Every body needs good neighbors (Ross’s Story

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Every body needs good neighbors (Ross’s StoryHi im Ross Drifter and I live in a nice neighborhood with my nice with and perfect k**s. I have a steady JOb and no real worries. It’s boring really I me and my partner work 9-5 5 to 6 days a week and at weekends the k**s have football. I went to uni for three year for this a life with no sex no adventure just the feeling of being tired. Don’t get me wrong I love my k**s and the time I do spend with them and the wife is special but its only ever when we go on our annual holiday. I never really looked at my life like this until recently when MR and Mrs Boinksalot moved in next door.Last week Kirsty and Chris moved in next door such a lovely young couple, reminded me of my wife a and I. Holding hands and smooching at the door. My wife baked them a Victoria sponge to welcome them to the neighborhood, Me and my wife took the cake round and when Kirsty opened the door you just knew what she had been buca escort up to. standing 5ft 10inch in the door frame with sating smooth legs and a long white top with I like boys wrote on it going down to her knees, her beutiful but messy hair partly rested on her shoulders the rest stuck up like she had been rolling in hey but really she had been fucking her man. Looking into her deep blue eyes as I introduced our selves her beaming smile to thank us just sent chills of excitement right through me. Even with my partner there i was get turned on by another women!Chris came up behind and said hi a truly beautiful man with an exeptionaly toned body and smile so charming he could melt any women heart with a wink. Jet black short hair styled like 40’s retro like a modern Elvis. Even if I was single I couldn’t compete with Chris. the next day i went home for some lunch which I got down me. When I went to the bedroom to change my top I could hear escort buca a noise like a trampoline bouncing and an unfamiliar noise. When I looked out the window it was Kirsty and Chris jumping up and down screaming with excitement on a trampoline. Which caught my eye more however is they was completely naked her boobs which were about 34 DD perfectly rounded bouncing freely up and down, Chris’s cock flopping from side to side. I could not help but watch I was going to be late back but this was exciting. All of a sudden they stopped staring at each other. Then Chris placed his hand on Kirsty’s cheek touching her gently before they got closer and closer looking lips. Would they have sex in daylight? I could not believe what I was watching but it was better than porn and even better than the quicky’s me and my wife have. All of a sudden i would have my answer as Kirsty pushed Chris down on the trampoline floor laughing. Chris started to laugh buca escort bayan to they look so happy im so jealous with the connection they have Kirsty is amazing and seems to be every mans dream. She drops to her knees and kisses Chrises thighs before licking and sucking his balls before long Chris and I have Hard cooks ready to go. From a distance its hard to tell excactly how much of chris’s cock she took but i Think she took it all. I then watched while stroking my own cock having allready taken my trousers off, Kirsty slip Chrise’s cock between her moist vagina which swallow his cock perfectly before grinding on his cock moving up and down and to side side as i thrust my cock faster and harder i can see Kirsty i doing the same geting fast a harder until a scream of joy from Kirsty and chris who stop and start kissing pasionatly. At this point I have also cum the first time ive come to another women other than my wife have I cheated? The week got better and ive seen and heard so much more since. Watching them just me feel alive something I havent felt for a long time but a feeling I want to get back with my wife can my neighbors help me? or break me?