like that, huh? What if I grab your dick?”

She grabs the stiffening member through his pants and smiles. She slides down to her knees and starts working illegal bahis siteleri his pants loose. She pulls them down and he’s standing there in his boxers. She rips them down to his feet, quickly and his cock springs out at her face. She pushes him back onto his bed and takes off her shirt. He smiles and starts working her pants free and she strips off her bra. Her ample tits spring free and James instinctively reaches up and starts rubbing them. She works her pants off and is only in a thong. She seductively slides the thong down her legs and kicks it over in a corner. She pulls him to his feet and whispers something in his ear. He didn’t quite catch it, but she climbs on the bed in all fours. She puffs her ass up in the air and James moves onto the bed. He guides his cock to the entrance of her pussy and slides it around the outside edge. She moans out loud and he slowly starts to slide his dick in her pussy.


“Damn, you’re tight.”

“Shut up and fuck me! Oh! Oh! OHHH!!”

James starts sliding back and forth watching his dick slide in and out of her pussy. Elizabeth’s pussy is squeezing canlı bahis siteleri his dick tight and he works her over doggystyle. He grabs her hips and starts slamming her as hard as he can.

“Oh James! JAMES! JAMES! Fuck me! Harder! HARDER! OHHH!”

James starts speeding up his thrusts and slaps her on the ass. She screams out again. “OOHHHHH!” He reaches around and starts fondling her tits and she is in pure ecstacy. He doesn’t know how much longer he can hold out and starts watching his cock glide in and out of Elizabeth’s wet pussy and the ripples his thrusts are causing throughout her lower body. She reaches down and starts stroking her clit harder and harder as the bed rocks into the wall. James’s cock repeatedly thrusts in and pulls out with his balls slapping her hand as he pinches her nipples to cause a loud moan to escape her lips.

“James! Oh God, James! Fuck me! Fuck me! HARDER! Oh God! I’m cumming! Oh yes, I’m cumming!!!”

“Oh God, Elizabeth! Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Shit! I’m cumming, too!”

“Oh God Yes! Cum in my pussy!”


James starts filling Elizabeth’s tight pussy with his cum as she releases all over his dick. James keeps thrusting in her until every last drop of cum is in her pussy and his dick goes soft. The two collapse on the bed and engage in a deep, loving kiss as they pass out from pleasure.