First time for everything!

1 Temmuz 2020 0 Yazar: admin


First time for everything!100% True,On business trips i often found myself away from my wife long periods of time stuck in a hotel room with no one but myself and my mobile. Whilst my wife was not the dirty type like i wanted it resorted in my usage for porn skyrocketing. Ive always came from a close family, share problems, future events who’s doing what etc just always the way it had been. Then one tuesaday night i was speaking to a Cousin, recently divorced and alone with the k**s. She says she doesnt get the time like she used to and the k**s can be adana escort bayan a little much now that shes on her own. A few text back and forward then bam, she tells me shes sexually frustrated. Shocked but curious to know more i lead on asking her whens the last, was it good blah blah blah before kindly offering my services, this led her to be shocked bearing in mind shes 4 years older than me. Gracefully she asks me round for a few drinks in the coming weeks so i set off a night earlier than usual for my travels, upon arriving at her house adana escort shes a few beers sitting in, a film ready. So as we sink in to a few beers, film getting more intense i begin to rub her leg and she rubs mine. her head now rests on my shoulder and i kiss her head. then her face spins round and our lips meet with our tongues dangling in one anothers mouth. feeling her tits and groping anything i can she pulls me upstairs. We begin to undress one another when she drops to her knees and swallows me whole, the first time id been deep throated escort adana as my wife was frigeded. i return the favor, eat her out her moans getting louder as she begins squirting in my mouth. she then bangs a condom on me, like a pillar my 6.7 incher plows inside her as i thrust violently into her with her body quivering to every thrust. then snap, the condom bursts, she tells me to come out then removes the condom before telling me to resume bareback, we fuck in all positions for a couple hours, her bed soaking wet from squirting then i blow my load in her, not realizing what i am doing! we kiss and fall asleep in one anothers arms before i leave early next day. a phone call later that week she asks me why i didnt ask about cumming in her before she reassures me shes got the coil!