Fertility Down: Chapter 2. Viable

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Fertility Down: Chapter 2. Viable
Chapter 2: Viable

We all went to a diner. At first we didn’t talk much, but eventually we started joking around. Dan seemed to be a little better. That was the thing about the whole situation, very few people expected to be fertile, so it was a little bit of an easier blow after a little while. Especially after you sit down in a public place like the diner.

There was a lot of couples and friends, and literally no c***dren. And something like that probably helped Dan. He knew he was in the same boat as the vast majority of men in the world. So it wasn’t a black mark on himself, but a type of status quo.

On the way to the table we even heard 1 couple talking about saving up and getting a permit for reproduction. It wasn’t a guarantee that you’d get a permit either. The woman half had to be tested on almost every level biologically. She had to be tested if she was capable of carrying a baby to term. Viable samples were in short order and no company wanted to waste a drop if they didn’t have to. Next was the genetic testing. Women had to be tested for anything they could be a carrier for. If there was a high chance the c***d could develop a condition and die before the age of 18 regardless of the sperm sample’s carrier status, then she wasn’t aloud a permit at all.

A woman could be given a conditional permit if her carriers were dependent on the viable sample’s carriers. For example if she was a carrier for CF, the fertility company had to find samples that were not. This type of picking and choosing was a lot more money. Mostly because it became against the law to ask for a specific type of viable sample. You couldn’t ask for a viable sample that wasn’t a carrier for a condition, or was over 6 feet tall, or has a higher education.

Of course that didn’t stop the more wealthy from still getting them. There was theories online about how they hire private clinics to spoof the results making the mother carriers for everything possible and still be aloud a conditional permit. Allowing them to get a sample that was “pure”. There are a lot of stories online about women going to great lengths for viable samples, and even pure ones.

Eventually we paid the bill. Dan drove Jane home, then he stopped at my house. “Everything is going to be ok.” I said to Dan in my best consoling tone.

“I know. Congrats again. Promise not to forget about us little guys.” He joked, but I could tell there was a pinch of fear in his voice too.

“You guys couldn’t get rid of me if you tried.” I opened the door, and closed it behind me while continuing to head toward my front door. I opened the door and my parents were sitting at the table in the dining room.

“Hey mom and dad. Why are you guys home so early?”

“We got a call from a government agent at work telling us to come home.” My mom said a little scared.

“Did they say why?” I asked a little confused.

“No,” my dad answered. “Did you do something wrong today?”

“No we had the test done, that was it.”
“How did it go?” my asked perking up realizing how I might be feeling.

“Mostly just really weird.”

“When will you get the results back?” My dad asked while sounding worried

“I got the results back already.” They just waited in silence for a few a seconds, but it honestly felt like minutes. “I’m fertile.”

“What?!” my Dad practically yelled, and my mom just squealed while getting up and running to me to give me a hug. I imagined this exact scenario, but in those scenarios I was reading my acceptance letter to my top choice for college.

My dad slowly got up to come give me a hug too. “This might be why we were asked to come home.”

My mom pulled away. “What do you mean?”

“They might be sending someone over to talk to us. About how to handle this whole situation.” My father talked like he had this whole situation under tuzla escort bayan control. But that’s how he always talked. It was comforting, but also infuriating in other situations. One time we were driving “old school” to his c***dhood camping spot. But no tech was aloud. That included phones or other type of tech that had a GPS on it. He actually found an old road atlas at a thrift store. We were driving forever and he never admitted he was lost and I could tell every time he pulled over to look at the map he had no idea where he was. Eventually we convinced himto get directions. My mom and I were waiting for him to come back into the car expecting him to apologize to us. But instead he told we were almost there. And went on for 10 minutes about how he knew where he was the entire time.


My mom jumped, my dad just looked to the door, and I froze up for a second. My dad started walking to the door calmly. My mom just grabbed my hand tight. Like she was expecting something awful.

“Hi, my name is Dr. Williams. I’m here to talk to you and your son about his test results today. And these gentlemen are here to stand watch.”

“Stand watch?” my dad asked.

