Females Favor Force

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Females Favor Force”Mom, Steve, I don’t want this,” Andrea complained, after I had pried her legs open on the bed.”No, but you need this!” replied her mom Teresa as she pinned her naked daughter’s arms and hands above her head, rendering the young girl helpless to the invasion of my already-stiff dick.”Are you really sure you want me to do this, Teresa?” I asked the older female.”YES!” Teresa exclaimed. “Jesus Christ, Steve, you know the situation! Andrea should have hit puberty at LEAST five years ago! You know all the doctors she’s seen. You know all the medications she’s taken. None of it has worked! That’s why I’ve gotten YOU, a man she likes, to induce her sexual development the old-fashioned way!””All right, Terri, but where are the towels to absorb the blood when—“”They’re won’t be any blood, Steve,” interrupted Andrea, whom, I must say, was remarkably calm for a girl about to be penetrated for the first time, against her will at that! “I lost my cherry to a bike ride almost two years ago.””Okay, enough talk,” said Teresa as I stroked some lotion on my meatstick, “it’s time for my little girl to become a woman!” uşak escort At this, she smiled and kissed her daughter softly on the lips. Andrea smiled back at her mother, prompting me to wonder if this was really unwanted by this young girl at all.I placed the tip of my cock against her vulva, rubbing it up and down a few times. Then, with a forceful forward thrust of my hips, I took Andrea’s innocence, burying my schlong to the hilt in her formerly-virginal cunt.”OHHH!” she cried out in what sounded like pain. I hesitated a moment, causing the violated girl to admonish, “Don’t stop! Keep going!” Her mother echoed the sentiment. “I’ve told her that a real woman ignores discomfort and concentrates on giving pleasure to the man.”This aroused me even further as I resumed my thrusting at an even faster pace. Andrea responded with a few more sounds of protests, but it wasn’t long before they changed into gasps and moans of pleasure. “Fuck me, Steve!” she almost snarled, raising her ass off the bed and pushing against me, which caused even deeper penetration of her slit.Her mother let go of her little daughter’s arms, which the girl immediately escort uşak wrapped around me, pulling me in for a kiss. “I love you, Steve,” she sighed after our lips had parted. “I’ve always loved you! Even back when you were fucking mom, I fantasized about being in her place, underneath you, taking your beautiful cock, helplessly under your control. ” This excited me even more as I gazed down upon my latest conquest, wavy red hair slayed out over her pillow, big blue eyes gazing up at me adoringly, the nipples of her milky-white undeveloped breasts nonetheless fully erect, her vaginal fluids finally activated, welcoming me into her hot, wet cunt.And then she said something completely out of left field, something I had not expected at all.”I’m so glad Mom agreed with my decision.”Confused, I muttered, “Decision?””Yes! We both agreed that you would be the one who took my virginity. Or did you really think I didn’t want you to fuck me???”Before I could even fully register my shock, I felt Teresa’s weight land atop my back, trapping my inside her daughter. Panicking, I stopped my thrusting, but these two scheming bitches uşak escort bayan knew I was too far gone to stop the inevitable, and they pushed me over the edge with their words.”Put your cum in me, Steve!” said Andrea, somehow making her voice supplicant, like she was begging me.”Yes,” Teresa softly, wetly into my ear from behind. “And now that your big, hard cock has turned her into a woman, she is fertile, ready to receive your conquering seed. And we all know a female’s first fucking is the most likely time for insemination!”At this point I lost it, grunting like the imprisoned ape I now was. Andrea gasped in orgasm as I pumped one, then two, then three, then four powerful jets of hot cum deep into her cunt. Teresa laughed delightedly. “I’ve always wanted a grandson,” she cooed, “and I know that’s what I’ll have in nine months time.””And we know it’ll be a boy,” Andrea chimed in. “Your cock and cum are way too powerful for it to be anything but!”Getting off me, Teresa made my blood run cold when she said, “And then, when he hits puberty, Andrea and I will both have a steady supply of hard meat!”At this point, I was unable to speak. I gathered my clothes, put them on, and got the Hell out of there faster than most Olympic sprinters!I already knew that females loved force.But I hadn’t considered that I would be the one on the receiving end!