Foreign Film

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His eyes first spotted her as he approached the ticket booth at the theater. Bored and alone, he was playing hooky from work in order to see the latest action movie. Waiting in the short line, he soon realized that he was behind a striking young woman, also apparently all alone. He couldn’t see her face, but his eyes were instantly drawn to her shapely silhouette that was outlined by a form-fitting black leather coat that clung to her body. Cinched tightly at the waist, it flared out nicely around her full ass and ended mid-thigh revealing the almost blindingly pale skin of her legs between the coat and her black boots. Above, her hair was long and also jet black, cascading down her back in soft rolling curls. The black ensemble was highlighted only by a blood-red ribbon tied around a small band of hair, making a perfect bow at the back of her head and drifting down with her locks to the middle of her back.

He was starring at her intently when she suddenly turned to step away from the counter. Their glances met briefly. Her eyes were shielded behind a pair of slim, stylish glasses that gave her a hint of shyness while the ruby red shade on her lips gave her a hint of boldness. In that impossibly brief instant, he was lost. He noticed the corner of her mouth turn up just slightly in a half-hidden smile as she strode confidently inside. He stared at her ass as it swayed with each step until she disappeared from his view. The sound of her heels clicking against the marble floor echoed in his brain and the flowery scent of her perfume wafted in the space between them. He was mesmerized.

Suddenly, he inexplicably found himself holding a ticket to a movie with a foreign title – maybe French? – he didn’t speak the language and that definitely wasn’t what he came to see, but it didn’t seem to matter much now. Hurriedly he rushed inside in hopes of seeing her again at the concession stand. Thankfully, she was there and he stepped fast and clumsily, almost like a schoolboy, to get the coveted spot in line behind her again. She bought a box of candy, and quickly was off again to the theater before he could even drink in her scent. He threw some money on the counter and didn’t even wait for the drink, as he hurried toward the theaters trailing behind. Thank goodness there were only a few in this old art house building or else he would never find her. Hoping that his subconscious mind had asked for a ticket to the same movie that she had, he matched the title on the stub to the signs and nervously stepped inside.

The previews were still showing, so it wasn’t too dark yet. He scanned the sparse crowd looking for her. There were only a handful of patrons to see a foreign film on a weekday afternoon: an elderly couple, another solitary man, a couple of women chatting, and there, a few rows from the back, his raven-haired vision sat alone. For the first time it struck him that this pursuit was crazy. What did he think was going to happen after all. She was a complete stranger. For all he knew she was meeting someone else – maybe her husband was parking the car. He certainly couldn’t just walk up and sit next to her. His ego was suddenly deflated, and so, frustrated, he skulked to a seat two rows behind her and a few seats to the left. Close enough, he thought, that he could at least continue his voyeuristic stalking, and hopefully far enough away that she wouldn’t notice him. He watched the trailers.

When the movie started, he saw that the name of the film translated into something about a game. That was interesting, he thought. He could at least play a solitary game – stalking her, seeing what he could detect about her, fantasizing about what she might be like in bed. He sank into his seat and watched her in the glow of the screen until the theater darkened enough that she disappeared into the blackness. While planning his next move in this fantasy game, he tried to watch the movie, but the subtitles just made his head hurt, so he waited, hoping for the screen to soon brighten enough to catch a glimpse of her again. He imagined her naked with the strobing projector light revealing her soft white skin. To his surprise, only a few moments into the feature, the screen brightened, but she was gone. What? Where did she go? Was he that bad a stalker that she detected him watching and ran off? Dejected now, he sulked with his head in his hand until the theater turned completely dark again. Slowly as the darkness engulfed him, he began to detect a sweet floral aroma, one he was familiar with but that took a second for him to place. güvenilir bahis It was the scent that she was wearing at the ticket booth. He perked up from his brooding to feel the presence of another patron that had silently moved to the seat next to him. His eyes were more adjusted to the dim light now, and he was shocked to find that it was her. She had taken up the seat to his right, and sat perfectly still, her eyes intently focused on the screen. She waited.

He was puzzled. Why had she sought him out. That wasn’t part of the game playing in his head. Perhaps she was playing her own game, toying with him and teasing him for her own twisted reasons. She just sat motionless next to him, and watched the film. He wondered what kind of game that was. Whatever. It was clearly his move now, so he sat and plotted. He leaned closer to her, but she didn’t react at all. He quietly whispered “hello,” but the word just seemed to disappear into the expansive theater. There was no reaction. He stared at her intently, in a way that would have made any other woman uncomfortable, but she just watched the movie, and waited.

He strained his eyes to study what parts of her he could make out and he enjoyed the scent of her perfume. As he watched, clumsily his right hand slipped off the hand rest between them and fell onto her thigh. Nervously he pulled it back quickly, but she was completely unfazed, her gaze still fixed on the screen, her body still.

“An opening,” he thought.