“Now that your son has been confirmed to have a viable sample, he will need to be protected.” He paused for a second. “Your son and other’s like him are important to the future. And the government doesn’t like to leave things to chance.”

“OK, come in.” My dad said a little confused. One man stood outside the front door while the other walked in quickly. He started going around the house. We all sat down at the dining room table. Finally the other security guy came into the dining room again. He began typing into his phone.

“We are good Dr.” He said.

“Thank You.” He then turned to me and my parents “Your son will be getting a small precautionary security detail. When news gets out about his fertility, things will start to change.”
“Wont the news get out faster if he HAS the security detail?” My mother said with a concerned look.

“Well your son has already told his two friends. And then there was the technician after his test. Not to mention the possibility of the other 2 boys standing in line after his test.”

“How do you….” I tried to say before being interrupted.

“Right after your test came back positive we tapped into your phone and have been keeping notes on you. We’ve had cases of a*****ion right after a positive test result came back. Most have been just crazed couples or women that really want a baby, but there have been a more and more cases of groups trying to k**nap viables. Some groups are domestic groups trying to make money off of viables on the black market. However their have been 5 cases this year alone of other countries k**napping viables.”

“Are you going to be tapping my phone forever?”

“Everything you say or do is private. We wont be listening in anymore unless there is an emergency reason to. Since we are on this topic a head of schedual. If you are ever worried you will be threatened or taken. Simply say ‘Viable Code Red’. You’re security detail who should be very close by will come to you right away as long as any emergency services as well. If you do go missing we will then go over all data that has been captured on your phone.”

We all kind of just stared at him. We didn’t know what kind of danger I could be in.

“So now you will be able to start giving viable samples to which ever fertility company you choose.” He paused to take out a few pamphlets from his folder. “These are some of the best that we recommend that work with us. There are other companies I wont go into those because I’m not allowed to, but you can do your own research.”

“What do we do now?” My father asked

“You do what you always do, or don’t. You have options.” He pulled an envelope from his jacket. orhanlı escort bayan “This is your first check. “ He handed to me directly.

“what?” I asked confused.

“Your sample today has already been sent to TransGlobal as a viable sample. They will contact you about your genetic work up.” The Doctor began to stand up. “Ok I’ll get out of your hair. I’m sure you have dinner to make.” My father stood up, to which reminded my mother and I, to also stand up.

“Thank you for coming by” My mother said like she was almost in shock.

“No, thank you. Your son will help this country populate. Something we desperately need.” My father walked him to the front door. But once he was out of the house, that’s when we fully realized that security agents stayed and were for us. For me.

“Do you guys want dinner to?” My mom asked the security agent standing inside.

“No ma’am, we have a fixed schedule. We don’t eat on duty.”

My parents ordered pizza. Probably didn’t want to think about cooking. I didn’t mind. It was my mom’s day to cook and she isn’t as good as a chef as my dad. So pizza was a good change up. We didn’t really talk. What does a parent say to their son who’s going to have hundreds of c***dren running around. It’s a good thing c***d support laws were changed, otherwise nobody like me would try to have k**s. Then again the government eventually helps fund any c***dren born for necessities. All new babies until they are 18 have the highest of health care. All diapers, formula, and pump materials is provided directly. Maternity and paternity paid for by the government for 2 years. Then daycare is payed for as well. Then there was the benefit for single mom’s. If a woman got pregnant the natural way, and classified herself as single, and became a single mom. The government would pay for almost everything for them (housing, utilities, food, and a monthly stipend, until the c***d was 18. To say the least the government wants babies, and doesn’t want to give parents any excuses for not wanting to have them.

After dinner I went up to my room and noticed my screen was showing notifications. ‘Shit my phone has been on silent since school’ I thought to myself.

I awoke my computer to see dozens of notifications. I had a few texts to my phone, but most of the notifications were from social media. People wanting to follow and be my friend. I looked at the first text on my phone. It was a girl I had as a lab partner freshman year.

‘Hey. Heard the good good news. Text or call me’ She signed it with a winky smiley face.

