Farmhouse Tales of Sex and Debauchery

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Farmhouse Tales of Sex and DebaucheryAs a very young girl I watched a trilogy of Italian movies from the seventies. These were my bedtime feasting, heavy in sexual innuendo and full of beautiful curvaceous Italian women, heavy breasted and titillating, heavy breathing and full of dirty old men, firing a girls imagination, and the naughty ending under the bedclothes, something my roommates never failed to comment about. Looking back I guess these and others like the ‘Story of O’, and the ‘Decameron’ brought me into my oestrous cycle, earlier than considered normal, something the experts recognize with all females with high sex drives.Another trait often overlooked, and yet, one of the most pleasurable for a man to experience, are woman who love a good, ‘Horse Ride’, something I confess to enjoying myself, along with a bevy of beautiful, talented and successful friends. Throwing your leg over a stallion, and riding bareback, is a thrilling and guaranteed orgasm of immeasurable pleasure.I’m smiling now as I pause and take a sip of coffee, I am teasing you now, and I can feel you all awaken between your legs as you imagine me straddling the underbelly of the b**st and pleasure that one meter rod of solid flesh, with its accompanying one liter of horse semen, but sad to say, although I have witnessed such an act, and tasted the said contents, I refer simply to riding without a saddle, or panties, and by choice of course.Feeling your wet pussy press hard on the stallions back, as its muscles vibrate between your sore thighs, which are pressing hard against its flanks, to ensure you dont fall off, I can only compare the experience to the artificial experience of a riding a Sybian, which as some of you know, I have also tried.Horse riding, which most young girls opt for, does alanya escort bayan strengthen your inner pussy muscles, giving you an unbelievable grip, I have laid down and stopped men from entering me by tightening-up, that’s how powerful, and that’s why girls like horses.Our college lay in the quiet dales in the countryside, surrounded by farms, and one in particular, that had horses.The farmer and his wife, had a contract with the college, where they would provide lessons in extra curricular leisure in lieu for us girls to become part time stable girls, and attend to the horses needs, and they save on labor costs, and have as many as thirty rampant schoolgirls at their disposal.Jilly, the farmers wife of thirty something, was an Equestrian rated former champion, and it was she who had setup the deal with the school, but her motives were more based on her sexual needs, as she enjoyed being amongst pubescent girls, and made no bones in searching out girls with similar traits, as she had.She had married Bill, now in his late fifties, on an agreement she was allowed to be with others, male or female, Bill liked to watch, especially when young girls were involved.She had retired from show jumping and entered her marriage of convenience, where there was security, her love of horses, and her huge sexual appetite, were all rolled into one convenient package. Jilly had mentioned that Bill suffered from erectile dysfunction, and one night on a stay-over, had encouraged the girls to try and get him hard.Bill readily dropped his pants and each girl applied their wiles, but Bill stayed flaccid, as the schoolgirls became cruder in their methods. Eventually they succeeded in making him have an orgasm, but through a bent straw, so to speak, one girl apparently knew escort alanya of the practice of ‘Rimming’, so with both his testicles, supplanted in different mouths and his bell end down the back of an eager throat, tickling his anal cavity with a very pointed tongue, Jilly rewarded the four girls with a very lesbian night in her large bed.There were other instances we had heard off, where Jilly would ask the girls she was having sex with, to ignore her husband, due to his inability to penetrate them, and he would stand behind them rubbing their wet pussies with his flaccid member, as they straddled his wife, lying on top of her with their asses high and legs open.Of no tale of debauchery would be complete without some sort of ritual, involving another species, and the human female is best equipped for intra-species sex, both physically and most importantly, mentally, we seem to have an affinity for cocks, and there are none better than the biggest.’Jilly’s Girls’, were right out off ‘Caligula’. Her pets were as open and debauched as group of girls you could ever want to find.The Semen ritual, one representing fertility, was ironically ridiculous, as the semen came from the stallion, who Jilly confessed her dying love for, and that stuff could only fertilize another horse, not a group of horny teenage human girls.But Jilly was insistent her girls would pleasure her horse husband as the human one was useless and dead in the loins, so she would lead her drunken sexually aroused rabble to the stables, to milk her horse husband, of his semen, for their bathing needs.I joined in, feeling no shame in the exploits of my sexual youth taking over my emotions, my naked lithe body screaming for release, as I cant explain why I got caught up, but I could explain in a literary alanya escort sense, how we cavorted and drank the semen, rubbing its existence into our young hot bodies.Jilly ordered us to strip naked and walk around the fertility b**st, stoking its flanks, its belly, and underbelly, until its penis fell from its sheath, all one meter of cock hung tantalizingly in front of our glazed eyes, and dry mouths.We reached under him and held our prize, some of the girls going under and applying their mouths onto this stiffening organ, as it became aroused and started bucking, and dripping with pre-cum, which some drank greedily.Jilly had one of those tracks from a rowing machine on which sat a board instead of a plastic seat, and onto this Jilly lay, with her legs open and facing the hard cock.’Bring it down’, she moaned as if in a trance, and as she spoke she slid towards it and raised her crotch to meet its head between her labia, where she held it, while we held onto its magnificent shaft, all sliding our hands up and down, as it started to whinny, and shoot lots of semen everywhere, the force of which forced the board, on which Jilly lay on, to move backwards.Jilly was completely covered and all the girls who had seen this on many occasions before tonight, pulled her from under the shooting b**st, and began taking turns to lay atop of her and cover themselves in warm semen, licking and rubbing, and having inexplicable powerful orgasms.You just have to visit a b********y site and watch beautiful young women go crazy with a large array of a****ls, to try to get your head around that night and many others like it. Females are a pretty insatiable lot and can fuck twenty rampant cocks in a nights session, dont believe me, test your wives and girlfriends, we are built to do it, while most men only have one shot, then its sleep, and once the snoring starts, your friends are fair game for our hungry pussies, so dont say you have not been warned.IF YOU LIKE, THEN COMMENT HERE, PLEASE NOT IN MY PRIVATE MESSAGES, THANK YOU.