So he took a deep breath and slowly returned his hand to her knee. The soft feel of her skin sent an immediate flow of blood to his cock, but she was still distant, lost in the film. Her only move was to take a candy from the box she had purchased and place it gently into her mouth. He smelled a delicious cherry aroma. She waited.

He was turned on in a way he hadn’t ever remembered being. He became hungry for this stranger. His cock was beginning to strain against his pants now, even though he had only barely touched her. Time for rational thought was officially over, and the game needed to progress to the next level. So he began to slowly trace his fingers up her thigh, higher, to warmer, softer territory. His hand slipped underneath her coat and boldly probed even further. She still waited.

He moved even higher, his heart pounding. He expected to soon feel the silk of a pair of panties, but he found to his most pleasant surprise, a soft tuft of hair instead. His dick jumped at the realization that she was naked beneath the coat, and his hesitation was now completely gone. He arranged his hand so that two fingers slid down over her naked lips and he trained his eyes on her to look for any reaction. He softly peeled her open and frustratingly, her only reaction was to take another candy from the box. He watched as her tongue slowly slipped from her parted lips and she gently, seductively, placed the dollop of cherry onto it and sucked it inside. He ached.

Now determined to get some reaction – any reaction – he sank both fingers inside her. She was sopping, and the fingers found little resistance as they slid past her lips and into the depth of her. He pushed them in as deeply as he could in this awkward position and watched. Finally, her calm facade was broken, but only ever so slightly for ever so brief a moment. As her eyes closed he felt her take a deep breath, but to his dismay, she recovered quickly and once again stared at the screen, waiting.

It had become maddening to him. He now wanted to tear her open, to throw her down in the aisle and ravish her, but no, that would have broken the spell. His dick ached from what must have been the wanting, and from the devious game that she played in front of the unknowing people of the theater. He wondered how she maintained control. He wondered how often she practiced – how many opponents she defeated. He didn’t want to lose the game, so he tried to wait, but he couldn’t.

Suddenly, the movie music rose to a loud crescendo, startling him and as his hand jerked he felt her walls squeeze around his fingers, gripping him tightly. She apparently wasn’t about to let him go. The game had risen to the next level. Her wetness was squeezed out from deep within and began to drip out onto his hand. It seemed that all the blood in his body had drained into his cock which was about to break through the fabric of his slacks. Completely oblivious to the fact that anyone else was present he instinctively reached for his zipper with his free hand and quietly lowered it. The cool air of türkçe bahis the theater hit the heat of his skin with such force he thought steam might just be rising from his crotch, and the shock of the air made his dick spring straight up like a spear. He was harder than he could remember. He needed – no, it needed – and without hesitation he used his unoccupied hand to grab onto hers. He pulled it toward him, and she gave no resistance at all as he placed it against his shaft.

His eyes were still burned onto her, and hers remained on the screen, but her hand, as if a being onto itself, closed softly around him. Finally, she had made a move. The feeling of her skin on his made him start to groan, but he swallowed it before the sound could give away their play. Instead, he pushed his fingers deeper into her, and began to fuck her slowly. It was amazingly surreal. Her hand stroked him slightly, moving distinctly separate from the rest of her body that was still lost in the film. She only lightly touched him, but yet he knew he was almost ready to come. He needed to come, and she only waited.

Thoughts racing, he threw back the armrest to remove any separation between them and began to plot his entrance. He roughly pulled his fingers from her pussy, eliciting a slight sigh from her, and now with both hands free he worked feverishly to find a way to fit their bodies together. He first pulled her nearest leg across him. Her eyes, frustratingly, still stared straight ahead, even as her body was twisted in the cramped seats toward him. He reached around her but she stayed composed, intent in the story playing out before them. She was small and lithe and so he was able to lift her body off of the seat with minor effort. She didn’t resist and even appeared to assist with his efforts. With that silent assistance he was able to wrestle her on top of him. In that position the hot skin of her ass pinned his cock against his body, causing him to release a moan that he could not contain. He had to bite his lip to try to break the frenzy in his mind. Quickly his hands slid under her and lifted her up just enough for his dick to spring back to full height, the tip poised against her dripping opening. She desperately waited.

He intended to pull her down onto him slowly, but the pleasure that was revealed as his head began to enter was too intoxicating and she slipped from his grasp, his cock impaling her like a sword. For the first time he heard her light and airy voice.

“Oui,” she said so softly, in a way that it naturally blended into the movie soundtrack.

That word was a complete shock to his senses. For the last few moments he had forgotten she was anything more that a prize to be won, a victory to conquer, a cunt to ravish. Her voice reminded him of her status as his opponent in the game and he looked up to search for more signs of his standing in the contest. There he saw a sight he couldn’t have imagined before, as her silhouette was framed by the light from the large screen in front of them on which was pictured a beautiful, naked couple in the throws of passion. A bronzed, muscular man was stretched out on top of a slim, petite blond woman, thrusting slowly but deeply into her. “Oui,” the woman on the screen whispered with each passionate thrust, and “oui,” his mystery woman said again, in perfect timing with the movie. He felt her squeeze his cock and pull him inside her deeply. He came.