Shit the news was out. I doubt it was Dan or Jane. It must have been the other students outside the room after I was finished giving my sample. I honestly don’t even remember them, or who they were. But the news is out now. The next few messages where more of the same, girls I barely knew or remember trying to be my friend.

I guess this made me feel good in one sense, but then again I know they only care about me because of my viable status. Thinking of that made me a little mad honestly. Especially when I started looking at my social media and noticed the popular girls who would never give me the time of day trying to follow and friend me.

Then I saw her. Stacy. She friended me. She was probably the hottest girl in my grade, but she knew it, and she was probably one of the worst people in our grade because of it. When we were younger before High School she tormented me and tried to get me to do her math homework. I refused so she decided to just treat me like shit every day that year. It wasn’t just me. Countless others I knew hated her for just being awful in general or to them directly.

I couldn’t believe her. Did she think I’d fuck her and knock her up if she was nice to me for 1 minute? She probably does honestly. She’s not that bright, but she aydınlı escort bayan also is used to things going her way when she uses her looks to her advantage. She was taller about 5’7”, Black hair, bright blue eyes, a great body, and her chest has only been getting bigger, and now in our senior year she was probably a D cup. Which she liked to show off by wearing tight tank tops that showed off her curves and her flat stomach.

Id be lying if I said I’d never layed in bed and thought about hate fucking her. But Id never give her the satisfaction now. So I blocked her on all my social media… but first downloaded some of her more lesser clothed pictures to my hard drive. I accepted or followed back any girl I actually remembered, the rest I ignored. I figured this was only going to get more out of hand. So better try to keep things orderly.
The next morning. I opened my bedroom door to see that a new security agent was standing outside my door. I was too tired to say anything too him. I just slowly walked to the bathroom. Shaved my face, brushed my teeth. Took a shower while making sure to shave my crotch. I have done this before a few times when I had gone on dates ‘just in case’ but I found it hard to date and try to do well in school. The only serious GF I had was Kerri and that was because we did a lot of study dates. She was in high level classes like me and we would do a lot of homework and projects together. Sometimes we’d make out and do hand stuff, but after a few months we realized that we were basically just study friends and decided to stay friends. But of course we drifted apart. She had told me she liked it shaved more and said it looked even bigger.

I told myself I wouldn’t just start fucking any pretty girl that came up to me and asked, but at the same time I didn’t want to be caught off guard. This whole thing is new to me. The last time I had this many people pay attention to me was when I was still playing sports. And I want to give a good first impression if something does happen.

Dan picked me up in front of my house. As usual Jane was already in the car. I hopped into the back seat.

“Your accounts are BLOWING UP!” Jane blurted out.

“Yeah you have ALOT of new girl followers now.” Dan said with a surprising excitement. “You are going to get laid SO MUCH, and I’m going to be there to get any of the crumbs left over.

“Ew.” Jane said but we knew a joke was coming. “You want his left over? His sloppy seconds?” She said with a smile and laughed.

“That’s not what I mean. Girls will be coming to him and if they have a friend….” He trailed off realizing he was starting to sound like a creep. But I was happy his mood was up.

I noticed Jane was looking at me out of the corner of her eye every so often. That’s when I noticed the make up around her eye. She almost never wears make up. She really didn’t need it though. She was a naturally pretty girl. She wasn’t a ‘tom boy’ but she never seem to care about ‘dolling’ up like the other girls in school… which she always made fun of. Her make up was subtle, like she didn’t want us to notice it… but I did.

We pulled into the parking lot. We were looking for a spot going up and down the isles. Thats when we noticed it.

“Is it just me or is everyone looking at us.” Dan asked

“No, they are looking at him.” Jane corrected.

“Wow, it’s already started and we’re not in the school yet.” Dan said

I actually started to get nervous. I looked behind us in the car. Not to see the people looking for at me, but to make sure my security detail was behind us. And it was. For the first time I appreciated them.

Dan found a parking spot, and as usual it was almost as far as you could get from the school. Which meant we had to walk through all the people looking at us in the parking lot.

“I’ve got a weird feeling about today.” I said as we started to get out of the car.

End of Chapter 2

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