It was only seconds after entering her. It was entirely involuntary. He couldn’t have prolonged it if he had wanted to, and he certainly didn’t want to. It was intensely powerful. He emptied drop after drop of his seed into her, again and again until the convulsions left him and he slumped back into the seat. Spent, and sated, he lay back in disbelief.

It happened too quickly. She certainly wouldn’t have cum that quickly he thought, but then again he didn’t particularly care if she had. He had his conquest, the game was won with victory and spoils. He could bask in his glory now, or at least he thought so. He found himself expecting her to bolt – to get up and run from the theater before they were caught, but she stayed still, intently watching the screen with his cock still buried deep inside her. Amazingly he stayed rock hard. Apparently the game wasn’t over yet. She continued to wait.

Perplexed beyond belief, he longed to understand what was going through her pretty little head. If he couldn’t do that, at least he could explore the rest of her body while she waited, so his hands sought out the tender skin güvenilir bahis siteleri beneath her leather covering. He massaged her round, full ass and slid up along her back, savoring the moistness caused by the sweat that had started to seep onto her skin. Then he reached around to fondle her breasts. He delighted that they too were naked and exposed and he squeezed them hard and pulled her body back toward him. She was so close to him now that he could finally languish in her scent – perfume mixed with cherry candy and the tang of their sweat – which made for a suffocating brew. He squeezed her breasts harder and felt her nipples push back against him, hard like his dick, and he knew he had to make her completely his. He was going to take all of her. Now he waited.

Watching the screen with her now, waiting for the next scene of naked passion to come, he rubbed and caressed her while she only watched the screen. Before long, the foreign lovers were again alone, locked in an embrace, and he felt an almost imperceptible wriggle in his lap, as if to signal that it was time. His hands slid down to her waist and grasping her tightly he lifted her once again off his lap, just enough so that the head of his cock could pull slightly from her. He slid out of her, leaving her open so his cum and her wetness could drip out onto the seat below them. He slid her forward only an inch or so and the head of his cock found an enticing new resting place, just against the bud of her asshole. He couldn’t wait.

The couple on the screen were now in a fierce embrace, tearing each other’s clothes from their bodies, and he began to lower his opponent down onto him. He thought he heard her say “oui” again, but he didn’t care. He needed this game to reach its ultimate conclusion. He just wanted to fuck her, to make her his, and he did. His cock head pushed past her tight ring and in an instance he was in ecstasy. He slowly lowered her further until inch-by-inch he was fully engulfed. For the first time she moved – he thought she was trying to pull away – but instead she just reached forward, grabbing the back of the seat in front of them to balance. The couple on the screen was fucking now. The blond was standing, pressed firmly between the wall of their bedroom and her lovers body. The man, so much larger than her, fucked her violently from behind. He watched the display in front of them and he wanted to duplicate the feeling the characters were portraying.

No longer caring what the game was or whether they were discovered, he wrapped his arms tightly around her body, pinning her arms so she couldn’t move. He pulled her back so she was nearly lying on top of him, with her knees popped up toward her chest. Like the man on the screen he started to fuck her. The position prevented any long strokes, but he made use of his hips to thrust as deeply as he could. She struggled against him, but it was not to get away. Instead her fingers were straining to reach her wetness. It was her flag of surrender, he thought. The game was won and she was his, but he wasn’t ready to concede a thing. If she was going to cum, it would only be by his hand, and so his hand quickly moved to the place she was trying to reach. He sought out her pussy, and without restraint two fingers delved deep into her deliciously dripping center. Fast and filthily he moved them in and out, and in that moment the lust finally exploded and she came. They came. His cock spurting again, juices emanating from some reservoir that he didn’t know he had. It was excruciating, as much pain as pleasure, as he filled her ass, and her orgasm was just as powerful. Her legs clasped together strongly and the force caused his wrist to twist in pain. She screamed out her concession, loudly and clearly, “OUI … OUI … OUI,” in perfect rhythm with the French woman on the screen.

Now the game really was up. The other patrons had all turned to look back at them, although in the dim light they probably needed to use their imaginations to determine what had really just happened. She pulled herself off of him and onto her weakened legs, and gathered her coat together to hide any evidence. She quickly turned to face him, bending down, placing her lips on his. She kissed him with a gentleness completely inappropriate given how he had just violated her and then pulled away. To his astonishment, he was left with a piece of that sweet cherry candy in his mouth. She was gone.

Since that day, he has developed a ravenous taste for foreign films. He goes every few weeks, always in the afternoon. He has even begun taking French lessons, so the subtitles don’t make his head hurt so much anymore. He still looks for his raven-haired vision, but never really expects to see her again.

But you never really know how a film might end.